thc cbd oil for cats with liver cancer

CBD / Hemp – Miracle Supplement or Snake Oil?

Many of our pet parents are interested in using CBD/Hemp Oil for their pets. CBD/Hemp Oil has become the latest “in” supplement for people to give their dogs and cats. Is this just a fad, or could CBD/Hemp Oil really help your pet?

The answer is… It Depends. High quality CBD/Hemp Oil can be beneficial for pets with a variety of ailments. However, studies have shown that most of the CBD/Hemp Oil on the market should not be used on pets (or people) for one of the following three reasons: They contain large amounts of THC (the psychoactive ingredient in marijuana; ­) they contain toxins; or they contain insufficient amounts of CBD to be beneficial.

How do you know if the product you are using is safe and effective for your pet? The only way to know is by purchasing the product from a reliable source which test the CBD/Hemp Oil for toxins, THC, and levels of CBD. High quality CBD/Hemp Oil is not cheap, but this does not mean that simply because a product is expensive it is good. Without manufacturer certification there is no way of knowing this product is safe for your pet. Because most of these CBD/Hemp Oil products on the market are either unsafe or ineffective, we discourage owners from purchasing it on the internet or in a pet store. We have done the research and have selected a high-quality product that has been tested by the manufacturer for safety and effectiveness.

As an example, here is a graph contrasting our CBD/Hemp Oil to those typically found on the market.

We prescribe CBD/Hemp Oil for many pet problems but especially pets with cancer, seizures, aging changes (CBD/Hemp Oil is one of our favorite supplements for middle age and older pets,) immune disease, pain, and any chronic disease condition.

Please reach out to us if you have any questions about using CBD/Hemp Oil for your pet.


Yup, do a search for cannabis oil and you’ll get all kinds of info on it. My mother in law was taking it for 6 months while on chemo, and hasn’t been on any treatment except the cannabis for the past 6 months because everything was stable. Make sure you get the high thc oil, not the cbd. The cbd is used for pain and nausea to treat the side effects of chemo and cancer. The high thc oil is the one that claims to kill the cancer.

Thank you for your replies. I live in Scotland so i dont know where i would even start to be able to get THC oil. I need it more urgently than beng able to start growing my own! CBD oil is now legal here but there sint a pint in getting that if it wont be in the least bit effective?

I’m going to disagree with the thc/cbd ratio discussed here. My research shows that the cannabis oil needs the thc levels to be over 90% for it to be effective against cancer. My mil had 6 months of gem/cis chemo, showed a huge reduction in the size of the tumors, and now has gone the past 6 months without any kind of therapy except the cannabis oil. She’s only taking a little more than a maintenance dose, about 4 grams a month, but for the past 6 months, it has remained stable and hasn’t gotten worse, so they aren’t going to start any new therapy until it changes for the worse. She is getting the oil made with girl scout cookie, which is already about 28% thc.

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For cancer or any other critical illness you need (1) find a reputable dispensary or cannabis maker (2) what I mean by reputable is the product needs to be accompanied by lab results which clearly outines the % of CBD, % THC, % CBDA,% THCA, a% of other terpenes of the plant AS WELL AS the potency (anything below 60% is not worth it) (3) For Cancer you need the whole plant extract (google entourage effect) not just one isolated cannabidiol molecule whehter it is CBD or THC, it MUST be the whole plant. For instance, my dog and I use a high CBD oil which is 20:1 (meaning 20 parts CBD to 1 THC). For cancer, the best ratio out there is 1:1 meaning 1 part CBD and 1 part THC.

If you live in a state where you can get a medical card, please do so. Also search for cannabis doctors that can best guide you with dosing and ratios. I can give you two names of two that work out of California but they can do phone consults worldwide (note: by law they cannot sell you cannabis or give a medical card but they can sure guide you where to get them) one is Dr. Allan Frankel out of Santa Monica Los Angeles CA and the other one is Calla Spring Wellness out of San Francisco both are experts in dealing with cancer diagnosis. Just for your own education google Zelda Theraupeutics Pancreatic Cancer Clinical Trial so you can read how cannabis researchers have paired up with oncologist in clinical trials abroad (Australia) and recently they have made progress in the area of breast, brain, and pancreatic cancer.

I hope this helps.

does anyone have an update on how the cannabis oil is working? is using CBD oil/Charlottes web as effective? i dont know where i could get a trustworthy source of the THC oil from

Wow. $1200/3 grams? $400 a gram? Wow. I’m getting it for my MIL from a neighbor that’s a caregiver at $30/gram. And this is the high THC strain, not the CBD stuff you can buy online. We just bought a second 30 gram dosage that should last a few months for $800.

