website for grade a cbd oil

Website for grade a cbd oil

Just near the 6 Train of the corner of Lafayette and Spring Street. @ 55 Spring Street, Soho, New York

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Sifting Through the Clutter: A Practical Guide for Spotting Quality CBD

We all have heard of these terms floating around these past couple of years – “Full Spectrum”, “Broad Spectrum” & “Isolate” are just some of t.

Giving The People’s Health Back to The People

OK, so some of you have approached me this past week since grand opening of our retail division flagship and asked what exactly is the meaning be.

"The sales teams here are great and extremely knowledgeable on the CBD products. This my go to place for CBD. The Endomen flower ,gummies and CBD Oils have gotten me through this lockdown mentally. I highly recommend you stop in and see their selection of goods!"

-J. Green, New Jersey

"This store is great. They have high quality products and their staff is both knowledgeable and provides excellent customer service."

– A. Allen, New York

"Customer service was of high standards . Really helped get the job done. Very help staff who are super knowledgeable in there information. highly recommend"

Why Pharmstrong™ CBD Products

Exceptional Research + Superior Products + Intelligent Solutions

Pharmstrong™ products contain USDA Certified Organic and premium grade, hemp-derived CBD. Grown in the USA, our products are free of contaminants, harmful metals, and chemicals. By being USDA Certified Organic, our premium CBD has met the highest standards in growing and manufacturing. With the passing of the 2018 Farm Bill, CBD is legal across the United States. All products are sold individually or grouped in KITS.

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Free shipping on all KITS, subscriptions and orders over $75.00. All orders are guaranteed by a 30-day, no-hassle, return policy

Pharmstrong’s Featured Products


USDA Organic Natural Lime CBD Oral Drops – Full Spectrum

Buy One, Get One FREE

USDA Organic Natural Mint CBD Oral Drops

USDA Organic CBD Body Balm 2 oz

CBD Softgels – 750mg – 25mg each

CBD Curcumin Softgels – 750mg – 25mg each

Buy One, Get One FREE

USDA Organic Natural Orange CBD Oral Drops

CBD Melatonin Softgels with CBN – 750mg – 25mg each

CBD Finder

Quick Recovery

Muscle and Joint RECOVERY. Discover our most popular CBD products!

Deeper Sleep

Sound sleep and REST. Find your perfect CBD!

More Relaxation

Melt Away Stress and RELAX. Find the best CBD products!

Hundreds of Happy Customers

The Roll on and the Body Balm are awesome. Within 20 minutes all good!! Would definitely recommend these products to friends and family.

Tried the chews for a 10 year old dachshund starting to slow down. Since starting on the chews as a daily addition, we have really noticed a much more energetic and happy pup. After seeing this change, we definitely recommend them.

CBD Dog Chews – 2mg

I received some samples from the store and loved them so much I bought a subscription for them! I have been sleeping so much better since I’ve been using these soft gels!

CBD Doftgels with CBN and Melatonin – 25mg

As a professional musician who performs 5-7 times a week, shoulder/elbow/hand problems was so severe that I was considering cancelling many of my performances. The “discomfort” was so intense that I woke at 3 am and could not get back to sleep. I opened the HD2000 roller (which obtained the previous day) and applied to my shoulders, elbows and hands. Within minutes the discomfort was significantly reduced and I was able to fall asleep. Next morning, I was well rested. The roller 2000 is permitting me to continue my career as a performing musician. This product is a game changer!

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HD2000 Hemp Roller (3oz)

The Pharmstrong™ Promise

Pharmstrong™ is passionate about producing safe, uncomplicated, high-quality CBD products for intelligent consumers who seek vibrant, longer lives. Our customers, like our founders, know they deserve better, natural choices, for their physical and mental wellbeing. We deliver these solutions directly to your doorstep.

Verified Pure Premium Grade products have an uncompromising commitment to standards of quality and purity.

Science based for maximum results with long lasting and fast acting products.

Free of solvents, pesticides and molds. Tested by 3rd party for verification.

Produced and processed without harmful, synthetic compounds.

Pharmstrong Hemp is sustainably farmed in the USA.

Pharmstrong products are grown, processed, and produced in the United States.

Pharmstrong is family owned and operated in Colorado.

Each Pharmstrong product is independently tested by a third party, ensuring correct potency and purity.

From Soil To Sale

Melissa Dugan

Pharmstrong CEO

Do you have questions about CBD or Pharmstrong Product?

Talk with Melissa Dugan, Pharmstrong CEO, every Wednesday from 10 AM-3PM (MST). Schedule your private, 15 minute session.

Why I Started Pharmstrong

As we age, we spend way too much time letting our bodies hold us back.

It doesn’t seem fair!

When I was younger, I was committed to exercise, enjoying the outdoors, and staying active. I was a collegiate swimmer and enjoyed skiing. Then, as I approached 50, my body started falling apart. Just when I should have been enjoying life’s big adventures, I felt slower and weaker than ever.

In 2007, I pulled my back in a boot-camp style class. I couldn’t get out of bed or turn my head. For years I experienced sore, tight muscles and limited movement. I had to restrict my activities and watch what I lifted. Any wrong move and I was back in bed, unable to move or turn my head.

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Ananda Hemp is Now Ananda Professional

You are arriving at this page because you are an Ananda Hemp customer.

Ananda Hemp and Ananda Professional have worked side by side for the past four years. Ananda Hemp has been the online brand that our retail customers know and love. Ananda Professional has been the #1 CBD brand sold exclusively in pharmacies since its inception. Ananda Professional has recently expanded into practitioners’ offices across the country, working with medical professionals, doctors, gynecologists, chiropractors, and other holistic practitioners to bring CBD into the conversation of good health.

To give our customers access to all of the incredible products and benefits we have under both Ananda Hemp and Ananda Professional, we are merging our two beloved brands together under the Ananda Professional brand.

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