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How To Market CBD Oil Online Using SEO & No Advertising

Advertising CBD oil and CBD products on Google, Facebook, or Instagram is a challenge, so you need alternative forms of marketing to be able to market CBD oil online and grow your CBD business.

I bet you’d agree with this statement: people are so curious about CBD oil and other CBD products and are currently searching for more information on this new wellness source.

Google actually provides the average number of monthly searches for a gazillion different search terms but they do not provide this data for CBD, cannabis, or any marijuana-related search phrases, yet.

But I think it’s safe to say there is a huge demand for high-quality information and education about the health benefits of CBD and your potential customers need this information to evaluate the many CBD options.

This is why SEO, or search engine optimization, should be a vital element of your CBD marketing plan.

SEO is the process of optimizing the CBD content on your website with a relevant keyword strategy so that search engines like Google and Bing can easily index your site’s pages, so that they show up on page 1 for popular CBD search phrases.

So, if your website can provide relevant information about CBD products, that answer the specific questions potential customers have about CBD oil, you’ll begin to generate highly qualified leads to help you market CBD without advertising!

If you’re looking for effective ways to advertise CBD on Google or alternative ways to promote CBD products without advertising, this article will illustrate why SEO is one of the most effective digital marketing tactics to sell CBD online.

Why Do I Need SEO To Sell CBD Online?

First off, there are no advertising restrictions when using search engine optimization tactics to help market CBD oil.

You control your website content and you can publish anything you’d like to, within reason. Take this opportunity to use your website as an educational source of CBD information as well as a CBD online store.

Not everyone that comes to your online dispensary or retail location will be ready to buy CBD but they may be open to learning about the wellness angle of CBD and the variety of health benefits.

For example, if potential customers are searching for information on CBD using search phrases like:

  • “what is cbd ”
  • “ cbd oil for pain management”
  • “ cbd oil for anxiety”
  • “ cbd oil side effects”

…they most likely aren’t ready to buy CBD right away. However, these people represent future customers to your CBD store.

If you can provide them with the answers to their many questions, in the form of high-quality content published on your website, they’ll likely shop at your dispensary when they’re ready to try CBD oil.

Relevant and high-quality content builds trust with cannabis consumers. You want your CBD brand to be that trustworthy source. The go-to CBD shop where consumers go to purchase their CBD oils.

You may have super great CBD content, but is it being found in online searches?

SEO helps your high-quality content get found on Google and Bing when users search for CBD related information.

Benefits of SEO to Market CBD on Google

So other than helping to generate awareness of your CBD products what other benefits does SEO offer to help you sell CBD oil on Google?

  • Boost Growth: SEO helps CBD store owners to grow their business by providing fast loading user-friendly websites that rank organically on Page 1 for popular CBD related search phrases.
  • Increase Sales: This makes it super easy for you to sell your CBD products online or in-store to highly qualified potential customers who are actively searching to buy CBD.
  • Generate Awareness: If they’re not ready to buy CBD online right away, SEO still helps you generate awareness and develop trust among potential customers of your CBD products by showing up at the top of Page 1 for CBD related searches.
  • Build Trust: People are instinctively more likely to trust a CBD site that is on the first page of a search results page than other CBD brands who are not.

If you’re looking for effective ways to sell CBD oil online, you should consider implementing a comprehensive SEO and keyword strategy to help you build a strong and reputable online presence, bypass your competition, and gain new customers to take your CBD business to the next level.

CBD Marketing = Content Marketing and SEO

So if SEO helps your CBD content get found online, how do you produce the right type of content?

How do you know what CBD questions potential customers are asking about CBD oil?

Typically keyword research would show the exact terms and phrases people are using to find your products and services.

However, Google’s Keyword Planner tool does not provide any keyword research data on CBD, cannabis, marijuana, 420, or weed related queries.

Other keyword research tools pull from Google’s Keyword Planner API, so if Google doesn’t provide the keyword research data, the other free keyword research tools won’t have it either.

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But – I’m a tenacious marketer and was able to find the following keyword research via Bing.

As you can see by the number of search queries for “what is cbd” in the United States since Oct 26, 2018, people are super curious CBD oil, what it is, what its benefits are, and where they can buy CBD online.

If the phrase “what is cbd oil” appeared in Bing search 12,460 times in the last the 3 months imagine how many times it was used in a Google search. Bing holds approximately 33% market share in the US. Google has the rest.

The point is that people want credible and high-quality information on CBD oil and they clearly are searching for this information online in search engines – not on social media. SEO is all about driving traffic from search engines via organic searches.

If you want to get these potential customers on your website or in your retail CBD store you should create SEO optimized content educating people on CBD, what it is, what CBD oil is, and why it benefits human beings.

When users search for information on CBD using terms like “what is cbd oil”, “what are CBD oil benefits”, and “what is cannabidiol”, you want them to find your content on Page 1 so that they’ll end up on your website and not on your competitors.

This is how content marketing, keyword research, and SEO work together to help you sell CBD oil on Google.