Rosi, most doctors don’t embrace cannabis for medicinal use. It is a new pharmaceutical technology that is evolving on it’s own since the federal government has continued to foot drag on rescheduling the drug. The only thing that has drawn the attention of lawmakers is the potential source of money. What other lifesaving drugs are taxed by every level of government that can put their hand out ? Are chemotherapy drugs heavily taxed by federal, state, and municipal taxes ? This makes it too costly for many patients that need it, I sponsored a woman with cholangiocarcinoma that lived in New York and cannabis oil was 1200.00 for 3 grams, sadly too costly for an unproven treatment for her. Her cancer took her and she never was able to even try it. Medical cannabis should be tax exempt for all patients that need it, recreational is a different story, tax it like all other vices, however medical cannabis should be available and affordable to all. I have used cannabis since my surgery, and I cannot say it is why my cancer hasn’t returned, however it is part of what I have done, I changed my diet to more healthy foods, no grease lower fat, daily exercise in fresh outdoor air if possible, and just take care of yourself. I have gotten twelve years of cancer free life after cc, I have had no chemo, no radiation, just surgery and what I have mentioned here, and I believe cannabis research will unlock a cure for cancer or treatments with fewer side effects than chemo, I wish you the best, Pat

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Right now my MIL is on a 3 month break from the first 6 months of being on gem/cis chemo. She had a bought of the flu so she didn’t take the cannibis oil capsules for a couple weeks. She’s going to have another cat scan at the end of February to see what has happened in the last 3 months, then determine if there’s a next phase of treatment. So far, the results are fantastic, but we will see in a month. One thing to mention, people talk about taking cannabis for pain and inflammation, or to help with the side effects of chemo. There’s two types of cannabis and it depends on the strain the oil is made from. The most common you hear of it the CBD oil. That’s for pain, nausea, etc. You shouldn’t feel the psychotropic effects from that. That’s the type that most doctors will tell you are fine and you can take it. The other strain is from the sativa strains of the plants. That’s the one Rick Simpson made famous. It’s very high THC. It won’t help with pain or nausea, but many have reported that it cures the cancer. That’s the one that doctors say are rubbish, there’s no such thing, blah, blah. Well what do you expect them to say? Do you have any clue how much money is made treating cancer in the US? There will never be a cure for cancer made by a pharmaceutical company. They aren’t in the business to cure one of the most profitable diseases in the world. Have you read about how numerous doctors that have been using cannabis to cure cancers, and are starting to publish papers have ended up dead in the past year? Google how many holistic doctors have died of “suspicious” circumstances. In the case of my MIL, she is taking the high THC, sativa strain. It give some psychotropic effects but she takes it at night and sleeps it off. Her inoperable, incurable cancer that she had only 8 months to live, is now in month 10. 75% of it has mysteriously disappeared. The doctors hoped to just stop it from getting any worse, and have no explanation as to why it’s getting better. In total, the 8 months of cannabis cost about $1500. So even if it didn’t work, it’s not like we were out a bunch of money. Now that I said this, if I end up “mysteriously” dying tomorrow, you’ll know why! Good luck!

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Sorry to hear about your mom and my only 2 cents is that Cannabis does work when properly dosed by an Medical Doctor who specializes in it and when it is early in the cancer treatment. Unfortunately, Cannabis is not a one-size-fits all miracle and with its classification of Schedule 1 drug it is very hard for Research and Development in this country (Elli Lily the drug manufacturer in the 1930’s used to sell cannabis tinctures and they were marketed for various illnesses including cancer, it is beyond me why the turn of events into a schedule 1 drug, maybe loss of profits since a plant cannot be patented). That is why the research happening outside of the USA is so important as clinical trials are happening in Spain, Australia, Chile, etc..for different ailments and I am glad to see they are including pets as well.

Cannabis can alleviate some pain and inflammation and thus is a wonderful supplement at any point specially during hospice. And I will say it over and over again for THERAUPEUTIC dosage people need a medical doctor (for example, Dr. Allan Franke out of L.A, Dr. Bonnie Goldstein out of L.A, Calla Springs Wellness out of San Francisco along with Mara Gordon from Aunt Zelda just to mention a few reputable ones)….if you want to learn more search for Mara Gordon on youtube and she is the founder of Zelda Theraupeutics in Australia which is conducting clinical trials on different diseases (including pets) and Mara usually goes around the globe and sits with medical doctors, researchers, etc…so she is a key resource to learn from.

Yes! cancer takes years to form and imaging can only pick it up when the tumor is of a certain size.

Thanks for the question, as this is the same one I have.

To briefly share the story, even though I have multiple posts. Mom was inoperable and we decided on no treatment, only palliative care. This is going over a year after diagnosis, but found out with research that she has had this awful tumor for about four years not, obviously getting worse. The worst part was those stent exchanges! Anyway, long story short, last recommendation was hospice. She was prescribed Norco and Dilaudid for different levels of pain, Dilaudid when it’s unbearable. Atarax for jaundice itching, which isn’t as effective anymore so relies on Norco. Now since in obvious circumstances there is nothing to lose, I will check into cannabis for pain management. This is something so difficult to even convince her to use. Once she tries it, I will share. Seriously, if someone is recommended at hospice what can one lose? Either it works or doesn’t and that’s it! This has been an endless challenge, and more power to everyone who is fighting this illness. I really have to thank everyone, patient and caretaker who tries hard to help.

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Curious to know if the continued used of Cannabis is still proving to work for your Mother in Law….if you can share any updates, it will be highly appreciated.