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Best CBD Oil for Dogs

Our team has spent months researching CBD oil for dogs to find out which health claims are (and aren’t) true, which brands you can trust, and what dosage levels are safe. Below is a list of CBD brands that meet our criteria for transparency (recent COA reports), suitability for canine use, and value. Overall, we feel comfortable recommending Honest Paws given the simplicity of their formula and the options available for purchase.

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Best Products Best CBD Oil for Dogs

  • Best Overall. Honest Paws CBD Oil for Dogs Wellness Formula
  • Best Clinical-Trial-Tested. ABSC Organics CBD for Dogs
  • Best Value. Lazarus Naturals Pet CBD Oil
  • Best for Mobility. Austin And Kat Bakko’s Hip & Joint CBD Oil
  • Best High Potency. CBDMD Canine CBD Oil

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  • What we Like
  • 3 sizes
  • 30-day guarantee
  • Current COA
  • Grown and made in the USA
  • GMO/Soy-free
  • USDA certified organic
  • What we Dislike
  • Dosage info slightly vague
Product Details
Form of CBD Oil tincture
Flavors 3
CBD / bottle 125 mg
Type of CBD Full spectrum

We like the line-up Honest Paws has for dogs, the company is focused just on pets. It’s simple to choose a formula (or several) to address the concerns you have for your dog. The oils come in differing concentrations for the sizes of dogs. This makes it easy to understand how much you are giving your dog, however, the “one dropperful” instructions were a little unclear.

The mg/bottle sizes for the 3 options are:

  • 25mg oil (for dogs up to 25 lbs)
  • 250mg oil (25-50 lbs)
  • 500mg oil (over 50 lbs)

Honest Paws offers Wellness, Relief, Calm, and Mobility in a regular formula and an organic option. You can mix and blend them or combine them with the Honest Paws treats (bites and chews). They also offer CBD-infused coconut oil, peanut butter, and skin balm.

The Wellness formula has full-spectrum oil with naturally occurring CBD oil in it and is meant for ongoing maintenance and general well-being.

The Relief formula contains full-spectrum oil with naturally-occurring CBD oil in it with ginger.

The Mobility formula contains full-spectrum oil with naturally-occurring CBD oil in it with turmeric, which is known to help relieve stiffness associated with aging and support joint function.

The Calm formula contains full-spectrum oil with naturally-occurring CBD oil in it with chamomile, which is known to promote relaxation and calm. We think this is probably the most versatile oil.

Honest Paws CBD is formulated from organic full spectrum Colorado-grown hemp.

  • What we Like
  • Derived from hemp specifically bred for veterinary use
  • Organic
  • Exclusive oil used in major scientific trials
  • What we Dislike
  • Higher price point
  • No flavored oils
Product Details
Form of CBD Oil
Flavors 1
CBD / bottle 300mg
Type of CBD Full Spectrum

ABSC Organics is a Colorad0-based CBD oil company that’s supplied oil to three clinical trials. It comes in 4 strengths for extra large, large, medium, and small dogs. The price is pretty steep, but it is organic and this strain of hemp has been tested on dogs and cats. The Certificate of Analysis is readily available. These oils have no added flavors. Below are the studies this oil has been utilized in:

  • McGrath, S., & Bartner, L.R., & Rao, S., & Kogan, L.R., & Hellyer, P.W. (2018) A Report of Adverse Effects Associated With the Administration of Cannabidiol in Healthy Dogs. Journal of the American Holistic Veterinary Medical Association, Fall 2018, 34-38.
  • McGrath, S., & Bartner, L.R., & Rao, S., & Packer, R.A., & Gustafson, D.L. (2018) Randomized Blinded Controlled Clinical Trial to Assess the Effect of Oral Cannabidiol Administration in Addition to Conventional Antiepileptic Treatment on Seizure Frequency in Dogs with Intractable Idiopathic Epilepsy. Journal of the American Veterinary Medical Association, 254(11), 1301-1308.
  • Gamble, L., & Boesch, J.M., & Frye, C.W., & Schwark, W.S., & Mann, S., & Wolfe, L., Brown, H., & Berthelsen, E.S., & Wakshlag, J.J. (2018) Pharmacokinetics, Safety, and Clinical Efficacy of Cannabidiol Treatment in Osteoarthritic Dogs. Frontiers in Veterinary Science, July 2018doi: 10.3389/fvets.2018.00165.
  • What we Like
  • Derived from organic, non-GMO hemp
  • Pesticide/solvent free
  • Made in the US
  • 30-Day Guarantee
  • What we Dislike
  • High price point
  • Only one dosage size for treats
  • Krill oil may be unappealing for some dogs
  • COA not posted on website (provided on request)
Product Details
Form of CBD Oil tincture
Flavors 1
CBD / bottle 75mg
Type of CBD Broad spectrum

King Kalm CBD oils are broad-spectrum in arctic krill oil. They come in four sizes for your pup and the line also includes CBD cookies containing 3mg of CBD each, a soothing spray, and balm. The website lists common dog breeds to help you match up the correct strength of CBD oil for your dog.

