what i should know before buying cbd oil for pain

7 things to think about before buying CBD oil

The amount of information available about CBD Oil is mind-boggling, as is some of the terminology used, which means it’s difficult to cut through the noise and make the right choice.

So, to help you take that first step here are 7 things to consider before clicking ‘Buy Now’.

Have a clear idea of ‘why’

The internet is jam-packed with content about CBD and its many benefits. Before getting started its important to do your research and have a clear idea of what you want to take it for and what you want the results to be. By doing this at the start of your CBD journey you’ll have something to judge it against once you’ve taken it for a short while.

Get advice

Although CBD is claimed to have lots of amazing benefits, it shouldn’t be used to replace any proper professional or medical help you might need. If you think you have a physical or mental illness that you believe CBD could help with, then please please get advice from your GP before taking it.

We believe CBD is a better way to deal with the demands of everyday life, and do not promote it as an answer to any specific medical conditions. But there’s lots of companies out there who make more blatant medical claims, many of which are unproven. So please be wary of claims and seek proper medical advice if you are looking for help managing any specific symptoms.

Choose the right brand

With all the recent publicity, there are now hundreds of businesses looking to capitalise on the demand for CBD. To make sure you’re buying from someone trustworthy and buying a legitimate product there’s a couple of things to always look out for…

Firstly, has the product been tested by an accredited third-party laboratory? And are recent test results available to view?

Seeing a lab report is critical to make sure the CBD oil you are buying is exactly what is claimed and that it isn’t contaminated with anything odd or unwanted. It’s also important to verify that the testing laboratory has been accredited by the International Organisation for Standardisation (ISO), which means it will have met the required operating standards to carry out the test.

Any lab test should ideally be available to view on the CBD company’s website. If there are no lab reports available, then you can contact the company directly to ask for this. (Although in our view a lack of test results on the website would be a bit of red flag, and you should probably look elsewhere.)

Secondly, is the company a member of the Cannabis Trades Association? The CTA is the governing body for the CBD industry in the UK and they work with companies to make sure everything they do and claim is above board. Look for the CTA details on the company’s website to make sure they are members.

Check the ingredients

Before buying any CBD product, always check what is in the bottle to make sure you understand and are happy with the ingredients that are included. If there are no ingredients listed, then contact the company directly to find out – or consider buying from a different company altogether. In our mind, the best (and most trustworthy) CBD oils are those that are made completely from natural ingredients, and these should always be easy to find and understand.

Know your CBD types

When researching the right CBD oil for you, you’ll notice that there are usually 3 main different types of CBD available… Full Spectrum, Broad Spectrum and Isolate.

The differences relate to which cannabinoids are maintained after the CBD has been extracted from the hemp plant. It’s important to understand the differences between these before buying so you end up with the oil which best suits you.

CBD Isolate is CBD in its purest form thanks to an extraction process that isolates the CBD from all the other cannabinoids in the hemp plant, hence the name.

At the opposite end of the scale is Full Spectrum CBD which contains CBD plus all the other cannabinoids from the plant. Having more cannabinoids in your CBD oil is preferred by many thanks to something called the ‘Entourage Effect’. This essentially means that all the cannabinoids work together to increase how well the CBD works, something which Isolate cannot deliver by itself.

One thing to be aware of with Full Spectrum CBD is that it includes THC – the psychoactive cannabinoid responsible for getting you ‘high’. Providing the THC levels are less than 1mg per closed container then there shouldn’t be any effect, but be careful if you have to undergo drug tests for whatever reason as this still might show up.

Broad Spectrum CBD oil is much the same as Full Spectrum CBD, but with virtually all of the THC removed, meaning there is no risk whatsoever of any unwanted psycho-active effects in most cases. Broad Spectrum also delivers a cleaner looking and milder tasting CBD oil which many people prefer.

A carrier oil to suit your tastes

CBD, the cannabinoid, only turns into CBD Oil when it is blended with a ‘carrier’ oil. Like everything else CBD related, there are lots of options, with some of the most common being olive oil, coconut oil, MCT oil and hemp seed oil. At the end of the day it should come down to what your preference is in terms of taste and how you feel it is affecting the performance of the CBD, so we’d recommend experimenting with different types to find the one that is right for you.

We use refined hemp seed oil in all our blends because we believe in using as much of the plant as possible and feel that the hemp seed oil is a more natural partner for the CBD. Using the ‘refined’ variety also has a less ‘oily’ taste in the mouth, which some people find unpleasant with other types.

pick the right strength

CBD Oils come in a whole range of strengths, from 1% CBD to 30% or more.

