how to use cbd oil for seizures in children

A nine year-old girl used to have up to 300 seizures a day, until she used CBD oil

Teagan Appleby has a rare chromosome disorder, and was diagnosed with epilepsy when she was four

A nine-year old girl who suffered up to 300 seizures every day has stopped experiencing them since taking daily doses of cannabis.

Teagan Appleby has a rare chromosome disorder and was diagnosed with epilepsy when she was four.

She needed life-saving treatment five times over an eight-day period during the summer holidays, but the fits have stopped after taking the herbal medication.

What is CBD?

Since Teagan started taking CBD oil in July she has not had a daytime seizure – but her mum suspects taking actual cannabis oil, rather than part of the plant, would suit her better.

Although cannabidiol has had a dramatic effect on Teagan’s health, her mum Emma Appleby is now campaigning for the NHS to approve THC oil for medicinal use in children, too.

The two both occur naturally in the plant, but THC has a psychoactive effect which is what causes a ‘high’ when the drug is used recreationally.

Research suggests that THC may be used to treat a number of conditions and alleviate pain as it affects neurotransmitters in the body.

Ms Appleby said: “We are currently fighting for THC to be allowed to be given to children with epilepsy because that is the magic ingredient that can be used to stop all seizures.

“If the NHS can’t prescribe it we will have to go abroad and bring it back.

“You have to do what you have got to do, being a parent, you do the best for your children, if you have to go abroad to get it, you go abroad to get it.”

What kind of epilepsy?

Teagan, from Canterbury, Kent, suffers from Idic15 – which left her with severe Lennox Gastaut Syndrome epilepsy.

Now her family is raising funds to take her abroad for a clinical cannabis trial in a bid to hopefully cure her debilitating condition.

Writing on JustGiving, her mum said: “As I’m sure many of you are aware, we have been fighting for Teagan to be prescribed medical cannabis to hopefully help with her seizures.

“We are still waiting for guidelines to be released but am unsure of how long this will take.

“Taking everything into consideration, we have decided that we need to take the huge step of taking Teagan abroad to trial medical cannabis. If this is successful we will have a much stronger case to present back in England to prove it helps her.”

They met their £10,000 goal on Wednesday.

Earlier this month, a woman with chronic pain called Carly Barton, publicly shared her struggle to procure legal cannabis in an attempt to challenge the strict NHS guidelines around it.