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Are CBD products safe for pets? Owners swear by it

Many people feel if CBD oil is safe for humans, it has to be safe for our pets. But that’s not what some professionals believe.

CHICAGO – Although it was once considered taboo, many people now use CBD products to ease aches and pains, reduce anxiety and improve sleep.

And now, some pet owners are swearing by its miraculous effects. But it's not FDA approved yet. So is it safe?

Many people feel if it is safe for humans, it has to be safe for our pets. But that's not what some professionals believe. Despite this, it is already being used to treat anxiety, arthritis and even fight cancer in dogs and cats.

When 2-year-old Winnie has a seizure, the dog’s Rockford owner gives her a few drops of CBD oil. In two minutes, Winnie stops shaking and has calmed down.

"Although we're concerned that we don't have FDA approval, we're also very excited about the potential here,” said Dr. Gail Golab, the chief veterinary officer at the American Veterinary Medical Association in Schaumburg.

Dr. Golab has been working with the US Food and Drug Administration to get CBD products tested for use in pets. But right now, very little is known about it.

"With FDA approval, those are the three really important things that we get. We get assurance of the effectiveness of the product, we get assurance of the safety of the product and we also get quality controls around the product,” said Dr. Golab.

Winnie has seen dramatic results. Her owner found the product at Noah’s Ark Pet Supply in Winnetka. The store sells CBD in oil, capsules, treats and a lotion that can be rubbed behind their ears.

"All the benefits of medical marijuana without getting your dog high,” said Noah’s Ark Pet Supply assistant manager Kelsey Bennett.

Benjamin, 9, and 4-year-old Boden are also CBD converts. The oil is placed on their dinner and they gladly gobble it up every night.

"We had recently moved and both dogs took it harder than I thought” said Elisabeth LeBris. “They were more anxious, they were more territorial than they had ever been."

But with a few drops of CBD oil, they barked less, they were easier to calm down and they showed less frantic behavior.

Dr. Golab says we are years away from FDA approval of CBD use in pets, and there are risks, including the potential for liver toxicity and interactions with other drugs the pet may be taking.

"We know on the human side that CBD and other cannabinoids can potentially interfere with drugs that are given to people and we have the same concerns with drugs and animals,” Dr. Golab said.

Products range in price, but generally start around $40. Priceless, some say, for pets who are desperate for relief.

"Your doctor may recommend that you take Vitamin D because you're deficient, but that's not approved by the FDA either but it works,” Bennett said.

Noah's Ark Pet Supply recommends you research a CBD product before you start using it on your pet, find out what type of oil is mixed with the CBD and how much, and see if it is organically grown and independently tested.

National Pet Travel Safety day

Today is National Pet Travel Safety Day. This day was created by pet and family lifestyle expert Colleen Paige to heighten awareness of the traveling needs of dogs and cats. Whether pet travel means a dog-friendly vacation, day trip, visit to a dog park, trip to the veterinarian or a ride home from The Ark, it's important to make each and every trip a safe one. Below are a few tips on how to make sure your pet travels safely.

1. Just as you would never leave the driveway without ensuring that your child is safely buckled in with a seat belt or securely fastened into a car seat or booster seat, so your fur baby should also be restrained when you get behind the wheel. An unsecured dog is a danger to your dog, your passengers, and the driver.

2. Cats travel best in their carrier. Help make travel easier on your cat by making the carrier a safe place for your cat. Leave the carrier out and open at home, lined with a cuddly blanket or sweater. Toss your cat's favorite treats and toys inside then let your cat come and go at will.

3. Secure all carriers with a seat belt so that, in the event of a sudden stop, the carrier is secured.

4. Don't let your dog or cat ride in the front passenger seat. The weight of their carrier will signal the air bag to deploy in case of an accident. This could possibly injure your pet with its 200 mph force when deployed.

5. Don't let your dog ride in the bed of a pickup. You'd think this would go without saying but people still continue to travel with dogs in pickup beds. More and more states are making this illegal but regardless of the law, never drive with a dog in the bed of a truck.

6. Choose car travel whenever possible. Car travel is less stressful on dogs and cats than air travel

7. Carry the scent of home. Your pet's favorite blanket or toy is a comforting scent of home in a new place, whether that's the carrier, vet's office or a hotel room.

