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Charlotte’s Web CBD Oil Review

Charlotte’s Web CBD Oil Review: Original Formula Olive Hemp Extract


Initial Thoughts

Despite the relative youth of the CBD industry, Charlotte’s Web CBD would likely be considered one of the founding fathers of the industry. Given the backstory that started the brand and the Stanley brothers establishing themselves early on, Charlotte’s Web CBD is one of the best known brands on the market. They’re also a publicly listed company, which should give new CBD buyers peace of mind. Unlike many newer CBD brands, Charlotte’s Web feels like they’re actually a mission-driven company at their core. The website, the branding and the packaging all exude market leadership. That’s for a good reason, as we feel the company is putting out excellent products. The Charlotte’s Web CBD Oil we purchased comes sleekly packaged and has unique flavors to offer. Overall, we are excited about Charlotte’s Web CBD mission and their product line. This is a great purchase for any CBD consumer, but especially for new buyers that might be wary of the CBD market.

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Taste (8.5 out of 10)

This Charlotte’s Web CBD oil is very subtle tasting oil for being natural (read: unflavored), similar to the Plant Therapy oil we’ve reviewed. It’s not quite as light of a hemp taste as a handful of other natural oils we’ve tried, but it holds its own with the best of them. You will get a slight hint of hemp, but nothing off-putting or cringe-inducing. It’s super smooth, in our opinion. If you do decide you want a flavored option, they also have a tasty Mint Chocolate version that we highlight further down in our Charlotte’s Web CBD reviews. But, we feel the natural Olive line is pretty great as-is.

Delivery (8.0 out of 10)

The Charlotte’s Web CBD Original Formula is darker than many of the products we’ve reviewed, but surprisingly not a “thick” oil. It’s more of a tincture and surprisingly smooth. They use a standard dropper, which we’re not fans of, but you get that with most oils. They’re messy and prone to drips. There are also a handful of reviews online which mention that the new packaging is causing some droppers to leak. We didn’t experience that problem, but something to be aware of. At the end of the day, though, if you’re careful using a dropper, we don’t expect you’ll have any problem using this product. As such, we’re putting it on par with other product scores that use a dropper for delivery.

Potency (9.0 out of 10)

This is a fantastic potency level, in our opinion. Like the 1000mg CBD Oil from CBDistillery, there is a good balance between strength and volume here. You get a solid amount of CBD in one full dropper and can always estimate a partial dose with your eye. More importantly, though, if you need a higher serving of CBD, you don’t have to consume multiple droppers as you would with many 250 or 500mg products. As usual, start with a partial dropper and move up until you reach the desired effect. From there, you can zone in on the concentration level that best suits your needs, or cater your number of drops per day more effectively. But, in our opinion, this is right in the sweet spot in terms of potency.

Effect (9.0 out of 10)

This became a go-to product for our reviewer for a number of weeks, even with other oils in the cabinet. We found that a dialed-in amount of CW’s Original Formula eased us into a relaxed state. It didn’t put us on the couch, but the effect has a more noticeable body relaxation than most oils. This is one of those products that easily became a favorite of our reviewing team and is something we would purchase for our own daily use.

Price (8.5 out of 10)

Charlotte’s Web CBD oil is not the most premium pricing out there, nor the cheapest. But, we feel you’re paying for quality from a known source here. Charlotte’s Web CBD is one of a handful of companies that is US Hemp Authority certified. The Original Formula clocks in at a slightly-above-average price relative to other brands at the same potency. But, the effect is better than most, too. When you add in our exclusive Charlotte’s Web coupon “CBDtop10” for 10% off, you can’t go wrong. Given the multiple bottle sizes and flavor options, new CBD consumers will find comfort in the combination of product quality and price here.

2nd Highest Rated

Charlotte’s Web CBD Oil Review: Lemon Twist Hemp Extract


Initial Thoughts

Charlotte’s Web is a brand we’ve reviewed before, and we were happy to have the opportunity to test its products again. Not every CBD oil company out there has the rock-solid reputation that Charlotte’s Web has. The heart-wrenching backstory for this company really sets it apart from other CBD oil companies. The founders have earned their good name through years of hard work and integrity. Today we’re reviewing the Lemon Twist CBD Oil. We were excited to shake it up a little after bottles and bottles of unflavored full-spectrum oils.

