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How to Use CBD Crystals: Fully Explained

Much is made of the ‘entourage effect.’ This is the theory that the cannabinoids in cannabis and hemp work better together than in isolation. However, a significant number of people still believe in the efficacy of CBD isolate products. These items contain no other cannabinoids apart from cannabidiol.

CBD crystals are among the most popular ways to try CBD isolate. This article looks at four great ways to use these CBD crystals. First, however, let’s learn more about them and what they could do for you.

What Are CBD Crystals & Are They Effective?

CBD crystals are a common form of CBD isolate, which means they should contain no other compounds from the hemp or cannabis plants. In reality, some brands have minuscule traces of terpenes and other cannabinoids. The best products can contain over 99.99% CBD!

There are various methods of extracting CBD from the plant material. These include steam distillation, solvent extraction, and supercritical carbon dioxide extraction. CO2 extraction is believed to provide the purest and cleanest CBD products.

Companies either use CBD crystals in other products or grind them and put them on sale as a CBD isolate.

Manufacturers then refine the product even more to produce CBD crystals. This process gets rid of every non-CBD compound. It should result in a crystalline solid product that contains almost 100% CBD. Companies then either use CBD crystals in other products or grind them and put them on sale as a CBD isolate.

What Could CBD Crystals Do for Me?

While there is plenty of evidence supporting the entourage effect, research suggests the theory is not 100% conclusive. An Australian study published in 2019 looked at the possibility of a cannabinoid-terpenoid entourage effect.

The researchers studied the responses of cells with CB1 and CB2 receptors in the presence of THC and several terpenoids. However, the study found that the receptors weren’t changed by any of the six terpenes used in the experiment. This happened regardless of whether the terpenes were used separately or mixed.

A study published in Pharmacology & Pharmacy in 2015 used CBD isolate on mice. The researchers found that it provided certain health benefits. The data indicated that CBD isolate is most effective against pain and swelling in specific doses. In general, CBD could help:

  • Reduce or prevent seizures.
  • Prevent vomiting.
  • Help the nervous system to regenerate or recover.
  • Reduce feelings of anxiety.

A study published in the Pain journal in 2019 found that CBD influences non-cannabinoid receptors like the 5-HTP serotonin receptor. Serotonin is a chemical that affects our levels of anxiety and depression, and it could also impact how we sleep. This research provides us with an understanding of how CBD might reduce pain and anxiety feelings in some users.

If you have purchased CBD crystals hoping to find a form of relief, you might wonder how you can use them. Here are four fantastic ideas.

1 – Dabbing

This is the #1 method of using CBD crystals. The main downside is that you need to invest in a dab rig. Once you have the apparatus, it is possible to melt your crystals and inhale pure CBD via a cloud of vapor.

You need a rig, a lighter, and a dabbing tool. When you have what you need, heat the ‘nail’ on the rig until it is extremely hot. This process usually takes a few seconds. Next, wait for around 60 seconds for the nail to cool down a little. Use the dabbing tool to place the crystals on the nail and inhale the vapor. Dabbing is probably the most effective way to consume CBD isolate.

2 – Vaping

This is similar to dabbing but is perhaps more convenient for users. You can invest in a desktop vaporizer or a vape pen to use your CBD crystals on the move. In either case, place the isolate in the requisite loading chamber, heat the device, and take a puff. It is best if you keep the vaping temperature to below 450 degrees Fahrenheit. Otherwise, you risk exposure to harmful materials.

You also have the option of mixing your CBD crystals with a vape liquid to boost its cannabidiol content. Add the isolate to the liquid and shake well.

3 – Create a CBD Oil or Cream

It is possible to utilize your CBD crystals to create a homemade CBD oil or cream. The oil requires a hemp, olive, or coconut MCT oil carrier. Heat your oil of choice with CBD crystals in a container over a moderate level of heat until they fully blend. This process shouldn’t take more than a few minutes. For the record, mixing 10ml of oil with 1000mg of crystals gives you a 10% CBD concentration.

