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Carrier Oils for CBD: How to Choose the Best One

Lana Butner, ND, LAc, is a board-certified naturopathic doctor and licensed acupuncturist in private practice in New York City .

If you’ve ever used a CBD oil, you’ve gotten more from the product than just cannabidiol (CBD). For multiple reasons, manufacturers include a carrier oil, too.

As its name suggests, a carrier oil delivers (or carries) the contents of the active compound. In this case, it's CBD. In the realm of beauty products, carrier oils dilute essential oils because the essential oil may be too strong on its own. (For example, a lavender reaction from lavender oil can cause the skin to itch, burn, or break out in blisters.)

Carrier oils are important to CBD because they help dissolve the cannabinoid’s molecules so they can be absorbed by the body. Many carrier oils are similar, but they may have differences that could be important to you for various reasons. For example, most of them are nut-based or plant-based, and you could be allergic to them. Oils that are taken orally may not taste good to you. Reading the label is a smart move—as long as you know what you're looking for.

This article explains the purpose of carrier oils and the possible side effects. It also describes the six carrier oils you're likely to see in stores and online, including their advantages and drawbacks.

Marketing Outpaces Science

CBD is an abbreviation for cannabidiol. It’s one of 100-plus chemicals in the cannabis plant that may have health benefits. It’s widely assumed that CBD oil can relieve arthritis pain, chronic pain, and chronic nerve pain as well as reduce inflammation, ease anxiety, and improve sleep. Researchers are actively studying other uses for CBD oil, particularly in terms of slowing cancer cell growth.

Purpose of CBD Carrier Oils

CBD products use different carrier oils, sometimes alone and sometimes in combinations. They serve several important functions:

Better Absorption

One key reason for using a carrier oil is that it improves bioavailability, which means it helps your body absorb CBD oil. CBD is fat-soluble, which means that it dissolves in oil rather than water. Fat-soluble substances are better absorbed when digested along with fat, even in small amounts.

When you digest water-soluble substances, like sugar or many vitamins and minerals, your digestive tract sends them directly into your bloodstream (because blood is a water-based liquid).

Fat-soluble substances can’t be absorbed this way. Instead, your digestive tract sends them into fatty tissues and they’re distributed through your body by the lymphatic system, which is part of your immune system. Any excess is stored in your liver and fatty tissues for later use.

All carrier oils are fat-soluble, which means CBD dissolves in it. Then the oil carries the CBD into the proper tissues so they’re more accessible by your body.

Know Your Tinctures

CBD products have introduced consumers to a new lexicon. For example, concentrated CBD oil usually taken through a dropper is known as a tincture.

Easier Dosing

CBD is a potent chemical, which means you don’t need much of it for a medicinal effect. However, this poses a problem when it comes to dosing. To deliver accurate and consistent doses, it’s easier to measure out a dropperful of CBD-infused oil than a tiny amount of crystalline isolate (which is CBD in pure form).

Added Health Benefits

Carrier oils sometimes include health benefits all on their own. For example, olive oil has gotten a lot of attention for its heart-healthy benefits.

If there’s an oil you’d like to get more of in your diet, adding it to your CBD regimen is one way to get it. (This said, it remains debatable whether one or two droppers of carrier oil a day is enough to have any tangible effect on your health. This is another CBD-related topic that falls under the category of "more research is required.")

CBD Products Come From Hemp

CBD products almost always are derived from hemp, which is botanically and legally different from the marijuana plant. By law, CBD products can’t contain more than 0.3% THC (short for delta-9- tetrahydrocannabinol ), which is the chemical in marijuana that creates a high.

Side Effects and Precautions

Most people don’t have side effects from common carrier oils. Some oils, though, may not be right for people with certain illnesses or who take certain medications. Always check with your healthcare provider before adding anything to your dietary regimen—even a “natural” product like CBD in a carrier oil. Natural doesn’t always mean safe.

If you have tree-nut allergies or other food allergies, be especially diligent about selecting CBD products with carrier oils you know are safe for you. All ingredients should be specified on the label.

For topical preparations, know that some carrier oils or other added ingredients may cause an itchy, red rash called allergic contact dermatitis. Others may cause a skin reaction after sun exposure. Be sure you’re familiar with the potential side effects of whatever products you’re using. And play it safe by testing a miniscule amount of topical oil on an obscure patch of skin to see if you develop a reaction.

