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What has a better effect: vaping CBD flower or CBD oil? What's more suited for a weed novice?

Hi! Lately, I'm struggling with anxiety and stress due to my work (there's a high possibility that I'll lose my job by the end of the year) and personal life issues (a difficult divorce and custody battles). I don't remember the last time I slept the whole night in the previous four months, and the amounts of caffeine and energy drinks I've taken aggravated my stomach problems. In addition to everything, I've started snapping at people for no reason.

My brother, who witnessed one of my snarls, advised me to use CBD for a while, saying it could help pull myself together until my problems are solved. Surprisingly, when I mentioned it to my doctor, he noted that CBD is a viable option for my insomnia, and I should try it if other medication doesn't work. I'm pretty messed up, so I'm considering following their suggestion. The only difficulty is that I've never used weed in my life. The only thing I smoked were regular cigarettes, and I quit after my daughter was born.

After some research, I concluded that vaping is the most effective for CBD consumption in my case. Also, I don't want people around to know that I'm smoking weed by the smell of my clothes. I've been looking for an easy-to-use oil device for the last two days. I was ready to order a Voopoo starter kit from or any other store, but I read a few commentaries claiming that vaping CBD flower gives faster effect than the oil when it comes to stress relief.

Now I'm not sure what device I should buy. I'd be grateful if you could advise me on whether I should opt for a flower or an oil vape. Which option would be better, considering that I don't plan to make CBD vaping a constant habit? Also, I'd appreciate it if you could let me know about any vape devices for beginners I should look into. Thanks.

I'd always go with natural CBD flower instead of any processed CBD product. Untreated flower has all the good cannabinoids including CBD, while oils might only have CBD which limits it's effects. Vaping flower also has instant effects while oral consumption takes 30 mins or so. Flower might also be cheaper. I found a shop in Europe which sells 30g for 31€ on sales.

The already mentioned xmax V3 Pro and vapcap M are great cheap devices to get you started.

I personally love vaping CBD. It tastes great and has quite strong effects. I really hope it can help you.

I'm going to say a few controversial things about CBD products, so I understand that not everyone is going to agree with me. But as long as you are this new to the game, you don't need any oils or concentrates. You can get all the medical properties from just the dry flower ground up in a grinder and vaped with a good device. You also don't have to spend a ton of money on a device also if you don't want. To me, vaping dry flower that is NOT listed as containing Delta 8 are good choices for you. It's the delta 8 stuff that can get sketchy if you are not careful. So stay away.

Look at the latest xmax v3 pro for a good device at a reasonable price tag. Set it at 380f to feel it and above 400f for maximum effects. Inhale for 10 to 15 seconds for good results. You can buy a separate water pipe adapter if required.

Dynavap vapcap m 2021 will also work well with CBD flower. Has a strong following if you don't mind butane instead of battery.

Stay away from typical stuff that you may find in local retail shops as they are all junk and a waste of money and time. Watch a few videos on the products you are recommended and see what you like best before purchasing. Good luck with whatever you decide

I approve for the Dynavap

My man nailed it, would just like to add that for anyone seeking the true medicinal qualities from CBD and not so concerned with the appearance that the cheap outdoor CBD has the same medicinal benefits as the expensive indoor CBD so don't get caught up in that game

I’d concur with pretty much all of this, except I’d DEFINITELY go with a Dynavap (basic one can be had for about $75) over any battery device, especially if the person is looking more in a microdose direction, at least part of the time. You can use them with flower and/or concentrates, are virtually impossible to break in any way and you can pair with a $3 Eagle lighter or a $100ish induction heater (I recommend the iSpire wand off VGoodiez). Further, Sneaky Pete sells a half-bowl converter. It’s a tiny Titanium ring that props up the screen so you can use half as much material at a time. And the bit of extra heat from it really does give you the maximum benefit out of the least amount of flower. It’s about $20 and worth every penny. Literally makes it like the martial arts of herb vapes bc you’re SPECIFICALLY getting the maximum impact desired out of the smallest possible surface area. I wish you the best in mitigating all the stressors and getting good sleep.

