how to vape cbd oil for anxiety

Best CBD Vape Pens for Anxiety & Relaxation

Cannabinoid (CBD) oil has seen a surge in the markets recently, whether at smoke shops or regular gas stations. The growing interest is due to the number of health benefits CBD has to offer such as anxiety and pain relief, to name a few.

However, while using oil-based CBD products have their advantages, vaping CBD has become a more common preference. This is due to its fast-acting effects, convenience, and a range of flavors readily available in the market. Also, consumers have the option to choose between disposable or refillable vape pens.

Because of its growing popularity, the search for high-quality CBD vape pens is tougher than ever. Often, they’re stacked up against nicotine vape pens, resulting in many customers mistaking them for CBD.

5 Best CBD Vape Pens & Disposables Reviews

1. CBDfx

  • Beginner-friendly
  • Vape kits and disposable CBD vape pens are available
  • Huge variety of flavors
  • Terpene vape pens are also available

CBDfx is a premium CBD brand recognized for its unique flavors and formula. The company extracts CBD, using the carbon dioxide (CO2) method, from hemp plants cultivated in Kentucky. Their extraction method and third-party lab tests ensure their CBD oil vape pen starter kits are effective, high quality, and never blended with toxic components.

Currently, CBDfx’s vape pens come in two varieties

Regular: The regular variant includes 30mg of pure CBD that’s blended with vegetable glycerin (VG) and propylene glycol (PG) – two ingredients that are crucial for making the standard e-juice used in vapes.

Terpene: Terpenes are hydrocarbons found in the essential oil of plants. Combined with pure CBD, they’re known to cause an entourage effect, meaning they complement each other and are more beneficial together than on their own. CBDfx offers 50 mg of pure CBD along with a unique blend of cannabis terpenes.

CBDfx vape pens are the first choice for many users because of their simple and discreet design that offers nearly 12 flavors including strawberry lemonade, fresh mint, blue raspberry, and melon cooler to name a few. Moreover, users can get the cannabis taste without a single drop of Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) through their terpene pens. Flavors like Gelato, Pineapple Express, and Sour Diesel are some of the most popular strains.

The brand often shares CBDfx coupons so that their customers can benefit from reduced rates, bundle offers, and discounts.

2. JustCBD

  • Great flavor selection
  • Disposable vape pens and kits are available
  • CBD is extracted from organic USA-grown hemp

JustCBD (2017) remains a leader in the CBD industry with GMP-certified and third-party lab-tested products. As per JustCBD, all their products are made from organically grown American hemp.

The most abundant cannabinoid, tetrahydrocannabinol, is well known for its psychoactive properties is a psychoactive cannabinoid, that’s popular for positively affecting mood and physical health. JustCBD’s vape pen formulas include a small amount of THC – enough to give you the benefits without being considered as controlled substances.

JustCBD offers a wide range of cartridges and the best CBD vape juices, each with its own signature flavors such as PineappleExpress, Zkittlez, Strawberry Cough, Northern Lights, and Sour Diesel.

3. Savage CBD

  • The fine-quality USA and European hemp
  • Several flavors
  • Third-party tested
  • Full-spectrum formula

SavageCBD is a California-based company, and one of the few CBD brands that manufacture full-spectrum CBD vape pens – ideal for maximizing the benefits of CBD. The brand states that all its CBD products are made from high-quality hemp that’s cultivated in Wisconsin, Oregon, Colorado, and some parts of Europe too.

SavageCBD pens are deemed unique because of their full-spectrum formula rather than pure CBD. This allows users to get the full benefits of hemp that enhance the effects of CBD with a single CBD disposable vape pen or kit.

In the disposable range, you have flavors ranging from Strawberry Melon to Mango Citrus to Berry Mint with each pen providing 250 mg of CBD. If you prefer the cannabis kick without actual THC being present, you can choose from SavageCBD’s unique terpene blend flavors named Sweet Dreams, Relax, and Active – perfect for day or night time relaxation.

SavageCBD product’s third-party lab tests are uploaded to their website for all their customers to see. The brand’s transparency and high-quality products make it the go-to wellness brand for many CBD users.

