vape pen for cbd oil and e juice reddit

Can anyone recommend a vape pen for CBD/thc? Maybe bmwo vape pen thoughts? Or something durable and economical

Are you talking about a vaporizer or a battery for cartridges?

A vaperizer for canabis oil

I'm sure there are tons of better opinions than mine but worth tossing out since I sent you here from the other vaping sub that you own a good mod that can handle a 510 which means any carts and the like from r/oilpen are already good. You can get .5 or 1 ml disposables if you're looking for convenience. On the CBD end there are so many kinds and varying amounts that people take in that the answer can boil down to what you are using as there are off the shelf ones that will vape in almost anything on some level and in the case of stuff like Naked 100 to some odd thick stuff that you'll need something ceramic or crystal as wicking won't cover it.

This sub isn't super busy but they are generally awesome. /u/puffitup is the business account and they know their stuff. They carry a few things that are in demand that aren't my cup of tea for quality but fit smaller budgets but for the most part everything they have is awesome and they are ridiculously good a vendor for really high end vape stuff that does move to some degree. You have to get really niche to see something that they don't have that you actually want.

Also you can lurk r/oilpen but it's worth bearing in mind that it's sometimes a complete shitshow while this place is just retail that carries a shitton of brands. Again you can slap the little pen heads on your existing 510 and dial it to low watts so it's not a mess and you're good to go. They have lots of things that can go on top and you can skip a battery with that. Actually a smarter way to go if discreet isn't the biggest factor as something like the geekvape you have is stupid durable and can always hit the wattage you want (unless you are a complete idiot and forget to charge for five days), which many integrated battery devices don't do.

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Vape Pen for CBD oil

I'm looking into getting a basic vape pen for my girlfriend so she can try vaping CBD oil for her anxiety. Nothing fancy, but not some POS 5 dollar pen. As I'm a noob to both vaping and CBD, I wanted to get some info from anyone here that has vaped CBD oil. From what I've found, it looks like there is CBD ejuice as well as actual CBD oil. I would assume the actual ejuice is compatible with a standard vape pen or mod, but what about cbd oil? Does this require a different kind of vaporizer than your typical e-go style pen? I'll probably post this in r/CBD as well, but I thought this would be a great place to start given the popularity that CBD is gaining. Any help/guidance is greatly appreciated since I have no idea what I'm getting into here.

r/cbd is the place to get more information. But tl;dr you want something specifically made for ecigarette use. Consider getting a pod device. If it's full spectrum or anything besides saying CBD distillate it's not safe to use in an ecigarette. The oils are meant to be used sublingually or ingested.

Also, even some ecigarette friendly cbd eliquids aren't that safe. Look for verified vendors on r/cbd. Or consider picking up pure distillate/powder and mixing with PG, which you can then add to any eliquid for ecig use.

As an example I purchased 1g of powder, put it in a small bottle and mixed with 4g of PG. Now I can just add this to any eliquid. Much cheaper in the long run, and gives you more options.

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