how to take cbd oil for holiday stress

Home for the Holidays: How CBD Can Help Cope with Holiday Stress

We look forward to the holiday season all year long. Spending time with family and friends is the best. But the stress and anxiety that can accompany this festive season can feel overwhelming. This year, let CBD for stress relief help make the holiday season truly joyous!

Stress and anxiety tend to peak around all of the family gatherings. It’s no wonder, with relatives asking if you’re going to be getting married anytime soon or if there may be the little pitter patter of babies in the future. Maybe a brutal trek of planes, trains and ubers has taken its physical toll on your body. If you’re an empty-nester, you might be missing your kiddos who are somewhere else for the holidays. Looking after your physical well being as well as your mental health should be a priority and CBD is one way to help maintain your calm through the entire season.

The planning for the holidays can be dizzying. Did you remember to buy a gift for your niece? What are you bringing to your in-laws’ house for Thanksgiving? Your brain feels like it is overdrive from all of the details that you need to take care of. Give yourself a break with CBD for stress relief. The calming effect that CBD has is beneficial for giving yourself a break from the plethora of plans you need to make.

Travel itself can make you cranky but battling long airport lines, packed flights, schlepping bulky luggage and sitting for hours in traffic jams during the busy holiday windows will do a number on you physically. The anti-inflammatory properties of CBD are ideal to help combat the physical manifestations of travel like headaches and stiff muscles, as well as mood swings, which can make a long leg of travel challenging.

If you need to make a good impression on your significant other’s family during a family dinner or in front of your boss and team at a workplace holiday party, maintaining your sobriety will help you stay clear headed and social. CBD is a valuable ally in helping you maintain your calm at stressful holiday parties and may prevent you from consuming too much alcohol.

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Keep your holiday glow by using a CBD-infused topical or mixing a few drops of CBD oil with your favorite moisturizer. CBD is a potent antioxidant that can help fight free radicals that can result in the visible appearance of aging.

Sleep well, even when you’re napping on a hard guest bed or on an inflatable mattress, with the power of CBD. During the holidays, the added stress can make you more prone to insomnia. CBD is a great way to support healthy sleep without needing to turn to over the counter sleep products. By working with the body’s endocannabinoid system, CBD helps support balance in your entire body, resulting in a more restful night’s sleep.

From CBD Tinctures to CBD Cream, GoCBD has you covered for stress relief during the holidays and beyond. Our CBD is extracted from the finest hemp grown right here in the United States. It is always processed with the cleanest and most organic options and marketed with the highest level of transparency.

5 Tips to Use CBD For Holiday Stress

I just had this conversation with someone close to me the other night and they mentioned how the holidays bring them a lot of anxiety, so let’s talk about 5 Tips to Use CBD For Holiday Stress.

I’ve learned that I am definitely a Christmas person. By that I mean; I love the holiday’s and everything about the festive season.

What I also didn’t realize is that there are so many people out there who don’t like the holidays, and get absolutely stressed out.

It’s OK to not love Christmas!

But, if you have a family gathering to go to, or a few last minute presents to purchase before the big stressful day, I’m going to suggest some great ways to use CBD as a stress busting superhero.

#1. Use CBD Oil On Your Stomach

I suffer from IBS. It’s never fun!

What I have felt over the years using CBD oil to help has been life-changing.

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Plus, there have been studies proving that our digestive tract has CBD receptors which support healthy digestion and may decrease symptoms of IBS.

If you get nervous, have anxiety, have IBS or other stomach-related gastrointestinal problems, I would strongly urge you to use CBD.

Here’s what I do:

  1. I take my CBD oil and drop a few drops in my hands.
  2. I emulsify it by rubbing my hands together.
  3. I gently rub it on my stomach in circles, gently until it’s all absorbed.
  4. Then, I place a heated bag or hot water bottle on my stomach and lay down while I watch TV, or scroll through my favorite Tik Tok’ers.

Within 30-60 minutes, generally, I feel better and more relaxed!

You can also use a castor oil and cbd oil pack to support and decrease stress.

#2. CBD – Straight Up.

Every day unless I forget, I take my dropper of CBD oil.

When I first started, I noticed my body being very receptive to the oil. I felt what I can only explain as a slight tingle and warm, happy feeling.

Since having taken it, my anxiety and depression has significantly decreased and I am able to handle and manage little or big challenges in life – especially COVID.

So try it straight up, under the tongue – and if you must, grab some honey as a chaser if you don’t like the taste.

I like the CBD oil mixed with peppermint oil – even more benefits and it’s refreshing and cooling.

#3. Have a CBD Bath

Especially where I live, we get some frosty-cold days in the Winter time.

I’ve started to collect fun bath-accessories like a bath caddy tray where I can safely stand my tablet, phone, and a book – plus other fun bath time stuff, including a wine glass holder!

And, there is nothing more fun in the bath than a bath bomb!

So sink into the bath, breathe in and out, know that Christmas will soon be over and try to let that stress melt away.

#4. Bake or Cook CBD Edibles

I love cooking and baking. Do you?

I find it relieves so much stress and when I have a good, solid plan, I can get lost in my kitchen for hours.

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Consider this: chopping, measuring, scooping, mixing and baking or cooking takes your mind off of stress!

You’re busy engaging in an activity that requires your full attention, and you want great results, right?!

Why not throw on an apron, and check out these yummy weed edible recipes and just start experimenting.

Didn’t turn out? That’s what the garbage is for! Just start over, or try another fun cannabis edible recipe.

#5. Create a CBD Spa Day at Home!

I love having what I call “spa days” at home! I pour myself a nice glass of whatever I’m in the mood for, and spend hours just pampering myself.

Have you ever tried it?

Enjoy using a CBD face scrub that you can make at home, (recipe below) and follow it with CBD Shampoo, Conditioner, and moisturize your skin with CBD oil too!

I like to turn on some relaxing music, or catch up with a show or two, scroll on social, or sometimes I just need some silence to soak in, while I pamper my body and soul.

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