Creating CBD topicals involves combining isolate with a myriad of other ingredients. You can combine the following, for example:

  • 0.25 cups of carrier oil
  • 0. 75 cups of distilled water
  • Up to 3 grams of CBD crystals
  • Up to an ounce of beeswax

The CBD topical creation process involves heating the oil and beeswax together until they melt and mix. Add the CBD crystals and stir over low heat. Remove from the heat, let the mixture cool a little, and add water until your cream is at the right thickness for your needs. More water means a CBD lotion; using less results in a salve-like consistency.

4 – Make Edibles

Our final suggestion involves infusing your CBD crystals into butter or coconut oil to create edibles. Melt the oil or butter on low heat and add the isolate. Stir for a few minutes until the mixture is completely dissolved. At this stage, you can combine the mixture with any ingredient you like to create a delicious CBD edible. Please note that the effects of edibles take longer to manifest themselves than other forms of consumption.

Easy and delicious…

Pros and Cons of CBD Crystals

Here are some of the main advantages and disadvantages of CBD crystals:

  • Contains no THC, so little danger of testing positive for THC metabolites on a drug screening
  • A versatile product with an array of uses
  • No taste or smell
  • Easier to analyze in laboratories, so fewer issues with quality control
  • Provides a straightforward measure of how much CBD you’re using
  • Fewer legal obstacles to overcome due to the absence of THC
  • Usually less expensive than full-spectrum products
  • Although it is disputed, some claim that the entourage effect means CBD isolate products are less effective than their full-spectrum or broad-spectrum counterparts. Such items contain other cannabinoids and terpenes, including CBC, THC, and CBG.
  • CBD crystals have to go through a lot of processing.

Dosing CBD Crystals

Research to date indicates that CBD has a good safety profile. Studies indicate that doses of up to 1,500mg are well-tolerated in humans. However, there are mild side effects associated with overuse. These include nausea, dizziness, and diarrhea.

A gram of high-quality CBD crystals should contain over 990mg of the cannabinoid.

In general, the average ‘starting’ dose is around 10mg of CBD a day. However, patients with epilepsy may use up to 300mg. Bear in mind that a gram of high-quality CBD crystals should contain over 990mg of the cannabinoid.

If you’re new to CBD, it is best to start with a small amount and wait up to four hours to see how it affects you.

Final Thoughts on Different Uses of CBD Crystals

CBD crystals are a form of isolate that often contain over 99% cannabidiol. Although you won’t benefit from the entourage effect, CBD by itself has an array of potential benefits. There is also a suggestion that the entourage effect isn’t as pronounced as some researchers believe.

Once you buy CBD crystals, you have the option of dabbing or vaping them. Both consumption methods involve turning the isolate into vapor, which you inhale. You can also make CBD edibles, cream, or homemade oil. CBD crystals offer you plenty of options and are relatively affordable. Consider trying them if you want to see what cannabidiol can do for you.

What Is CBD Isolate?

CBD Isolate is the purest form of CBD – here’s what it is, how it’s made, and how to ingest it.

As cannabis-forged health and wellness products gain in popularity, getting to know the more common forms of cannabidiols, more widely known as "CBD" is a good idea.

With an estimated worth of $20 billion in 2020 and $22 billion by 2024, CBD has risen in stature as more people turn to hemp-based treatments to alleviate common maladies like anxiety, depression, muscle and bone pain, and even cancer.

CBD Isolate is one of the more prevalent and less expensive forms of cannabidiol, as cannabis lovers turn to Isolate products to leverage their reportedly abundant medical benefits.

Getting to know CBD Isolate is well worth the effort, if you plan on using cannabis-based products to treat medical issues of your own. Here's an insider's look:

What Is CBD Isolate?

CBD Isolate is a chemical component derived from cannabis plants.

Proponents tout CBD Isolate as the purest form of cannabis, primarily because of the way manufacturers split (or isolate) the CBD from all of the other components of the cannabis plant.

That leaves CBD Isolate all by itself – it's basically the chemical compound remaining after CBD has been extracted from a cannabis plant.

How Is CBD Isolate Made?

CBD Isolate is manufactured via an extraction process (just like most CBD extractions – that's how manufacturers get the compounds they need from cannabis plants.)

Once the concentrated CBD is extracted from the plant, it must purify for a period of time, with the chemical compounds needed to create CBD Isolate filtrated out of the cannabis that's extracted from the plant.