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Taste (8.5 out of 10)

Okay, okay, Charlotte’s Web is a great company with a beautiful story. But how do its products actually taste? We were pleased to discover the taste was about
as great as the Stanley Brother’s mission statement. The oil tasted light and pleasant, with an understated lemon flavor. A lot of flavored oils go overboard and can be pungent or overwhelming. The subtlety of the oil was definitely a good thing. And the lemon flavor did a lot to mask the usually grassy flavor of a full-spectrum oil. It left a slight aftertaste, but not enough to turn us off to the oil. Overall, one of the more pleasant full-spectrum oils we’ve reviewed, on par with the Joy Organics Summer Lemon oil . The flavor is an important factor when choosing CBD products. Adding an oil to your routine is easier if you look forward to the flavor instead of dreading it.

Delivery (7.5 out of 10)

The Lemon Twist CBD oil comes in a small bottle with an eyedropper to transfer the oil to your mouth. We found this particular dropper wasn’t able to pull a full ml of oil and can’t be 100% certain how much we ingested. Another concern is that the eyedropper doesn’t have volume markings, so you’d have to estimate your dosage. This oil has a really attractive medium amber color and is thin and smooth in texture. A lot of us prefer this texture for CBD oil since thicker oils can be kind of off-putting. The recommended method for ingesting CBD oil is to hold it under your tongue for 30-60 seconds. It was easy to keep the oil there, you wouldn’t have to sit still and focus on keeping it there.

Potency (8.5 out of 10)

The dose we took was as close to 1 ml as we could get it, which is 60 mg of CBD and the recommended dose. Our benchmark is usually around 50 mg, so this wasn’t out of our usual range for dose strength. The dose does pack a punch, so you can absolutely adjust your own dosage according to your tolerance. We’d recommend the 1 ml dose for those days when you need some extra stress relief. It could also help you recover from an intense workout.

Effect (9.0 out of 10)

As far as the effects of the Lemon Twist CBD oil go, we honestly couldn’t be more impressed. We all felt calm and relaxed immediately. Physically, we felt really loose and easy. And the effects weren’t just physical – most of us felt a sense of mental calm and wellbeing. One of our reviewers reported that once they’d ingested the oil, they were able to focus on their work tasks better than usual. This side effect is often reported by regular users of CBD oil. A lot of distractions can come from feeling anxious or stressed. By relaxing your mind with CBD you might find that focusing is a little easier.

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Price (9.0 out of 10)

For the quality of Charlotte’s Web products, you might be expecting a hefty price tag to follow. But Charlotte’s Web CBD oils are actually very reasonably priced. For 6.7 cents per mg, you’re getting an excellent price for a good product from a reputable company. This way on the lower range for what we’d expect from a product this good. Plus, Charlotte’s Web provides many ways for you to save extra on products. The larger, 100 mg bottle of the Lemon Twist CBD oil comes out to just 4.6 cents/mg, which is a steal. You can save 10% on orders by subscribing, and you’ll accumulate rewards points towards a free product. And Charlotte’s Web has generously offered our readers an extra 10% off with code CBDtop10.

3rd Highest Rated

Charlotte’s Web CBD Review: Lemon Lime 10mg Calm Gummies


Initial Thoughts

Just about anyone who knows CBD products has heard of Charlotte’s Web CBD oil products. Charlotte’s Web is a true grandfather in the CBD industry and has stood the test of time. We have looked at CW oils already, so we were excited to try something a little different in this Charlotte’s Web CBD Gummies review. We chose the Lemon Lime Calm Gummies to start.

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Taste (7.5 out of 10)

We’ll be honest; we’re always happy to mix in some gummies after all the droppers of oil we’ve consumed during the history of CBDtop10.com. We found the Charlotte’s Web Lemon Lime gummies to have a pleasant flavor, but certainly not the best flavor of the gummies we’ve tried. However, it’s important to keep in mind that this is a full-spectrum product. A full-spectrum product is always going to have some sort of hemp-like flavor. These gummies did taste a little grassy, but overall not unpleasant. There was some disagreement among our reviewers over the aftertaste. Some of us thought it was too powerful, but others really enjoyed the taste. All in all, we’d say try them out if you want full spectrum benefits and don’t mind a little grass-like flavor.

Delivery (8.5 out of 10)

For most of us, taking a chewable gummy is going to be far more enjoyable than swallowing a dropper full of CBD oil. It feels a bit like candy and might be easier to develop into a daily habit because your brain sees it as a treat. The texture of these gummies was a bit unusual, more like jelly candy than a regular gummy (think orange Fruit Slices rather than gummy bears), but not off-putting at all. A great feature of selecting gummies over a dropper is that you’ll never have to measure your dosage or wonder later on if you squeezed the full dropper out. Every gummy has the exact same dosage.