The other sizes of King Kalm are shown below:

King Kalm’s formula is CBD extracted from industrial hemp grown in the US and formulated with krill oil as a carrier. This may not be appealing to some dogs who don’t like fishy taste but it does conceal the hemp oil taste pretty well.

  • What we Like
  • Made in the US
  • Grain-free
  • MCT carrier oil
  • What we Dislike
  • Not organic-certified
  • Only one potency available
  • COA not readily available
Product Details
Form of CBD Oil tincture
Flavors 2
CBD / bottle 510mg/30 ml bottle
1700mg/100ml bottle
Type of CBD Full spectrum

Charlotte’s Web is a great product from a reputable company, utilizing naturally occurring CBD extract in MCT oil (coconut oil) which is usually palatable to most dogs. It comes in unflavored or chicken flavor. This product got some knocks for the dropper/pump on the previous bottle but the company has corrected the problem in response to customer feedback.

Our biggest issue with Charlotte’s Web was that it only comes in one potency, making it better suited for smaller to medium dogs. You have to give bigger dogs more oil to get the right dosage and a lower concentration of CBD makes it not as cost-effective of a solution. It’s still a great value.

We like that Charlotte’s Web is priced about the same as the human CBD oil, without the “for pets” markup.

  • What we Like
  • Affordable but high quality
  • MCT Oil
  • Graduated dropper
  • Recent COAs available
  • What we Dislike
  • Ethanol extraction process
Product Details
Form of CBD Oil tincture
Flavors 3
CBD / bottle 300 mg
600 mg
1200 mg
Type of CBD Full spectrum

Lazarus Naturals is well known for making high-quality hemp-derived CBD products for humans. Their offerings for pets include 3 different tinctures: THC free CBD Isolate Tincture (20mg CBD/ml), Wild Salmon Flavored CBD Oil Tincture (20mg CBD/ml), and Calming CBD Oil Tincture (20mg CBD/ml).

These come with a dropper that has the measurements right on the bottle- super easy for dosing large or small amounts. Not all dogs will like the flavor of wild salmon, so the calming oil is a great option to start the CBD process with your dog. Lazarus does not mark up products for pets.

It’s reassuring to see very recent (last month) COA results for these oils readily available on the product page. Lazarus shows a strong commitment to their community and employees and we like supporting companies that give back. Additionally, they offer a very generous discount for veterans, low-income persons or those living with a disability.

  • What we Like
  • Powerful additional ingredients
  • Made in the US
  • 30-day Guarantee
  • COA readily available by batch number
  • What we Dislike
  • Not all dogs may like fish flavor
  • High price point
Product Details
Form of CBD Oil tincture
Flavors 1
CBD / bottle 885 mg
Type of CBD Broad spectrum

Austin and Kat’s mobility CBD blend is packed full of proven ingredients to help your dog with mobility issues. Including cinnamon, astaxanthin, green-lipped mussel, glucosamine, and chondroitin, this is a powerhouse supplement in an MCT oil base. This oil includes min. 15g/ml CBD oil, and 46.6mg/ml proprietary mobility blend.

It comes at a higher price point but addresses several problems in one. If you give your dog glucosamine and chondroitin supplements, this supplement could dose your dog on those with the added benefit of CBD.

The bottle comes with a medical-grade dropper to make it easy to give your dog precise doses. And it’s easy to look up lab test results that directly correlate to the bottle in your hand, or the most recent COA sheets.

The other high potency specialized blends Austin and Kat offers are:

  • No more Wiggles 450mg/bottle
  • Senior Formula 450 mg/bottle
  • Active Recovery 450 mg/bottle

And a traditional line of classic Austin and Kat CBD oils are also offered in varying potencies: 100mg, 300mg, 600mg, and 1200mg.

  • What we Like
  • COA results readily available
  • Organic, non-GMO hemp
  • Made in the US
  • What we Dislike
  • 30-day Guarantee only applies to unopened products
Product Details
Form of CBD Oil tincture
Flavors 1
CBD / bottle 60mg
Type of CBD Broad spectrum

Green Roads offers an outstanding product line for humans but just one line for pets. No flavors or fuss, just CBD in an MCT oil base. If your dog has a sensitive stomach, a more simple formula would probably be better for him to digest. These run on the moderately pricey side but you are paying for a product from a transparent company and can scan the bottle in your hand to see the COA test results for the product you are feeding your dog.

For ease of dosage, Green Roads offers 3 sizes for your dog, with 2mg/ml for small dogs, 7mg/ml for medium dogs, and 20mg/ml for larger dogs. They also offer a cat-specific CBD oil option.