What About Essential Oils?

Carrier oils aren’t the same thing as essential oils used for aromatherapy. Essential oils are highly concentrated, which is why they have a strong fragrance. Many essential oils can cause poisoning when ingested or absorbed through the skin, even in small amounts. This is true even if the oil comes from something that is normally safe to ingest, such as nutmeg.

Essential oils are often used topically (on the skin) after being diluted by a carrier oil. Essential oils themselves, however, should never be used as a carrier oil. Some topical CBD formulations may include essential oils such as lavender or eucalyptus oils because of their purported health benefits.

Before using these products, be sure you’re familiar with the ingredients and that you’re not allergic to any of them. Watch also for side effects, which can occur soon after using them.

Common Carrier Oils

Some CBD oils may contain one or more carrier oils. Some common carrier oils are:

  • Medium-chain triglyceride (MCT) oil
  • Hemp seed oil
  • Olive oil
  • Avocado oil


MCT oil is the most common carrier oil for CBD products. It can be derived from coconut or palm kernel oil, but coconut is the most common source. On labels, it’s sometimes listed as fractionated coconut oil, which means it contains more liquid than solid compared to normal coconut oil, thanks to fatty acids.

Medium-chain triglycerides are a type of fatty acid that your body can quickly absorb because it doesn’t have to break it down via digestion before sending it off to the lymph system. It also absorbs easily through the skin.

Long-chain triglycerides require more digestion time. Short-chain triglycerides are often consumed by gut bacteria before they’ve had time to be absorbed. So MCTs are the most useful.


  • Quick absorption due to molecular structure
  • 90% saturated fat, which also aids absorption
  • Light, thin oil
  • Almost flavorless
  • Doesn’t require chemical processing
  • Less expensive than some carrier oils
  • Slow to break down and go rancid


  • Temporary digestive side effects (nausea, gas, diarrhea, vomiting) in some people
  • Possible excessive build-up of ketones in the body (dangerous with poorly controlled diabetes)
  • Not recommended for people with liver disease
  • May interact with cholesterol-lowering statin drugs

Additional Health Claims

Some scientific evidence suggests that MCT oil may:

  • Help with weight loss by reducing your appetite, increasing metabolism, and making your body burn calories faster
  • Have benefits for people with autism, epilepsy, cancer, type 2 diabetes, and Alzheimer’s disease
  • Activate the immune system to fight yeast and bacterial overgrowth

While promising, much of this research is preliminary. More research is needed before MCT oil can be recommended for these uses.

Scrutinize Coconut Oil Labels

If the label of a CBD product says "coconut oil," it's likely regular coconut oil and not MCT. While perfectly fine as a carrier oil, regular coconut oil may not have all of the same benefits of an MCT.

Hemp Seed Oil

It may come from the same plant, but hemp seed oil (sometimes called hemp oil) and CBD oil aren’t the same thing. CBD comes from the flower while hemp seed oil comes from the seeds. The seeds contain fewer beneficial chemicals (cannabinoids and terpenes) than the flower and in much lower concentrations. However, they do contain some hemp phytochemicals that aren’t present in the flowers.

Using hemp seed oil as a carrier oil for CBD may contribute to what’s called the “entourage effect,” which basically means that combining parts of the plant may make each component more effective than it would be alone.

This quality makes hemp seed oil a popular choice for “full-spectrum” products, which contain all of the component chemicals of the hemp plant rather than just CBD.


  • Rich in omega-3 fatty acids, which may lower inflammation
  • Ideal ratio of omega-3 to omega-6 fatty acids
  • High antioxidant levels
  • Good source of fiber
  • Contains magnesium, calcium, iron, and zinc
  • Possible entourage effect


  • Lower solvency than MCT oil, meaning it can’t hold as much CBD
  • Higher priced than MCT oil
  • Flavor (sometimes described as “sharp” or “herby”) may clash with some palates
  • Side effects may include diarrhea, nausea, throat irritation, slow heart rate, high blood pressure

Buyer Beware

Some companies try to pass off hemp seed oil as CBD oil. Be sure to check the ingredients and amount of CBD a product contains before you buy it. All reputable companies should provide this information on their labels and websites.