4. PureKana

  • Multiple flavors
  • Whole-plant formula
  • Third-party lab testing
  • High-quality American hemp

Arizona’s PureKana was founded in 2017 and claims to be your best source for quality, affordable health and wellness products that are derived from CBD-rich hemp. The organic Kentucky-grown hemp is used in all their products such as edibles, oils, tinctures, ointment, and vape pens.

As per PureKana’s website, the brand carries a selection of CBD vape flavors namely blue raz, mint, blood orange, and pineapple. Their whole-plant formula allows for broad-spectrum hemp extract which is especially beneficial if you’re looking to maximize the benefits of CBD and terpenes without the psychoactive effects of THC.

The pens come with 200 mg full-spectrum CBD that’s dissolved in MCT coconut oil and comprehensively tested by third-party labs to ensure the use and recommended levels of organic extracts. A few studies suggest that MCTs may help fight bacteria, protect your heart, and aid in controlling diabetes, Alzheimer’s disease, and epilepsy; hence, proving that PureKana’s CBD products give you the most bang for your buck.


  • Only one flavor is available
  • Whole-plant formula
  • High-quality USA-grown hemp
  • Products are derived from non-GMO hemp plants

FAB CBD is a California-based wellness brand established in 2017 with a goal to produce a product line that’s suitable for the everyday person. The brand’s organic, non-GMO hemp plants are grown in Colorado and extracted to create full-spectrum CBD products containing flavoring from natural sources while also offering all the benefits organic hemp has to offer.

If you’re a seasoned CBD user, we’d recommend trying FAB CBD’s vape pen. The high-strength disposable vape pen provides 500 mg of CBD in a 0.5 ml tank. With other brands offering between 200 – 250 mg of CBD, FAB CBD’s vape pen proves to be one of the strongest you’ll find on the market currently. Also, unlike other disposable pens that offer around 100 puffs, FABCBD’s version can last for about 200 draws.

FAB CBD guarantees that its products are free of harmful pesticides, herbicides, and other unnatural chemicals. The brand values transparency, and hence, all third-party lab reports, FAB CBD coupon are made available on the official website.

Best CBD Vape Pen: How Does It Work?

Vaping CBD is the fastest way to absorb the benefits and relaxation sensation it offers. Vaping or inhaling allows CBD to be absorbed into your body through the bloodstream rather than digesting or topically applying it – a method that other CBD products promote. Vaping has higher bioavailability, meaning more CBD is absorbed into your body in a relatively short time – the primary reason why most consumers prefer CBD vape pens to other consumption methods.

Helps Battle Sleep Issues

A study by the National Centre for Biotechnological Information (NCBI) showed that CBD improved sleep among people with anxiety and sleep issues. Pure CBD helps provide nighttime relief while also potentially decreasing daytime sleepiness.

Anti-Inflammatory Properties

Chronic inflammation goes hand in hand with many dangerous diseases including heart, cancer, dementia, and autoimmune disease. Similar to anti-inflammatory medication, CBD has natural anti-inflammatory properties that work by blocking certain body chemicals and slow tissue damage.

Alleviates Anxiety and Depression

Many studies over the past several years show CBD to help with anxiety, depression, and general mood disorders. Some people prefer CBD over prescribed antidepressants because of potential side effects and addiction. CBD on the other hand has very few known risks and is nonaddictive and nonintoxicating.

Controls Epileptic Seizures

At first, CBD was widely studied for its positive effects against seizures. Since then, several trials have found that CBD oil helps control or reduce the number of seizures in patients, particularly those who suffer from epileptic seizures.

Positive Impact on Chronic Pain

Initially, the use of CBD was restricted to treat terminally ill patients. However, its growing popularity, potential benefits, and no known side effects have made it common for any individual suffering chronic pain. There are a few studies to back this claim that CBD is effective at relieving various kinds of chronic pain.

Helps Combat Neurodegenerative Diseases

Common neurodegenerative diseases include Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s disease. A study. A recent study in 2020 states that cannabis Sativa and cannabinoids have promising therapeutic effects against neurodegenerative diseases and increase the overall quality of life.