Once the CBD is filtered out, the CBD oil removed from the cannabis plant goes through one last process, called winterization, where any remaining plant particles are removed from the CBD oil.

Winterization is the process for chilling chemical compounds, which is needed to extract impurities from the CBD. With CBD Isolate, the winterization process takes away any waxes or other unneeded components (like terpenes, chlorophyll and/or flavonoids) remaining in the CBD.

Once that process is complete, the manufacturer is left with pure CBD powder, which has no levels of THC and is at a level that is 99% pure cannabidiol.

CBD manufacturers have the option to either produce CBD Isolate as a pure powder or turn it into a crystal isolate.

The primary difference in that scenario how the end user will ultimately ingest the CBD Isolate. Here's a breakdown:

Taking CBD Isolate as a powder. Manufacturers often mix CBD Isolate into edible gummies, creams they can simply rub into their skin, or ingested as a power under the tongue for the most direct (and fastest) results.

Taking CBD Isolate as a crystal. Crystals can also be digested as an edible but they can also be taken via a vaping pipe, via liquids or ingested under the tongue.

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In general, taking CBD Isolate as a powder directly under the tongue is both the easiest and the most effective way of taking CBD Isolate. The treatment is odorless and tasteless, although many users do mix it with liquids (like teas and juices) and even food when they ingest CBD Isolate.

Benefits of CBD Isolate

There are myriad benefits to CBD Isolate for cannabis users, with these benefits perhaps the most useful.


You can't get high on CBD Isolate, as it contains absolutely no Tetrahydrocannabinol (Or THC), the chemical element that triggers the high that comes with marijuana intake.

That said, it's worth checking the package or bottle and make sure there is no THC in the CBD Isolate – some fly-by-night manufacturers may mix a strain of THC into the mix and you want to be sure your CBD is THC-free.

You Can Easily Figure Out Dosage Amounts

Calculating the dosage levels with CBD Isolate is fairly easy to do. Any small (but quality) household scale can do the trick – since the Isolate is separated from other cannabis chemical compounds, measuring the dosage in milligrams gives you the exact amount of CBD you need, per the package directions.

By and large, for every one milligram of CBD powder, the consumer is ingesting one milligram of CBD.

While dosage amounts do vary based on the consumer's body weight and his or her unique needs, it's always best to kick off with a low dose of CBD Isolate – no more than 10mg when you start. Take that low dosage for about three days and measure the impact and effect the CBD is having on you.

If the effect is limited, up the dosage over the next three days by another 10mg and measure the impact it's having again. If the impact of the CBD is too strong, dial the dosage back until you arrive at an effective level that works for you.

All About CBD Isolate [Plus Best CBD Isolate Reviews]

As CBD isolate continues to make the headlines across the globe and more people are realizing its accentuated non-psychoactive benefits, the hemp-derived CBD isolate is increasing its popularity by the day.

If you’re looking for one of the most potent forms of CBD, CBD isolate could become your new go-to.

What exactly is CBD isolate, though? And what makes CBD isolate benefits so special? How do you use CBD isolate?

In today’s guide, CBD School answer’s all of these and more.

School is now in session.

A Pure CBD Powder From the Cannabis Plant

CBD isolate comes in the form of purely isolated CBD – nothing else. No THC, no CBC, no terpenes. Nothing else. Imagine a CBD powder that is white. This is exactly what CBD isolate looks like.

Also, CBD can be found in both hemp and marijuana strains of the cannabis plant. Over-the-counter CBD products are produced using hemp rather than marijuana, as, by law, the permitted product must contain less than 0.3% THC. Only trace amounts of THC are found in the hemp plant, whereas large amounts of THC are found in marijuana.

Unlike THC (the most common cannabinoid found in marijuana), CBD does not make you high. However, just like THC, CBD offers numerous health benefits.

The most common reasons why users pick hemp-derived products, like CBD isolates, as their solution are to reduce stress and relieve pain. It is worth noting that CBD eases anxiety, too. CBD is also used to treat patients that suffer from seizure disorders, among other conditions.

In this article, we will write our review about CBD isolate, which uses an isolation process to produce CBD isolates.

The isolation process, in a nutshell, removes all plant chemicals, waxes, chlorophyll, and others contained in a hemp extract are removed via a series of filtration and distillation processes, leaving 99.9% of pure CBD powder.