Additional Health Claims

Hemp seed has been used medicinally for a wide array of conditions, most of which have not been researched enough to say for sure whether they’re safe and effective. The conditions include:

    , for its anti-inflammatory properties and blood pressure and other conditions involving skin inflammation

Olive Oil

Olive oil is probably the carrier oil you're most familiar with. It’s certainly the best researched. It's become one of the most commonly used cooking oils because of its many well-established health benefits:


  • High in iron, vitamin K, vitamin E
  • Rich in antioxidants
  • Highly trusted
  • Absorbed by the skin even faster than MCT


  • Its long-chain triglycerides are slower to absorb than MCT (but may absorb more efficiently)
  • Lower solvency than MCT, meaning it can’t hold as much CBD
  • Thicker than most other carrier oils, which may be unpleasant
  • Flavor is relatively strong and may be distasteful to some people

Additional Health Claims

Thanks to a significant amount of research, olive oil is known to:

  • Boost immunity
  • Reduce inflammation
  • Increase good cholesterol and lower bad cholesterol
  • Prevent blood platelet clumping, which can cause heart attacks
  • Aid in blood clotting
  • Improve gut-bacteria balance
  • Support proper nerve function
  • Prevent cognitive decline
  • Protect bones from thinning (osteoporosis)

Avocado Oil

Avocado oil has become more popular for a variety of uses, including cooking, as researchers have learned about its health benefits. As a CBD carrier oil, it’s used most often in topical products, but you can also find it in products that are meant to be ingested.


  • Quickly and easily absorbed by your skin and digestive tract
  • Nutty flavor may be more pleasant than some alternatives
  • Especially good for topical uses
  • Rich in antioxidants
  • High in vitamins A, B, D, and E


  • Much thicker than most carrier oils, which may be unpleasant
  • Significantly more expensive than many carrier oils
  • Higher allergy risk than many carrier oils

Additional Health Claims

Most of the research into avocado oil has been performed on animals, not people. Until researchers take this next step, preliminary evidence suggests that avocado oil may:

  • Lower bad cholesterol and raise good cholesterol, which decreases the risk of heart disease
  • Improve glucose tolerance and reduce insulin resistance, providing protection from diabetes
  • Improve metabolic markers

Avocado oil is less likely than many oils to clog your pores, so it’s popular for topical use. Plus, its slow drying time may help it last longer than some topical preparations.

Allergy Warning

Avocado allergies are possible. If you experience itching in your mouth after ingesting avocados or avocado oil, don’t ingest any more before talking with your healthcare provider about it. Some allergies tend to occur together. People with avocado allergies may be especially sensitive to:

  • Bananas
  • Watermelons
  • Cucumbers
  • Kiwis
  • Other fruits and vegetables
  • Latex

If you have an allergic reaction to any of these things, you should be tested for a reaction to the others as well.

Extreme Symptoms Are Possible

Extreme allergy symptoms, such as difficulty breathing or anaphylaxis, are uncommon (but possible) with avocados because digestive enzymes tend to break down the allergen before it’s absorbed into your body. Get emergency medical attention if you experience these symptoms.


Carrier oils are important to CBD because they help dissolve the cannabinoid’s molecules so they can be absorbed by the body. Many carrier oils are similar, but they may have differences that could be important to you for various health reasons. One key reason for using a carrier oil is that it improves bioavailability, which means it helps your body absorb CBD oil. Besides, to deliver accurate and consistent doses, it’s easier to measure out a dropperful of CBD-infused oil than a tiny amount of crystalline isolate (which is CBD in pure form). Carrier oils also may have health benefits all on their own. Four common carrier oils are medium-chain triglyceride (MCT) oil, hemp seed oil, olive oil, and avocado oil.

A Word From Verywell

Many people are quick to ask: "Which CBD carrier oil is the best?" Now you know that the answer depends on several factors, including the type and uses of the CBD product, whether you have allergies or certain health conditions, and your personal preferences. So look at it this way: If you try one oil and don't like it, you can always try a different one. Meanwhile, be sure to ask your healthcare provider or pharmacist for advice along the way.