I believe it’s all placebo to begin with ‍♂️ Thought that’s where you were going with the controversial statement

So I have some experience with different delivery forms of CBD, and I've used it for sleeping and stress relief maybe 6/7 days a week for the past year (rough job, etc). What I've found is this:

Flower has a greater array of effects due to the inclusion of additional terpenes, but consistent dosing is tougher to master and I find it a little more subtle where as other methods I seem to get a clear "I'm getting drowsy" type effect. Takes maybe 10min for onset, but it's also the fastest to wear off. If I'm having an anxiety episode, I'm 50/50 to reach for flower first.

Oils are more likely to be a full spectrum mix, and the most diverse configuration in terms of what's included, but are probably my least favorite method that I still use; for one the taste ranges from ok to down right terrible and you sit there for like 5min with it just in your mouth. Also, there is a great risk of mess if the bottle leaks cause you have to shake it like it owes you money each time you use it, but you have the most control over dose. Once I got experienced at knowing how much I needed for a given situation, oil dosing became really handy (e.g. instead of being locked in at steps of 25mg, I could do say 32mg). Last, oil was the only method I could get something close to a larger % dose of CBN for sleeping (I have an oil that is 2:1 CBD/CBN and it's a conk out, tastes wretched though). Onset is about 30min, and it lasts most of the night where as flower wears off sooner. I only use oil at night right before bed.

Gummies/tarts/etc (non-oil edible that is a split between sublingual/GI). These are hit and miss. The best ones I've found are sort of like sweet tarts that dissolve in your mouth and are sublingual vs absorbed through the stomach/intestine, but they are not full spectrum. Onset is about 30min, and again, I generally only use tarts before bed, but will carry a small tin when I have to travel and may need one or two. Probably the best tasting experience, even compared to flower (I'm not particularly fond of most weed taste when vaping, ymmv). My tarts are CBD only, sourced from extracted isolate.

Capsules (so only GI absorption and no sublingual) are a "I'll never do this again" category as the dosing is both inflexible and your effect is so contingent upon food and other factors that are tougher to control, plus it takes the longest to kick in which is the same problem with general weed edibles. Only time I've overshot into uncomfortable territory is with capsules. Onset was like 75-90min.

The one word of warning I have is if you're going to source material (regardless of form), you need to get a reputable vendor that does testing (and doesn't forge it). That's really true for extracts, but also for flower (which is the only time I've actually straight up seen someone forge a test result and get caught). For extracts, when I first started, a long time friend I trusted told me the same thing and suggested two places, one of which was Lazarus Naturals. The other place was less convenient for us so we don't get anything from them and I can't remember what it was called. I source flower from WNC, but in both tart/flower instances, I'm in America so ymmv.

Vaping CBD Oil? x-post /r/CBD

I bought some e-juice from CBD distillery and a vape device capable of 85W — the Aegis mini.

This is my first attempt at vaping e-juice so I could really use some advice.

I used to buy the disposable pens and greatly enjoyed the experience, so I thought I would buy oil myself to make it more economical.

Here is the problem: the first couple hits I took from the Aegis were extremely harsh. Not at all like the ultra-smooth hit of a disposable CBDfx pen.

I've been trying to experiment with the settings and air flow vent to get the right balance of pull/harshness.

Can someone give me a good starting point?

I'm not mixing the CBD e-juice with anything else. I believe the ratio is 85/15 from CBD distillery. Am I doing something wrong by vaping that by itself?

Right now, I think I have it set to maybe 35W and the air vent 1/2 open. This allows me to take a hit that is just bearable, but not exactly enjoyable.

Is it better to use the power setting or the temperature setting on the vape? I did try putting it at 360F and using it that way. Seemed to work OK. But, I thought that choosing the power level would just give me more control and I could reduce it until I got a smooth hit.

Maybe this is what vaping e-juice is always like and you can't compare it to the disposable pens? Maybe I need a different vape?