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Best CBD Dog Treats For 2022 (Top 5)

What better way of giving your dog CBD than a delicious doggy biscuit?

Here are the top CBD dog treats available in 2022.

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Dogs experience all the same problems as humans when it comes to joint pain, anxiety, digestion, and arthritis.

CBD-infused pet treats are the best way to use CBD with our four-legged friends.

What dog doesn’t like getting treats?

There are many CBD-infused dog treats on the market — but the truth is that most of them are overpriced and ineffective. We’ve reviewed dozens of CBD dog treats and find most of them to be disappointing.

Here’s a shortlist of all the best CBD dog treats we’ve discovered to get you started on the right foot.

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    • Best CBD Dog Treats for General Health Promotion
      • Here’s a quick reference for CBD dog treat costs according to quality:
      • CBD Dosages for Dogs Based on Weight:
      Recommended products
      Pet Hemp Company CBD Dog Treats + Stress & Anxiety Relief

      5 / 5

      Total CBD: 150 mg
      Potency: 5 mg per Treat
      Cost per mg CBD: $0.20
      Extract Type: Full-Spectrum
      Flavor: Green Apple & Peanut Butter

      Best CBD Dog Treats: 2022

      Pet Hemp Company CBD Dog Treats + Stress & Anxiety Relief


      Fab CBD Pet Treats — Skin & Coat


      Canna-Pet Canna-Biscuits for Dogs

      $0.12 – $0.19

      Koi CBD Soft Chews


      Nordic Oil CBD Feed Supplement Tablets For Dogs


      1. Pet Hemp Company — Stress & Anxiety Care Dog Treats

      (Best CBD Dog Treats for Stress & Anxiety)
      Pet Hemp Company CBD Dog Treats + Stress & Anxiety Relief

      5 / 5

      Total CBD: 150 mg
      Potency: 5 mg per Treat
      Cost per mg CBD: $0.20
      Extract Type: Full-Spectrum
      Flavor: Green Apple & Peanut Butter

      Pet Hemp Company specializes in CBD products for dogs, cats, and horses. When it comes to CBD-infused dog treats, this company has some of the best selection available — all made with high-grade ingredients and full-spectrum hemp extract.

      This particular formula is made for stress & anxiety. It’s formulated with a handful of ingredients that go above and beyond CBD itself. Inside every biscuit, you’ll find 5 mg of CBD, along with L-theanine, chamomile, hemp seed powder, peanut butter, and organic applesauce.

      This formula is well worth the money. There are no harmful ingredients or additives, and everything is independently tested to prove the concentration of CBD as advertised.

      This company also makes other CBD dog treats worth considering:

      • Joint & Mobility Care (Pumpkin & Cinnamon Flavor)
      • Heart & Immune Care (Blueberry & Sweet Potatoe Flavor)

      2. FAB CBD Pet Treats

      (Best CBD Dog Treats for Hair & Skin)
      Fab CBD
      Fab CBD Pet Treats — Skin & Coat

      5 / 5

      Total CBD: 120 mg
      Potency: 3 mg per Treat
      Cost per mg CBD: $0.28
      Extract Type: Broad-Spectrum
      Flavor: Salmon

      Fab CBD is one of the most well-known CBD brands on the market. While the company doesn’t specialize in making CBD products for animals, they did an excellent job with this product. It’s clear the company put a lot of hard work and research into making these dog treat formulas.

      Fab CBD pet treats come in three main formulas:

      • Skin & Coat (our favorite)
      • Active Immune
      • Calm & Cool

      We like the Skin & Coat treats for the inclusion of ingredients like oats, flaxseed, and salmon oil (omega-3). Dogs seem to love these and they do a great job at restoring health to dry or irritated skin.

      Each treat comes with 3 mg of CBD and there are about 40 treats per package.

      3. Canna-Pet — Canna-Treats for Dogs

      $16.99 – $38.99
      Canna-Pet Canna-Biscuits for Dogs 37 – 40 Biscuits/Box

      4 / 5

      Canna-Pet is another pet-specific CBD brand with a large selection of pet products to choose from. Within their dog biscuit range, the company has several flavors, package sizes, and potency options to choose from.