What is CBD Isolate Used For?

Pure CBD isolate takes the form of a whitish, crystalline powder that is both odorless and flavorless, which makes CBD powder ideal for adding to foods, beverages, topicals preparations, and cosmetics. It does not add to where it is added the strong tastes and odors of cannabis.

One of the major reasons CBD isolates are preferred over other forms of CBD extract, is that is does not contain terpenes.

Terpenes are the aromatic oils that give cannabis its distinctive aromas. There are several types of terpenes produced in cannabis and each of them has its own effects on the human body .

Terpenes can cause allergic reactions in some patients. But, since CBD isolates are terpene-free, this minimizes the risk for allergic reactions caused by a CBD isolate product.

CBD crystals can be added to foods and oils, vaporized, and even smoked. Due to its’ versatility, many people create homemade CBD concentrates out of CBD isolates.

How is CBD Isolate Made?

In order to get CBD out of hemp, it must be extracted. CBD isolate is produced by using a specialized extraction process that starts off being like any other CBD extraction processes.

Once the initial extraction takes place, the product is a concentrated CBD with all kinds of constituents contained in the hemp plant itself. To purify this adulterated extraction of CBD and make it an ultra pure form of isolate CBD, a purifying process is needed!

This purification process includes filtration where all the mixed constituents of the hemp is filtered out of the extract.

Following filtration, the extracted oil goes through “winterization process” that further removes any remaining impurities like plant waxes and others. That’s when you obtain your 99% pure white CBD powder that has been used as a primer for healthcare .

Military service members, police officers, emergency first responders, and anyone else who absolutely can’t fail a drug test will find CBD isolate offers the effective relief they need, without the fear of having THC in their system.

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Does CBD Isolate Have THC?

While most people assume that CBD extract has no THC, there are still trace amounts found in the CBD oil that normally uses the entire hemp plant for its production.

These are typically known as full-spectrum CBD products, and this type of spectrum can be sold legally as long as it contains less than 0.3% THC. While this relatively negligible amount is not typically enough to show any psychoactive effects, it can still show up in the system if you were to take a drug test. So, it is important to keep this in mind.

A true CBD isolate offers all the benefits of CBD without – any trace of THC. It is excellent for anyone who is sensitive to THC or can’t have THC show up in a drug test .

Military service members, police officers, emergency first responders, and anyone else who absolutely can’t fail a drug test should stick with CBD isolate to get the pain relief, or other benefits of CBD they need. This way, they can live without the fear of having any trace of THC in their system.

Since full spectrum CBD products contain trace amounts of THC, there is the possibility you can fail a drug test for THC. As a general rule of thumb, the more high quality the drug test, the less likely you will have a false positive in the CBD being registered as THC.

Again, stick with broad spectrum CBD or CBD isolate should you have to deal with drug testing.

How to Use CBD Isolate?

So, you picked up some CBD isolate. What now? What exactly are you supposed to do with this tasteless, odorless, fine white powder? How do you actually use CBD isolate?

The answer is: however you want!

Because pure CBD isolate doesn’t have any taste or odor, you can use it in a variety of ways. Some of the easiest ways to get your daily CBD isolate dosage to include:

  • using it as you would any other CBD product
  • mix CBD isolate with beverages
  • create homemade CBD concentrates

Place it Directly Under Your Tongue

Placing CBD isolate directly under your tongue is, by far, the easiest way to use it.

Hold it there for about 60 seconds. The CBD will then be delivered to the bloodstream via the mucous membranes to provide the relief you desire. CBD has no taste or odor so you will not taste or smell anything.

Creating Your Own CBD Oil and Custom CBD Products

You can infuse CBD isolate into a carrier oil (for example, MCT, grapeseed, or olive oil) to create your own version of CBD oil that is measured precisely.

This CBD oil can then be taken sublingually by placing it under your tongue to get the desired effects.

You can also use your preparation of CBD-infused oil for cooking or baking, keeping in mind that CBD will lose its potency at higher temperatures. If you do want to cook with it, make sure you’re below 350º Fahrenheit, without ever reaching 400 degrees. You do not want to lose any of the health properties of the isolate.

