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Changing The Future Outcome, also known as CTFO, has quickly gained a foothold in the CBD industry. The company claims to provide customers with the best CBD oil products available on the market. It also offers an equally amazing ‘business opportunity’ for customers that want to spread the word. If you haven’t already guessed it, yes, this is a multilevel marketing company.
But does the brand live up to these high expectations, and are the products of good quality? Let’s take a closer look below.

About CTFO: The Company Behind the Name

CTFO CBD is a health and wellness company located in Fairfield, California. It was founded by Stuart Finger and was originally launched as a weight loss MLM company in 2015. Thus it previously focused on traditional health supplements but has since rebranded to take advantage of the growing cannabis trends. The number of CBD-based items they sell is extensive and includes CBD oils, topicals, sprays, and even CBD oils for pets.

CTFO Lab Reports: How to Find them

CTFO does provide full certificates of analysis. For a company that largely relies on third-party sellers, this is essential. EvioLabs, an ISO 17025-accredited laboratory, conducts the product tests. The reports can easily be found under the “certifications & Labels” tab and are open to any visitor on the CTFO site. Each certificate should provide information about the lack of pesticides, herbicides, and other unwanted substances. All in all, these reports are very detailed.

Does CTFO Accept Returns?

CTFO does offer a 60-day money-back guarantee on their products. In fact, they provide a very detailed return policy on their site, which covers issues such as damaged goods and exchanges. However, refunds are not available on marketing materials (only if you are a company seller), sale, and discontinued products.

How does CTFO Make its Products?

There is a vast amount of information on the CTFO site, yet somehow, important notes on growing and manufacturing aren’t easy to find. Brief mentions of manufacturing lead us to believe that CTFO products are all crafted in GMP-certified facilities, which is great to see. Additionally, lab reports show that many products are pesticide and herbicide-free. However, we wish they could provide information on where they source hemp too.

CTFO’s Full Product Range

When it comes to variety, we can’t fault CTFO’s ambition. CBD coffee, weight loss and sleep support sprays, hair growth treatments, and tinctures are just a handful of products available on the CTFO store. Some products may imply pretty miraculous results. However, no matter what customers may want, they are sure to find it somewhere on the site. Additionally, prices are reasonable.

CTFO Review: Highlights

Here are some of CTFO’s most prominent features and highlights.

  • Interesting CBD technology: CTFO has patented 10x pure technology and has global exclusive distribution on it. They strongly believe that CBDa is the future of the industry.
  • Informative Blog: On the CTFO website, you will find a blog section that has articles related to just about anything that you would need to or want to know about CBD. Whether you want more insight into CBD extraction methods or want to know more about CBD coffee, there’s no shortage of information on the company website.
  • Product range: CTFO offers an extensive product range. You can find just about any CBD product that you could possibly be looking for here. It’s always great to have a one-stop solution for all your needs.
  • Lab tests: CTFO has detailed, third-party lab reports that confirm the contents of their products. This includes full ingredient lists and lack of pesticide use.
  • Detailed return and shipping policies. It’s common to find vague and sometimes nonexistent policies on a CBD website. However, CTFO offers visitors a lot of information on things like what countries they ship to and the cost of returns.

Negative Thoughts

There’s a lot of controversies that surround the idea of network marketing. We’ve all heard the horror stories of those MLM schemes. People who spend their life savings on essential oils in the hope of flipping them for a profit. Once they realize that hundreds or thousands of other people are doing the same thing, the idea becomes less alluring.

By all accounts, the CTFO compensation plan in place seems legit, and reviews thus far are mostly positive. Of course, there are people who are earning an income from this scheme. But there will always be somebody at the bottom of the food chain. While we aren’t crazy about the MLM aspect of CTFO, they’re at least putting out a good product.

Where to Buy CTFO

CTFO products are available on their official site. The brand ship to multiple countries, most of which are located in North America and Europe. However, you may come across a third-party seller who has a stock of CTFO products also. Of course, there is always the option of signing up yourself and selling their products – essentially forming your own CBD business. However, it’s important to stress that it’s very difficult to make money this way.