      These treats are a good option if you’re using CBD dog treats for general health-promotion, rather than for supporting a specific condition or symptom. This is because these hard CBD treats don’t contain any additional ingredients in the formula to make them better for one application over another.

      For the best value, go for the product bundles — these offer the lowest cost per mg of CBD overall.

      4. Koi CBD — Hemp Extract CBD Pet Soft Chews

      Koi CBD
      Koi CBD Soft Chews 25 Chews

      4.17 / 5

      Total CBD: 50 mg
      Potency : 2 mg/chew
      Cost per mg CBD: $1.00

      Some dogs much prefer using soft chew treats over the conventional hard, crunchy biscuits. If you have an older dog, a very small dog, or a dog that’s missing teeth or has gum disease — soft chews are your best bet.

      These soft chew treats are made with 2 mg CBD each — and a variety of natural ingredients. Compared to most soft chews (CBD-infused or not) the formula used to make these treats is impressive. There are no harmful fillers or additives — which are commonly used to provide the soft and chewy texture of this type of dog treat.

      This is a great all-purpose formula for small to medium-sized dogs.

      5. Nordic Oil — CBD Feed Supplement Tablets for Dogs

      Nordic Oil
      Nordic Oil CBD Feed Supplement Tablets For Dogs 55 Tablets

      4.67 / 5

      Total CBD: 176 mg
      CBD Potency: 3.2 mg/Tablet
      Cost per mg CBD: €0.17

      Nordic Oil is one of our most frequently recommended brands. We like this brand because they put a ton of care and attention to everything they offer. This brand also makes products in just about every category you can imagine — many are totally unique to Nordic Oil — such as these Feed Supplement Tablets.

      This product is like a CBD-infused multivitamin for dogs. It’s designed to be mixed in with your dogs food to provide additional nutrition and CBD to their diet on a daily basis.

      Each tablet contains minerals including calcium, iron, zinc, magnesium, and potassium; vitamins A, B1, B2, B6, C, E, K3; and 3.2 mg of CBD.

      This is an excellent option to consider if you’re using CBD as a daily health supplement for your dog. The added minerals and vitamins in this mix also make these supplements perfect for use with mild to moderate arthritis or joint pain.

      The only catch with this product is that it’s currently only available in the European Nordic Oil shop (not available in the US yet).

      What is CBD?

      CBD stands for cannabidiol — it’s the active ingredient in the hemp plant (Cannabis sativa). There are over 67 closely related compounds (called cannabinoids) that offer similar benefits, such as CBC, CBG, CBN, or THCV.

      Most dog treats are made with pure CBD, which is completely non-psychoactive (it won’t make you high) and safe for dogs of all sizes.

      CBD has many benefits. It targets a neuroregulatory pathway in the central nervous system that affects all major organs in the body. As a result, CBD has a long list of benefits to offer — some of which may seem unrelated.

      The most common reasons for using CBD, in general, are for fighting symptoms associated with pain, inflammation, anxiety, autoimmunity, allergies, arthritis, or sleeping difficulties.

      There are dozens of other applications for CBD — all backed by high-level research.

      How Does CBD Work?

      CBD works by interacting with a critical regulatory system called the endocannabinoid system. This system is found in all mammals on earth (including your dog). It’s tasked with maintaining homeostasis (balance) within the body.

      Basically, the endocannabinoid system (ECS) is a communication channel in the body. It’s designed to make it easier for the internal organs to talk to each other.

      You can think of the endocannabinoid system as a “read receipt” for the body. When a message is sent to a particular organ from the brain, the endocannabinoid system relays that the information was received back to the sender.

      This may seem unnecessary, but this process is essential for maintaining balance within the body.

      Through a process called homeostasis (balance), the endocannabinoid system regulates the health of every organ in the body. This is why CBD and other cannabis derivatives have so many seemingly unrelated benefits.

