is cbd oil good for diabetes type 2

Is CBD A Better Treatment Option for Type 2 Diabetes?

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If you have type 2 diabetes, it’s worth asking if CBD can help you better manage your symptoms and keep your blood sugar in check. According to a study published in July 2020 that surveyed people on their cannabis use in the previous 30 days, the incidence of cannabis use rose by 340 % among diabetes patients from 2005 to 2018. Because of its numerous therapeutic benefits, the number of CBD users has crossed several million globally.

Some medical professionals believe CBD could help with diabetes management, but it’s important to keep in mind that the only medical problem for which CBD is impactful is epilepsy in children. Due to a lack of extensive research on CBD and type 2 diabetes, the verdict is still out.

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CBD For Type 2 Diabetes

CBD and diabetes, according to preliminary research, are worthy of further investigation. CBD did not reduce blood glucose in 62 people with type 2 diabetes, as reported by a small 2016 study. Although none of the participants were on insulin, some did take other diabetes medications.

For 13 weeks, they were assigned randomly to one of five treatment groups: 100 mg CBD twice daily, 5 mg THC twice daily, 5 mg CBD and 5 mg THC together twice daily, 100 mg CBD and 5 mg THC together twice daily, 100 mg CBD and 5 mg THC together twice daily, 100 mg CBD and 5 mg THC together twice daily, or placebo. The authors of the study found that THC improved blood glucose control considerably.

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CBD studies in other fields are still in their early stages. Some studies on the effect of CBD on diabetes have been conducted on rats, resulting in results that aren’t always applicable to human health. Other research has focused on the endocannabinoid system, which transmits pain signals, anxiety, sleep, and other vital functions. Other studies have looked at how marijuana helps with diabetes in general, but not CBD in particular.

Final Thoughts

If you are planning to try CBD for managing type 2 diabetes anyway, you should be cautious about the type of CBD products that you are about to buy. The majority of the CBD products that are circulating in the market are of inferior quality and contain chemical ingredients. Always look for CBD products that use organic ingredients and have a clearance certificate from a third-party lab.

THC effect of CBD on Type 2 Diabetes: Risks and Benefits

THC effect of CBD on t2d. Diabetes is an all-consuming condition. When you have Type 2 Diabetes (t2d), your life is often controlled by the disease and its effects. It not only impacts you and your quality of life, but the ripple effects can also impact your family and loved ones. Many people will turn to any option to help balance their blood sugar on a regular basis. Understandably, many people are tired of traditional medicine, find it doesn’t work for them, or want to add to their regimen. It is more and more common for diabetic sufferers to turn to full spectrum CBD for energy, calm gummies, anti-inflammatory oils, and thousands of other products.

But what are the risks and benefits associated with t2d and the THC effect of CBD? Especially if you are consuming full spectrum CBD products, you will be consuming minor amounts of THC as well. What are CBD and THC, how do they work together, and what effects do they have for Type 2 Diabetes?

The Entourage Effect

CBD is short for ​cannabidiol​, and is one of the beneficial cannabinoid molecules contained in cannabis and hemp plants. THC, short for tetrahydrocannabinol​, is also a beneficial cannabinoid, but is psychoactive. THC produces an intoxicating effect in many people and is the component of cannabis that gets you “high.” THC and marijuana is illegal in many states and countries, but CBD products containing less than 0.3% THC are legal under the 2018 Farm Act. Full spectrum CBD contains minute amounts of THC, but these THC molecules bind with the CBD molecules to amplify them in something called “the entourage effect.” Once bound with each other and the cannabinoid receptors naturally present in your body, CBD and THC may have a number of effects for Type 2 Diabetics.

Risks of CBD and THC for Diabetes

When it comes to taking CBD for energy or a variety of other desired outcomes, there is little risk. CBD is not psychoactive, and you cannot overdose on CBD hemp oil. You cannot overdose on THC either, and there is not enough THC present in federally-legal CBD products to produce an intoxicating effect. However, there are several things you should consider before taking CBD products for the first time:

  1. Is CBD and/or THC legal where I live?
  2. Will CBD interact with any other current medications?
  3. How much do you need?
  4. Do you want full-spectrum or broad-spectrum CBD?
  5. What is the best way for you to consume it?

Always talk to your trusted healthcare provider before adding CBD to your wellness regimen. It may potentially react with current medications.

Potential Benefits of CBD for Type 2 Diabetes

When it comes to the ​potential benefits that CBD might have for Type 2 Diabetics, the list is endless. Scientific studies are still working to conclusively prove CBD’s effectiveness, but preliminary research and testimonials show promising results in several areas. CBD is being studied for a variety of properties including:

  • Anti-inflammation
  • Regeneration
  • Neuroregeneration
  • mood disorder correction
  • neurological balance
  • reducing insulin resistance
  • Pain relief

Obviously these potential properties are of great interest to sufferers of diabetes. Taking a regular dose​ of #CBD cannot cure or eliminate your diabetes, but it might assist with some negative symptoms associated with the disease and boost overall wellness.

I’m a type 1 diabetic with diabetes knowledge in t1d and t2d, as well as nutrition and low-carb keto diet information, fitness and exercise programs to help keep you in optimal diabetes health. Take advantage of our diabetic health tools for a healthier lifestyle!

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