Best Full-Spectrum CBD Oil—The 2022 Buyer’s Guide to Natural Health

Even a seasoned CBD user may not fully understand the differences between full-spectrum CBD oil, broad-spectrum CBD oil, or CBD isolate. In this article, we share the best full-spectrum CBD oil options we could find and give you a little more information on what makes full-spectrum CBD oil a favorite for many consumers. Although there are different types of CBD and they are all derived from the same plant, including CBD isolate products, they have important differences you should understand before purchasing. You may already know that full-spectrum CBD contains trace amounts of THC, while most broad-spectrum and all isolate options are THC free. Some broad-spectrum options do contain small traces of THC as well, which is just one big reason why it’s always best to read the product description thoroughly to confirm the formula.

Full-spectrum CBD incorporates a range of cannabinoids that work together synergistically, creating what is often referred to as the “entourage effect”. Basically, the therapeutic and relieving benefits of CBD are compounded when you use a full-spectrum product. While taking CBD alone has its own set of benefits and broad-spectrum CBD also contains a range of beneficial cannabinoids, ultimately, if you want to experience the full entourage effect, a full-spectrum CBD oil is the way to go. Below, we share how we picked the top 10 full-spectrum CBD products and let you know a little bit more about each company and the best full-spectrum CBD oil products they offer.

Top 10 Full-Spectrum CBD Oils

    – Top Pick – Best Full Spectrum CBD Oil – Runner Up – Worthy Mention – Water Soluble – Various Options – Flavorful – Information Rich – Simple Ingredients – Friendly Service – Specialized

What Factors Did We Consider to Choose These 10 CBD Oils?

To find the best full-spectrum CBD products, we had to put a list of criteria together before starting our search. Below is what we looked out for and what you should also consider when purchasing full-spectrum CBD products online.

  • Third-party lab testing is a must. We only selected suppliers that provide proof of independent lab testing and that make their certificate of analysis readily available.
  • We also looked at the suppliers’ processes, including their manufacturing and extraction processes. Each brand we list below grows their hemp in the US and ensures their products contain no more than 0.03% THC in their full-spectrum CBD products.
    We also look at the overall ingredients included in each formula. We check to make sure that they’re using natural components and that you are provided with a variety of CBD potency options. Just select an oil that meets your needs, whether that’s a low concentration for daily use or higher concentration to help relieve pain and help you sleep.
  • Finally, we look at the brand’s reputation. This means we look through customer reviews and industry expert reviews to make sure that the customer experience is top notch from start to finish.

Although we highlight full-spectrum options in this article, many of the suppliers also offer additional options, like broad-spectrum CBD oils as well.

Top 10 Full-Spectrum CBD Oil Options Reviewed

1. CBDFx – Top Pick – Best CBD Oil


  • 60 day guarantee
  • Includes CBN + CBD
  • Verified potency
    100% vegan


  • Not ideal for daytime use; CBN helps with relaxation and sleep

About CBDfx

CBDfx helps you add a drop of wellness into your life with a range of different products. All their products are made with non-GMO, CO2 extracted hemp oil, and are completely vegan. They use MCT oil as the carrier oil, which allows for full absorption and high bioavailability. With their formulas, you can count on consistency with each dose. Aside from providing a high-quality CBD oil, they go the extra mile and infuse their CBD tinctures with powerful antioxidants like curcumin and coenzyme Q10 for an even more effective therapeutic experience.

Full-Spectrum CBD Oil Options

CBD FX offers a couple of different tinctures, two with broad-spectrum CBD and one option that contains full-spectrum CBD. Along with CBD, the calming tincture incorporates CBN, which is considered the ultimate relaxation cannabinoid. It’s formulated with a blend of calming terpenes and is available in several different concentrations, the lowest at 500 mg of CBD and highest at a whopping 6000 mg of CBD.

You can use this full-spectrum calming tincture to unwind and clear your mind at the end of a long day. This CBD oil is made from all natural ingredients and is designed to help put you to sleep at night without any of the side effects you usually experience with prescription sleep medication or even over-the-counter options. Instead of waking up groggy the next day, you just feel rejuvenated after having pure and natural sleep. Additionally, this CBD oil tincture is not addictive, which means you can use it without worry.

2. Green Roads – Runner Up


  • No artificial colors or flavors
  • Independent lab tested
  • Vegan and gluten free
  • Pharmacist formulated


  • Full-spectrum available only with natural flavor

About Green Roads

Green Roads prioritizes absorption with their formulas. They have a team of in-house pharmacists that focus on creating unique full-spectrum CBD oils with a warm, sweet flavor that feels pleasant when you place it into your mouth. Many full-spectrum CBD oils on the mass market have a flavor that is much too bitter and too slick, but with Green Roads, you get hemp-derived CBD products that are in a league of their own. They grow their hemp on American farms with certificates of quality and every single bottle that you purchase from Green Roads is produced in-house. You can scan the QR code on any one of the packages to find the lab test results – this is the kind of transparency that makes us happy to recommend this brand.