      Homeostasis Involves Keeping the Following Metrics In Balance:

      • Internal body temperature
      • Blood pH
      • Oxygenation status
      • Inflammatory status
      • Pain perception
      • Blood cell count
      • Digestive function
      • Neurological activity
      • Cellular regeneration
      • Metabolic balance

      If any of these factors fall out of balance, your dog will begin to feel ill.

      CBD is used to buffer the endocannabinoid system to help your animal reach optimal balance once again. This may involve boosting immune cell counts, cutting back on the production of inflammatory cytokines, or reducing the transmission of pain sent to the brain.

      What is CBD Used for in Dogs?

      There are many different reasons you may choose to give your dog CBD. The most common are for supporting chronic joint or hip pain, treating anxiety, or alleviating digestive inflammation or discomfort.

      Other’s use CBD dog treats as a daily health supplement to promote general health and wellbeing or to prevent or slow the impending progression of age-related disease in aging dogs.

      Let’s discuss each in more detail.

      1. CBD Dog Treats For General Health

      As mentioned, CBD works by supporting a key regulatory system in your pet’s body. When the endocannabinoid system is in good shape, your dog is much better equipped to maintain optimal health in many different aspects.

      Many dog-owners are giving their animals a daily dose of CBD as a way to prevent illness before it happens. This is especially useful for conditions involving inflammation, neurological decline, and anxiety — all of which are especially common in older dogs.

      Best CBD Dog Treats for General Health Promotion

      The best CBD dog treats for general health promotion should be made from high-quality ingredients without added fillers or preservatives.

      I recommend brands like Neurogan or Nordic Oil (Europe only) — both of which are known for their use of pure, simple, and clean formulas.

      2. CBD Treats For Dogs With Arthritis

      CBD is a powerful pain-killer and anti-inflammatory — both of which are key components of arthritis.

      Arthritis is very common in older dogs — usually appearing around years 7 – 9 of life.

      Unlike humans, dogs rely on mobility in all four limbs, so arthritis in even just one of their joints can dramatically alter their quality of life.

      This condition tends to worsen over time. It starts out so small you probably won’t even notice, but as the joint continues to deteriorate, you may find your dog limping around, unwilling to jump up onto the couch, or simply refuse to move around any more than they need to. You may also notice your dog feeling unusually apathetic.

      By this time, the arthritis is pretty severe and isn’t likely to go away completely.

      CBD is useful for slowing the progression of arthritis in your dog and may alleviate feelings of pain and stiffness to regain some of the lost mobility. However, you should know that if your dog has anything more than mild arthritis, you’ll likely need to continue using CBD or other joint support supplements for the long haul.

      The best course of action is to combine a daily CBD dog treat with other joint-supportive supplements.

      Here are five more supplements to consider using with your dog to manage joint pain:

      • Chondroitin sulfate
      • Glucosamine
      • Green Lipped Mussel
      • Magnesium
      • Turmeric
      Best CBD Dog Treats for Arthritis

      The best CBD dog treats for arthritis are made with some of these other joint-supportive ingredients already. CBD works best in combination with ingredients such as boswellia or turmeric — like the dog treats offered by Pet Hemp Company.

      Alternatively, you can use a CBD pet oil for arthritis instead.

      3. CBD Dog Treats For Anxiety

      Dogs suffer anxiety just as much as humans — especially younger or smaller dogs.

      You can usually spot anxiety in dogs if you find them shaking, hiding in their kennel, or expressing overly “needy” tendencies when you try to leave for work. Some dogs will try to hide their anxiety by isolating themselves in a kennel, bedroom, or underneath furniture.

      CBD is one of the best supplements you can give your pet for anxiety. It’s considered a neurorelaxant — which means it has the ability to slow down electrical activity in the brain — forcing a state of relaxation.

      Panic or anxiety attacks are characterized by hyperactive electrical activity in the brain. Neurons are firing on all cylinders. Your dog feels panicked, stressed out, and hypervigilant.

      CBD dog treats are one of the most reliable ways to relieve anxiety in your dog. You know your dog best, and what stresses them out, so you can keep some CBD dog treats nearby to give them whenever stress levels are high.

