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Treating Cancer with Medical Marijuana

While Cannabis Laws in the United States are under scrutiny and evolving at the state-level, studies have shown that if you are suffering from a form of cancer, medical marijuana in Florida may be an option for you. Cancer is one of the many conditions which have seen positive results with the treatment of medical cannabis. In addition to research showing medical marijuana successfully helping relieve some of cancer’s symptoms, studies have also shown that medical marijuana can help shrink existing tumors and even slow the growth of the cancer. Beyond just the physical relief, medical marijuana offers psychological benefits that can help a cancer patient cope with the illness they are battling.

Medical Marijuana helps with Cancer Symptoms

Medical Marijuana has been shown to diminish inflammation, which helps ease patient pain. Smoking cannabis allows the cannabinoids to bind to receptors throughout the body, possibly lowering the amount of pain experienced by patients.

» Neuropathy

Nerve damage can cause weakness, pain, and numbness throughout the body. Neuropathy is a common side effect of patients treating their cancer with chemotherapy and many have found that smoking medical marijuana helps with the pain associated with this nerve damage.

» Nausea/Vomiting

Nausea and vomiting are common side effects of chemotherapy and other cancer treatments. Studies have shown that medical marijuana and the active ingredients within can help limit these feelings of nausea, in addition to helping with appetite.

» Anorexia/Appetite

Many medical conditions, including AIDS and Cancer, result in a loss of appetite and weight-loss for the patient. Studies have shown that using medical cannabis in your treatments of cancer can assist in counteracting these effects and help restore the patients appetite.

» Other Cancer Symptoms

In addition to the symptoms mentioned above, Florida Medical Cannabis has been shown to help patients struggling with Cancer through a number of ways. Contact your local MMTCFL Clinic today and see if medical cannabis can help you!

Marijuana and Chemotherapy

While a popular technique for combating cancerous cells, the side effects of chemotherapy can be significant and severe. One of the most common side effects of chemotherapy is nausea and vomiting. One of the oldest known remedies, cannabis is effective at controlling vomiting and the feeling of nausea. While there are FDA treatment options approved for oral ingestion, that is not always a great option for someone who is already nauseas. Inhaling cannabis directly not only quickens the onset time of the medicine, allowing for more efficient absorption, improved dosage control, and even faster relief. Whole-plant marijuana contains hundreds of active ingredients and compounds, making it an exceptional treatment for numerous conditions, including the symptoms of Chemotherapy.

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Marijuana Fights Tumors in Cancer Patients

Hundreds of studies over the years have shown that patients using medical marijuana for cannabis have had tremendous success in reducing the size of tumors and even causing complete remission in some cases. Cannabinoids actually restrict blood flow to these tumors, stunting their growth and preventing the spread of these cancer cells. While research shows cannabis is effective at weakening and killing tumors, it has also been shown to strengthen the existing healthy cells!

Delivery Methods for Treating Cancer with Cannabis

While medical marijuana has been shown to significantly help ailing cancer patients, that does not mean everyone’s treatment is the same. While many synthetic THC compounds have been created, research has shown these substances are far less effective than the efficacy of the plant, Cannabis. That being said, choosing your delivery method and the proper dosing could impact the efficiency of the substance.

RSO or Cannabis Oil for Cancer

Cannabis Oils, including RSO or Rick Simpson Oil, are often taken not only to control/eliminate symptoms of cancer, but to even help prevent further spreading of the disease and elimination of existing cancer cells. Studies have shown that THC will actually help to reduce tumor size and significance.

Marijuana Tinctures for Cancer

Cannabis Tinctures are a popular intake method as it is a smoke and vape-free option that provides rapid relief as it is absorbed under the tongue. Dosing is also quite easy with Tinctures.

Marijuana Concentrates for Cancer

Concentrates offer a higher dosage of the active ingredients within cannabis, which can help more rapidly with symptoms such as nausea and extreme pain. Depending on the extraction method, the potency of concentrates are typically far higher than that of the flower form, typically ranging between 50%-95% THC . There are many methods of delivery available for concentrates, so be sure to consult with your Florida Medical Marijuana doctor to determine which method is best for you

Edibles for Treating Cancer

Marijuana Edibles are another excellent option for cancer patients looking for relief but wishing to avoid inhaling smoke or vapor. While the onset of effects is much slower than other delivery methods, sometimes taking over 90 minutes, edibles remain a popular form for treating cancer as it can provide relief for many hours and can be taken discreetly.