CBD isolate can also be mixed with skin oils to create a topical that can be used on sore muscles or to ease inflammation as well as joint or arthritis pain. Our favorite base is coconut oil.

Try Mixing CBD Isolate In Your Morning Juice or Smoothie

One of the easiest ways to use CBD isolate is by adding it to a glass of juice or a smoothie.

It will blend seamlessly with your liquid, offering an extra boost for a healthy start of the day!

Try It In Coffee or Tea

If juice or smoothies aren’t your things, CBD isolate will work just as good when mixed with your morning cup of coffee or tea. This is because it normally comes in a powder form.

As with adding to a juice or smoothie, just measure out the desired amount of pure CBD isolate, put it in your drink and stir. Isolated forms of CBD have less flavor when compared to something like broad spectrum CBD or full spectrum CBD, so mixing it is much easier.

Make a CBD Sweetener

Another popular method of using CBD isolate involves using it as a sweetener, despite the fact that CBD is tasteless.

To make your own CBD “sweetener”, heat up honey or agave in a double boiler (or something similar), and then mix in your CBD isolate until thoroughly dissolved.

Use this infused sweetener on top of toasts, in your tea or coffee, or even take it by the spoonful.

Blend It With Your Skin Creams!

Users can mix CBD isolate with skin creams intended to treat skin conditions. It can also be a part of a topical preparation to relieve skin conditions as well as muscles and joints pain. Coconut oil used as a base is a superb choice for this option.

Due to the refined form of this type of CBD product, it’s actually quite easy to mix CBD isolate with many different things. Let your imagination guide you. You might come up with very interesting mixtures.

How to Make CBD Isolate?

CBD isolate, itself, is not something that anyone can create at the comfort of their homes. Sure, you can use the CBD isolate powder to create homemade CBD concentrates, but you cannot make the isolate itself at your house.

Although cannabis oils can be produced at home, purifying them down to turn into a pure form of CBD isolate requires substantial industrial processes.

When you extract CBD from the hemp flower, you’re going to need machinery that can be extremely expensive to accomplish this.

Ever wonder why CBD products are so expensive? This is one of several reasons.

How to Make a Pure CBD Oil From Isolate

More and more people are beginning to create homemade CBD concentrations.

A great way to save money and ensure that your CBD oil is THC-free is to produce your own CBD oil. Not only is it a quick and easy process, but it gives you the pride that you’ve accomplished something.

Items You’ll Need to Create CBD Oil

  • 1 gram (1,000 milligrams) of CBD isolate
  • MCT oil (or grapeseed or olive oil)
  • a 30 ml amber dropper bottle
  • a small funnel or small tool (spoon) to get the fine white powder into the bottle
  • syringe meant for liquids

Steps in Making Pure CBD Oil Out of Isolate

  1. Add 1 gram (1,000 milligrams) of CBD isolate to a 30 ml amber dropper bottle using either a funnel, that is small enough to fit into the top of the bottle, or use a small spoon to scoop and dump the isolate into the bottle.

How to Make Vape Juice from CBD Isolate

Interested in vaping CBD isolate? Try making some vape liquids / vape juice out of your favorite CBD isolate. CBD works wonders for some people in vape form.

Ingredients Needed:

  • 500 mg pure CBD isolate
  • 15 ml propylene glycol
  • 12 ml vegetable glycerin
  • 3ml flavoring of choice (vape juice flavoring or terpenes)
  • Blunt tip syringe
  • Double or triple-digit scale (reads 0.01/0.001)
  • 30 or 60 ml empty vape juice container (preferable amber color to protect against damaging UV rays)


  1. Measure 15ml of propylene glycol into the empty vape juice container using your syringe.
  2. Step 2: Add CBD isolate to the beaker.
  3. Using your scale, measure 500mg (0.5grams) of the CBD isolate. Slowly pour the powder into the container with the 15ml of PG. Gently place the cap on the glass container with the CBD isolate and PG blend.
  4. Mix propylene glycol and pure CBD isolate together. Once the cap is snugly in place, shake the container to completely dissolve the CBD isolate into the PG. This process may take up to a minute to totally dissolve the powder. The blend should then have a consistent liquid form with no crystal particles in it.
  5. Next, add the vegetable glycerin to the mixture. Measure 12 ml of VG into the mixture using the syringe. This ingredient ensures that the vape juice will provide a thicker smoke. Mix it thoroughly until nothing sticks to the sides of the container, and until the solution is unified.
  6. Add flavorings of your choice. Add 3ml to the existing solution. Allow the blend to stand for a while for the flavor to infuse the solution fully.

