most concealable vape for cbd oil

Four Vaporizers You Can Hide in Plain Sight

No matter how, when, or why you like to use cannabis, it’s always good to have an option that allows you to consume discreetly. That’s why we’ve partnered with our friends at VaporNation to suggest four great vaporizers that won’t draw undue attention.

Because VaporNation’s staff sees all sorts of cool cannabis gear, we asked them to recommend their favorite under-the-radar vaporizers. From cannabis oils to concentrates to good old-fashioned flower, you’ll find a tool here to help you puff away without making a scene.

The Honey Stick Bee Keeper is a great vape for your favorite cannabis oil. (Julia Sumpter/Leafly)

Honey Stick Bee Keeper

The Honey Stick Bee Keeper is a great option for cannabis oil connoisseurs. While you can fill the included reservoir with your choice of oils, the Bee Keeper is also compatible with most cannabis oil and distillate carts. Not much larger than a lighter, this little battery conceals and protects your favorite 510-threaded cartridges while it fits in the palm of your hand with room to spare.

“The Bee Keeper is very popular with our customers who like prefilled carts, and it’s a great vaporizer if you’re looking for a discreet, lightweight option,” says customer service rep Erik.

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“I’m a big fan of the Bee Keeper since it offers the easiest concealment of my cartridges, allowing me to medicate on-the-go without attracting attention,” says Cherrnor, VaporNation’s social media manager. “I always find myself recommending it to customers because it’s a great entry into cartridges that is more reliable than other batteries.”

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The Atmos Jump is an excellent flower vape that fits right in your pocket. (Julia Sumpter/Leafly

Atmos Jump

The Atmos Jump packs home vaporizer results into a pen-style device that you can slip into your pocket. Meanwhile, the single optimized temperature setting on this convection vaporizer means it’s as easy to use as it is to conceal. Just fill the chamber with a little ground flower from your favorite strain and you’re ready for whatever the day has in store.

“This is one of the best beginner vaporizers at its price range,” says Daniel, VaporNation’s customer service manager. “The unassuming design and low profile make it great for on-the-go vaping without sacrificing performance.”

Since the Jump’s carbon fiber housing gives it a leg up in the durability department, it’s also a perfect piece of gear for the great outdoors. And with a five-year warranty backing it, you won’t have to worry about the Jump’s reliability no matter where your adventures take you.

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The K-Stick Supreme makes it easy to take your favorite concentrate on the go. (Julia Sumpter/Leafly)

KandyPens K-Stick Supreme

Concentrates like wax, shatter, and resin are some of the most popular products in today’s cannabis market, but setting up a dab rig isn’t anyone’s idea of inconspicuous. While there are plenty of portable concentrate vaporizers on the market today, you’d be hard-pressed to find a better value than the pen-style K-Stick Supreme.

“Portability is great, but you don’t want to accept lower quality to get it. Few wax pens strike that balance more effectively than the K-Stick,” says Thomas, content marketing manager for VaporNation. “It’s pencil-sized with a sleek metal body and the kind of high-quality atomizer you don’t always see in affordable vaporizers.”

Available in three colors, the K-Stick Supreme combines elegant design with low-profile styling in a concentrate vaporizer that makes a statement without standing out. And most importantly, the performance lives up to its presentation—a quartz coil preserves the flavor of your favorite concentrate while the variable voltage battery lets users customize their experience with just the press of a button.

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AirVape’s OM Mini hides in plain sight, right on your keychain. (Julia Sumpter/Leafly)

AirVape OM Mini

Is that a vaporizer or a key ring? It’s both. Even in a roundup of vaporizers that won’t draw the eye, the OM Mini gets top marks for discreet design. Plus, since it sits alongside your keys, this is one tiny gadget you’ll always be able to keep tabs on.

“The OM Mini is small enough to fit in your hand, and the key ring it lives on is a great disguise,” says account specialist Amy. “It’s a stealthy design that makes it easy to vape your favorite pre-filled oil cartridges wherever you are.”

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Four vape options so small, you can fit all of them in your hand at once—though we recommend only using one at a time. (Julia Sumpter/Leafly)

Most concealable vape for cbd oil

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    Discrete Conceal Vape Kit, Stealthy Thick Oil Vaporizer with 0.5ML Tank & Magnet Adapter, High Capacity 20 WATT Battery Perfect for All Essential Oils Vaping.

    Vape Pen Kits

    O2VAPE’s range of premium oil vape pens offers the widest selection of features and highest quality of components in the industry, allowing you to find a vape pen kit that exceeds the standards of the most discerning oil vape enthusiast.

