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5000mg Full Spectrum CBD Oil 10ml (50%) HIGHEST STRENGTH – Buy 1 Get 1 Half Price! Strongest CBD in the UK!

Super High Concentrate Minimum 50% CBD Extract. This is the strongest and highest CBD extract available in the UK which complies with strict UK legislation!
Please note this product is very concentrated, it crystallises. Before every use should be immersed in hot but not boiling water for several minutes until the extract has dissolved into a liquid consistency. Also, after every use, the petite must be completely emptied of any remaining oil back into the bottle.

Minimum 5000mg Full Spectrum CBD Extract 10ml (50%) HIGHEST STRENGTH from Sativa L Hemp plant suspended in Virgin Hemp oil

CBD also is known as cannabinoid it is one of the 104 chemical compounds found in the Hemp plant Cannabis Sativa L. The plant only contains traces of THC (delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol) the main psychoactive substance found in cannabis.

Our products are no psychoactive, low THC under 0.2%!

To enjoy the full benefits of our CBD, full plant CBD extracted from the Sativa L Hemp to preserve the terpenes, flavonoids and other cannabinoids.

How to Use Full Spectrum Organic CBD oil?

Oral Use of Full Spectrum Organic CBD Virgin Hemp Supercritical C02 Extract Most users put 1-2 drops of the CBD oil under the tongue and hold it there for about one minute before swallowing it. The rate of absorption under the tongue is faster due to the mucous membrane that enables getting into the system in a flash. However, if the taste of CBD oil is too strong for you like some users, you can add it to drinks, smoothies and foods that do not require heating before consumption.

Honey Heaven Full Spectrum Organic Virgin Hemp Supercritical C02 CBD Extract does not require any preparations for use. However, you are advised to start from a lower strength CBD oil and gradually increase to high strength CBD oil if necessary. You can take one to two drops of oil twice each day or more if needed.

Do not exceed the maximum daily dose of 200mg per day for non-medically licensed CBD.

Our Full Spectrum Organic CBD Virgin Hemp Supercritical C02 Extract comes in different measurements and strengths:

Meanwhile, all full strengths of our supercritical CO2 extracted CBD oil can be used straight from the bottle.

How our CBD Extract Tastes?

Our Full Spectrum Organic CBD Virgin Hemp Supercritical C02 Extract has a herbal taste that gets stronger with a higher percentage of concentrations. Although the under-tongue administration is the fastest way to absorb CBD oil, you need to find the taste that appeals to you either by adding to smoothies or foods that are not heated before consumption.

Ingredients: Virgin Hemp oil, Sativa L containing 27mg per drop Cannabidiol extract.

What does our CBD oil contain?

Our Full Spectrum Organic CBD Virgin Hemp Supercritical C02 Extract contains a unique chemical composition – a high content of CBD and other cannabinoids with under 0.2% THC. As a result, none of our products has any adverse effects typical of marijuana or THC use and will not result in a “high” effect. When you need all the positive benefits that CBD oil offers without any psychoactive effects, the Full Spectrum Organic CBD oil by Honey Heaven is the perfect product for you.

Honey Heaven Full Spectrum Organic CBD Virgin Hemp Supercritical C02 Extract contains an extensive collection of cannabinoids such as CBC, CBDA, CBG, CBN and much more. Besides, terpenes, the organic hydrocarbons contained in the plants’ essential oils are found in our extracts. A combination of terpenes, CBD and other cannabinoids creates synergistic effect scientists call “entourage effect” that amplifies the therapeutic benefits of each component of the plant. In effect, the overall medicinal benefits of the entire plant outweigh the totality of its parts.

Suitable for vegetarians and vegans.


  • Keep out of reach of children.
  • Do not use during pregnancy and breastfeeding.
  • Like all supplements, persons under 18 years old, pregnant women and nursing mother should not use CBD oil products.
  • Users are, however, advised to consult their doctors to clarify that there will not be any contraindications of CBD oil with other medications they are taking or their present state of health.
  • Do not take CBD oil as a replacement for prescription medicines or other forms of medical treatments.
  • Avoid adding CBD oil to hot drinks or foods because its effectiveness is reduced if heated above 65ÂșC.
  • Instead, use our Organic Acacia CBD Honey infused in 1500mg Full Spectrum Organic CBD Virgin Hemp Supercritical C02 Extract.
  • Do not exceed 7 drops (200mg) per day.