      For my dogs, this means car rides, fireworks, and nearby construction projects.

      Best CBD Dog Treats for Anxiety

      The best CBD dog treats for anxiety are made with simple ingredients, offer full-spectrum hemp extract, and provide additional anti-anxiety ingredients.

      My favorite is the Stress & Anxiety treats by Pet Hemp Company – because they provide additional stress-relieving compounds like L-theanine and chamomile.

      4. CBD Dog Treats For Digestive Disorders

      Many animals will experience digestive problems throughout their life. This could be the result of the food they’re eating, infection, or stress.

      One of the main causes of long-term digestive problems is inflammation.

      Inflammation can arise from allergies to foods, long-term stress, or exposure to pesticides or sprays while your dog mucks around in the grass.

      This inflammation makes it harder to digest food and can even cause bleeding in the digestive tract (colitis). It can lead to side effects such as:

      • Fatigue
      • Constipation/diarrhea
      • Vomiting
      • Blood or mucous in the stool
      • A general sense of malaise or apathy

      CBD has a lot to offer digestive disorders of all different kinds. Its powerful anti-inflammatory effects help restore optimal bowel function, while the immune-boosting effects can help eliminate infectious bacteria, viruses, or parasites — all of which are common in dogs.

      If your dog is having digestive issues, it helps to take other measures on top of the CBD dog treats.

      This may include steps such as:

      • Changing their diet (try home-cooked chicken or beef with sweet potatoes)
      • Take measures to manage your dog’s stress levels
      • Avoid using harsh cleaning products on the ground or furniture where your dog hangs out
      • Have your dog tested for parasites at your local vet
      Best CBD Dog Treats for Digestion

      The best CBD dog treats for digestion use organic ingredients, and high-potency CBD.

      Avoid treats with harmful additives that can cause further irritation of your dogs’ digestive tract.

      My favorite at the moment are the Skin & Coat CBD pet treats from Fab CBD because of the included salmon oil (high in omega-3 fatty acids) and clean, simple formula.

      These treats work just as well for the digestive tract as the skin because both tissues are made from epithelial tissue. Omega-3 fatty acids work exceptionally well for irritated skin and digestive epithelial cells.

      5. CBD Dog Treats For Nausea

      CBD has direct anti-nausea activity. It activates a region in the brainstem tasked with controlling the urge to vomit. Dogs who seem to randomly puke before or after a meal (more common than you might think) have a lot to gain from a consistent dose of CBD.

      My dog always pukes in car rides, so no matter where I’m going. I give my dog a couple of CBD treats before we hit the road. So far, it’s worked like a charm.

      Keep in mind, if your dog is throwing up a lot, you should have them checked out by a vet to make sure it’s nothing more serious.

      Best CBD Dog Treats for Nausea

      The best CBD dog treats for nausea are made from organic ingredients and contain full-spectrum hemp extract. My favorite are the Ginger CBD treats from Mitchell’s Medicinals. Ginger is an incredible anti-nausea agent on its own, which provides exceptional anti-nausea effects to the CBD itself.

      6. CBD Dog Treats For Allergies

      Dogs get allergies too. They can be allergic to particles in the air, the food they eat, or stuff they pick up while rooting around in the park.

      Your dog may cough or sneeze, have a runny nose, or break out in rashes or hives. All of these symptoms indicate your dog may be allergic to something.

      An allergic reaction is a side effect of an overactive immune response. The immune system is constantly monitoring the blood for danger and can occasionally mistake a harmless particle as a serious threat.

      For example, your dog may inhale some pollen — which on its own, is completely harmless. But the immune system sees this pollen as a threat and goes into red alert. It calls in all the heavy hitters to seek and destroy the pollen. The problem is that this often results in some friendly fire in the process — damaging nearby healthy cells and triggering inflammation (leading to rashes, or hives).

      CBD works by regulating this immune response. If the body overreacts to harmless allergens like pollen, CBD will help tone down the immune response to more reasonable levels.

