using cbd oil for hot flashes

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Using cbd oil for hot flashes

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Little drops of miracle juice.
I’ve been struggling with insomnia, anxiety and joint pain for months now. From day one my sleep improved and a week in I slept 8 hours last night and my anxiety feels under control. No real difference on the joint pain as yet, but early days and the sleep alone makes this the best thing I’ve bought this year!


So Impressed. Speedy delivery. Great new customer discount on your first order. Follow up support is amazing they are only an email away with advice and guidance. I would say it was a good 2 weeks before I noticed a difference. Then reflecting I realise I can't remember my last hot flush, my mood has lifted and I have reduced my anti d's. I take it at teatime so it helps with relaxing and sleep. My husband has commented that I'm not tossing and turning so much at night. Give it time to work slow steps are best ❤


A little bottle of magic even better with added turmeric. My anxiety, heart palpations , hot flashes, aching joints have all gone since taking meno oil. I feel myself more than I have in a long time. Thankyou so much


Three days in but already feeling more balanced! Hot flushes have reduced in severity and are less often. Can’t quite believe it but happy and thankful!


I'm over the moon with my products customer care is of utmost quality went above and beyond what I expected. Delivery is quick.
I will definitely be using menopause alternative again aswell as recommending to friends.


Expensive but very very good and worth the money. Purchased the Meno cbd oil with turmeric. Heard lots of good reviews and feedback so decided to bite the bullet and buy some. Had 10% off my first order which helped as it's not cheap. It is however worth every penny. Helps relieve the pain in my finger joints, lifts my mood, relaxes me and helps me sleep at night. So pleased I took the plunge



Excellent service. Oil arrived the next day and I only one word for the oil -Amazing! I was suffering from awful hot flashes especially at night and not sleeping. I’m nearly 2 weeks in using the oil and no hot flashes and sleeping like a baby.


Hot Flushes, Mood Swing and Weight Gain be gone. I used to have frequent hot flashes, mood swings, weight gain, a lack of concentration, but after adding this to my morning routine along with a few other things, I am better. All of my symptoms are better. It took a good 30-40 days of 3 drops a day, but I am myself again!

Absolute Game Changer. This Cbd oil was recommended to me as I was looking for something non medical for my perimenopausal symptoms. It’s worked wonders for my insomnia and anxiety. So good I’ve bought more, just wish it was cheaper !!

CBD Oil and Menopause – A Guide for Canadian Women

CBD oil has proven to be beneficial for wide variety of disorders in Canada. There is still a long way to go when it comes to CBD research. However, the findings have been promising. Some people have started to use CBD in lieu of traditional forms of medication.

Others are using CBD as a supplement or a compliment to other treatments. CBD is definitely not a miracle drug. This means that it can be helpful to a lot of people, but it won’t necessarily relieve all symptoms.

Nonetheless, it is a natural way to increase your health and wellness. In this article we are going to look at how CBD and menopause may go hand-in-hand. In Toronto, it’s easy to find CBD oil products , it’s the capital of Ontario and largest city in Canada. If you can wait, shopping online makes sense for greater selection and better deals.


Menopause can be a dreadful time period in many Canadian women’s lives. It is a time of intense transition and change. Oftentimes, it creeps up on you and the symptoms are unexpected. Managing symptoms of menopause can feel disorderly and chaotic according to the University of Toronto.

There is a long list of symptoms that occur due to menopause. These are all negative. They can have dramatic impact on a women’s life. Evidently, this time period can feel like a true challenge. Therefore, women are always looking for new ways to combat these harsh symptoms.

Anxiety and Depression

Hormones are all over the place during menopause. For instance, there are huge fluctuations in estrogen and progesterone. This is likely to cause feelings of anxiety and depression. Unfortunately, some women suffer from panic attacks during this time.

Most women experience mood swings in the time leading up to menopause. This happens randomly, and without any warning signs. It can be difficult to manage the constant highs and lows.

CBD has become world-renowned for aiding with both anxiety and depression. Women report feeling more stable when they use CBD during menopause. This is a natural way to combat these feelings. Furthermore, CBD is not addictive. Therefore, there are no risk factors associated with it.


Many adults in Canada experience sleep-related problems throughout their life. However, insomnia is even more common during menopause. Once again, there is a decline of estrogen within the body. This may lead to disrupted sleep.

Melatonin is a hormone that aids in regulating your sleep cycle. Your body produces less melatonin the older you get. Thus, decreased melatonin levels also affect your ability to get proper sleep.

Sleep is an extremely important part of any person’s day. It has a direct affect on all other aspects of one’s life. Therefore, it should be a priority. Many studies have demonstrated that CBD helps cure sleeplessness.

CBD is a great way for Canadians to manage sleep. This is especially true for women who have never struggled with insomnia before. There are many drawbacks with taking prescription medication. Therefore, women should attempt to use CBD as a natural alternative.


Some women experience hormone-related headaches throughout their life. Migraines become a lot more severe during menopause if this is the case. This is especially true leading up to menopause. Consequently, this is also related to hormones.

Women have very different experiences in relation to menopause and headaches. Some women’s headaches get a lot better after their period ends. However, some women’s get a lot worse. Headaches are a difficult thing to deal with on a daily basis. They can cause dizziness, nausea, fever, and high blood pressure. Therefore, it’s important to manage the symptoms related to headaches.

CBD acts on the endocannabinoid system (ECS) in humans. This system is responsible for maintaining many important functions within the human body. Scientists have discovered that the ECS plays a vital role in regulating pain sensation. CBD activates the ECS by binding to certain receptors. Therefore, using CBD can help alleviate painful symptoms.

There have been many studies that have demonstrated a change in headaches. However, the research with CBD and migraines remains inconclusive. Therefore, it is not a full treatment method. However, CBD can be a great supplementary option.

Sex Drive

Almost all Canadian women experience a reduced sex drive during menopause . This is another result of the chaotic state that the hormones are in. Estrogen levels affect blood circulation. These levels become lower in the vagina. Therefore, many women also experience vaginal dryness as a result. This is a contributing factor as to why women may not want to have sex.

CBD is known for increasing blood circulation. Therefore, it can have an indirect, positive benefit. Furthermore, consumers can now purchase CBD lubricant. This lubricant can help ease any pain or discomfort. Some women experience an increased sensitivity. This can result in a desire to engage in sexual intercourse.


Menopause is undoubtedly a trying time for the majority of women. It can feel disorderly trying to navigate through everything on your own. There are so many different factors at play. Many women are unaware of the full spectrum of symptoms they may experience.

It is beneficial to consult with a doctor about any prolonged symptoms. This is especially true if something is painful for a prolonged period of time. Remember that you know your body better than anyone. Accordingly, you are the best person to monitor any changes or disruptions. Using CBD is a great way to manage some of the symptoms associated with menopause.

Remember that CBD is not psychoactive, meaning it cannot get you high. Therefore, it is not addictive either. This means that it is a great method to experiment with. It allows women to try various products with different symptoms.