CTFO’s Most Popular CBD Products

CTFO currently offers their products in multiple categories, which can make browsing confusing. Here’s an overview of their most popular CBD items.

Visitors can find a large selection of CBD, CBDa, and CBGa drops on the site. The traditional full-spectrum CBD drops can be purchased in strengths ranging from 300mg to 1500mg. Additionally, CTFO sells sprays targeted towards energy, sleep, weight loss, and more. Both oils and sprays can be bought in bundles, making them a little more affordable.
[Costs range from $24.97 to $399.97]

One of CTFO’s most interesting range is their CBD coffees. These can be purchased in four varieties, which include Gourmet Black Coffee and Gourmet Vanilla Latte. Infused with CBDa, the products are crafted with Colombian coffee beans. Each bag contains 30 sachets, each with 7mg of CBDa.
[Cost is $39.97]

CBD-infused shampoos, pain creams, bath bombs, and after-sun care are all found on the site. In fact, their topical range is enormous. CTFO’s specialized pain relief cream is available in 60mg, 150mg, and 500mg. It’s crafted with emu oil, and full ingredient lists can be found on the official website.
[Costs range from $14.97 to $199.97]

If you are looking for CBD products for your pets, CTFO offers pet drops, natural flavor pet spray, conditioning shampoo, and pet chew treats. Again, a broad range of products. The brand doesn’t specify which animal these are best suited for, although they give a general dosage guide in the product descriptions.
[Costs range from $24.97 to $34.97]

CTFO Review: Final Thoughts

With a brand like CTFO, it’s important to remember that selling and marketing are at the core of the company. While this doesn’t dismiss the quality of their products, at times, it can make the brand feel inauthentic.

However, there’s no denying that CTFO has an incredible selection of available products to purchase at reasonable prices. In the future, we’d like to see a little more transparency about their hemp sourcing and manufacturing.

For now, there are a variety of trusted brands on the market, such as Premium Jane, which offer high-quality and safe CBD products.

My name is William, one of the contributors to this site, and a firm believer in the healing powers of Cannabis. I’m 57 years old, married and have two wonderful children.

Popular Reviews

If you really want to experience the healing power of CBD go with CTFO. It is the most organic formula in my knowledge. This company’s factories use all natural mechanisms to process the oils.

I am from California and CTFO is from California. I made up my mind to try CBD. I could not wait even for a single day for shipping. So I went in to a local store and picked whatever best was available. It was CTFO. That day I got the total wellness CBD capsules. Now I use their facial toner too. Both the products are awesome

When I got to know that CTFO offers an multi level marketing practice too, for its buyers, I felt like trying it out. I was unemployed at that time and it was causing me a lot of stress and anxiety. CTFO seemed to be an answer as it could work on my anxiety and at the same time I could sell it further to make a living. And I purchased it. However now, after using it for an year, I feel it is more beneficial to our health than any other aspect that is attached to the brand. After about 3 months of regularly intaking CTFO, I was able to cope up with my low moods and depression cycles quite well. I then managed to find myself a full time job in an IT firm as MLM was not my cup of tea. Now I have my job and I am stress free. I credit this all to CTFO.

2020 CTFO CBD Oil Reviews That Speak Volumes

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  • CBD oil types full spectrum, isolate
  • Extraction method CO2, crystal precipitation
  • Origin Kentucky, 100% organic
  • Third-party lab results available
  • Shipping different options
  • Return policy 60 days
  • Discounts coupons and promo codes

First Impressions

The thing that caught our attention the most in this CTFO CBD oil review is the fact that their main page immediately tells us something we want to see. By this, we mean the fact that the company grows and produces its CBD oil products directly in the US and not abroad. They are, in fact, an international company working across several countries, yet it’s important for us that the CBD is home-grown.

Another big plus for the company is the products tab that lists all the CBD products they have in separate categories ranging from oils, edibles, sprays & creams, all the way to skincare products and nutrition CBD products. They even sell CBD oils for pets!