  • What we Like
  • COA on file
  • Made in US
  • Organic
  • What we Dislike
  • High price point
Product Details
Form of CBD Oil tincture
Flavors 1
CBD / bottle 750mg
Type of CBD Full spectrum

Spruce sells lab-grade CBD for dogs that is just as nice as that for humans, and not marked up just because it’s for pups, either. It’s formulated with coconut oil as a carrier to be easier on your dog’s digestive system and more mild than hemp oil. COA tests are readily available on the website. Spruce uses a “moonshine” alcohol extraction method. It’s higher potency and you’ll need to dose accordingly.

  • What we Like
  • Made in the US
  • COA Results
  • Multiple strengths available
  • 60-day guarantee
  • What we Dislike
  • Palm kernel carrier oil
Product Details
Form of CBD Oil tincture
Flavors 2
CBD / bottle 150mg
Type of CBD Broad spectrum

cbdMD has an impressive range of CBD products just for dogs, including 5 different levels of potency. This makes dosing larger dogs or those needing higher dosages for health concerns easier and more cost-effective.

cbdMD also offers calming tinctures in 250mg and 500mg dosages (blueberry flavored) containing melatonin, valerian root, passionflower, lemon balm, and chamomile.

Other products in the range include calming chews, hip and joint chews, soft chews, peanut butter, and topical balm.

  • What we Like
  • Made in the US
  • Organic
  • Non-GMO, gluten and dairy free
  • CO2 Extraction
  • 30-day Guarantee
  • What we Dislike
  • Higher price point
Product Details
Form of CBD Oil tincture
Flavors 1
CBD / bottle 150mg
Type of CBD Full spectrum

Holistapet has a great line-up of products including CBD oil in tincture and capsule form. Capsules may be easier to give to some dogs than oil. They are also easier to travel with than a bottle as they have a precise dose in them.

The CBD oil tincture comes in 150mg, 300mg, 600mg, 1200mg and 3000mg strengths as do the capsules. Other products in the line-up include dog chews for anxiety, mobility and heart and immune care. Buying in bundles can save you money

The COA data on all of Holistapet’s products was easy to find and readily available on the website. We’re fans!

  • What we Like
  • Made in the US
  • CO2 Extraction
  • 3 flavors
  • 30-day guarantee
  • What we Dislike
  • Older COA sheets on file
Product Details
Form of CBD Oil tincture
Flavors 3
CBD / bottle 150mg
Type of CBD Full spectrume

MedTerra offers 3 flavors of CBD oil for dogs with 3 strengths of CBD: 150mg, 300mg, and 750mg. These tinctures can also be used for cats. The beef and chicken flavors (organically sourced) can be helpful if you have a picky dog who doesn’t like the natural flavor but in case you don’t need flavor, they also offer an unflavored variety. We were little disappointed that the most recent COA is well over a year old.

MedTerra offers joint support and calming soft chews (that are actually soft) for dogs in 300 mg strength.

  • What we Like
  • Broad range of products
  • 30-day guarantee
  • Organic
  • What we Dislike
  • High price point
  • No readily available COA sheets
Product Details
Form of CBD Oil Tincture
Flavors 1
CBD / bottle 680mg
Type of CBD Full spectrum

Canna-pet has a lot of easy to use products, including biscuits, dry hemp capsules and CBD oil. For the small animal formula offers 4mg CBD per capsule, and the large offers 8.5mg of CBD per capsule. The CBD oil tincture was 680mg and will not be suitable for cats. We like that that Canna-pet is well-reviewed and respected in the community but were unable to easily find COA results on the page and not as impressed by the level of claims that were made (but not really made) on their site. They got a hand-slap from the FDA back in 2015 and while they’ve changed their language somewhat, it feels very mass-produced and generic, and perhaps not indicative of the quality we’d be looking for in CBD oil for our pups.

Clicking on the product testing info page brings up a pop-up showing what CBD and finished products are tested for, not the actual COAs themselves. We do like that Canna-Pet offers a generous discount for shelter and foster operations.

Best Products Best CBD Oil for Dogs

Product Name Best for Rate
Honest Paws CBD Oil for Dogs Wellness Formula Best Overall 9
ABSC Organics CBD for Dogs Best Clinical-Trial-Tested 9
Lazarus Naturals Pet CBD Oil Best Value 8
Austin And Kat Bakko’s Hip & Joint CBD Oil Best for Mobility 9
CBDMD Canine CBD Oil Best High Potency 8

How to Choose:

Make sure you are getting actual CBD oil tincture

You may see terms like “hemp seed oil,” “cannabis sativa seed oil,” and “cannabis seed oil.” These almost always refer to hemp oil. Products including terms like “cannabidiol” or specifying “CBD” are CBD oils. You can read more about the difference between the two here.

Tinctures are made by submerging plants (leaves, stalks, seeds, etc.) in alcohol to extract the active ingredients from the plants into liquid form. The finished “CBD oil” product is the cannabidiol and other compounds suspended in a carrier oil, which is usually coconut oil (MCT) or hemp oil. Some manufacturers may use other carrier oils such as krill.

