does cbd oil work for dogs with allergies


Hemp is a plant that comes from the cannabis species. Many people associate it with the compound “THC” which is found in marijuana plants and gives a “high.” This is not the case, Hemp extract is non-psychoactive and is still in its’ early stages of research, but has been able to show incredible health benefits for pets with no side-effects! In all of our products we only use hemp extract with less than 0.3% of THC.

HOW exactly does hemp interact and work within my pet’s body?

Hemp works by interacting with your pet’s endocannabinoid system. How exactly ? Well, many people are unaware that all mammals have an endocannabinoid system and your pet on his/her own produces natural endocannabiniods which are picked up by receptors in their system. The hemp compounds in our products, which is also a cannabinoid, is also picked up by your pet’s receptors throughout this system. The endocannabiniod system, is a system in mammals’ bodies which affects anxiety, pain, mood, digestion, inflammation and sleep. Hemp extract helps to regulate this system therefore assisting in all the areas above. It has also helped with skin irritations and skin allergy rashes when applied topically.

HOW can hemp oil help your pet?

Hemp extract has been shown to help pets who have anxiety, stress, pain, nausea, fear (of thunder, fireworks ect.), separation anxiety, epilepsy, arthritis, inflammation, allergies, rashes and glaucoma.

WILL hemp make my pet high?

No, hemp is non-psychoactive and none of our products contain more than 0.3% THC so rest assured your pet will not get “high”

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WHERE does our hemp come from?

We source our hemp from an industrial hemp farm that produces some of the most rich, Medicinal Hemp in the USA. Our hemp is completely isolated through CO2 extraction & crystal precipitation & is of the highest grade, pesticide free, Non-GMO hemp in the world. These industrial hemp farms are fully compliant with the State Department of Agriculture regulations.

ARE Petals and tails products legal?

Yes they are! In all 50 states and many countries!

WHY should you trust Petals and Tails for your pet?

At Petals and Tails , pets come FIRST! after all the love they give us, all we want to do is make their life as easy and enjoyable as possible! Our formulas which have been formulated aside Vets are 100% safe and once you see the change in your pet because of them, you will understand the amazing benefits of hemp oil. ​

HOW many treats or drops should I give my pet?

Hemp pet treats (5mg per treat) :

Instructions: repeat serving every 6-8 hours as needed.

Pets less than 15 lbs: Get 1 treat

Pets from 30-50 lbs: Get 3 treats

Pets from 50 plus lbs: Get 4 treats

For the Droppers (5mg per 1 full dropper) :

Use directly in pet’s mouth or on top of a “little bit” of food. (it is more effective with less food so avoid giving the dose during a meal) For skin issues, rub directly on affected area daily.

Can CBD Hemp Oil Help with Dog Allergies?

Can CBD Hemp Oil Help with Dog Allergies?

Research into the benefits of CBD in various conditions that affect dogs has become common and a great resource for information is – Cannabidiol. So, be sure to visit to learn more and stay up to date with all things cannabis for pets. The acceptance of CBD oil as a viable and holistic approach to several common ailments opened a door to new and exciting outcomes in pet health. One of the most frequent conditions dogs suffer from are allergies, and CBD oil has proven an effectiveness in helping to curtail allergic reactions.

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Do Dogs Get Allergies?

Dogs are like humans in that they also suffer from sensitivity ranging anywhere from household products to pollen and foods. However, it is often difficult to narrow down what the allergy is, as dogs are exposed to so many factors and are unable to communicate what might have caused a reaction.

Behaviors such as coughing, sneezing, nasal discharge, and excessive scratching could be indicative of an environmental allergy. Food allergies can also become symptomatic through excessive gas, diarrhea, and vomiting. A dog can develop a food allergy over time, as repeated exposure to the same food can create a sensitivity to chemically-laced proteins. It is important to offer your dog a variety of food to prevent such sensitivities.

Dogs are also affected by the same allergens that plague their human counterparts. Cleaning solutions, scented candles, pesticides, and other obtrusive chemicals can set off allergies in your dog. It is important to watch for signs of an allergic reaction and try to narrow down the cause as well as talk to your vet about treatment options, such as CBD oil.

How does CBD work to control allergies?

A dog’s allergies tie directly into their immune system. CBD oil has been found to communicate directly with your dog’s endocannabinoid system, which supports cell health and repairs systems within the body. Since CBD is an anti-inflammatory, it aids in reducing inflammation that is often the root of symptoms created by an allergic reaction.

CBD is not a miracle supplement, however, but using it daily will eventually help to curb the most aggressive symptoms associated with your dog’s allergies.

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Will it work?

Although CBD can make a huge difference in your dog’s more excessive allergy symptoms, it will be most effective if paired with an effort to help control allergens that your dog is being exposed to. It’s not a cure-all but should instead be part of an overall treatment program to help your dog become more comfortable.

A combined effort of CBD supporting the dog’s immune system paired with dietary changes and modifications to cleaning supplies and scents used around the home will offer a joint effort in lessening and perhaps resolving your dog’s allergic responses. CBD should be monitored and administered on a routine basis to guarantee that it will continue to work as expected.

If your dog suffers from extreme allergies, all you want to do is help them feel better. Talking with your vet about CBD treatment may lead to lessening your dog’s worrisome symptoms and restore a better, freer quality of life.