      Best CBD Dog Treats for Allergies

      The best CBD dog treats for allergic reactions contain simple formulas. Complex additives to the dog treat could further aggravate allergies, so you’ll want to find a product with as few ingredients as possible. I recommend the CBD treats from Pet Hemp Company for this because they contain very few ingredients, none of which are synthetic or known to be common causes of allergies.

      The Problem With CBD Dog Treats

      CBD-infused dog treats are great. They’re the best way to give your dog CBD, by far.

      Unfortunately, the vast majority of CBD dog treats we’ve tried aren’t worth the money. Most of these products are selling poor-quality pet products. They’re made without any expert oversight and often employ ingredients that can be harmful to your dogs’ health.

      What’s even worse, dog treats come with a heavy markup compared to other products with the same amount of CBD.

      Don’t waste your money — understanding what the major issues are with CBD dog treats can help you spot bad products before you spend your hard-earned money.

      Let’s cover the main issues with CBD dog treats these days:

      1. They’re Sometimes Overpriced

      Anything specifically made for pets is instantly marked up. This is true across the board. Even pet CBD oils cost anywhere from 10 – 25% more than the exact same oil marketed for humans. We’ve seen this from dozens of CBD brands — including the reputable ones.

      2. They’re Often Underpowered

      Most pet treats we’ve reviewed offer very little CBD per treat. While it’s true that your dog needs a lower dose of CBD than you might, they still need an effective dose to do what’s advertised.

      One of the biggest problems we’ve found here is that a company will advertise something like “10 mg per treat” on the package. But when you take a closer look, it becomes apparent that the treats don’t have 10 mg of CBD per piece, they have 10 mg of hemp extract per piece — which means the true CBD content is much lower.

      Additionally, many commercial pet treats are baked under extreme heat during the manufacturing process. The high heat damages the cannabinoids in the treat. The company may add 10 mg of CBD to every piece, but by the time it comes out of the oven, the true concentration may be closer to 1 mg.

      The best dog treats are baked for long periods of time on low heat — or are made with a process that avoids baking altogether.

      3. They’re Often Full of Synthetic Additives & Fillers

      This is a problem for pet treats overall — not just CBD-infused treats.

      In order to cut costs, companies are adding synthetic preservatives and additives to prolong the shelf life, improve the texture, or simply add bulk to the dog biscuit to make them look bigger.

      The problem is that these additives aren’t very healthy for your pet. They can irritate the digestive tract, harm the kidneys or liver, or worse.

      If you look at the ingredients list and find you can’t pronounce most of them, you should probably look for another product. Pet treats don’t need to contain all these synthetic ingredients. There are plenty of high-quality products made from real, natural ingredients that work perfectly fine.

      How to Find High-Quality CBD Dog Treats

      It’s important you look for high-quality CBD dog treats for your beloved pet. It’s very easy to mistakenly order low-grade CBD dog treats that won’t offer any of the benefits you’re expecting — or worse. Some products are abundant in harmful additives, preservatives, or contaminants — none of which are going to do your dog any favors.

      Here are 4 characteristics to look for when shopping for high-quality CBD dog treats:

      1. Seek Value Over Price

      You can find CBD dog treats for $5, and others for $50. While the fifty-dollar treats are obviously more expensive, the actual value can be deceiving.

      The best way to compare the value of a dog treat is to determine the cost for every milligram of CBD. This will allow you to look at the true cost of a CBD dog treat. We call this the “cost to potency ratio.”

      For example, a $5 dog treat that contains 25 milligrams of CBD works out to around 20 cents per milligram ($5 / 25 = $0.20).

      The $50 option may come with 750 mg per container — which would instead work out to just six cents per milligram ($50 / 750 = $0.06). This product clearly has a much higher value.

      Once you know the cost per milligram, you can compare the value to others of similar quality to see if it’s worth the money, or if the company is gouging you.