Tinctures are the most effective way to dose CBD. CBD treats are often processed, heated and it may be difficult to judge potency over time by administering CBD only in chews or treats. While these can be a good way to give your dog CBD as part of a wellness routine, if you are concerned about potency and dosage, use an oil tincture.

Ensure the CBD you are giving your dog is derived from hemp, not marijuana.

While you can extract CBD from either hemp or marijuana plants, marijuana poses significant health risks to your dog and is not safe for animals to consume. Additionally, it is illegal in most states to use CBD oil derived from marijuana.

The Certificate of Analysis, or COA:

Choose a CBD manufacturer who can provide a current (within the past year) Certificate of Analysis (COA) that shows they have commissioned independent third-party testing. A COA will show information such as the percentage of CBD and THC, along with any contaminants. Avoid a company that does not prominently display this information. Some oils have far more THC in them than listed on the label.

This is a certificate indicating that a laboratory independent of the manufacturer tested the CBD oil to make sure the percentages are correct and it’s free from foreign and toxic byproducts. If the product you are looking at does not have a current (within the last year) COA readily available, move on. If you are buying a bottle of CBD in a store, many of them have a code you can scan on the bottle that will link you to the certificate online if you scan with your phone.

Ensure the party who carried out the analysis is an accredited laboratory, not another manufacturer or cannabis company. Many of the third-party testing “companies” are part of the cannabis industry and you have no way of knowing if there is a conflict of interest.

The certificate should have:

  • A certificate ID
  • Indication showing date of the test, who completed it, and the party that requested it.
  • Cannabinoids with the total mg per unit showing how much THC and CBD
  • Terpenes
  • Microbials, Foreign Matter, Heavy metals, Pesticides

CBD for dogs should not contain levels of THC above 0.3%, otherwise, it is considered marijuana, possibly illegal, and definitely unsafe for your dog. Check the date of the test against your product’s packaging to be sure the test was recently completed. Reputable manufacturers will issue a COA for every batch of CBD oil they sell.

What to Avoid:

Don’t get sold a bill of goods. You may meet some very friendly people selling CBD oil in pet shops, natural food stores, or dispensaries (or even online) but keep in mind that most of them are not veterinarians:

  • They do not know what other medications/supplements your dog may be on and the potential drug interaction that could occur with CBD oil usage.
  • They have not examined your dog to know what the state of his health looks like.

CBD oil is presently banned on Amazon. However, if you search for it, you will see all kinds of products designed to resemble CBD with stunningly high milligram counts. Many of these products are made from US-sourced hemp oil, but far more of them are industrially-processed hemp oil from who knows where loaded with questionable supplements.

Some companies find a way to sell their CBD oil on Amazon with and you may be familiar with their brands, but Amazon’s rules don’t allow them to disclose accurately on their label what’s in it, and of course, you cannot see a COA for what’s on Amazon. In the future, Amazon may allow for CBD products to be sold on its marketplace but for now, avoid it.

  • Do not ever give your dog CBD oil or “edibles” intended for humans. There may be other ingredients that could be toxic or fatal to a dog, including theobromine, xylitol sweetener or carrier oils like grapeseed.
  • Avoid products that contain THC. Marijuana poisoning for dogs is a very real thing and he could become very sick.
  • Avoid any CBD oil made with extraction technique using any other substance than CO2 or alcohol
  • Avoid any tincture suspended in an alcohol base (choose high quality oil bases only for your dog)
  • Avoid any products with coloring, preservatives, or other additives, such as sweeteners.

A Breakdown of Product Attributes In Our Reviews:

Form of CBD

The most common forms CBD is sold in for dogs are oil tinctures, capsules, chews or treats, and topical treatments. Some manufacturers also sell CBD peanut butter for dogs.

  • Research has proven that oil tinctures provide the highest levels of bioavailability to your dog.
  • Chews and treats are useful if your dog does not like the taste of CBD oil but do not offer the precision of giving a dose that an oil tincture does.
  • Capsules can provide help you choose a precise amount for your dog and are convenient.


Some CBD products for dogs are enhanced with tasty flavors like bacon, peanut butter, blueberry, apples, etc.

  • Avoid products with artificial flavors
  • Avoid products with artificial sweeteners in them, as substances like xylitol are fatal to dogs
  • You may be able to flavor your CBD oil yourself if your dog prefers it- in gravy, in his food, or on treats that he already has


This attribute describes how much CBD is contained in a bottle or the potency of the oil. A higher number means there is more CBD in the bottle. For an owner who wants to give their dog a higher CBD dose, a more potent oil makes it easier.

Type of CBD

CBD is sold in several forms- full-spectrum or broad-spectrum and as an isolate. Full-spectrum means the product has undergone the least processing, and these extracts typically contain much more of the hemp plant, such as cannabinoids, terpenes, and flavonoids. CBD isolate is made through an extraction process that removes all other compounds, leaving only cannabidiol (CBD) itself.

What to Look For:

First things first.

What are the goals with your dog and use of CBD oil? Does he have a specific condition you are hoping to help him overcome or are you seeking to incorporate CBD as an ongoing maintenance supplement for his wellness and general health? These goals should be discussed with your veterinarian. Yes, good quality CBD products are expensive! Especially high-potency ones! Keep in mind that:

  • Lower potency products are best for regular, maintenance use of CBD for your dog, and you should always start at a very low dose
  • Higher potency products make appropriate dosage for larger dogs easier (more CBD per drop)
  • Lower potency makes it easier for smaller dogs so you aren’t out there with a toothpick trying to measure out a quarter of a drop of super potent oil.
  • Your dog’s weight, age and how active he is are also going to determine how much he should have.
  • If you are considering a CBD product with other ingredients, you want to be sure that not only the CBD but also the other ingredients will not affect how any existing medication is metabolized in his body. Always ask a veterinarian!

Our Recommendations on CBD for Dogs:

Due to the unregulated market, there are a lot of inferior products out there. You want a high-quality product for your dog, and you want to know exactly what’s in it. Here are some guidelines:

  • Choose a specifically made product for dogs because some CBD products have ingredients that are poisonous to canines, such as theobromine, xylitol sweetener, or carrier oils like grapeseed.
  • Make sure you are getting actual CBD oil, not hemp oil, with clever packaging.
  • The most popular and safe form of CBD is in an oil tincture. This has also been proven to be the most effective way for it to absorb, and for pets, the easiest way to ensure a precise dose.
  • CBD for dogs should not contain levels of THC above 0.3%. Otherwise, it is considered marijuana, possibly illegal, and unsafe for your dog.
  • High-quality CBD oil can be pricey. Don’t choose CBD for your dog based on price.
  • The hemp should be grown in conditions where the soil is tested.
  • The manufacturer should have a current Certificate of Analysis (COA) readily available. This should reflect an analysis of their product and its content, conducted by an independent third-party laboratory. Reputable manufacturers will issue a COA for every batch of CBD oil they sell.
  • Avoid a company that does not prominently display a recent COA for their CBD products.
  • Due to how industrial hemp is grown and processed, organic is best.
  • Tinctures are best for therapeutic purposes.

What is a COA or Certificate of Analysis?

The COA is a certificate indicating that a laboratory independent of the manufacturer tested the CBD oil to make sure the percentages are correct and free from foreign and toxic byproducts.

If the product you are looking at does not have a current (within the last year) COA readily available, move on! If you are buying a bottle of CBD in a store, many of them have a code you can scan on the bottle that will link you to the certificate online if you scan with your phone.

Choose a CBD manufacturer who can provide a current (within the past year) Certificate of Analysis (COA) that shows they have commissioned independent third-party testing. A COA will show information such as the percentage of CBD and THC, along with any contaminants. Some oils have far more THC in them than listed on the label.

Ensure the party who carried out the analysis is an accredited laboratory, not another manufacturer or cannabis company. Many third-party testing “companies” are part of the cannabis industry, and you have no way of knowing if there is a conflict of interest.

The certificate should include:

  • A certificate ID
  • Indication showing the date of the test, who completed it, and the party that requested it.
  • Cannabinoids with the total mg per unit showing how much THC and CBD
  • Terpenes
  • Microbials, Foreign Matter, Heavy metals, Pesticides

Reputable manufacturers will issue a COA for every batch of CBD oil they sell.


The information supplied by Sparky’s Spots about CBD for dogs is meant to serve as a guide only. We encourage our readers to be cognizant of misleading and unproven claims. CBD oil should never replace timely medical care for your dog. The FDA recognizes potential possibilities in the use of CBD, but has not approved it for use in animals. Many claim that CBD oil can cure cancer, diabetes, and Alzheimers. While it is known that CBD oil can help address anxiety, insomnia and pain in humans, and the research for dogs looks promising, the research to understand what the side effects are is still in very early stages. There is even less research for long-term effects on dogs.

Best CBD Oil For Dogs Canada

It is a natural drug that can treat many problems in dogs, including seizures, pain, and anxiety. In addition, it provides holistic wellness and improves their quality of life without producing toxic side effects. Hence, numerous pet owners are turning towards CBD to give some respite to their furry companions.

The trouble is, the market is flooded with several options, and most people writing reviews on the internet have no prior experience with the products themselves. So, how does one know which brand to trust?

That’s when we come into the picture; our reviews have been compiled by experts after proper scrutinization and a careful understanding of what dogs need.

But, before we get started with our guide on the best CBD oil for dogs in Canada, we suggest you to learn about the benefits CBD oil offers for you dog on https://www.crecso.com/

CBD For Dogs: How We Made This List?

Canines have an endocannabinoid system, just like humans, but CBD works for the two in completely different ways. CBD oil meant for dogs differs in potency and has unique properties.

Given the tremendous popularity of CBD, many brands have made their way into the market. So, sorting through them was quite a challenge but one we were willing to take on.

We began by asking people who have administered CBD to their pets about their genuine experience and unbiased reviews. Besides, we trudged through different consumer forums to make a list of the most commonly used brands.

We analyzed each of these brands in the next step – the ingredients, third-party lab test reports, side effects, and we asked veterinarians and CBD journalists to chime in with their opinions. We eliminated options if they failed to meet our quality standards, and after sifting through most of the brands, our list came down to the top three products.

While eliminating brands on our list, these were the factors we considered:

■ Easy availability of third-party lab test reports

■ Opinions of vets and CBD experts

■ Market reputation of the brand

■ Unbiased opinions of customers and prominent influencers

■ Ingredients used in production

■ Efficacy of the product and clear dosage instructions

Some of our researchers who had dogs with ailments such as anxiety tried the CBD oil from our top picks. And the results were astoundingly impressive.

Top 3 Best CBD Oil For Dogs Canada Wide [Full Reviews]

While looking for CBD oil in Canada , CBDNorth is one brand whose name will inadvertently pop up. The primary aim of this brand is to provide a wide range of CBD products, from creams, oils, to gummies to its customers at competitive prices.

The plant-based ingredients used in the manufacturing process are sourced from local Canadian farms and are processed under strict FDA standards. Besides, it abides by ethical manufacturing practices and does not include any artificial additives or preservatives in its products.

Staying true to its aim of providing universal access, the brand offers free shipping on all orders above $99 and offers exciting discounts on its website for Canadian citizens.

Furthermore, all its products have undergone third-party lab testing, and the results are available on its website for easy access. Thus, the brand is quite transparent with its health claims, and your pets are getting nothing but the best. This is a welcome relief for people who are skeptical about trying CBD for their pets.


CBDNorth’s CBD oil for dogs is our top choice because of the following reasons:

All-Natural Ingredients

The brand makes use of organic, premium hemp extract for the production of this oil. Besides, it contains pure MCT oil and wild Alaskan salmon oil. It steers away from using any chemicals or unnatural additives like phosphates that some brands use and that have been linked to diseases such as tumors and cancer.

The addition of MCT oil ensures that your dog can better absorb the oil.

If you have pets – whether cats or dogs – you don’t need us to tell you how fussy they can be regarding food.

To help overcome that problem, this CBD oil from CBDNorth has a rich salmon taste that makes it delicious and easy to administer. It provides all the benefits of wild Alaskan salmon oil and contains omega-3 fats, excellent for heart and joint health.

This oil comes in a 30ml bottle with a handy dropper. It has one standard concentration of 500mg. It is important to remember that dogs and cats require CBD in lower doses than humans. So, always start from a lower amount and then increase it only if it doesn’t suffice.

As a rule of thumb, pets need anywhere between 1-5mg per 10lbs for anxiety and mild pain. However, for severe pain, you can administer up to 8mg per 10lbs.

It is always advisable to contact a veterinarian who’ll be able to guide you better and prescribe a suitable dose depending on your pet’s age, weight, and severity of the issue.

Health Benefits

Another aspect that makes this product our top pick is its multiple health benefits. For starters, it doesn’t have any THC, which is harmful to pets.

In addition, the plant-based ingredients work to relieve anxiety, mild to severe pain, inflammation, and conditions such as arthritis and joint aches. Besides, it also promotes calmness and induces sleep.


■ Can work for both dogs and cats

■ All-natural, locally sourced ingredients

■ Dropper allows easy administration

■ Safe and non-toxic

■ Multiple health benefits

■ Free shipping on all orders above $99

■ Rich salmon taste


■ No subscription packages available

CBD2HEAL is an Ontario-based brand that offers a range of luxury CBD products and comes with 40 years of experience in business, medicine, and marketing operations. This brand has experts and chemists on board who carefully scrutinize the ingredients and bring their expertise to the task of manufacturing top-quality CBD oils for dogs.

Thus, it comes as no surprise that customers cannot stop raving about this product and how effectively it treats their dogs.

All of its products, including CBD oil, are made from GMO-free, industrial-grade hemp stalks and comply with GMP Canada standards. So, you are treating your pet with the most viable of products. For further reassurance, you can check the third-party lab test reports on the brand’s website.

Apart from CBD oil, they offer topicals, capsules, and salves. What is particularly impressive is that all the products come with a 30-day money-back guarantee, and you can return them for a full refund if they cannot produce the desired results. Besides, the company offers quick and free shipping.


Multiple Strengths

CBD2HEAL offers its CBD oil in three different variants – 150mg, 250mg, and 500mg. The 150mg and 250mg variants can effectively treat mild-to-moderate cases of anxiety, inflammation, and pain.

However, the 500mg dose is recommended for medium-sized dogs or those suffering from acute pain. Experts recommend starting with a lower amount since pets do not require CBD in the same potency that humans do. If your canine suffers from severe pain and other health conditions, it is always best to consult with a vet.

Pets can be skittish, and there’s no simple way of administering a drug they don’t like, especially if they are not accustomed to ingesting something via a dropper. So, to make things easier for you, the tincture from CBD2HEAL is bacon-flavored.

Thus, it suppresses the earthy taste of pure CBD and ensures your pet gets a delicious alternative every day.

Organic Ingredients

This brand uses 99% pure isolate CBD, organic MCT oil, and natural bacon flavoring.

In addition, it doesn’t contain any THC, so the chances of it producing a “high” are negated. The presence of all-natural ingredients that are locally derived ensures that the oil has no toxic effects.

You can know more about the ingredients and their concentration by going through the third-party lab test reports and Certificate Of Analysis (COA) available on the brand’s website.

CBD2HEAL has a highly convenient and buyer-friendly shipping policy in place. It delivers all over Canada, and that too for free! In addition, it also offers affordable subscription plans where you can save up to 20%.

So, every time you run out of products, you don’t have to go through the hassle of re-ordering them. The brand automatically ships your product on time.

Range Of Benefits

Apart from pain relief, CBD tinctures for dogs help alleviate anxiety symptoms, promoting sound sleep and overall wellness. In addition, it has anti-inflammatory properties and supports cardiovascular health.


■ Excellent healing properties

■ Use of pure isolate CBD

■ Discounted subscription packages

■ Multiple potencies available

■ All-natural, locally sourced ingredients

■ Third-party lab-tested reports


Only one flavor available

CBD Magic’s full-spectrum CBD oil comes in one flavor and potency, but they have mastered the formula. The brand is one of the most reliable producers of pet-friendly CBD oil and has a reputation for manufacturing high-quality CBD products. We’ll tell you all about the unique characteristics of its CBD tincture, but before delving into that, here’s a quick brand overview.

Besides CBD tincture for dogs, this brand manufactures various products such as creams and water-soluble potions using innovative and latest techniques. It abstains from using any artificial flavors or unnatural additives that can produce harmful side effects.

With a field experience that spans over 50 years, CBD Magic has made a name for itself as a trustworthy and safe brand. You can easily order the products from the brand’s website and get exciting discounts if you opt for the monthly subscription plan. What’s more, the brand delivers to every nook and corner of Canada, and you get free shipping on all orders!


The CBD oil from CBD Magic is formulated using full-spectrum organic hemp, pure MCT oil, and hemp seed oil. Since it is a full-spectrum oil, it contains other cannabinoids apart from CBD. Unlike our previous recommendations, this oil contains 0.3% THC, but there’s nothing to worry about as it has been carefully distilled.

Health Benefits

The full-spectrum variant contains amino acids, vitamins, and cannabis terpenes that enhance this oil’s overall benefits and produces the “Entourage Effect.” This maximizes the efficacy of the oil and has a range of health benefits.

Thus, this CBD oil can efficiently heal your four-legged companions from different problems such as anxiety, pain, inflammation, and induce sleep.

CBD Magic has an easy shipping policy, and you don’t have to pay an extra amount to get the products shipped to your location. The brand delivers to any Canadian town and usually ships within 1 to 5 days. However, if you’re living in a rural area, the product may take over a week to get to you.

Money-Back Guarantee

CBD Magic takes great pride in the efficacy of its products and has complete confidence in its ability to heal pain and alleviate anxiety in dogs. In the unlikely event that the CBD tincture cannot produce the desired results, you can return it within 30 days of purchase for a full refund.

However, the catch here is that you have to bear the shipping costs.

Lab-Tested Products

You can’t trust any random brand for your pets – and CBD Magic understands that. Therefore, like all its other products, CBD oil for dogs has undergone third-party lab testing. You can easily access the Certificate Of Analysis and pesticide testing reports on its website for further clarity.

Customer-Friendly Team

CBD Magic boasts a multitude of positive customer reviews, even on third-party websites. Besides their excellent and reliable products, we can credit their fantastic customer-care team for this.

In case of any queries, you can get in touch with them on the number provided on the website, and they will guide you with the correct dose, return policy, and product details.


■ Affordable subscription packs

■ Uses full-spectrum CBD

■ Quick and efficient customer service

■ 30-day money-back guarantee

■ Third-party lab-tested products


■ Not available in multiple strengths

Buying Guide: Things To Consider Before Purchasing CBD Oil For Pets

CBD was legalized for recreational use in 2018, and ever since, a number of brands have made their way into the market and offer CBD oil and other related products.

