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What Voltage to vape THC carts

I have an exus snap and I believe the settings go from 3.4 – 4.0. I keep seeing that you should keep the voltage low for the best Terps and flavor, and some pictures I see people running as low as 2.2. I usually run mine at 3.6 and get flavor and vapor. I have tried the 3.4 setting and it seems like I get nothing. Will this be OK or should I look into getting something with lower settings. I have both ceramic and normal carts if that makes a difference. Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks.

What wattage/voltage to vape CBD at? Does it even matter?

I have a 14W vape pen at 3.7V, is this enough to get the effects of the CBD within the juice? Does wattage/voltage even matter?

Should be fine. It's stupidly high temperatures you need to watch out for..

Has more to do with your specific rig [tank/coil(s)] than the substance being vaped.

As mentioned previously, burned taste=bad

I have a vape pen than operates at 7-11 watts, I have another than runs best 40-45, and have yet another that is rated for 90-110. I honestly prefere the medium power rig, giant pulls/hits seem wasteful IMO