Potency (7.5 out of 10)

You’ll want to follow the suggested serving recommendation for these gummies and take two. At 10 mg per gummy, Charlotte’s Web CBD gummies have a lower dosage than some we’ve encountered before. The standard serving size is two gummies, for a total of 20 mg of CBD. A huge bonus of this delivery method is that users can easily set their dosage. Take one gummy if you’re getting used to CBD or just don’t need as much, or take three if you’re having a stressful day. If you’re someone who enjoys customization, this could be a really great feature. It could easily get expensive if you started taking multiple gummies every day, though, so you may want to supplement with other products for a long-term approach.

Effect (8.5 out of 10)

On to the most important feature (in our opinion): the effects of the CBD product. We found that Charlotte’s Web CBD gummies gave us an overall pleasant experience. Most reviewers reported feeling calmer than usual, without any extreme peaks or valleys of calmness. One of our reviewers reported that the gummies helped to maintain their sense of calm during and after a long, tense drive. Generally, that sort of experience is what people look for in a CBD product. You want something that can solve an everyday problem. Charlotte’s Web Calm gummies definitely do that.

Price (8.0 out of 10)

Here at CBDtop10.com, we’ve reviewed many products that give you a bang for your buck, and Charlotte’s Web CBD is no exception. At nine cents per mg for a 30-count bottle of gummies, you’ll be getting a mid-range price for any CBD product, and a low-range price for gummies. Most customers are willing to pay a little extra for the convenience and enjoyment of gummies, but you won’t have to here. Charlotte’s Web also provides many ways to save on products. By purchasing a 90-count bottle of gummies, you’ll be getting a lower price of 6.3 cents per mg. With a subscription to Charlotte’s Web products, you’ll save 10% on any purchase, and can collect rewards points towards a free product. And Charlotte’s Web has been generous enough to offer our readers 10% off with the exclusive code CBDTOP10.

4th Highest Rated

Charlotte’s Web CBD Oil Review: Everyday Plus 500 mg Mint Chocolate


Initial Thoughts

Charlotte’s Web, also known as CW Hemp, is probably the best known CBD brand on the market. Unlike many upstart CBD brands, Charlotte’s Web CBD oils feels like a premium product. The website, the branding and the packaging all exude leadership in the market. This product was no different. It comes sleekly packaged and has one of the more exotic flavors we’ve seen – mint chocolate. If you’re not a fan of flavored oils, scroll up in our Charlotte’s Web CBD reviews to view their original, unflavored formula. Overall, we were happy with our purchase and would recommend this product to others. At 500 mg, we feel CW’s Mint Chocolate is great for the new CBD user.

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Taste (9.0 out of 10)

Subtle! You might expect a strong mint flavoring to overpower here, but we found that Charlotte’s Web mint chocolate is incredibly light. This oil reminds us a slight variation on the mintiness of HealthSmart’s CBD oil in the #3 spot. Up front, you’ll get the subtle mix of mint and chocolate. Only the aftertaste has the slightest inkling of hemp. We feel that this product would be great any time of day, given it’s flavor profile.

Delivery (7.5 out of 10)

We found this product to be a bit thinner than other oils – closer to a tincture. For those that dislike the thickness of an oil, this may be a great alternative. For us, we found it to be an odd consistency. It’s not terribly noticeable with a drop or two. However, if you take the recommended amount, we found the consistency to be a little strange to swallow. Unlike many oils, however, the consistency of this Charlotte’s Web CBD oil did mean that it was the same from beginning to end. Another slight knock on the product is that it comes in a traditional dropper bottle. We’re going to knock each of them a bit. We’ve found that, overall, dropper bottles are messy. It’s easy to drop oil on the floor, or the bottle, and by the last drop, you’re dealing with a greasy mess. This won’t be the first time that you see this complaint.

Potency (5.2 out of 10)

Like many 500 mg products, we feel that this Mint Chocolate blend is a beginner’s level CBD product. It doesn’t pack the most powerful punch and is on the lower end of potency. You aren’t paying 1500 mg prices here, which is nice. Start with a few drops and move up until you reach the desired effect. From there, you can zone in on the concentration level that best suits you, or cater your number of drops per day more effectively. CW Hemp is one of the few products that describes dosing well and we’re sure if you follow their instructions, you’ll be happy with this purchase.