However, there is a downside to this brand as many a CTFO review has pointed out. We can’t help but notice that they don’t provide a whole lot of information about their products; at least not the one that’s readily available and easy to access. Likewise, the site mostly focuses on talking about how great CBD is and how people need to join the CBD industry , all of which is great, but we feel like they should focus more on information that will help people determine how good CTFO products are.

Thankfully, the company has a separate tab called CTFO CBD reviews that lists out a massive number of customer reviews to prove just how good their CBD products are.

The company also has a separate page where it sells its products and this is where you can find all the relevant third-party documentation that verifies the quality of their CBD products.


Let’s take a closer look at some of the most important background information you’ll want to know before we begin with more in-depth CTFO CBD oil reviews :

  • Founded: 2015 as CTFO, the CBD company
  • Production: THC-free, CBD-based organic products for health and wellness
  • Other names: Changing the Future Outcome
  • Previous Brand Name: The first one was “Guided by God,” then changed to “Chew the Fat Off”
  • Based in: Reno, NV, US
  • Retail Market: US, Canada, UK, and several other countries

CTFO is a large company that covers several markets across the world, and they offer one of the most diverse ranges of CBD products you can find.

No CTFO reviews article can be complete without mentioning that CTFO is an MLM company. Meaning, every one of their customers can buy CTFO products and start their own business by reselling them. For that reason, these reviews can benefit both people interested in trying CTFO products themselves and the ones looking to become an affiliate of the company.

Changing the Future Outcome CBD Reviews

Changing the Future Outcome (CTFO) sells a large number of CBD-related products. However, we will focus on giving you short, to-the-point reviews of their CBD oils and a few other important products.

Before we begin, let’s take a brief look at all the Changing the Future Outcome CBD product categories they have on the site:

  • Oils, edibles, sprays, and creams (full-spectrum oil, CBD isolate, capsules, pain relief creams, and many more).
  • Packages (a few different packages, each bringing together a few CBD products at a lower price).
  • Hair growth products (shampoo, conditioner, hair growth system, etc.).
  • Skincare products (hemp CBD bath bombs, face masks, body creams, massage oils, and a few others).
  • Nutrition-related products (keto meal replacement, keto creamer, and multivitamins)
  • CBD products for pets (treats, shampoo, and CBD oil).
Changing the Future Outcome CBD Oil Reviews

CTFO sells various CBD oils and drops, yet all of them can be divided into two categories:

  • Isolate and Full-Spectrum 10xPURE GOLD Super Oils
  • Isolate and Full-Spectrum CBD Oil Drops

The company’s listing on the site is a little confusing, but all of the CBD oils and drops can essentially be categorized into these two product types. Also, they come in different sizes, from 350mg to 1500mg and the prices range from $49.97 to $159.97. You can also buy the oils in packs of three, which, of course, is more affordable.

CTFO quality reviews show that all of these have several benefits, yet it’s worth noting the differences:

  • CTFO full-spectrum oils contain a wider range of cannabinoids, vitamins, and terpenes
  • CTFO isolates contain only pure CBD

Both are beneficial, but full-spectrum oils are better in the sense that they offer additional health benefits due to the concoction of various healthy, natural ingredients.

According to our detailed CTFO product reviews , the difference between CTFO oil drops and the Gold Super oils is also noticeable, as the latter was made to be more effective when it comes to extra-strength relief.

CTFO Oils Highlights

All CTFO oils are designed to promote health and relieve pain, and the 10xPure oil drops are made to be extra powerful when it comes to pain relief.

All oils are hydrophilic, meaning they have increased potency, a fact CTFO seems most proud of.

CTFO CBD Vapes Reviews

Most of what you can find on the CTFO website are oil-based products, including a lot of creams, and a wide variety of body care and nutrition products, all based on cannabidiol.

However, there are also CTFO CBD vape products . In essence, a few of their oils can be used with any vape pen or any other vape device you might have. Naturally, these are based on pure hemp oil and are entirely THC- and nicotine-free.