Because everyone’s physiology is different and we all react in different ways to CBD, there’s no hard and fast rules about which one will be right for you. Like most things in life, we would recommend starting at the bottom and working your way up. Start off with a small dose of a lower strength CBD oil and see how it makes you feel. Even at low dosages, you will be able to appreciate the difference it is making. When you feel comfortable with this, and you aren’t feeling any negative effects, then you can slowly build up the dosage and the strength until you find the right balance for you.

Don’t Make These Mistakes When Shopping for CBD Oil

CBD oil is a popular way of consuming non-intoxicating cannabinoids in the marijuana plant. Unfortunately, there is an emerging trend of unreliable and untrustworthy sellers (primarily of CBD products) both online and in-store.

Buying high-quality, reputable products is crucial. Properly extracted and manufactured CBD oil offers a significant number of potential therapeutic advantages. In contrast, low-quality products can contain potentially dangerous compounds such as heavy metals, chemical thinning agents, pesticides, and solvent residues.

This article outlines the top five mistakes people make when buying CBD oil for the first time. You might think that “CBD is CBD” or that all CBD oils are made the same. Trust us — this is definitely not the case.

The Top-5 Mistakes to Avoid When Buying CBD Oil

It is tough to distinguish between the various CBD products available if you haven’t performed much research. In a nutshell, you can make CBD oil from either hemp or marijuana. Hemp-based CBD oils are what you see for sale online and in grocery stores across the country. Marijuana-based CBD oils are available in legal cannabis dispensaries.

If you live in a state where marijuana is legal and you have access to a dispensary, we recommend purchasing CBD oil there. Generally speaking, you’ll find better quality products. However, if you’re one of the millions of Americans who don’t have access to a dispensary, your next best option is to buy online from a reputable company.

If you end up buying online, here are five mistakes NOT to make:

1 – Choosing Affordability Over Quality

While CBD oil’s popularity skyrockets, many dishonest (and unqualified) businesses have taken the opportunity to cash in on the industry. We understand that this is only natural in a free and unregulated market. However, as a customer concerned about general health and well-being, it pays to know what you’re buying.

With so many options and places online to purchase CBD oil, the industry can present a minefield of pitfalls.

If you were to go online and do a simple search for ‘CBD oil,’ hundreds of thousands of results would pop up at the click of a button. Sounds fantastic, right?

The huge array of online CBD stores can cause plenty of problems.

Unfortunately, looks can be deceiving… Most of these products are likely cheap, low-quality oils. They probably won’t offer much more therapeutic benefit than the cold-pressed olive oil sitting in your kitchen cabinet.

Performing background research on the vendor and their products can save you lots of money, time, and frustration. When in doubt, always consider quality over affordability when choosing the best CBD oil product for you.

So, what do you need to look out for? Any reputable vendor of CBD oil should have the following information displayed on either their website or product packaging. Ideally, they will have it on both.

PRODUCT INFO Description
EXTRACTION METHOD CO2 extraction is the best option. CBD brands should clearly outline the method of extraction on their website.
CBD/THC CONTENT The brand should also clearly identify the THC and CBD content. The maximum THC content is 0.3% for hemp-derived CBD products.
WHERE IS THE HEMP SOURCED FROM? The highest-quality oils are extracted from either European or USA-grown organic hemp
ISO OR FULL-SPECTRUM? Full-spectrum CBD oils are typically considered the most effective, but CBD isolate (ISO) oils are a good bet if you’re looking for a 0% THC product.

2 – Assuming CBD Oil Can’t Get You High

One of the main appeals of CBD oil (along with its possible health benefits) is that it will not get you high. The famous “buzz” associated with cannabis is attributable to THC. This is often where less knowledgeable people get confused.

Is there any possibility of CBD oil getting you high? CBD oil comes from the extracts of hemp plants, which contain very low levels of THC. If the extraction method used to get the CBD oil cuts corners or is incorrectly performed, there is a minute chance that THC levels are great enough to produce a very subtle high.

This is where we can refer back to point number one – affordability vs. quality! CBD oil on its own should not provide any high to the user. This is why it is such a popular option for people looking to manage the symptoms of various conditions.

CBD oil by itself shouldn’t intoxicate the user. This is one reason why it is so popular for the management of several symptoms.

A genuine vendor will use safe, proper extraction methods to ensure that THC levels remain BELOW 0.3%. As a result, users should not feel high after using it. High-quality extraction is a costly process, which is the first thing that separates the professionals from sellers who are putting quantity before quality!

Also, to ensure that the CBD oil you are buying will not lead to any unwanted effects, double-check the seller’s website and their product information. Product labels should clearly display THC levels. However, if you are still unsure, you should contact the brand directly before making any purchases.