      Here’s a quick reference for CBD dog treat costs according to quality:
      Quality Rating Characteristics Average Cost
      High Quality • Organic ingredients
      • No harmful fillers or additives
      • Third-party tested
      • Made by a reputable company
      • 4 or 5-star review ratings
      $0.12 – $0.20 per milligram
      Low-Quality • Lots of fillers & synthetic ingredients (or no ingredient list at all)
      • No third-party test results
      • Poor review ratings
      $0.06 – $0.15 per milligram

      2. Look at the Ingredients List

      The best CBD dog treats will incorporate other ingredients into the formula as well. If you’re using CBD dog treats for arthritis or joint pain, you should find a product that includes other joint-supportive ingredients. If you’re using dog treats for digestion, look for a formula that caters best to digestive health.

      You’ll also want to look at the ingredients list to spot any potential red flags. Here are a few to watch out for:

      • Food dyes
      • Ethoxyquin
      • BHT (Butylated Hydroxytoluene)
      • BHA (Butylated Hydroxyanisole)
      • PG (Propylene Glycol)
      • Rendered fat

      3. Look at the Texture of the Treats

      There are two main types of dog treats — hard and soft. Choosing the best one depends on your dog.

      Smaller dogs usually prefer soft-chews, while larger dogs have a better time with hard treats. Hard treats are usually cheaper to make and store for longer periods of time but may be difficult for dogs with small teeth or gum disease.

      Are CBD Oil Dog Treats Safe?

      It might be surprising to know that both dogs and humans have the same endogenous cannabinoid system (ECS) within the body. Cannabidiol (CBD) does its work by targeting these receptors located in the central nervous system, organs, brain and the immune cells that can stimulate relaxing effects. As more people seeking the help of CBD to treat their furry friends, the benefits of CBD as a treatment for pets are becoming clearer. CBD oil derived from hemp with no THC is generally well tolerated by both humans and pets, however CBD is said to decrease activity of liver enzymes that are used to metabolize some prescription drugs. In this case, if your dog is already on medication, it is important to check with your holistic health practitioner or your vet before you administer CBD to them (source).

      Cannabidiol (CBD) іѕ a соmроund fоund in thе cannabis plant. Marijuana is the most popular type of cannabis that almost everyone has heard of. While legality of marijuana varies from state to state, THC based products are not recommended for use on pets. Dogs especially are known to have a negative reaction to THC based products. CBD оіl is extracted from marijuana’s tamer relative; hemp. Hemp has been used for hundreds of years in textiles, medicine, and therapeutic tinctures (although not fully legal until recently) like our M CBD Pet Tincture. While research in veterinary science has yet to catch up to the myriad medicinal benefits of CBD for pets, savvy pet owners have been utilizing it as a home remedy for years.

      How does CBD help dogs?

      Thеrе аrе mоrе thаn 60 synthetic соmроundѕ found in thе саnnаbіѕ рlаnt (hemp and marijuana), these compounds are referred to as саnnаbіnоіdѕ. Out оf those 60, thеrе аrе twо рrіmаrу types: саnnаbіdіоl (CBD) and tеtrаhуdrосаnnаbіnоl (THC). THC is the active ingredient in marijuana that produces psychoactive effects (it gets you high) but CBD does not produce these effects. While some people may enjoy the stony effects of THC, your pets will not. So what are some of the most common home remedies that pet owners use CBD oil for? In his book CBD Oil for Dogs, Michael Oliver outlines the following list of beneficial uses for dogs:

      1. Joint Pain or Irritation (especially beneficial in older or heavier dogs)
      2. Lack of appetite
      3. Nervousness and Excessive Barking
      4. Nausea and Car sickness
      5. Seizures
      6. Fear of loud noises and irritation
      7. Dog Aggression
      8. Nerve Pain

      How do I choose the right CBD oil for my pet?

      Only Purchase CBD from Organic Hemp
      Hemp has the amazing ability to absorb minerals and nutrients from the soil, the benefits of this are passed on to the plant and create healthier nutrient rich hemp. On the other hand, the same applies for toxins, pesticides and harmful heavy metals that can be found in factory farmed hemp. M CBD’s hemp is organically grown and craft harvested right here in the United States in accordance with the farm act.