Cannabis Flower for Cancer

Research has found that by utilizing the whole-plant medical products, patients have experienced more relief with less side effects. Rather than isolating certain compounds, allowing all the compounds of the plant to work together has proven to be exceptionally therapeutic.

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Possible Side Effects of Medical Marijuana

As with any other medication, consult with your prescribing medical cannabis doctor for delivery method, dosing, and other recommendations to give you the most relief. Millions of individuals have had tremendous success treating cancer with medical marijuana. That being said, as with any other medication, side-effects are possible and can include decreased blood pressure, dizziness, fainting, and increased heart rate. If you are experiencing these side effects, consult with your prescribing physician immediately. Medical Marijuana has also been known to alter the effects of other medications, especially sedatives, so always let your doctor know of any other medications you may be taking

How to Make Rick Simpson Oil

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Rick Simpson oil is a type of medical cannabis oil typically made from the indica cannabis strain. Proponents of the oil believe that ingesting the oil or applying it to the skin can have medicinal benefits, like lowering blood pressure or alleviating certain illnesses. When making Rick Simpson oil, prepare and heat your ingredients in a well-ventilated area far from any open flames, stovetops, or sparks. Following the instructions carefully and taking precautions will help you stay safe as you make the oil.

  • Break up any larger chunks of cannabis with your wooden spoon before you add the isopropyl alcohol.
  • Make sure your bucket can hold at least 2–3 gallons (7.6–11.4 l).
  • If you are going to ingest the oil internally, be sure that you use food-grade alcohol when preparing the oil rather than isopropyl alcohol.
  • At least 80% of the cannabis should dissolve into the mixture. [2] X Research source
  • Discard the leftover cannabis material after you’ve extracted the isopropyl alcohol.
  • Isopropyl alcohol is flammable and cannot be cooked near an open flame or spark.
  • Although you can heat your isopropyl alcohol in a crock pot, it is not recommended. If your mixture heats to over 300 °F (149 °C), the cannabis will burn and become unusable.
  • Save the rest of your isopropyl alcohol for later. As the alcohol evaporates, you will slowly add more until you have poured in the entire solvent. [7] X Research source
  • Do not transfer the isopropyl alcohol into another container. You may need multiple syringes to siphon out all of the oil.
  • Store Rick Simpson oil in the syringes until you are ready to use it.
  • Coconut oil mixes well with Rick Simpson oil.
  • Taking Rick Simpson oil via a skin cream or salve results in the same theoretical benefits as ingesting it.
  • Some alternative health advocates believe that a dosage of Rick Simpson oil a day can ease chronic pain, depression and anxiety, or symptoms of long-term illnesses (like cancer or diabetes). [12] X Research source
  • Put Rick Simpson oil under your tongue before swallowing for quicker absorption.
  • Do not worry about getting high off of Rick Simpson oil. Although the oil is made from cannabis, its concentration is generally not strong enough for someone to get high off of it.
  • Eating Rick Simpson oil with food provides the same benefits as ingesting it alone.
  • You can also put Rick Simpson oil in a capsule and take it by pill if you would prefer.
  • If you have high blood pressure, for example, see a doctor alongside using alternative health treatments.
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To make Rick Simpson oil, start by mixing 1 pound of dried Indica cannabis with 1 gallon of isopropyl alcohol in a bucket. Crush the cannabis with a wooden spoon and mix it to help the buds dissolve. Once most of the cannabis has dissolved, drain the solvent into a new container, using a cheesecloth or coffee strainer. Then, add another gallon of isopropyl alcohol and drain it again once 80 percent of the cannabis has dissolved. After you’ve drained the solution, fill a rice cooker ¾ of the way with it and set the temperature between 210 and 230 degrees Fahrenheit. When the solution evaporates down to the halfway line, keep filling it to three-quarters full. Once you’ve run out of solution, keep adding a few drops of water to stop the oil from overheating. When the oil develops a dark color and greasy consistency, siphon it into syringes to keep it fresh until you want to use it. For more tips, including how to use Rick Simpson oil, read on!