    Before shopping for your oil vape pen, please read these super simple tips to help you shop:

    1. Know the thickness of your oil or distillate. It’s important to choose the right cartridge intake size from 1.22mm for the thinner oils all the way to 2.0mm for thick distillate.
    2. We offer Slim Kits and Premium Kits. Slim kits contain a usb charger, empty vape cartridge, a 510 battery and a metal slim case, these are available for MOST but not all battery sizes. Premium kits include an additional car charger and a sunglass style zipper case, these are available for all batteries.
    3. Battery features you want to consider are button activated, buttonless oil vape kits (available in original 3.3 volt and 3.7 volt for use with ceramic carts), Variable Voltage and varying battery capacity (mah)
    4. All of our oil vape pen batteries are covered by our warranty, compare it to others, it’s the best around.
    5. Battery color options are on each oil vape pen’s product page. Most are available in rose gold, wood grain, black, gray, white and steel.
    6. Finally, don’t ever use a rapid charger for the batteries, while it won’t pose a safety risk, it WILL damage your battery. You can add a wall charger to your order if you need one.

    Features that you can expect to find include, battery options such as high capacities up to 900 mah, that’s over 3x the size of standard oil vape batteries. Variable voltage options, allowing you to hit the perfect temperature for flavor or turn it up for a cloud. Concealable cart options, to protect your precious 510 thread cart. Even a wide range of color options to fit your aesthetic tastes.

    We match our industry leading battery quality with the best 510 cartridges around. Our oil vape pens include our own award-winning, no-leak, non-toxic O2VAPE ceramic cell carts. Available in multiple hole sizes to accommodate the thickest of distillates and the thinnest of oils or juices. Kits include cart volumes of .5ml, 1ml capacities are available to be purchased separately.

    Choose from Wood Grain, Rose Gold, Rugged Black, Rugged White, Rugged Grey and Stainless Steel and with multiple kit options. Find features like Variable Voltage, buttonless/ Auto-draw designs, mini oil vape pens and the patented concealable O2VAPE FLIP vape pen with it’s key fob style. Our kits are also available in slim kits that easily slip into your pocket or purse and premium kits with car adapter, and available with vari-vape cart technology. All kits feature highly compatible 510 threads, also we are the only source for the exclusive variable voltage, concealable FLIP Platinum Vape Pen.

    It’s time to change the perception created by low quality vape pens that break, won’t charge, leak or just don’t work. We back our oil vapes up with a lifetime warranty because we use the highest quality components and rigorous testing that results in a product that works great and lasts.

    Customize your vape kit to include premium Vari-Flow Cartridges or order a few extra at a discounted price. See each option on the product pages.

    What is the perfect puff buttonless auto-draw?

    Here at O2VAPE we are excited to offer you a high-quality buttonless oil vaporizer pen with a sleek design and “Perfect Puff” auto draw technology!

    Some of our vape pens utilize a buttonless design. It allows you to get the “Perfect Puff” each time you inhale on our vape pens. The technology interprets how much air you’re drawing in and heats the vape oil to the perfect temperature, just before combustion. It’s that easy!

    Matched Components

    We take the work out of learning all the ins and outs of voltage, resistance, cartridge type and what battery works best with each specific cartridges heating element. Our goal is to make as easy as possible for you to find a high quality pen that you can rely on. Our oil vape kits have taken the work out of it for you by pairing each 510 battery with the right 510 cartridge. That means you won’t have to worry about any burnt tastes from too high of a voltage or weak hits from the wrong battery and cartridge paired together. The cartridge options included have all been field tested and matched with each battery to ensure a great hit.

    No Leak Vape Carts Included

    At O2VAPE we take pride in our products. Whether you’re new to the world of vaping or are a professional puffer, you’ve probably heard, or experienced, the horror story of “leakage”. Many other vape pen companies use low-quality cartridges that allow the vape oil to get too viscous and subsequently leak a sticky mess everywhere. It’s a nightmare to clean up! You won’t have that problem with O2VAPE pens. Our pens are designed with insulated cartridges that keep the oil vape just right and protect you from the headache of the dreaded “leakage”! That includes from the tip, or from the bottom connection. The thicker glass helps to avoid breakage.

    We also understand that everyone has different styles, function and features that they are looking for. That is why we offer multiple options for our kits. Whether you are looking for a slim vape pen pack to easily fit in your pocket and provide a sleek look while you travel or a premium oil pen package with a softer case and all the accessories you could need. We even have options for variable voltage vape pens or disposable vape pens that will get you more out of your vaping experience.

    We believe in our product so much that if for some rare occurrence one of our pens break, we offer a LIFETIME WARRANTY! This warranty allows you to send a non-functioning vaporizer battery to us for repair or replacement in the rare chance that it stops working.

    Our vape pen kits include everything that you need: a case, cartridge, battery and charger. Fill with your favorite oil and you are off!

    For other styles of Vape Pens and accessories consider:

    For wholesale inquiries into any of our products check out our Vape Pens Wholesale page.