CTFO Edibles Reviews

When it comes to edibles, CTFO offers pure CBD capsules and CBD gummies . Both are edibles that promote health and well-being, while they are most notably effective in pain relief.

Each capsule has 10mg of pure CBD oil, and each gummy has 20mg of CBD oil. Gummies are also tasty as they have added sugars and flavors that make them easy to consume.

CTFO Pain Relief Creams Reviews

No CTFO CBD oil review can be complete without covering the several pain relief creams, all made from CBD oil embedded with pain relief benefits only cannabidiol can offer.

CTFO pain relief products come in the shape of creams, but they also have a Roll-On Pain Rub that’s made for easy application to the back.

All pain relief products have specific amounts of CBD oil, providing pain relief and improves skin hydration. Additionally, some creams are made with emu oil as well, which offers added anti-inflammatory properties. On the other hand, not all consumers will be comfortable with this fact.

CTFO Body Care Products Reviews

Our CTFO CBD oil reviews briefly have to talk about body care products the company offers as they contain different amounts of CBD oil. Besides CBD oil, many of these products contain other natural, organic oils that have additional benefits for your skin, face skin, hair, and more.

The choice is quite extensive, with 19 different skin products on board (not including the packages):

  • Vitamin C Anti-Aging Serum
  • Insta-Lift Instant Wrinkle Remover
  • AM/PM Anti-Aging Moisturizing Cream
  • Anti-Aging Cream with Apple Stem Cells
  • Neck and Décolleté Anti-Aging Cream
  • Overnight Skin Rejuvenator Cream
  • Collagen Retinol Anti-Aging Cream
  • Anti-Aging Under Eye Cream
  • CBD Daily Facial Cleanser
  • CBD Facial Toner
  • CBD Ultra Moisturizing Body Butter
  • Massage Oil With Anointing Oil
  • CBD Dead Sea Mud Mask with Vulcanus Kaolin – 50mg
  • CBD Your Majesty Queen of all Creams Moisturizing Cream – 20mg
  • After Sun Care – 2oz
  • Sunscreen & Moisturizer – SPF 30
  • Full Spectrum Collagen Retinol Anti-Aging Cream
  • Full Spectrum AM/PM Anti-Aging Moisturizing Cream
  • Full Spectrum Anti-Aging Under Eye Cream

CTFO facial products focus on skincare, skin protection, anti-aging, and more. The list of ingredients is impressive and innovative even without cannabidiol. Should you wish to soak in some full spectrum CBD, you can get some bath bombs when you buy a certain package.

CTFO Pet Products

Out of the many kinds of CBD oil-based products CTFO has, all of which we examined for this CTFO CBD review , the company offers a special line of CBD products — those for pets.

For those who are unaware, all mammals have receptor sites in the brain, the central nervous system, and other organs that are positively affected by cannabidiols. That’s why CBD products are also beneficial for our pets , and not just us.

CTFO offers edible CBD pet treats that are great for anxiety and stress, oral sprays that manage pain and digestional issues, as well as shampoos that promote fur health and prevent its loss.

CTFO Shopping Experience

Many reviews for CTFO tell us that the shopping experience is great at their website. We can agree, but with some reservations. That’s because their site is a bit confusing; it consists of a separate domain for the company and its products, and another one for shopping. This would be great, though, if they had organized them well.

Unfortunately, the products are not categorized in the same manner on both sites, so a regular buyer can get slightly confused. Thankfully, each product has a lot of information about it, so you’ll know exactly what you’re buying. On top of that, the names of products are very on the nose.

Besides this, not a whole lot of CTFO CBD business reviews talk about the shopping experience and what it looks like once you add items to your cart. We don’t think it’s bad, but it’s not great either as not enough information is included once you reach this stage. Hopefully, they’ll change this at some point.

Naturally, none of this is a deal-breaker, and the shopping experience is still good enough for us to recommend the company and its products; particularly due to: