how to give a dog cbd oil for pain

CBD Oil for Dogs

CBD or Cannabidiol is among some active compounds present in Cannabis Sativa. A different active compound is THC or Tetrahydrocannabinol, which is very famous because of its psychoactive effects that give its users the feeling of getting “high.”

However, CBD is not only for humans; many are now curious about the benefits of CBD oil for dogs. Accordingly, the American Kennel Club said that there isn’t any official study about CBD oil benefits for dogs.

What are the experts saying?

The chief veterinary staff and senior vice president of North Shore Animal League America, Mark Verdino MD, explained about using CBD oil for dogs.

“Does it actually help with pain, or does it just make them not care? We don’t know, but they seem to be less reactive to low level pain stimuli, for example, arthritis and things like that, when they take the product.”

“And certain anxieties, they seem less reactive to certain things,” Verdino said.

“The psychotic ingredient in it that makes people high is not present at CBD oil, and they’re not entirely sure how the CBD, the Cannabidiol, actually works to do the things that they’re claiming that it does,” Verdino added.

“We don’t know, but they seem to be less reactive to low level pain stimuli, so like arthritis and things like that, when they take the product. And certain anxieties, they seem less reactive to certain things.”

Basically, CBD oil doesn’t have psychoactive properties, yet it has the exact benefits of THC. So, you can make the most of the health benefits for your dog without getting worried that they may get the “stoned” feeling that is usually experienced in using THC- that could be very distressing for your pet.

Doctor Mark Verdino also mentioned that he is using CBD oil for dogs for his pet, which usually gets agitated during night time, and it actually works for his dog because it makes the animal more relaxed.

CBD Oil for Dogs: The Risks

What are the risks of using CBD oil for dogs? At present, we can’t tell yet. FDA didn’t approve the use of CBD oil for dogs and humans and hadn’t given any dosing recommendations. So, any supplementation and medication of CBD oil could have a possible risk, this is why it’s crucial to test on a very small dose firsthand and to observe the way your dog responds to it.

Here is Doctor Verdino’s advice for people who would like to try CBD oil for dogs:

“I recommend people use a pet-specific product just so that they know that the concentration is appropriate, that there’s nothing else in it too… because look, this is a fairly unregulated industry.”

How can you give CBD oil to dogs?

There are many different ways that you can give CBD oil to your dog. Below are the top four methods that you can try to see what works best for you and your pet.

1. Infuse it with the favourite treat

Every dog has a much-loved treat because, obviously, every dog loves to eat. And so, it is effortless to hide and mix CBD oil for dogs in your dog’s favorite treat. Infusing CBD oil on your dog’s food will hide the texture and the flavor of the oil, making it the easiest way to get the medicine inside their system. The best dog treats could be dog biscuits or chicken jerky or just anything that they will love and suitable for their health.

2. Look for a CBD product that your dog will enjoy

All CBD produces are precisely the same, yet they differ on textures and flavor. Well, it is a bit tricky to choose the best product that your dog will love. Pick the product that masks the taste and texture of CBD oil so your dog can eat it like typical dog food.

3. Give it directly

Dogs are sometimes picky that they immediately notice when there is something unusual on their food. When your dog is like this, perhaps the best way is to give the CBD oil for dogs directly on their mouth using a spoon or a dropper. This could be harder than it may seem, but this way really works on getting the oil inside the dog’s system.

4. Mix it to your dog’s daily food

Food is number one among dog necessities, and they always leave their food bowl empty. The simplest way to give CBD oil for dogs is by mixing it on your dog’s everyday meal. One benefit of this is they won’t just be eating dog treats all day but their regular food, which is way healthier. Try the dry dog foods because it best hides the texture and taste of CBD oil.

What are the CBD oil benefits for dogs?

Just like human beings, your pets also have an endocannabinoid system that enables them to take advantage of CBD oil. The endocannabinoid system consents the hemp’s active ingredients that are in charge of relieving many chronic symptoms.

CBD oil for dogs can give relief to a lot of health conditions that may occur sometimes or continuously, such as:

· Stress and anxiety

· All levels of pain

· Joint pain and arthritis

· Upset stomach or digestion problems

The bottom-line

CBD oil for dogs and any other CBD products for dogs and pets have shown some subjective shreds of evidence that it gives relief to some health issues, including anxiety and chronic pain. However, there are only very few researches and studies that convincingly say it does help. Moreover, it is still best to speak with your veterinarian first and get his recommendations about your dog’s health issues.

Also, there are a lot of CBD products for pets out there, and you have to thoroughly assess them all to discover the best CBD product for your dog. It is best to research and read product reviews so you will know the ingredients, the pros and cons, the price, and a lot more information that you need to know. CBD is such a great thing if used correctly. If you still have more questions regarding CBD oil for dogs and how much to give them, check out our CBD dosing chart.

CBD Oil For Dogs: The Ultimate Guide

CBD for dogs is an all-natural, legal way to help canines of all ages possibly overcome numerous ailments and behavioral issues, without having to resort to expensive prescription medications. Unlike medical marijuana, which can cause a small animal to become high (and isn’t safe for them anyway) CBD oil for dogs contains less than 0.03 percent THC, nowhere near enough to create even a “buzz” in a small animal. The potential with CBD for dogs, however, is amazing, with both research studies and anecdotal evidence showing that it may help with everything from anxiety and stress relief to joint pain and inflammation. For many aging dogs, CBD oil is a new lease on life.