8. Give your pet the opportunities to stretch their legs with rest stops every two or three hours. Not only is it good for your dog, but the stop is good for the driver as well.

9. Carry a record from your home vet confirming that your dog or cat has had all of their necessary shots. Hotels and other lodging establishments may require showing proof of vaccinations at check-in. It is also a good idea to keep a pet first aid kit in the car at all times. You never know when you might have an emergency and need to use the kit.

10. Be sure to pack plenty of water and a water bowl for your trip. Having water on hand will help prevent dehydration on those long trips or trips to the dog park. It's also a good idea to travel with your pet's favorite food or cat litter. You would hate to find yourself having to buy a brand your pet isn't familiar with, just for them to refuse to eat it.

11. Remember you should never leave your dog or cat alone in a car. Doing so puts your pet at risk of heat injuries, hypothermia and theft.

12. Stop letting your dog put their head all the way out the window. There are several dangers with this. Your dog could lean to far out the window either in excitement or by accident and fall out of the car. Your dog could see another dog or squirrel and jump from the car. There are so many scenarios that could be avoided by keeping all windows up or cracking the window about an inch still allowing fresh air and scents to enter the car.

We hope these 12 travel tips will help keep your pets safe throughout the new year. If you are needing a new water bowl or pet food, be sure to check out our selection at Slobberbones Bakery & Market located inside each of our Chattanooga Ark locations. We hope you and your pet have safe travels throughout the year!

Wellness Wednesday- December 26th, 2018


With the new year only a few days away, I'm sure you have put some thought into your new year resolutions. But have you thought about resolutions for your pets, or some that include you and your pet? Today's Wellness Wednesday is all about resolutions that you can make for your pet or something you can do with your pet that will benefit them in the new year.

1. UPDATE PET ID INFO – Changes happen all the time – people move, get new phone numbers and because of these changes most of the time we forget to update our pets ID tag until it's to late and our pet is lost. If your contact information has changed, the new year is the perfect time to update your pets' tags and their microchip information. By making these changes, it's the best way to ensure a lost pet makes their way home safely.

2. TEACH AN OLD DOG A NEW TRICK – Keeping your older pets' brain active, can actually make it healthier. Studies have shown that mental stimulation can help reduce cognitive deterioration in aging animals. By practicing tricks your pet already knows and adding in a new one is a great way to keep your pets' neurons firing.

3. MAKE A DATE WITH YOUR VET – Like humans, it's always good to get a yearly checkup for your pet. Though these examinations aren't a crowd favorite it is a key component of good preventive care. As your pet gets older common health conditions such as diabetes, arthritis, or obesity are much easier to manage when detected in the early stages of the disease process.

4. INCORPORATE (MORE) PLAYTIME INTO YOUR ROUTINE – Getting cats active can sometimes be tricky. A great way to get them up and moving is by using toys that trigger their predatory instinct. Experiment with cat toys such as lasers, catnip toys, crinkly balls and climbing towers to see what gets your cat going.

5. TRY A NEW ACTIVITY WITH YOUR PET– Trying a new activity with your pet is easier than ever before. This resolution is not only beneficial to your dog, but you as well. You will have extra bonding time with your pet and reap the rewards of a healthy physical activity.

6. C HOOSE AN AGE-APPROPRIATE DIET– Picking an age appropriate diet is beneficial. As your pet grows, they have specific nutrient requirements to help ensure that their bodies grow healthy and strong. If you have an older pet, they may have medical issues and having an age appropriate diet will help with these health issues. Choosing a diet that is specifically tailored to your pet's life stage is the perfect way to keep your pets in optimal health.

7. MEASURE YOUR PET'S FOOD – EVERY TIME!– A lot of times when we feed our pets we are in a rush and don't necessarily follow the recommended feeding guidelines. Because of this, a lot of times we are overfeeding our pets and causing unnecessary weight gain. For the new year try using an 8 ounce measure cup to ensure your pet isn't taking in un-needed calories. A good rule of thumb is to start with the feeding guidelines on the bag to figure how much your dog or cat really needs.

Whether you come up with your own pet resolution or add one of these to your list it's great to include your furry friends on your list! We hope 2019 brings great things to you and your pets. Happy New Year from all of us at The Ark Pet Spa & Hotel!

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