Full Spectrum Organic CBD Virgin Hemp Supercritical C02 Extracts are the highest quality products by Honey Heaven. We are into partnership with experienced and licensed farmers in Switzerland, which enables us to have access to nutrient-dense, organically and ethically grown plants at the highest level of potency. The Full Spectrum Organic CBD Virgin Hemp Supercritical C02 Extract we use is grown mainly for the extraction of CBD from its aerial’s parts (stalk, leaves and flowers).

The result of this careful and selective farming is the Honey Heaven’s premium high-quality Full Spectrum Organic CBD Virgin Hemp Supercritical C02 Extract.

Why choose Honey Heaven CBD oil?

Our quality control program is strict and detailed and tests every batch of products. We prioritize highest standards of purity and potency possible to deliver only the best quality Full Spectrum Virgin Hemp Extracts. Our CBD and phytonutrient content are confirmed and certified by independent laboratory tests.

How to Identify and Shop for High-Quality Cannabis Oil

Cannabis oil, or concentrated cannabis extracts, can be consumed in many different ways: you can puff on a vape oil pen, flash vaporize extracts using a dab rig, or simply sprinkle wax onto your next bowl for added potency. And those are just a few of the many ways to enjoy cannabis concentrates .

However, finding high-quality cannabis oil is not easy without knowing what it takes to manufacture good, clean oil. And with many brands to choose from in legal states, it’s easy to feel lost in a sea of options.

For this guide, we’ll look exclusively at raw oil products meant to be inhaled, such as oils found in vaporizer cartridges and dabbable concentrates.

What Makes Good, Clean Cannabis Oil?

A few crucial factors come into play when extracting cannabis oil: the quality of the starting material; a dialed-in extraction method; and proper post-processing.

1. High-Quality Starting Material

Great cannabis oil is sourced from clean, well-grown cannabis that is rich in cannabinoids and terpenes. Some things to consider when evaluated the source material include:

  • The quality of strain genetics
  • Freshness of the starting material
  • What part of the plant was extracted
  • How carefully the cannabis was handled after harvest

Not only will extracts consolidate the desirable qualities of the strain, but they’ll also concentrate any negative attributes or contaminants found on the plant; that means any defects will be amplified in the oil. That’s why the best cannabis oil comes from clean, high-quality cannabis flower.

2. Good Extraction Practices

Proper extraction preserves the chemical profile of the strain, creating a potent and flavorful iteration that accentuates the subtle nuances not always apparent in flower form.

If the extraction method isn’t fine-tuned, there’s a greater chance of the product taking on defects such as lackluster flavor, contamination, or other imperfections that lead to an underwhelming or negative experience.

3. Proper Post-Processing

Similar to the way an improper cure can ruin an otherwise prosperous cannabis harvest, the same can be said for post-processing cannabis concentrates.

Most cannabis oils go through some form of post-processing after their initial extraction. This involves drying and storing practices, purging excess solvents, and distilling or isolating specific cannabinoids, among other refinement processes.

Common Misconceptions About Cannabis Oil Quality

Myth #1: There is only one way to extract cannabis oil correctly. The truth is, each type of extraction has its own unique merits. There might be an extraction method that you prefer based on the type of oil it yields, but there isn’t an absolute “right” method. However, there are best practices for every type of extraction to ensure that the resulting oil is clean of contaminants and residual solvents.

Myth #2: Color and clarity will tell you the quality of your oil. Color and clarity can be manipulated and don’t tell a complete story when it comes to the quality of cannabis oil.

Darker oils may be viewed as less attractive than light or translucent concentrates, however there are a number of reasons that an oil might be darker colored. It could be as simple as the amount of light the packaging allows in, oxidation, or—at worst—poorly purged and worth avoiding.

Myth #3: Oils with more THC are better. This may be true if you are only after THC and the euphoric (and, for some, anxious) effects it provides. But if you’re looking for a robust spectrum of nuanced effects, you’ll want to find something that encapsulates the wide diversity of cannabinoids and terpenes found in the cannabis plant.

Myth #4: Oils with more terpenes are better. While terpenes are important for creating a wonderfully complex cannabis experience, they aren’t the whole story either. High volumes of terpenes can cause adverse effects or discomfort like a scratchy throat or itchy nose. The ideal oil will be a balance between flavor and potency, and should show a balanced mix of cannabis compounds as the strain has developed naturally.

Visual Cues of Quality Cannabis Oil

If color and clarity aren’t enough to judge the full quality of an oil product, then what can we tell from the appearance? First, we can look for visual defects like dust, dirt, and hair. Even though most extractors are meticulous about the way their products are packaged, visually inspecting for any contaminants is always a good idea.