Disposable CBD Vape Pens vs. Refillable CBD Vape Pens

While purchasing a CBD vape pen, an important factor to consider is disposable or refillable CBD vape pens. The disposable variant is great for beginners since it prevents you from the hassle of regularly cleaning the device; whereas those who expect to be smoking CBD more seriously, should invest in a refillable pen.

In terms of benefits, both disposable and refillable CBD vape pens provide you with instant results that CBD has to offer.

Disposable CBD Vape Pen

Disposable vape pens are usually draw-activated, meaning there are no buttons and you simply have to inhale the vapor. The best disposable CBD vape pens usually consist of a battery, atomizer and are pre-filled with cannabinoid e-juice. Their design is small and compact, resembling the shape and look of cigarettes. With disposable vape pens, you can expect to get in a few hundred puffs before the e-juice is exhausted.

  • Lightweight
  • Zero maintenance required
  • Slim and compact
  • Not cost-effective
  • Limited flavors and selection
  • No direct lung options
  • Non-adjustable voltage

Refillable Vape Pens

Refillable vape pens come in various sizes, styles, and drawing methods. They require you to purchase a device and some CBD e-juice, or solid concentrate depending on your preference. However, once you purchase the device, refillable vape pens prove to be more cost-effective in the long run because you simply need to refill the pen and light it up.

  • Cost-effective
  • Adjustable voltage/air-flow options
  • Different vaping styles are available
  • More cloud production
  • Initial investment needed
  • Requires maintenance
  • Requires knowledge about the device
  • Less discreet

Can CBD Vape Get You High?

Cannabinoid (CBD) is non-intoxicating, meaning it won’t get you high. However, if you smoke a full-spectrum CBD product, you may experience cannabis high. This is because such products contain a small amount (less than 0.03%) of THC – a psychotic substance found in the marijuana plant that’s responsible for the high sensation.

How to Use a CBD Vape Pen

A CBD vape pen, as the name suggests, is a pen-shaped device that’s battery operated. The device works by heating a tank, containing CBD, that produces vapor for you to inhale. The e-liquid (also called vape juice) present in the tank is commonly a mixture of VG, PG, natural flavors, and CBD.

Certain vape pens allow you to heat solid materials like dried hemp flowers or cannabis concentrates that have a wax-like consistency.

Moreover, CBD vape pens are simple to use and carry. They come in various shapes and sizes and can be used by drawing on the device. To allow users a more controlled environment, buttons and additional features that set the voltage are added to sophisticated pens.

Is Vaping The Only Way To Use CBD?

Vaping or smoking CBD allows it to go directly into your bloodstream, resulting in instantaneous effects that can be felt within minutes. Still, vaping is not the only way to get your daily dosage of CBD. Other options like edibles, tinctures, sprays, oils, and topicals are readily available in the market.

How To Clean a CBD Vape Pen?

CBD and other vape products are generally discreet and user-friendly. However, they require a bit of maintenance from time to time. To ensure you don’t damage the device or affect its functions, you should learn about the vape pen’s model and individual components.

  1. Dismantle your Vape Pen
  1. Gently Brush Your Device
  1. Allow Your Device to Dry
  1. Reassemble Your Vape Pen

You have cleaned your vape pen thoroughly. Now, all you have to do is screw the device or snap the plastic back together, and that’s it, she’s ready to be lit.

The rule of thumb is that the more you use your vape pen, the more you’ll be required to clean it. For instance, if you use your vape pen occasionally, you should clean it at least once a week. Also, whenever you notice residue on the exterior of your vape pen, take that as an indication to get your cleaning equipment out.

On the exterior of your vape pen, take that as an indication to get your cleaning equipment out.

Where to Buy CBD Vapes

CBD vape pens or disposables can be bought in-store and online. However, most smoke stores don’t specialize in CBD vape pens, and hence, are not recommended. Purchasing from a reputable online source will give you the time and resources to make an informed decision. You can research the product’s third-party lab tests, formula, and strength before purchasing a vape pen suitable for you.


Although CBD can be used in various forms, vaping is, by far, the most beneficial and immediate. Vaping, in particular, can be used by individuals who simply want to relax; however, some people buy CBD vape pens for anxiety, stress, autoimmune disease, sleep disorders, nerve pain, and other serious conditions. Thanks to current research on the effects of CBD vaping, you can make an informed decision whether CBD is right for you. If you think vaping isn’t for you, there are other ways to take CBD, like tinctures, CBD gummies for anxiety, and oral products.