However, there are a few factors you need to keep in mind while looking for CBD oil for dogs Canada. For starters, the company you choose should have your pet’s best interests in mind and formulate their pet-care range with dedication and ethicality. And, they should ensure that all their products are safe for consumption through third-party lab testing.

In the following section, we will look at the things you need to pay special heed to while you are looking for a suitable CBD tincture for your canine.

1. Source Of Hemp

The foremost consideration while purchasing CBD products should be the source from which the brand derives its ingredients, especially hemp.

As you might already know, the source of hemp can make or break a CBD product. Good-quality hemp can produce the desired results with no side effects.

Typically, you should opt for brands that use locally sourced hemp since Canadian manufacturing standards are pretty stringent and follow several regulatory restrictions.

2. Ingredients

Apart from organic hemp extracts, there are multiple other ingredients used in the manufacture of CBD oil.

Full-spectrum oil contains terpenes, CBG, and THC, among other ingredients which work in conjunction to produce what we know as the “Entourage Effect,” which improves your CBD experience. The CBD tincture also contains MCT oil, hemp seed oil, and natural flavoring.

Carefully go through the list of ingredients and always choose a product that uses lab-tested and organic products.

3. Third-Party Lab Test Reports

Lab test reports are one of the best ways to determine the authenticity of a product. A reputed brand will ensure all their products undergo testing from a third-party laboratory. We insist on test reports from third-party sources because they don’t have any stake in the company and will provide unbiased information.

Usually, brands whose products have passed the testing will display the results on their website, besides the Certificate Of Analysis and pesticide testing reports. Carefully inspecting the reports is of utmost importance to ensure that you are not giving your dog anything they are allergic to or that might adversely impact their health.

4. Health Benefits

■ CBD helps treat many issues your pup might suffer from . These include:

■ Anxiety and stress

■ Arthritis and joint pain

■ Nausea and and lack of appetite in aging dogs

Although some researchers have claimed that CBD can also effectively treat epileptic seizures in dogs, there is no confirmed data for the same.

5. Potency

Dogs do not need CBD in the same potency as humans. So, you have to be careful about their dosage requirements.

Usually, most brands offer their CBD tincture in a 30ml bottle with a handy dropper for easy administering. Although top brands offer well-researched dosage charts on their website, we highly recommend consulting with a veterinarian first and assessing the requirements of your pet based on their weight, severity of the condition, and age.

CBD For Dogs: How Does CBD Oil Help Dogs?

As we have mentioned earlier, dogs have an endocannabinoid system quite similar to humans. The introduction of CBD in the system helps send signals to the receptors in the brain and thus treat a host of conditions, including chronic pain, anxiety, and inflammation. The oil contains anxiolytics which have anti-inflammatory and anti-anxiety properties.

In addition, it boosts metabolism, helps aid digestion, promotes sound sleep, and improves overall well-being.

Unlike prescription medications, it produces little to no side effects, and the presence of organic ingredients makes it 100% safe for consumption. Experts recommend regular usage and high doses of CBD only for dogs who suffer from chronic pain or anxiety. But, most dog owners prefer to use it occasionally only.

Usually, orally administered CBD oil takes 30 to 45 minutes to work.

FAQs About CBD Oil For Dogs

1. What Is The Right CBD Dose For My Dog?

There is no one-size-fits-all approach when it comes to CBD for dogs. However, most experts and long-time users recommend starting from a small dose. You can administer 1 to 2mg per 10lbs for beginners.

2. Is THC Harmful For My Dog?

THC is said to produce toxic side effects on dogs. But, the good news is, most CBD products are legally bound to use less than 0.3% of THC. An amount this insignificant has absolutely no side effects and can be safely consumed.

You can look up the Certificate Of Analysis and lab-test reports for further reassurance in this regard.

3. Does CBD Help Treat Cancer In Dogs?

Hemp seed oil and CBD have been shown to kill cancer cells and prevent the growth of tumors. Several studies have been conducted on this topic, and although there’s no concrete evidence, it does help improve your dog’s overall well-being and ensure good cardiovascular health.

4. What Are The Possible Side Effects Of CBD?

Some common side effects your dog might experience include dry mouth, drowsiness, and an upset stomach. These are completely normal and subside after a while.

Final Thoughts: Which Is The Best Canadian CBD Oil For Dogs?

CBD is a boon for humans and their four-legged friends. It is practical, safe, and made of all-natural ingredients, and is easy to consume.

After careful analysis and research, we think CBDNorth’s THC-Free CBD Oil is an excellent pick if you are looking for an all-organic product with natural salmon flavoring. Trailing close behind is the CBD isolate oil from CBD2HEAL that comes in multiple strengths and has a range of health benefits.

Not to forget the CBD tincture from CBDMagic that has full-spectrum CBD and offers a 30-day money-back guarantee. Choose from our illustrious list of top-grade brands offering CBD Oil For Dogs Canada, and you won’t have to worry about safety or efficacy at all!

That’s all for today. Do let us know your final pick in the comments below!

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