The appearance can also give you an indication of the consistency and composition of the oil. Its consistency will help you understand what this oil will be like to use, apply, and dab. Furthermore, it can allude to the chemical profile of the oil. For example, runny oils sometimes called “ sauce ” generally feature a low viscosity consistency thanks to their high terpene content. Solid, stable concentrates generally feature higher cannabinoid levels as a result of THCA molecules clumping together into a more solid form.

What Can Cannabis Packaging Tell Us?

Packaging can tell us a lot about a product, but don’t be so distracted by beautiful branding that you overlook the actual product inside. Here’s what it can tell us:

  • The extraction method
  • The farm that grew the oil’s source material
  • Strain-level details like lineage and the original breeder
  • Chemical profile of the concentrate

Packaging can also tell us more about the care that the extractor takes with their products. For example, did they invest in airtight, glass containers to better preserve the product? Or did they collaborate with a sustainable, clean farm to source their starting material?

Additionally, state-mandated labels like warnings and potency analyses will give you an indication of things like THC percentage, total cannabinoids, and possibly even terpene profile and pesticides. These labels serve as a list of active ingredients and should help you draw some conclusions about the expected effects, flavors, and experience.

How to Ask Your Budtender for High-Quality Cannabis Oil

The best way to find what you’re looking for is to ask the right questions. If your budtender doesn’t provide you with the answers you need or tells you that they don’t enjoy cannabis oil, ask if there’s another budtender who can help.

Here are a few simple questions you can ask your budtender to get a deeper understanding of the quality of the cannabis oil they have to offer:

  • What can you tell me about this extractor? Maybe they have personal experience to share.
  • How is this oil extracted? This can be important if you have a strong preference between solventless or solvent-based extraction .
  • What farm is the cannabis from? Maybe it’s from a farm you already know and love, or from one you’ve been wanting to try.
  • Is this a full-spectrum extract? A full-spectrum extract will encapsulate all the cannabinoids and terpenes as they occur in the flower naturally. If you want a nuanced experience, this is what you’re looking for. If you are after one specific compound like THC, then isolates or high-terpene extractions might be a better fit for you.
  • What’s your freshest concentrate or latest drop? Cannabis has a long shelf life, especially when stored correctly in a cool dark place. However, not everyone handles cannabis oil the same way. By shopping for the freshest cannabis oil, you can ensure that the terpene profile and consistency are best preserved.

If you have a specific price range, flavor, consumption method, or any other personal preferences, let your budtender know right away so they can help narrow your search.

Next-Generation CBD Products for Athletes

Higher potencies and different means of delivery are driving innovation.

Within the ever-expanding overall CBD market, runners and other athletes are increasingly a focus. This emphasis makes sense, when you consider that many of the touted benefits of CBD—pain relief, better sleep, faster recovery, lower inflammation—are of special interest to people who push their bodies hard. Companies are targeting athletes with higher-potency versions of typical CBD products and different ways to deliver CBD.

[product contentProductId=’8a919ab4-9ee2-4adf-b016-99fabe2531ae’ mediaId=’5ca083c1-163e-44d3-9a56-9a0fca92bcf2′ align=’left’ size=’small’][/product]

First, a refresher: CBD stands for cannabidiol, one of more than 100 related compounds called cannabinoids that are found in the cannabis plant. CBD doesn’t produce the high caused by the other most well-known cannabinoid, THC. CBD products sold online and in retail establishments are made from hemp, which by definition is a cannabis plant containing no more than .3 percent THC. As of last year’s farm bill, hemp is no longer classified as a controlled substance under federal law. For a detailed background read on CBD, see this article.

Now, on to the new wave of CBD products for athletes, grouped by the type of innovation. These are all products I’ve tested since writing The Athlete’s Guide to CBD.

Higher Potency Within Typical Products

Two of the main CBD product types are oral tinctures and topical solutions. Tinctures typically come in a 300-milliliter bottle, or just about 1 ounce. You use the supplied dropper to place some of the tincture under your tongue, then keep the tincture in your mouth for 30 to 60 seconds before swallowing. (If someone says “CBD oil,” they’re talking about a tincture.) Topicals come in many consistencies—thick salve, oil, cream, lotion, roll-on, and so on—and in many sizes. Topicals are applied to achy body parts in the hope of delivering targeted pain relief.

When CBD really started hitting the mainstream in 2018, a typical tincture contained 300 to 600 milligrams of CBD. That equals about 30 full-dropper servings in a typical bottle, meaning that one drop of a 600-milligram tincture contains 20 milligrams of CBD. As customers reported benefits from larger daily amounts of CBD, manufacturers responded by making more concentrated tinctures. You can now find 30-milligram tinctures containing 2,000 or more milligrams of CBD; one dropper of an 1,800-milligram-strength tincture provides 60 milligrams of CBD.