Keyword research is how you can create the right content that answers the questions your potential customers have about CBD oil or CBD products.

How To Measure Sucess From Using SEO to Market CBD

It’s important that you measure the success of your CBD content marketing and SEO efforts. If not, how will you know if your new CBD marketing strategy is working effectively?

Getting reports on keyword rankings is very useful but is only one part of the whole story. The other part is what happens after the user clicks on a page 1 ranking and land on your CBD store website?

How long do they spend on your website? Do they click through and view multiple pages with multiple CBD products, or do they bounce after only viewing one CBD product or article?

Ideally, you want Page 1 rankings in search engines, sending lots of qualified traffic to your website, that stays on your site for a minute or two or more, and clicks through or takes some action while on your website.

That’s a sure sign that you’re driving the right type of people to your site.

We typically provide our client’s with monthly reports for all SEO and website activity each month. We report using the following key performance indicators (KPIs) which we compare to your competitors:

  • Keyword Rankings (10-50 keywords being tracked)
  • Search Engine Visibility
  • Competitor Analysis
  • Number of clicks to the website
  • Number of unique visits to the website
  • Average time spent on the landing page
  • Average time spent on the website
  • Total number of pages viewed per visit

By tracking the above KPIs, you’re able to fully understand if your CBD SEO strategy is effective or if it needs improvement.

As mentioned, you need Page 1 rankings to drive a qualified and potential CBD customer to your website or retail store.

You need to make sure your content has an edge over your competitor’s content in order to attract that potential customer.

Check your Google Analytics data to identify the KPIs listed above.

Look for things like the number of visits vs the time spent on the landing page or website. If you have a lot of visitors and time spent on your site is also high, you’re doing very well.

If you have a ton of visits but the time spent on the landing page or on the overall website is low, then there is a huge problem.

Your content is ranking well in search engines and people are clicking and coming to your site but they are leaving instead of browsing or buying.

If you’re not getting a lot of clicks or a lot of time spent on your site, there clearly are other issues with your content marketing strategy and your SEO strategy.

If you have any questions when it comes to interpreting the data from Google Analytics, I’m a master when it comes to data analysis and I am Google Analytics certified. Please contact me to discuss.

We Can Help You Market CBD Oil on Google and Facebook

Are you convinced that SEO can help you market CBD oil and other CBD products?

People are online actively searching for information about CBD oil and its many health benefits, so why not lead these motivated potential customers to your website and provide them with the information they want.

Identify the exact questions your potential customers are asking about CBD and create an SEO optimized content marketing strategy designed to pull these customers from search engines to your online CBD store.

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If you want to learn more about why SEO is an effective marketing tactic to sell CBD products, download our free guide!

If you’re ready to promote your CBD products using content marketing and SEO, we can help you with experienced cannabis marketing and managed services.

Please start the conversation by using the form below. Let us know about your CBD business and current marketing challenges. Or contact us here.

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Even though the CBD industry is relatively new, we have over 20 years of SEO experience to get you on the front page of Google search results in order to increase your targeted website traffic & greatly increase sales. This is comparable to probably 100+ years in most other industries. The point is, we know how to do search engine optimization for CBD Oil related businesses, so we can take your company to the next level & beyond!

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Benefits of SEO for CBD Marketing

Getting high search engine (Google) rankings…

  • Generates Brand Awareness: Even if they are just searching around and not ready to buy right away, SEO still helps you gain brand awareness and develop credibility among potential customers when they see your site show up at/near the top of Google for CBD oil related searches.
  • Increases Sales: Obviously being ranked highly makes it easy for potential customers who are actively searching to buy CBD to find you, which in-turn makes you more sales.
  • Builds Authority: It has been proven that people are far more trusting of a website that’s on the first page of Google/Bing. This builds your brand authority and makes potential customers more likely to remember you and buy from you – either now or in the future.
  • Residual Results: Imagine continuing to make sales years into the future from work you did now. This is something SEO can provide. With most advertising/marketing techniques, your results are directly related to how much you are paying, and they stop if you don’t pay anymore. SEO is different! Once you are ranked, you can continue reaping the benefits for years to come. The ROI is incredible!
  • Dominating the Competition: There is only one #1 spot so you can literally dominate your competition in the search results. Other marketing methods typically allow anyone and everyone to compete as long as they are willing to pay. However, with SEO, you know there’s only so much room on page one for any search term. Your competition is stuck behind you if you get to the top!

Anyway, that is just a handful of SEO benefits (there are many more). So if you are looking for the most effective way to sell CBD oil online, you absolutely should consider implementing a solid SEO strategy. This will take your CBD business to the next level if you hire the right specialist.

The Big Advertising Spaces Do NOT Allow CBD Ads

As you know, promoting CBD oil and/or other CBD products on Adwords, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and most of the other top advertising platforms is a challenge — if not impossible — so you need to utilize other types of internet marketing to be able to market your cbd business online.

Think about it… Google, Facebook, Twitter, Etc… aren’t letting you advertise!

What does this mean for your CBD business?

