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Get Your Calm On With These CBD Shops In Austin

Haven’t tried CDB yet? What are you waiting for? Before we start, please note that we are not experts on CBD, though we do know it’s not the same as THC (which you can learn more about here). We also know that CBD is totally legal and can produce a calming effect that can relieve pain, ease anxiety, relax your mind and body, and may even fight disease. It could also work like an upper for some people, initiating a creative stimulation of sorts. Of course, it’s not free of potential side effects (see what the Mayo Clinic says about that here). As with any product, we recommend you research before you try it.

Speaking of trying it, there are many local shops where you can learn about CBD and test out some products for yourself.

Here are some CBD shops in Austin where you can get your calm on!

Earlybird CBD

Earlybird is Austin’s edible that is formulated for fun. From sourcing the purest hemp, touring the finest labs, and sampling from the very best confectioners, the Earlybird crew has become experts on how to produce exceptional and effective hemp products. Paired with conversations and feedback from customers, they developed the Earlybird full-spectrum hemp infused gummies. Full-spectrum means they contain the full range of naturally occurring cannabinoids in the hemp plant, including THC. Learn more about Earlybird and get some delivered to your door by visiting their website.

Greenbelt Botanicals

As a hemp and cannabis collective, Greenbelt takes pride in carrying clean and safe products for you and your pets. They serve up good vibes and quality cannabis products at three locations in Austin: South Lamar, West Gate, and Bee Caves Road (plus a location in Belterra coming soon!). Stop by during happy hour for specials every day from 3:30 to 4:30 p.m. Details on their products and location of their stores can be found here.

Joy Organics Austin

Co-Founder Joy Smith’s own personal journey with CBD inspired Joy Organics. As she started to struggle with sleep and other issues, Joy began looking for natural support for her body. Now, she doesn’t just treat her own ailments, she brings comfort to many others! Joy Organics recently became one of the first major CBD companies to introduce a line of USDA Certified Organic CBD tinctures and jarred salves and remains committed to crafting some of the highest quality products on the market. You can visit them at their store located on North Lamar or visit their website.

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Reliv Organix

Reliv Organix was also inspired by personal health issues and since their CBD journey began, owners Daniel and Mary have seen an abundance of options hit the market. Which one is better? Why are some so cheap while others so expensive? They personally test all of their products, which come from organic growers and are third party lab tested. Their website features a plethora of info so you can learn more about their products and research. You can also pop into their Menchaca Road shop. Be sure to snap a pic with this selfie wall when you’re there!

True Hemp Science

True Hemp Science has been in the industry for over 20 years! The hemp product, CBD production, and research company is headquartered right here in Austin. Dedicated to the highest scientific standards of production for premium quality, effective and affordable CBD wellness products made from full spectrum hemp, they offer a 30 day money back guarantee on all products. See everything they offer here.

Austin CBD Queen | Lauren Pfeiffer

If you’re looking for a person to person option, Austin CBD Queen is your gal. Not only does she sell product for people and pets, she is a licensed massage therapist and offers a CBD massage that includes a CBD gummy and the use of topical CBD cream on your preferred area. It’s 75 minutes of pure relaxation!

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Marijuana gummies: Highest dosage now available for Texas medical users

AUSTIN (Nexstar) — On Tuesday the state’s largest medical marijuana company expanded its gummy products to now include the highest dosage legally available, 20 mg, after Texas lawmakers approved changes to the state’s program in 2021.

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During last year’s legislative session, state lawmakers approved slight increases into the percentage of tetrahydrocannabinol, or THC, allowed in medical marijuana products. THC is the psychoactive compound of cannabis that gets users high.

Morris Denton is the CEO of Manchaca-based dispensary, Texas Original Compassionate Cultivation. He said the ability to make a stronger product will benefit their customers, which are largely made up of veterans and cancer patients. Lawmakers also expanded the medical marijuana program, Texas Compassionate Use, to include people with cancer or post-traumatic stress disorder in 2021.

“We needed to make a stronger product that would allow them to get to their target dose as prescribed by their doctor, without consuming a whole lot of byproducts,” Denton said.

Lawmakers only expanded the THC percentage allowed per products from .05% to 1%. Opponents had criticized increasing that number, out of fear it could lead to users getting addicted to the feeling of being high.

Denton called that a “mistake” that leads to patients needing more gummies, oils, etc. in order to get the desired effect of the prescription. He compared it to legislators hypothetically lowering the percentage of ibuprofen — the key pharmaceutical ingredient in medicine like Advil — allowed per capsule.

“Instead of you only taking two Advil to address your headache, you have to take twenty,” he said. “… If they want to put a restriction on the allowable amount of THC that a person can take on a daily or weekly basis, they should do that through putting a cap on the total amount of THC that a person can consume. Not by restricting how much how strong our product can be.”

Denton also worries more red tape around medical marijuana will lead consumers to obtain it through illegal means.

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“We’ve got to ease the burden of the regulation so that people aren’t taking their own medical future into their hands,” he said.

Veteran Lance McCollum, who suffers from neuropathic issues, shares the same concerns. He was able to get a medical marijuana prescription under the state’s program, but actually obtaining his prescribed cannabis came with great difficulty.

McCollum said he had to drive hours to visit different doctors in the state, as there are limits on which physicians can prescribe medical marijuana. Each of those doctor consultations came with a price tag, costing him hundreds of dollars.

“It’s wonderful that the state is is expanding the medical use. On the downside, of course, it’s cost prohibitive. It’s very, very difficult to get,” he said. “How can it be ‘compassionate’ when they put up such economic barriers? It’s like … you’re starving to death, and they dangle food in front of you.”

McCollum said as someone who has been sober from alcohol for four decades, he had a difficult time being convinced to try medical marijuana but hasn’t found addictive qualities like in that of alcohol.

“I never met anyone who had problems with with drugs, whose first was first drug wasn’t through mom and dad’s liquor cabinet,” he said. “I was in a lot of pain … and here’s a natural plant and its derivatives that have helped me a great deal.”

Marijuana usage is legalized in more than a 18 states in America. It’s only fully illegal in four states. The federal government still classifies marijuana as Schedule I drug, which is defined as drugs with high potential for abuse.

According to a June 2021 poll from the Texas Politics Project/Texas Tribune, about 60% of Texans think small or large possession of marijuana for any purpose should be legal. Thirteen percent said it should not be legal under any circumstances.

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