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Effect (5.0 out of 10)

Since the potency is on the lower end, it’s not unexpected that the suggested serving size delivers a limited effect. (unless you do a multiple of the suggested serving) We still do prefer oils to vapes, as oils give a more consistent body effect. That said, don’t expect to be blown away by this Charlotte’s Web CBD oil. It’s a beginner-level product in our eyes, similar to RSHO’s 500mg Gold oil. We expect the average person will quickly develop a CBD tolerance that makes this product less than ideal over the long-term and they’ll need to upgrade to the CW Hemp Everyday Advanced. The first drops on day one will feel great. But, don’t expect to have the same tolerance by the end of the bottle. Meaning, you can move through this product fairly quickly as you build a tolerance.

Price (7.5 out of 10)

All CBD is expensive – there’s no getting around it unless some laws change. We found that CW Hemp clocks in at a slightly above average price, relative to other brands offering products of the same potency. It’s definitely not the cheapest. You’ll still get a decent bang for your buck, all else considered. Don’t forget to add in our exclusive Charlotte’s Web coupon “CBDtop10” to tip the scales in your favor an extra 10%. Given the multiple bottle sizes that allow for sampling, we think many entrants into CBD consumption will find comfort at this price point, given Charlotte Web’s brand and history. You’re paying for and receiving quality.

Charlottes Web CBD Oil Review: Pros and Cons of Using the Product

These days, cannabis is no longer a plant that only hippies or other recreational drug users desire for relaxation and meditation. Many people have already attested to the benefits of using this products, the same might not be true once your pets use it.

Several brands such as Charlotte’s Web, has produced CBD oils for pets. These products has been sold in different platforms, making it easy for customers to buy here . There are also considerations for knowing what kind of products you should be giving them, here are some:

What is Cannabidiol Oil

Cannabidiol or better known as CBD is a compound extract found on hemp plants. The hemp plant also produces the most abundant cannabidiol compound out of the two cannabis plant species. Cannabinoids work together with our bodies’ endocannabinoid system to create a variety of healing effects.

As it interacts with our endocannabinoid system, it creates a useful balancing function to support life.

This is generally considered safe, it will not induce a “high” on your pets, and it’s non-toxic. Although, THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) extract is also found on cannabis and is also responsible for feeling high, CBD oils have less than 0.3% of THC, making it safe for human and pet consumption without the risk of any harmful side effects.

The Health Benefits of CBD Oil for Pets

Pet owners nowadays are choosing CBD oil over synthetic drugs to treat their pets, as natural treatments are better for long-term use. It has been well researched for its effects on animals and humans. Although research is still in progress, results suggest that cannabidiol can provide helpful treatments for a variety of medical conditions .

Preliminary test results indicate that CBD can be used as a treatment for the following illnesses:

  • Allergies
  • Anxiety
  • Appetite loss
  • Arthritis
  • Cancer
  • Chronic Pain
  • Digestive Issues
  • Hip dysplasia
  • Inflammation Joint problems
  • Pancreatitis
  • Seizures
  • Skin conditions
  • Tumors

The Safety for Pets

CBD oil consumption for humans and animals had undergone extensive research and clinical tests, it’s considered clinically safe, and now widely used for therapeutic treatments around the world. However, the FDA has not yet given its guidelines concerning this, as there is still no documentation to prove that cannabidiol is unsafe for animal or human use.

The Possibility of Overdose

CBD is not classified as psychoactive and will not cause any highs on humans and animals. There has been no documented toxic dose nor reports of overdose. Administering it as an overdosed supplement will give no additional health benefits nor be toxic to health. However, when dosing it to animals, only provide the amount prescribed by your veterinary.

Side Effects to Pets

Clinical tests on animals have shown positive results on its effectiveness. These test results had produced documentation to prove that there are no severe side effects identified upon the use of cannabinoid.

However, the test result also showed minor side effects on animals and humans such as:

  • Low blood pressure

Overdosing can cause temporary blood pressure drops. Due to the lowering of your pets blood pressure, your pet may temporarily feel light-headed.

  • Dry mouth

According to clinical test results, the production of saliva can be affected by the consumption of it. The result also showed that humans and animals experience an increase in thirst and drying of the mouth.

  • Drowsiness

CBD is known for its calming effects and is widely used as a treatment for panic and anxiety attacks on dogs. As a side effect of administering high doses on animals, it can cause temporary drowsiness.

  • Drug metabolism inhibition

Administering it on high doses can inhibit liver enzyme production; therefore cannabidiol on high doses can interfere with drug metabolism.