Full-Spectrum CBD Oil Options

Green Road has a full-spectrum CBD oil that is their strongest and bestselling oil. It’s available in three strengths, from 10 mg of CBD per milliliter up to 50 mg of CBD per milliliter. It doesn’t have any artificial flavors and only has six ingredients, which when combined, increase this oil’s bioavailability. You can expect a subtle, natural flavor with hints of caramel. The product comes with an easy to use measuring system that allows you to measure clear, accurate servings of CBD. You won’t have to worry about any messy droppers when using their products.

3. CBDistillery – Worthy Mention


  • 25% off your first order
  • New mango flavor
  • Subscribe and save 20%
  • 60 day money back guarantee


  • Free shipping but only on orders over $75

About CBDistillery

CBDistillery offers full-spectrum tinctures that blend the power of CBD with other naturally occurring plant proteins, minerals, vitamins, and more. Each product allows you to enjoy all the benefits of the cannabis plant without any intoxicating effects. They send all their products for third-party lab testing to make sure that they’re only providing you with the highest quality and consistent serving sizes, no matter which product you choose. They grow their non-GMO industrial hemp in the US using only natural farming practices, and you can find their full lab results just beneath the product photo, which makes it easy to confirm the safety and purity of their CBD products.

Full-Spectrum CBD Oil Options

They offer a full-spectrum CBD oil tincture that’s available in different concentrations, including a 500 mg option and a 1000 mg option. If you need extra relief, you can purchase the 2500 mg or even the 5000 mg option. The full-spectrum CBD oil tincture is their most popular product. It’s simple, easy to use, and perfect for your daily routine. Keep it stored at home or take it along with you in your bag, so you have the relief you need wherever you go. If you prefer to have a flavored option, they now offer a mango CBD oil tincture that is the tastiest option with maximum strength.

4. CBD American Shaman – Water Soluble


  • Water soluble formula
  • Multiple fruity flavors
  • Fast acting formula
  • Add to any drink


  • Limited potency variety

About CBD American Shaman

We chose CBD American shaman to include in this list because they take a unique approach to CBD. Instead of using fat soluble CBD oil, they create products that are water soluble. With water soluble CBD, the CBD oil has been broken down using nanotechnology that makes the particles smaller. Due to this process, the tiny particles are much easier for your body to absorb, which makes the benefits of CBD take effect faster. All their products are made in the USA, and you can also incorporate them into your drinks or foods.

Full-Spectrum CBD Oil Options

The water soluble formula comes in several different flavors including cherry limeade, grape, natural, piña colada, and lemon and contains 300 milligrams of CBD. They come in a blue colored glass bottle with a dropper for easy dosing. They use a full-spectrum hemp oil that works more quickly than regular CBD products – all because of the proprietary nanotechnology they developed. That means near instant relief every time.

5. Extract Labs – Various Options


  • Sign up for 15% off
  • 60 day money back guarantee
  • American hemp
  • Third party lab tested


  • May sell out at times due to high demand

About Extract Labs

Extract Labs sells award-winning CO2 extracted CBD tinctures that you can rely on. Not only do they have different formulas, including CBD isolate and broad-spectrum CBD options, but they also have a few flavored options as well. Each of their broad-spectrum and full-spectrum products are rich with cannabinoids, terpenes, flavonoids, and several other natural health oil compounds. Their CO2 extraction methods provide the cleanest results free of solvent chemicals and heat degradation. Extract Labs won the CBD examine authenticity award for perfect lab test results and overall best value.

Full-Spectrum CBD Oil Options

There are several CBD tinctures you can choose from, including a nighttime formula, a relief formula, and a daily support formula. If you’re feeling a lot of brain fog, you’ll want to try their cognitive support full-spectrum option and if you prefer a fruity flavor, you can try their lemon or raspberry tinctures as well. The nighttime formula combines CBD with CBN to help you sleep through the night. The relief formula combines CBD with CBC, which helps to ease any bodily aches and pains, so you feel good throughout the day. The original formula is a customer favorite and has a mild earthy taste. The cognitive support formula combines CBD with CBG and is the first of its kind!

