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Try our new collection of CBD Focus products Here’s the spiel: Smarter, faster, and safer CBD products. With a hechsher. We provide the kosher consumer (that’s you!) with beyond-basic CBD, When it comes to CBD edibles, gummies are one of the easiest, tastiest options! Indulge in THC-free vegan CBD gummies and make your daily supplement delicious. By popular demand, we've created a new flavor profile for our classic Tauri gummies. Now you can enjoy Blue raspberry/ strawberry CBD gummies that are certified kosher, vegan and lip-smacking delicious!

Try our new collection of CBD Focus products

Here’s the spiel: Smarter, faster, and safer CBD products.
With a hechsher.

We provide the kosher consumer (that’s you!) with beyond-basic CBD, from high quality, full-spectrum oils to discreet, quick-dissolving mints. Yes – our Jewish mothers are proud.

What makes us special: Exceptional quality. Tell-all transparency. And the pursuit of groundbreaking innovative CBD.

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Our Products

CBD Oils

Certified USDA-organic, full-spectrum CBD oils are powerfully
effective full of pure plant goodness.

CBD Edibles

Mints, gums, and more formulated to work so effectively, we
have a patent for them. Meet all our delicious flavors.

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CBD Watermelon Gum

CBD Mint Gum

CBD Watermelon Mints

CBD, short for cannabidiol, is a naturally occurring active ingredient found in the cannabis plant (marijuana). It’s used in edible products and ointments to impart a feeling of relaxation and calm. Unlike its cousin tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), it’s not psychoactive.

Yiddishe mamas, breathe easy: CBD isn’t addictive and does not contain THC, the psychoactive compound in cannabis that causes one to become high.

As long as the CBD product is lab-tested to have a THC concentration of lower than 0.3% (and ours are!), it’s legal to consume and sell.

CBD is a natural, non-addictive, non-toxic plant extract that is only unsafe when used or extracted in a dangerous way. Because there are unscrupulous CBD companies out there, you may have heard worrisome things about this innocent ingredient. Good news: Our CBD oils and products use hemp oil that’s extracted using safe and natural methods. Some users have reported mild side effects when they take too many milligrams of CBD in a day, like drowsiness, lightheadedness, low blood pressure, and dry mouth.

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Yes. We send all our products to third-party labs, which verify that our product is safe and effective. Request a lab report.

CBD, a naturally occurring plant ingredient, is inherently kosher. However, according to all Orthodox Jewish rabbinical sources, as soon as it is extracted from the plant, it needs a hechsher (kosher certification). That means that even pure CBD oil would need to be kosher-certified — not to mention gummies, chewing gums, flavored oils, and other edible products.

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Getting yourself to the gym or pushing yourself to include a workout in your day is quite a challenge! Add Focus and kiss that challenge goodbye!! Our Focus products combine CBD, Caffeine, and Theanine which together create the perfect boost you need to “Get It Done”!
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Add CBD to your morning or night routine to help make your self care moments special!
Did you know that you can add our CBD oil to any one of your body care products to reap the amazing benefits?
You can either enjoy our delicious edible CBD products, or you can add our pure organic CBD oil to your moisturizer, lotions, etc!
Self care starts with relaxation!
Relaxation starts with CBD!
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Know that time each day when you think to yourself “I need a Margarita!”??
Well, our team here at Kosher CBD answered your plea!
We created the perfect Margarita substitute that’s perfectly “legal” for any work place! Not only does it not give you that tired feeling afterwards, it actually gives you the perfect boost of energy and focus with the combination of CBD, Caffeine, and Theanine! Come on and get your Raspberry Margarita Focus on!
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The perfect gift for a loved one or… yourself!!
We decided to be spontaneous and put together this incredible Mishloach Manot.
The products retail at $225 and with this Purim special, you can get it for…. $99. Crazy! We know!
That’s not even everything!!
Message us to preorder (as it’ll only be on our website starting Tuesday) and get an additional 10% off.
Go!! Go!! Go!!
VERY limited availability!!
Box has:
2 Immunity Gums
2 Focus Gums
1 CBD Gum
2 CBD Mints
1 Focus Mints
1 bottle of 600mg CBD Oil
1 bottle Immunity Tablets
A sparkling grape juice
A Hamentash!

Yes, we did the work for you!
Thank us later!! Order now!!
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Forget the wine! This weekend, relax with our pure full spectrum organic CBD Oil!
Want to know how to use it? What to use it for? Message us! We’re always here to guide you!
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“ I am absolutely plowing through your Focus products! The mint flavor is awesome! Focus wise- it definitley seems to be working as I haven’t been having nearly as much coffee as I usually have and I’m able to get through my work properly”. ~ words from a customer who is a lawyer and now a very loyal customer of @koshercbdofficial!
Want to be considered an exemplary employee? Try starting your work day with Focus!
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Breakfast and CBD- what better way to start your day? Satiated and Calm!
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Kosher CBD Gummies

All orders above $50 made to any continental U.S. address receive free shipping. Economy shipping usually takes 1-5 days.

Enjoy the benefits of Tauri CBD with swift delivery to your doorstep.

Returns Policy

Within 365 days of your purchase, you can issue a no-questions-asked return and request for refund.

To do so, wrap up your remaining product into original undamaged packaging, contact us here, and we’ll take care of the rest.

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Low Inventory! Blue Raspberry CBD 25mg Gummies – Kosher – 100% Vegan

By popular demand, we’ve created a new flavor profile for our classic Tauri gummies. Now you can enjoy Blue raspberry/ strawberry CBD gummies that are certified kosher, vegan and lip-smacking delicious!

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I suffer from anxiety and these gummies really helped me distress and be calmer. I also have really bad back pain and this is the only thing that helped without prescription Really amazing


I bought these gummies to enter a giveaway and I it turns out that I absolutely love them! The taste is incredible and the calming effect is non comparable! Highly recommend.


Its a great sleeping pill for me. I use it before i go to sleep when I’m anxious and it makes me have a great night

Surprisingly rich and natural tasting

Wasn’t really into gummies until I tasted Tauri gummies. Fresh, fruity rich and chewy formulation. BRAVO Tauri!

CBD Gummies Delicious and Effective

I love the ability to take CBD that is guaranteed to be THC Free. So many benefits.

The Best of Tauri CBD

Active Ingredients

How to Take

CBD works similar to vitamins, and effects are not necessarily felt immediately. If if this is your first time, it will take your body at least 3 days to feel an effect.

If you are a beginner, take 1-2 pieces of gum or gummies and see how you feel before taking more the next day. The positive effects of CBD really take hold once it is being taken daily for at least 3 days consecutively.

Effects can last a few hours and sometimes can make you feel relaxed and sometimes a bit sleepy. Take it easy and lean into the calmness.

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