Is human CBD oil safe for pets?

There are actually human CBD oils on the market that are entirely safe for animal consumption. However, dosage may vary from humans to animals, it’s still best to seek the advice of your veterinary first.

Although not necessarily safe for animal consumption, CBD oils that are infused with high sugar concentrates and chocolates may cause harm to your pets.

Considerations Before Buyi ng

When buying CBD for pets, always consult the experts first, and only consider high-quality products. Here are some things to look out for when purchasing CBD pet products:

  • Buy only organic

These products that are organic will always be safer for animal use, it won’t contain chemical residues and artificial additives. Buy CBD products that are NON-GMO and proven for animal use.

  • Buy CBD products with certified lab analysis

When buying, look out for products without certified lab analysis. These products may not contain the right amount, and will not give beneficial results.

  • Cheap prices often mean low quality

Cannabidiol product prices from reputable companies can be higher than that of non-reputable ones. When buying cheap versions of it, you may get products with ineffective isolates which are not really beneficial for your pet. Choose only high-quality products without harmful additives.

Various Forms of CBD

They are now marketed in different types, which you can use for different purposes. Here are some examples of these products:

  • Oil Extracts

Best used as a quick and effective relief for various health issues. Oil extracts also allow you to have an accurate dosage when used for pets.

  • Treats

This product is best used for dogs who don’t like the medications, it generally tastes great and is easily swallowed. They also come in different flavors and sizes for the pickiest dogs.

  • Topicals

Pets that suffer from allergies, inflammation, and joint pains can have CBD infused topicals. These creams will provide localized pain relief when absorbed through your pet’s skin.

Closing thoughts

As research continues for the health benefits of CBA, vets and healthcare professionals are now progressively using this cannabis extract as a treatment for a wide variety of illnesses. But before you consider giving your pet these products, speak to your vet first and buy only high-quality products from reputable brands.

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Cannabis Company Charlotte’s Web Aims to Protect the Brain With Hemp Oil

It’s late afternoon on a recent Monday in Venice, and fast-walking Angelenos enter and exit the busy Erewhon health foods market like ants frantically prepping for a storm. Two perpendicular tables near the entrance to the market entice shoppers to stop and take a gander at the goods laid out before them. Energetic staff in matching hats stand ready to serve up some samples and talk about the products: CW Hemp's CBD oil and a cannabis coffee blend served by a real, live chef. Almost every person stopped to ask questions, seemingly undaunted by the fact that hemp is cannabis (this is Los Angeles, after all), yet a few were surprised that it won’t get you high and, furthermore, that it is sold legally in stores like this one.

Renowned “ganjier” and cannabis chef Holden Jagger brews up his proprietary “Holiday Helper”— a concoction of spices, coffee, and CW Hemp CBD oil — using extension cords, a blender, and a french press. Beaming as he explains the ingredients to each person, he remarks on the quality of the product. “The CW oil is so clean, so smooth, and won't get you high,” he gushes, literally rubbing his hands in excitement. “I’m always seeking high CBD strains to pair with my meals and this stuff is the best.” The drink is spicy, with a hint of something chocolate. “That’s the MCT,” he explains, holding up a bottle of Charlotte’s Web Hemp Oil in Milk Chocolate. “There’s about 5mg per sample cup of CBD, the perfect amount to ease anxiety and take the edge off. Plus, CBD is a good way to combat a small overdosage of THC during consumption.” Chef Jagger says he infuses cannabis in his low-dose, customized meals (salts, sugars, marinades) and professes his hope for full legalization in the near future

Cannabis chef Holden Jagger serves his “Holiday Helper” Cannabis CBD coffee brew; Credit: Adrienne Airhart

The story of the Charlotte’s Web strain begins with the Stanley Brothers, the men behind the eponymous company and CW Hemp products. Two of the seven Stanley Brothers are present at this event (all named with “J” names), including CEO Joel Stanley. He sips a “Truth Tonic” from Erewhon comprised of 17 super-food ingredients including reishi, ghee, gynostemma tea, and, of course, his CW Hemp, which is sold in the store. “I take it twice a day,” he confides. “Right under my tongue or in a tonic like this one.” He gestures to the “Truth Tonic” cup he's holding.