Well, it means if you want to market your CBD website online then SEO is not only the best way to do it (as it always has been), it’s also one of the ONLY ways to do it nowadays. So, it should go without saying that search engine optimization is extremely important for the success of your CBD Oil company!

Our CBD Oil SEO Marketing Includes:

* Market Research: We utilize various marketing research resources including Google Analytics, Ahrefs, SEMrush, G trends, keyword planning tools, search analysis, and much more to learn about your exact market and choose the best keywords and phrases for your ranking targets. Combine this with 20+ years of SEO experience and we can pick the winners for you!

* Competitor Analysis: We find your top 5 competitors and reverse engineer their entire online presence to find what they are doing, what’s working for them, why they are ranking, and everything else we can possibly find about them. This is information we use to figure out how to beat them in search so we can implement it in your campaign.

* On-Site Factors: We check (and implement) dozens of on-page SEO factors in order to ensure your cbd oil website is ready to rank, and has the best chance at maximum relevance, authority and visibility.

* Off-Site SEO: We utilize a number of techniques that include; social signals, GMB setup/optimization, citations, press releases, videos, blogger outreach, private blog networks, deep links, branded link building, microsites, satellite sites, tier-2 networks, content syndication, domain authority stacking, and MUCH more! These strategies are continually updated as the industry evolves.

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* Data & Metrics: Utilizing analytics, search console, tracking numbers, coding, a customized reporting dashboard, etc… We show where your visitors are coming from, what they are doing on your site, rankings data, growth over time, conversions, ROI, and more.

SEO for your Cannabidiol Website

Public interest in CBD products is growing at a crazy fast rate, which means the competition for business is also increasing rapidly.

Sales of CBD products such as oils, gummies, capsules, and more are currently valued upwards of a BILLION dollars just in the United States (not counting the rest of the world). That number is expected to skyrocket in the near future.

Obviously if you are in this industry the best way to maximize your growth in the cbd oil market is to ensure your potential customers can find you. Doing that starts with an effective SEO strategy.

Here at BAM we have the experience and skills it takes to develop & implement CBD SEO strategies that will take your company to the top of the rankings. This will make it easy for your target market to find you online.

Contact Our CBD SEO Experts Now

To learn how our SEO specialists can help you rank your CBD website and build your business – contact us now. We will review your website, discuss your goals, and develop a customized plan to deliver results like you never imagined!

CBD Keywords – How To Sell Your CBD Oil Online

There is an ever-expanding market for selling CBD oil online. However, CBD advertising can prove to be rather tricky for some CBD brands.

Strategically sprinkling CBD keywords throughout your blog content is a crucial part of generating sales. With limited marketing channels for CBD advertising, you need to go all-in on SEO. You don’t have the luxury of being able to run an endless stream of Facebook ads for your CBD products. Building a robust SEO strategy is a safe bet for any new CBD brand.

So, how can you use CBD keywords to turbo-charge your CBD SEO strategy?

Use A Specialist Tool For CBD Keywords

You can use a keyword tool to help you find appropriate CBD keywords for your blog content. There are dozens of free SEO keyword tools that you can use, but few of them are actually any good. You’re going to need to invest in an SEO keyword tool that puts you ahead of your competitors. Alternatively, Freshly Squeezed can do all of the keyword research for you!

We use Ahrefs to help us make informed decisions on our SEO strategies for customers. This platform contains plenty of data to sink your teeth into. There’s a treasure trove of CBD keywords that consumers are actively searching for on a daily basis.

Target The Correct Search Intent

With increasing interest in CBD for overall wellbeing, consumers are searching for answers to their questions about this cannabis-derived chemical compound.

Here are just a few CBD keyword terms you could use:

Buy CBD Oil Online

How To Use CBD Oil

Where To Find CBD Oil

All of these CBD keywords have the potential to drive traffic to your website. It’s important to remember that not all CBD keywords are equal. CBD consumers might be using some in the search engines more than ever . With this in mind, you need to be strategic about the battles you pick. If you currently have a low domain authority score, you will need to target CBD keywords with a smaller keyword volume and build around the fringes.

Matching CBD Keywords To Your Website

Targeting keywords that show intent to buy CBD products isn’t enough. Choose CBD keywords that closely relate to the products you sell. There’s very little point in ranking for keywords relating to CBD gummies if you don’t actually sell them. You should try and double down on hyper-focused CBD keywords that accurately represent your brand.

Consider Semantic Search Terms

Semantic search helps your blog content to rank higher. Basically, you need to use search terms that relate to the focus keyword for each piece of blog content. If you’re creating a piece of content around CBD gummies, you need to use a wide variety of phrases that relate to CBD gummies. If you can use enough of these phrases, you will start to rank for them on Google.

Look At Search Volume

How many people are actively searching for specific CBD keywords? You want to see a decent search volume but sometimes it’s better to be a big fish in a small pond. The more specific your search terms are, the lower the search volume should be. However, if potential buyers search for them, those terms are still worth targeting.

Final Thoughts On CBD Keywords

Building an SEO strategy around CBD keywords is tough. You can read our full CBD marketing study here.