6. Five CBD – Flavorful


  • USA grown hemp
  • Flavored options
  • Subscribe and save 30%
  • Full entourage effect


  • For use by adults 18+ only

About Five CBD

Five CBD creates tinctures that combine CBD hemp extract with organic MCT oil. They use natural extract to create their different flavor varieties and pack each product with minor cannabinoids and terpenes for a full-spectrum CBD oil tincture unlike any other. Their hemp is grown in the USA, and you can easily view all their certificates of analysis online through their website.

Full-Spectrum CBD Oil Options

You can choose a full-spectrum CBD plus THC tincture that also includes CBN and CBC. They’re available in two flavors: citrus and mint chocolate. Choose from three different concentrations starting at 15 mg of CBD up to 6000 mg of CBD. There is an 18+ warning on these products because of the higher levels of THC. This product is ideal if you want to use it for relieving pain and it also works beautifully if you need help getting to sleep at night.

7. Joy Organics – Information Rich Site


  • Up to 2500 milligrams of CBD
  • Subscribe and save 20%
  • Third party lab testing
  • Multiple flavors available


  • All Joy Organics products show 0.0% THC on their lab reports

About Joy Organics

Joy organics expertly combines compassion with integrity and excellence. They offer a line of premium CBD products that customers love, and they offer a service that matches their high standards of excellence. Joy, the founder of this company, needed natural support for her body because she was struggling with sleep issues. Within just a few years, joy organics has become a leader in the CBD industry, setting new standards for testing and quality. They’re one of the first major CBD companies to have a line of USDA certified organic CBD oils.

Full-Spectrum CBD Oil Options

The organic full-spectrum CBD tinctures contain a small amount of THC along with other phytocannabinoid rich hemp extracts. You can purchase it in its unflavored version or if you prefer a flavor, you can select from fresh lime, tropical sunrise, or tranquil mint. It’s available in several different concentrations, including 900 mg of CBD per bottle up to 2250 mg of CBD per bottle. These are designed to promote wellness and balance throughout your body and your mind.

8. Charlotte’s Web – Simple Ingredients


  • 100% CO2 extracted formulation
  • USA grown hemp
  • US Hemp Authority Certified
  • Subscribe and save 20%


  • Only some products are certified organic

About Charlotte’s Web

Charlotte‘s Web grows their hemp on certified organic US family farms. They use only sustainable organic practices, and recently received official certification at the farm. They only use the highest quality standards and plant their crops after the soil and water sources have been tested extensively. They never use any type of hard synthetic pesticides on their plants, which means you get a cleaner product. They use a couple of simple ingredients with each of their products, including Charlotte’s Web premium hemp extract, carrier oil, and flavor.

Full-Spectrum CBD Oil Options

The full-spectrum CBD oil offered by Charlotte’s Web contains hemp extract oil with naturally occurring CBD along with phytocannabinoids and other beneficial plant compounds. You have several flavor options to choose from, including the natural olive oil flavor, mint chocolate, lemon twist, and orange blossom. The CBD oil is available in two sizes: 100 mL and 30 mL. Use this product to support a sense of calm for focus, manager everyday stresses, and recover from exercise induced inflammation. It’s also great to use to help you maintain healthy sleep cycles and keep your energy up during the day.

9. Kats Botanicals – Friendly Service


  • Sign up for 10% off
  • Non-GMO hemp oil
  • Lab tested for potency and purity
  • Natural farming practices


  • Some lab tests missing from website

About Kats Botanicals

Kats Botanicals is very transparent about the way their CBD is made. They’re proud of their CBD products because they hand select their source and follow up with a stringent extraction method. Their CBD is sourced from organic hemp farms in Colorado, and they drip feed a blend of organic fertilizers to make sure their plants are always growing strong. They also use a specialized whole plant extraction technique, which means they can extract a larger range of cannabinoids along with CBD for an effective full-spectrum product.

Full-Spectrum CBD Oil Options

Their full-spectrum oils are available in natural flavor, blueberry flavor, and vanilla flavor. They are available in three different concentrations, including 500 mg of CBD, 1000 mg of CBD, and 2500 mg of CBD. Use their products to restore your inner calm and wellness, to help you think more clearly, to fall asleep faster and more comfortably, and to manage your everyday stress.