3 – Not Doing Your Research

While CBD is potentially capable of aiding the symptoms of numerous conditions, there are limits to its abilities. Therefore, you must know what CBD is and what it can do before you go shopping for some yourself. Many of the less trustworthy vendors of CBD oil will claim that it can do just about anything. However, those who do their research know otherwise.

For example, you can find just about anything you’d ever want to know about CBD oil on WayofLeaf. We have information on what it does, how it works within the body, relevant research, etc. Of course, there are also plenty of other reputable sources that go into the scientific depths of CBD oil’s real qualities and abilities.

Based on the latest research…

Simply put, we recommend that you fully know about CBD oil before you purchase any. This way, when you come across a website claiming that their CBD oil will make your hair grow overnight or cause a fifty-pound weight loss in a week, you’ll know that it’s misleading and unreliable!

You wouldn’t start taking a prescription drug with no clue about what it did to you, would you? You should treat CBD oil with the same level of respect. Research, and know what you’re taking — and why!

4 – Having Unrealistic Expectations

Point number three leads us nicely to this: what exactly are you expecting to get out of using CBD oil? CBD is associated with the promotion of general health (much like a daily supplement). There are also suggestions that it could help with more serious medical conditions.

That said, CBD oil is certainly not a magic potion. Some sources claim that CBD oil can do anything from curing a common cold to treating cancer overnight. Of course, this is not the case. Current or future users of CBD oil must have realistic expectations.

CBD oil doesn’t have magical properties, so users need to be realistic about what the cannabinoid can achieve for them.

Some of the things that CBD oil may be able to do:

  • Help with inflammatory conditions
  • Promote a positive mindset
  • Relieve symptoms of anxiety
  • Help manage pain symptoms

The above is just a short list of CBD oil’s long list of potential benefits. However, the key things to note are the words “can” and “help.” CBD oil will not instantly rid you of depression or cure your debilitating condition. The sooner you understand this, the closer to reality your expectations will become.

For some potential CBD oil users, the promise of something that could fix all their long-term sufferings can mean everything. Therefore, all users must know the limits of CBD oil. Otherwise, they could experience profound disappointment.

5 – Not Doing a Quality Check

Finally, we recommend that you do a quality check on the CBD oil seller’s background and methods. We hope that anyone thinking about purchasing CBD oil will feel confident in knowing what to look for and how to pick the best product. The final point really to drive home, though, is the overall message of research and quality.

One of the biggest things separating high and low-quality CBD oil is the extraction method. Ensuring you know about the most common extraction methods can save you so much money — and trouble.

Some say that knowing the extraction method and where your CBD oil comes from is the number one thing you can do as a consumer. The extraction technique generally provides a clear indication of a brand’s quality and ethics. Listed below are some of the most common extraction methods currently in use (though pretty much all top brands use CO2 extraction).

CO2 Extraction By far the best method out there, this is an expensive but surefire way of producing pure, potent, safe CBD oil.
Olive Oil Extraction This is less technical than CO2 extraction and more of a DIY technique you can perform at home. It is a safe method and relatively inexpensive, but it delivers lower yields.
Dry Ice Extraction This is a popular method as it is easy, clean, and produces a decent yield. However, you are likely to only produce low-quality CBD oil as the shaking required in this process can damage the plants.
Solvent-Based Extraction Potentially harmful and dangerous, this method uses harsh chemicals like hexane and butane (lighter fluid) to extract the CBD – we recommend avoiding this method!

Why Is This So Important?

Reputable vendors clearly state their production methods and display their lab testing results. Displaying test results is an incredibly important thing for any vendor, as it is usually a clear indication of a genuinely well-made product.

Many top-quality brands will also perform third-party testing on their products to verify the quality. This is another important thing to look out for on any potential sales site!

Things to Look for When Buying CBD: Final Thoughts

There is a lot of information about CBD oil, much of which seems to contradict itself. For someone new or inexperienced in the CBD industry, the whole thing is potentially confusing and off-putting.

Here are the key takeaways from this article:

  • Always perform detailed research.
  • Never take anything at face value.
  • Make sure you ask questions.
  • Dig deep into the details of any vendor’s website.

Most importantly, though, use common sense. A CBD oil that costs $10 isn’t going to make you lose 80 pounds or take away your chronic illness. However, CBD oil can legitimately help you in many aspects, so knowing how to find a quality oil is possibly a real life-changer for any potential buyers.

You are now armed with all the information you need to make a smart purchasing decision. Go out and explore the many wonderful and genuine CBD oils on the market you can start with our table below!