Recent reports show that CBD oil is set to be a $2 billion market, due in no small part to a push from politicians on both sides of the aisle. As Kentucky Senator Mitch McConnell continues to advocate for wider CBD oil protections under the 2018 Farm Bill, via the legalization of hemp, consumers across the United States have had their interests piqued. A good portion of that $2 billion market will no doubt be reserved for the pet CBD market, and, more specifically, for CBD oil for dogs.

Courtesy of MediPets CBD

But questions abound among pet owners when it comes to deciding to use CBD for dogs. From discussing it with a veterinarian to knowing how much to give their furry companions, dog owners are wading through uncharted territory with CBD oil. Some of the questions that pet owners have about CBD for dogs include:

  • How do I speak to my veterinarian about CBD oil for dogs?
  • How much CBD oil do I give my dog?
  • Will CBD oil help my aging dog
  • Will CBD oil for dogs help with separation anxiety?
  • Can I give my dog human CBD oil?

The best companies, like MediPets CBD, know that dog owners consider their pets to be more than a friend —they’re a part of the family. That’s why their CBD oil for dogs is specially formulated for their bodies. But knowing what to purchase is only one small part of the bigger picture.

How does CBD for dogs work?

Far from witchcraft or wizardry, CBD oil for dogs works in much the same way that it does for humans. In fact, research shows that all vertebrates, including mammals, have what is known as an endocannabinoid system.

For anyone that knows a little about CBD oil, they know that the endocannabinoid system is a vast system of cannabinoid receptors in the body, or, in this case, a dog’s body. While a body produces its own natural cannabinoids, sometimes it needs a little help. That’s where CBD for dogs is useful:

  • Known as a phytocannabinoid, CBD for dogs can supplement their body’s natural cannabinoids.
  • The endocannabinoid system is believed to regulate a whole host of functions, from pain to sleep and more, which gives CBD for dogs such great potential in helping with so many ailments.

MediPets CBD developed CBD oil for dogs of all sizes, large, medium, and small, giving pet owners the ability to properly dose their dogs without having to worry about giving them too much. They also make CBD oil for cats, specially-formulated for a feline’s needs and dosed perfectly just for their size as well.

Courtesy of MediPets CBD

How do I speak to my veterinarian about CBD oil for dogs?

It’s important to discuss CBD for dogs with a vet prior to using any product. Companies like MediPets CBD always recommend that dog owners speak with a vet before giving their dogs CBD oil or CBD pet treats.

But many dog owners may be apprehensive, as CBD for dogs still has a stigma (though unfounded) attached to it among some older vets. The best thing to do is to have an open and honest conversation.

  • Tell the vet about the research on CBD oil for dogs and explain to them that it is THC-free and doesn’t cause a high.
  • Ask about any side effects CBD may have on your dog.
  • Explain about the endocannabinoid system and tell the vet you feel that CBD for dogs is right for you.

Some dog owners may still encounter a vet who is against using CBD for dogs, which means at that point, they may have to make a personal decision on how to proceed with their pet’s care.

How can CBD for dogs help MY dog?

Every pet owner knows that their dog is unique, with their own personalities and their own special set of circumstances as well. That’s why MediPets CBD created a whole host of different types of CBD oil for dogs, including CBD pet spray.

The truth is CBD for dogs has the potential to help in various ways. Like CBD oil for humans, CBD oil for dogs interacts with the endocannabinoid system, possibly helping young and old dogs alike. For example, both research and anecdotal evidence shows that CBD for dogs may help with:

  • Seasonal and long-term allergies
  • Chronic stress and separation anxiety
  • Nausea and a decrease in appetite
  • Joint pain, inflammation, and arthritis
  • All kinds of phobias
  • Skin and coat rashes and other issues

Perhaps even better, CBD for dogs has shown some great traction in helping aging pets bring a little more spring to their step. As pet owners know when dogs age they can’t run around like they could as a puppy. CBD oil for dogs can possibly help, whether through pain relief or relaxation, to give an aging companion a few more good years, allowing them to run and jump as if they were young again.

Can I give my dog human CBD oil?

People often wonder if they can give their CBD oil to a dog. After all, CBD oil is CBD oil, right? Well, actually no. In reality, people have many more cannabinoid receptors than dogs. It is because a human’s brain is larger relative to their body size. CBD oil for a small dog is going to work differently than it does on a large person.

  • Giving a dog a smaller dose is not the answer either, as dividing a human dose down to the size of a dog’s dose is near impossible.
  • Too much CBD for dogs can be overwhelming and may cause an adverse reaction in a pet.

CBD oil for dogs, like MediPets CBD, is specially formulated for their bodies. Dogs should never take CBD that is made for human consumption.

MediPets CBD offers dogs a wide variety of choices because when it comes to CBD for dogs, they know that not all dogs are the same. That’s why they offer not only CBD oil for dogs, but CBD pet treats, in delicious flavors such as Beef Wraps and Jerky Strips, as well as CBD pet spray, for those finicky dogs that won’t sit still. Just two quick pumps and pet owners can be on their way.

As the CBD oil market heats up, CBD for dogs is fast becoming one of the most requested items by consumers. It’s an all-natural way to help a dog without having to rely on prescription medication, and it may possibly give dogs a better outlook on life.

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