Originating as a plant called “Hippie’s Disappointment” (aptly named for its inability to give the euphoric effects that a typical THC-rich plant produces), Charlotte’s Web grows as wild, feral hemp, breeding high CBD, which stands for cannabidiol, the cannabinoid substance in cannabis and hemp that is non-psychoactive but maintains documented medicinal benefits, known for its anti-anxiety and anticonvulsant effects. With a low, almost undetectable level of THC (less than .3 percent) this plant qualifies as hemp and not medical marijuana. According to the 2014 US Farm Bill, hemp is excluded from the definition of “marihuana” in the Controlled Substances Act (CSA), and give states the exclusive authority to regulate the growing and processing of the crop under state law, thus negating the need for a medical marijuana recommendation to purchase products made from these plants. They're sold in health food stores, like Erewhon, all around the country.

CW Hemp Low-Dose CBD In Olive Oil Flavor; Credit: CW Hemp

You might’ve seen videos or new clips of Charlotte Figi, a young girl with Dravet Syndrome, a severe form of epilepsy, being administered CBD oil and watching as it calmed her seizures almost instantaneously. Fiji reportedly went from 400 seizures a week down to one or zero. She reportedly stopped taking other pharmaceuticals, relying solely on CBD oil. The oil was made from the Colorado-grown plant, renamed in her honor, and is now sold as tinctures in three dosage levels (

85mg/ml) in either Mint Chocolate or Olive Oil flavors, as well as in capsules and a topical gel pen. Many videos like Charlotte’s have since surfaced, lending anecdotal evidence that CBD may help to keep seizures at bay. The Stanley Brothers embarked on a journey to get their medicine to hundreds of pediatric epilepsy patients in Colorado. While originally prohibitive laws kept Charlotte's Web inside of Colorado's borders, Federal hemp legislation changed in 2014 and now the Brothers are able to ship their medicine directly to all 50 states.

The National Institute of Health issued a government patent in 1998 (#6630507) regarding Cannabinoids as antioxidants and neuroprotectants with “particular application as neuroprotectants, for example in limiting neurological damage following ischemic insults, such as stroke and trauma, or in the treatment of neurodegenerative diseases, such as Alzheimer's disease, Parkinson's disease and HIV dementia.” This, along with the 2014 US Farm Bill section 7606 have given growers and researchers the governmental backing needed to continue exploring the medicinal benefits of CBD. “They went after symptoms and stopped treating the cause,” Ashley Grace, the Chief Marketing and e-commerce officer for CW Hemp explains. So while CBD doesn’t cure epilepsy, it helps many patients to alleviate or completely halt their seizures.

Joel is confident in the neuroprotectant effects of their product. When asked if he believes it will keep him from getting Alzheimer's, dementia, or Parkinson's he doesn't mince words. “The research backs that belief, and I back the research,” he says. “If this supplement is going to keep me from losing my mind to those diseases then damn right I’m going to take it. Every day.”

CW Hemp's Proprietary Strain Charlotte's Web, grown in a Colorado greenhouse; Credit: Brooks Freehill

Joel continues his spiel excitedly as he brings up the research done through the non-profit he and his brothers co-founded, The Realm of Caring, whose mission is to educate the general public and policy makers to the benefits of cannabinoid supplements and performing advocacy for those using cannabinoid therapies. The organization collaborates with Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine to help validate the benefits of cannabinoid therapy and if you call for advice on the usage or effects of CBD they will cite you the school's research as a guide but offer no advice on their own. It's still a legal gray area.

Joel's brother Josh has given a Ted Talk about the positive medicinal effects of CBD. He says that while he obviously believes CBD is a neuroprotectant that’s not why he takes it. “It’s definitely a preventative measure, for sure,” he says quickly, “But I take it for clarity and energy. I don’t take it at night because it can tend to keep me up.” He smiles. “Everyone is different. It’s non-psychoactive, non-addictive, and non-toxic, and also good for meditation. That’s the perfect supplement to take daily, in my opinion. And many others’.” Josh references Dr. Ruth Galili, who does behavioral health studies in Israel. Her findings indicate that CBD helps ease mental trauma with minimal side effects.

In addition to the line-up of tinctures in various doses, CW Hemp sells a topical gel pen that every person at this event claims will help with crow’s feet. Spreading a lot of it over a large surface area like your face still won’t get you high since the THC percentage is, again, under .3 percent. The anti-inflammatory effects of CBD oil are well-lauded, and they hint that a tattoo cream and other cosmetic products are in the works. When asked if they’re worried about legalization, or having higher-ups halt the process, Joel gives a definitive “No.”

“The benefits are proven, and this train is going full steam ahead; there’s no stopping it now.”