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I tried CBD oil to help with my anxiety — and I'm still not sure that it worked

Generalized anxiety disorder affects more than 6.8 million people in the US, and one in six Americans are on prescribed psychiatric drugs to treat the condition or another mental health issue.

While I’ve never been officially diagnosed with anxiety, working in a high-stress job and being an anxiety-prone person means I have flare-ups that can leave me feeling tense, irritable, and generally unwell .

Thankfully, I don’t experience these episodes enough to warrant pharmaceutical intervention, but I did want to find a natural way to manage my anxiety when it does crop up.

After hearing positive things about cannabidiol (CBD) oil’s effect on our ability to relax and de-stress for those with generalized social anxiety disorder, I decided to give it a go. Here’s my experience.

I spent a lot of time searching online for a high-quality product.

I decided to start taking CBD oil while staying in the UK, which meant that I was looking for a product made and sold in this country to purchase. It’s a legal cannabinoid in the UK , which means it’s pretty readily available online and in health shops such as Holland & Barrett .

I eventually went with a brand called LoveHemp . To start, I chose to take CBD in oil form with a 10% concentration . This is pretty middle of the road in terms of dosage, with products available in as low as 2% and as high as 40% concentrations online.

It didn’t make me spaced out, and I didn’t feel ‘high.’

A lot of people get CBD, or cannabidiol, confused with THC , the latter of which is the psychoactive element in marijuana that gets you high. They’re definitely not the same.

CBD is a separate substance which contains no THC, so you won’t get high when taking CBD as a supplement. Instead, CBD contains compounds which have shown promise for medical uses , including relief from epilepsy, arthritis , diabetes , and anxiety .

One caveat: Many of these studies have involved marijuana strains that contain both CBD and THC. That means further research on CBD alone is needed.

After my first and any subsequent dosages, it didn’t change my state of mind at all. I wasn’t groggy, wired, excitable, or “high.” I felt just like myself.

I experienced a subtle but noticeable difference in my anxiety levels.

While it wasn’t like I was 100% stress-free overnight, I did notice within a week or so of taking CBD oil — roughly six to eight drops under the tongue, held for 90 seconds and then swallowed, twice a day — that I felt less anxious and tense. Things that usually bothered me, like unanswered emails or things going wrong with work, were easier to take in stride.

It also helped that I was sleeping better at night. I hadn’t cut out caffeine or changed anything else about my lifestyle, so I can only attribute the improved ability to fall and stay asleep to the CBD oil.

However, studies have shown that CBD oil has no significant clinical effect on sleep patterns . Maybe it was a placebo effect.

I experimented with different forms of CBD until I found one that fit.

While I started with CBD in oil form, the taste of the oil itself (usually hemp oil, but it can be purchased in coconut oil form as well) wasn’t that great. While I’m not a regular smoker, I have used a vape in the past, and although I know it’s not good for me, I do find the occasional smoke relaxing.

I was curious about the idea of vaping CBD oil, so I ordered a vape starter kit. I enjoyed it, but my paranoia about the dangers vaping poses to your health put me off the idea in the long run.

I also tried CBD gummies , though the lower concentration of CBD in each dose meant that I didn’t experience the same positive effects as I did with the oil. Eventually, I went back to the original 10% oil and have stuck with that ever since.

I still use it semi-regularly, though other lifestyle changes have likely helped as much in relieving my anxiety.

I always keep CBD oil around to take when I’m feeling in need of relief from my anxiety, rare bouts of insomnia, or even occasional back pain. I haven’t experienced any negative effects from taking CBD , and I definitely look forward to reading more research on its efficacy as it becomes available. I don’t take it daily, maybe just a couple of times a week now, but I like knowing it’s available should I need a boost (whether or not it’s the placebo effect ).

However, I’m also aware that other lifestyle changes I’ve made, such as improving my diet, taking more time away from work, and upping my exercise routine, have likely had just as much of a positive impact on my anxiety levels, so I don’t want to give the CBD oil too much credit.

Is it a miracle product? No, but if it helps people with certain ailments, why not give it a try?