      Chооѕе “Nano-Sized Microemulsion” CBD
      Not all CBD is created equal, one of the distinguishing factors between the best CBD and inferior CBD products is the technique used to emulsify the CBD. M CBD uses “liposomal emulsion” also known as “nanoemulsification”. Standard CBD emulsions (the process by which the CBD is extracted from the plant) produces large particles of CBD which leads to poor digestion and absorption. Nanoemulsification produces smaller particles which leads to better retention, greater absorption and a significantly better product. Low cost is a key indicator in a CBD oil’s quality as the liposomal emulsion process is more time consuming and expensive.

      Check the THC Content
      All hemp based CBD must contain low traces of CBD (under .3%) in order to be considered non-psychoactive and to be legally sold. M CBD has zero perceptible THC which means there will be no mind altering effects from our products and they are 100% legal in all fifty states. Pets, especially dogs, react much differently to THC than people do, so it is important that CBD oil given to pets be THC free.

      Hemp Oil is not CBD
      Caution should be exercised when purchasing “Hemp Oil” from 3rd party sellers like Amazon or eBay. One of the loopholes that sellers use to circumventing rigorous testing and certification standards is by producing “hemp oil.” Hemp oil is not the same as CBD as it has none of the active ingredients that make CBD beneficial for your health. Hemp oil is no different than peanut oil or olive oil. You can make a nice salad with it, but it will not benefit you in any way medicinally.

      When Possible, Purchase Only Full Spectrum CBD Oil
      While CBD is considered the most important active ingredient, a full spectrum product can have even greater effects. Our raw hemp is carefully dried and then cured until ready for use. After being processed into a potent powder, it is ready to be extracted into an oil. M CBD is the best hemp based CBD oil because it’s not only organic, nanoemulsified and grown in the USA, but we use a full spectrum extraction process so our oil does not lose any of its’ medicinal properties. Learn more about our process here.

      For therapeutic use, buy a tincture
      When dosing CBD oil for pets, it’s best to use one of M CBD’s tinctures. Many “CBD Pet Treats” are low quality junk food for pets sprayed with CBD oil after production. Which means that the dose cannot be accurately gauged, the quality is not monitored and often the advertising dosage is not what makes its way into the final product. If you would like to give your pet CBD infused pet treats, we’ve collected some great recipes below to make at home using only the highest quality M CBD Pet Tincture.

      What are some recipes I can use to make CBD oil treats for my pets?

      These easy to make treats take about 5 minutes of prep time and are a great way to dose your pet before a vet appointment, before 4th of July Fireworks (or let’s be honest, before 12 of August fireworks if my neighbors are the norm) or to help reduce symptoms from conditions like cancer, arthritis or anxiety. Enjoy!

      Approx 24-30 treats

      • 2/3 C organic apple sauce
      • 1/4 C organic or natural peanut butter
      • 2 eggs
      • 1/4 C coconut oil
      • 3 C flour or gluten free flour substitute
      • 1 t baking soda
      • CBD Oil amount varies (see our dosage guide for pets to get an idea of how much CBD oil to use)

      Preheat oven to 350 degrees
      Line 1-2 cookie sheets with parchment paper

      STEP 1
      Mix wet ingredients in stand mixer or by hand (applesauce, peanut butter, eggs, coconut oil and CBD oil)

      STEP 2
      Fold in dry ingredients (flour, baking soda) or blend with a dough hook, cookie blade or by hand.

      STEP 3
      Roll mixture out onto a floured surface until about 1/2″ thick and cut cookie shapes
      drop directly onto parchment lined cookie sheets by the spoonful and press down until about 1/2″ thick with your hands

      BAKE FOR :15 MINS

      *For this recipe a safe measure for CBD dosing is about 2 drops of CBD oil per cookie.

      You don’t have to splurge on fancy dog CBD or bake your CBD into treats, human CBD products are safe for pets.

      In fact, our CBD Pet TIncture is the same exact formula as our 250mg Hemp CBD Tincture. Why? Because that’s the safest way to dose your pets, high quality CBD safe for human consumption. The following MCBD products are perfectly safe for both you and your pet. Just keep an eye on dose strength and if you’re unsure, check out our CBD Buying Guide.