Once these steps have been completed, all you need to do is transfer the fresh vape juice into your vape tank, then store the remainder.

It is best to refrigerate this solution to extend its life. A cool dark space will also suffice to preserve its potency. It’s also wise to store your vape juice in a tinted glass bottle, away from heat, light, air, and humidity.

This recipe is for a 60/40 mix, however, the measurement of propylene glycol is up to your discretion and preferences.

If you prefer a good throat hit and want better flavor retention, a higher ratio of PG to vegetable glycerine (VG) (70/30) is advisable. Flip the ratio and use more VG if you would like a thicker smoke.

How to Choose CBD Isolate Products (IMPORTANT)

If you’re unaware, should you use CBD isolate, there are many benefits it might offer you. That said, it is well known that not all products are created equally. For safety, efficacy, and quality it’s important to recognize the right CBD brands dedicated to producing the finest products available.

When shopping for CBD products, it’s imperative to keep these non-negotiable requirements in the forefront:

Reputable CBD Brands

Best CBD Isolate Products

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High purity CBDelicious CBD isolate

1 Gram (970 mg+ CBD per jar)

CBDistillery offers only the highest quality pure-hemp CBD-isolates at reasonable prices.

These powders are derived from GMO-free, organic and U.S. grown hemp.

The CBD-isolates contain no THC.

They also offer two types of powders, High Purity CBDelicious CBD-isolate and CBG-isolate.

They use only natural crude ethanol-extracted CBD and CBG.

Third-party lab results can be found on the product page, along with a scannable QR code to confirm purity and potency.


Two CBD-isolate products available

The powders are often available at sale prices

They contain zero THC

Made from organic hemp

Extracted using natural methods


The product page features other broad-spectrum products containing terpenes, and may confuse some customers.

There are numerous reviews of products, but nothing on the CBD-isolate powders.

High Purity CBDelicious CBD-isolate powder is produced from a concentrated extraction of the hemp plant.

This powder can be added to food or drinks and is completely tasteless! There is zero THC content in this product, just pure CBD, no other active ingredients.

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Read Our Lazarus Naturals Review Here

Lazarus Naturals

Cycling Frog CBD Isolate Powder

1 Gram (1,000 mg CBD per jar)

Comes in three flavors including Lemon Lime, Hawaiian Citrus, and Valencia Orange.

They utilize a vertically integrated process that delivers high-quality products.

Their products are affordable.

They offer reduced prices for veterans and the economically challenged.

They are considered to be pioneers in the CBD industry with a great track record.

They are dedicated to maintaining quality and promise high potency products.

The company believes in sustainability.

They plan to be carbon neutral by 2030 and to eliminate all non-biodegradable waste. A goal of eliminating carbon emissions by 2040.

They use all-organic ingredients.

They support local and national non-profits with donations.

Cannabinoids, terpenes, and flavonoids are extracted from hemp with cryogenic ethanol and filtered to remove any impurities.

They have a transparency policy and a certificate of analysis

Third-part test results can be found on the product page


Four CBD-isolate options

Natural extraction methods


They offer only one CBD-isolate product

Lazarus Naturals, Cycling Frog CBD-isolate powder is unflavored and can be added to any food or beverage.

It contains 1,000 mg of CBD per jar and contains zero THC.

They also offer three other CBD-isolates infused with terpenes, that come in Lemon-Lime, Hawaiian Citrus and Valencia Orange flavors.

This product is designed to be used in dilutions and formulations, not for individual dosing or consumption.

15% off discount with code CBDSCHOOL15

Industrial Hemp Farms

CBD Isolate Powder

1 Gram, 5 Grams, 10 Grams, 25 Grams, 50 Grams, 150 Grams, 250 Grams, 500 Grams, 1 Kilogram

They use a sophisticated four-part extraction method, eliminating all fats, waxes, and lipids.

They offer both retail and wholesale pricing.