Below are three high-potency tinctures I’ve had good results from. (“Results” for me include improved sleep and less overall creakiness from being a 55-year-old who has run more than 110,000 miles over the last 40 years and who is training for a 50-miler.) I appreciate the higher-potency offerings because I’ve gravitated toward a daily CBD sweet spot of 30 to 60 milligrams. If your standard level is lower, the higher-potency tinctures mean you can take a fraction of a dropperful and not have to restock as frequently.

The same more-might-be-better approach is being applied to topicals. A year ago, a 2-ounce container typically contained 200 to 400 milligrams of CBD. Now the same size product might contain 1,000 or more milligrams, and smaller containers contain 500 milligrams or more. The two topicals above are good examples of the extra-strength products now targeted to athletes.

Altering CBD Within Typical Products

The CBD molecule is fat-soluble and relatively large. It doesn’t travel efficiently within the body’s mostly-water environment. Some estimates claim that only 8 to 10 percent of the CBD you consume in a tincture survives metabolism to be available within your body.

To address this problem, some companies try to change how the CBD molecule moves through your body. In extremely simplified terms, different processes are applied to CBD to shrink its particle size. Theoretically, creating these nano particles results in greater absorption. Tinctures made this way usually contain 300 milligrams of CBD per bottle, but, it’s claimed, provide as much or more net CBD as conventional tinctures of higher potency.

As with so many things in the CBD world, these claims are so far supported more by anecdote than vigorous clinical studies. My anecdote is that I felt a more immediate effect—mostly of calm and mental clarity—from the nano products below than from most other tinctures.

Another approach is to create products that contain a CBD derivative. A little science: CBD and THC aren’t present in the cannabis plant. Instead, the plant makes acidic precursors, known as CBDa and THCa, which become their better-known form when the plant is dried or processed.

A Virginia-based company, ChlyoCure, binds CBDa with magnesium to create a topical cream. This process results in a product that appears to be 1,000 times more potent than traditional CBD topicals, says Scott Palmer, M.D., one of the company’s founders and a team physician for the Chicago Bulls and Chicago White Sox.

ChyloCure hasn’t yet produced lab results proving the claim of greater effective potency. In my experiment of one last winter, it worked. Running on icy, slanted roads made me chronically sore and achy. The ChyloCure cream provided relief I didn’t feel when using conventional CBD topicals.

Adding CBD to Other Product Types

Floyd’s of Leadville has been a leader in creating new athlete-focused products. The brand, founded by Floyd Landis, who was stripped of his 2006 Tour de France title for doping, unveiled recovery bars over the summer. Each bar contains 25 milligrams. The bars’ taste and texture are pleasantly similar to a homemade nut butter/seed bar.

Ashlee’s Powers is a new CBD brand created by Ashlee Powers, a 34:26 10K runner based in Los Angeles. Its recovery bar contains 20 milligrams of CBD as well as collagen peptides and spirulina. It has a gooier, more chocolate flavor than the Floyd’s bar. Both taste good enough to eat for their own sake.

Same with this honey by Grassroots Harvest, each teaspoon of which contains approximately 15 milligrams of CBD. I found the cannabis flavor added a nice, earthy undertone. Given the price, this is a honey to be used selectively rather than eaten by the spoonful post-long run.

Incorporating CBD into liquids that athletes typically drink is a relatively new endeavor. Sometimes there’s a metallic or off taste that distracts from simply enjoying what you’re drinking. Of the noncaffeinated ones below, PLNT’s juice drinks most taste like something I’d want to drink if they didn’t contain CBD.

If you want caffeine with your CBD, there’s coffee from Willie’s Remedy. (That’s Willie as in music legend Willie Nelson.) The brand also offers green and black tea. The coffee has 240 milligrams of CBD per 8-ounce bag, the loose-leaf teas contain 300 milligrams per 3-ounce container. In all the Willie’s Remedy drinks, the cannabis flavor adds a nice element to the expected taste rather than overwhelming it.

A non-edible approach is to add CBD to skincare products. We’re all supposed to wear sunscreen; this one by Divios, with an SPF of 30, isn’t greasy, smells nice, and contains 240 milligrams of CBD. Finally, there’s this on-skin approach, a roughly 2”-by-3” patch from Hath that transmits 35 milligrams over the course of several hours. The patches I tested stayed on during even the sweatiest summer runs.