10. Elixinol – Specialized


  • Subscribe and save 30%
  • USA grown hemp
  • Earth friendly CO2 extraction method
  • 25% off your first order


  • You must spend at least $50 to qualify for free shipping

About Elixinol

Elixinol pairs functional ingredients with CBD for results you can feel. They’re just getting started, welcoming research and science backed evidence to keep their high-quality standards. They’re on a mission to keep digging for answers and have CBD down to a science. They make all their products with USA grown hemp and independently lab test every batch to confirm safety, purity, and potency. They also offer a money back guarantee. Try it for 30 days and if you don’t love it, you get your money back.

Full-Spectrum CBD Oil Options

The Everyday Balance tincture has a cinnamint flavor or a natural flavor if that’s what you prefer, and is available in three concentrations: 500 mg of CBD, 1000 mg of CBD, and 4000 mg of CBD. This is their bestselling CBD, and it works to promote relaxation and a healthy mood. It contains whole plant terpenes and flavonoids so that you can experience the benefits of the entourage effect. Expect a calmer, more relaxed mood when you use this CBD oil tincture.

How to Choose the Best Full-Spectrum CBD Oil

One quick search online and you are probably overwhelmed by how many choices there are when searching for the best full-spectrum CBD oil. Just because there are so many products available doesn’t mean they’re all safe though. Currently, the FDA does not approve of any CBD products and cannot confirm their efficacy or safety. Because of this, it’s vital that you, as a consumer, take precautions when purchasing CBD products online.

The most important action you can take when shopping online for a full-spectrum CBD oil is to check for the current Certificate of Analysis, or third-party lab report. A reputable supplier makes these easy to find directly on their website. When you review the certificate of analysis there are a few pieces of information you should confirm. This document lets you know how much CBD and other cannabinoids are included in the product. Make sure that the details of the report match what the product description says. For full-spectrum CBD oils you’ll want to see THC as well as other cannabinoids like CBG or CBN listed, otherwise the oil may actually be a CBD isolate or broad-spectrum product. Also check the report to ensure that the supplier is also testing for contaminants like mold and pesticides and that any safety tests are passed. Always look for a current date and if the lab report is old or expired, you may want to contact the company to get the most recent one.

Aside from confirming third-party lab tests, choose CBD suppliers that are forthright and transparent about their farming practices and that their CBD is extracted from the whole hemp plant as opposed to just hemp seeds (CBD comes from other parts of the plant, not the seeds). With a quick scan, you should be able to know where they grow their hemp and whether or not it’s organic. Also keep in mind that some companies use organic hemp seed oil as a carrier oil – which is fine, as long as they don’t state that their CBD is extracted from hemp seeds. And don’t forget to take a look at customer reviews. You can find a lot of information directly from customers, who tend to comment on things like flavor and efficacy with certain conditions. Though anecdotal, you may just find a customer who experiences similar issues as you – through their review, you get direct feedback of their experience with the product.

Benefits of Full-Spectrum CBD Oil

There are three main types of CBD oil that you’ll find on the market today. Broad-spectrum CBD oil and CBD isolate products are the other two options you’ll encounter when shopping for CBD oil online. CBD isolate does not include any other cannabinoids, including THC, and can be a preferred product for consumers who prefer not to use any CBD oils with THC. CBD isolate has its own set of health benefits and is a go-to for many consumers. Broad-spectrum CBD oil contains additional cannabinoids, sometimes with but most often without THC. Full-spectrum CBD oil offers a variety of different health benefits, because it includes a wider range of cannabinoids, flavonoids, and terpenes than either broad-spectrum CBD or CBD isolate. Below we highlight some of the health benefits of full-spectrum CBD oil.

Anxiety Relief

Anxiety alone is an extremely uncomfortable experience, but if you suffer from chronic anxiety, you probably know that it bleeds into other aspects of your life. CBD helps to relieve all the symptoms that come up with daily stressors and it has also been shown to improve your immune system to keep you strong and healthy. If you have a big presentation or an important client call, CBD can help you to perform better cognitively and function with significantly less anxiety and discomfort.

Pain Relief

CBD oil became super popular because of the way it helps to relieve pain naturally. It functions as an anti-inflammatory when you take it, and it helps to reduce tension throughout your body. The cannabinoids included in full-spectrum CBD oil are extremely successful when it comes to managing pain. Whether you are recovering from an injury or you experience chronic pain, CBD can help to improve your overall quality of life.

Sleep Support

There’s nothing like the exasperation that you feel when you’re tossing and turning, and the clock keeps ticking. You know you have to wake up in just a few hours and handle a full day but you’re not getting the rest and relaxation you need every night. If that’s the case for you, you’ll be relieved to know that CBD helps to promote better sleep by easing you into sleep and helping you stay asleep throughout the night.

Skin Health

If you experience any chronic skin issues, like eczema or dermatitis, CBD oil is also known to build and help you maintain healthy skin. CBD oil is packed with vitamins and fatty acids that make your skin stronger and more resilient against bacterial and fungal infections. The fatty acids contained within hemp oil are also known to nourish your skin and keep it from oxidizing so that you can enjoy a more youthful skin appearance.

How to Use CBD Oil?

CBD oils are formulated to be taken orally, underneath your tongue. You should first shake up the CBD oil bottle before using the dropper to pull out your dose. When you have the dropper, go ahead and squirt the CBD oil underneath your tongue and hold it there for at least 30 seconds, preferably a minute, so that it has a chance to absorb. Once a minute has passed, you can go ahead and swallow the CBD oil and go on with your day.

Some CBD oils can be mixed with food or drinks to make them more palatable, but if you go this route, expect the effects to take longer because the CBD oil has to travel through your digestive system. If you’re more concerned about immediate effects, it’s best to take the CBD oil sublingually, underneath your tongue.

The full-spectrum CBD oil you decide on will come with its own set of dosage instructions. How much CBD oil you take is dependent on your weight, your metabolism, and your body‘s overall chemistry. It’s also dependent on how much CBD is included in the CBD oil you choose. Follow the product’s recommendation to start and gauge your body‘s response. Once you know how you respond to the CBD oil, you can go ahead and adjust the dosage depending on your needs.

Are There Side Effects from Broad-Spectrum or Full-Spectrum CBD Oils?

For the most part, CBD is safe to use, so long as you’re purchasing from a reputable supplier. However, in a small number of people, some side effects may come up.

  • Diarrhea
  • Sleepiness
  • Appetite changes

If you’re currently taking any medication, make sure to connect with your doctor before you start a CBD regimen. CBD is known to interact with certain medications (even if it’s just a CBD isolate) so it’s best to communicate thoroughly with your doctor before you start taking CBD. Additionally, if you eat a high fat diet, you may need to lower your CBD dosage, as high fat meals can significantly increase CBD in your blood.


Whether you’re a seasoned CBD user or new to the world of CBD, you now know a bit about the different types of CBD and why so many consider full-spectrum CBD oils rather than broad-spectrum or CBD isolates to be the best option. Take advantage of our experience and research and consider trying one of the trustworthy CBD brands we suggest. We’re confident that one of our 10 top full-spectrum CBD oils will provide the results you’re seeking.

CBD in MCT Oil – Natural Flavor (THC free Isolate)

For those that would prefer a THC-free option, our CBD in MCT Oil provides a natural flavoring that everyone will appreciate. Once the CBD has been isolated during the extraction process, we add back in the hemp plant terpenes, creating a more well-rounded formula. To compliment our CBD, we use a medium chain triglyceride (MCT) carrier oil providing quicker absorption and added benefits.

Suggested Use

  • SERVING SIZE → 20 milligrams of CBD per 1 ml dropper
  • EVERY → As needed or desired
  • METHOD → Apply serving to under the tongue, and let sit for up to 2 minutes.

Product Ingredients

Ingredient List

Medium Chain Triglyceride Oil, Hemp CBD Isolate, Terpenes. Manufactured in a facility that handles soy, salmon, anchovy and walnuts.

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FDA Disclaimer

Because CBD in MCT Oil – Natural Flavor (THC free Isolate) is a completely natural plant-based product and contains no artificial flavors, colors or additives, the consistency, color and taste may vary by batch.

FOOD AND DRUG ADMINISTRATION (FDA) DISCLOSURE: These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA and are not intended to diagnose, treat or cure any disease. Always check with your physician before starting a new dietary supplement program.