They are one of the largest suppliers of hemp flower in the world.

They are one of the largest distributors of CBD isolate.

They are in the top 3 worldwide distributors of hemp flowers and extracts.

Third-party lab results can be found here.


2 CBD isolate products available: Powder and Crystal

Affordable pricing, both retail and wholesale


Reviews of this company are difficult to find on their site.

Industrial Hemp CBD-isolate powder can be purchased in 1gram and up to 1-kilogram amounts.

The powder has a crystalline consistency containing 90% CBD, and has zero THC.

It is extracted from organic industrial hemp and is produced and shipped from their Colorado lab.

20% off discount with code CBDSCHOOL20

CBD Luxe

CBD Isolate Powder

This company is known for using 100% Organic materials.

Their hemp is grown in the U.S.

All of their products are third-party tested and come with a Certificate of Analysis. The report can be found here.


Only one CBD-isolate product available

Virtually no information about the CBD-isolate product

Not much information on their site about the company

No reviews available on their site

CBD Luxe, CBD-isolate powder CBD isolate product is 100% organic, with zero THC content.

Available in one-gram size only.

OC Pharm

CBD isolate Bundle

6 x 500 mg jars

Their products are made from 100% organic materials

All of their hemp is grown in the U.S.

The CBD-isolate is made from top quality hemp flower

Their products are all third-party tested. You can find the lab results here.

This company often has sales


Made from top-quality organic hemp flower grown is the U.S.

Solvent and hexane-free


Not much information available on their site

Only one CBD-isolate product offered

OC Pharm CBD-Isolate comes in 500mg amounts.

It is made from top-quality, organic, U.S. grown hemp flowers.

20% off discount with code AMERICAN20

American Shaman

Sold in 1,000 mg jars (discount offered when more jars are purchased)

All of their products are organic, and pesticide-free.

They offer discounts via a Compassionate Care program to veterans and low-income customers.

They offer a full refund if you are not satisfied with the product within 45 days if purchased from their website.

All of their hemp is U.S. grown.

All of their products are third-party lab tested. You can find their lab results here.


Discounts to low-income customers.


Only one product size availble.

No reviews for this product on their site.

CBD American Shaman CBD-isolate products are made from non-GMO industrial hemp plants grown in the U.S. using responsible farming techniques and are pesticide-free.

Their CBD isolate comes in 1 gram size.

Cheef Botanicals

This CBD-isolate powder is Co2-extracted.

All the products are non-GMO and pesticide-free.

They offer a 30-day money-back guarantee.

All their hemp is grown in the U.S.

All of their products are third-party tested, however, their CBD isolate doesn’t seem to have a result available. Here’s the page that has all their other lab results.


GMO and pesticide-free

Money-back guarantee Cons

We could not find a certificate of analysis for their CBD isolate, although, all other products results can be found.

Cheef Botanicals CBD-isolate powders are 99+% pure and made from hemp grown in Colorado, U.S.A.

The hemp is non-GMO and pesticide-free. This product is ISO tested for potency, solvents, and heavy metals.

The CBD-isolate is made using supercritical CO2 extraction techniques and is available in 1 gram jars.

Organic Hemp and Non-GMO

The use of organically farmed, non-GMO, U.S.-grown hemp is imperative when it comes to our selection of featured brands. Our readers deserve to know about the origin and purity of CBD products.

It is prudent to choose CBD companies with excellent reputations, that are transparent with their process and known for their dedication to integrity and quality.

These stellar brands have an open-book policy ensuring potential customers’ ability to access information regarding their products.

Third Party Lab Test Results

The products we are promoting must indicate on their labeling, third-party lab testing to provide correct information regarding cannabinoid levels.

The products must also be certified to be free of pesticides, molds, and heavy metals. To uphold levels of quality, third-party testing is an absolute must when producing and form of CBD products.

Choices for Ingredients

We review all ingredients, both active and inactive, to make sure potential customers are purchasing only high-quality CBD products.

When we refer to “active ingredient” we are indicating the CBD levels in the product. The extra components comprising the product are called “inactive ingredients.”

However, because CBD isolate is a purified product, there should be no added ingredients.


Everyone has various needs when it comes to CBD usage. Most of the brands listed here come in multiple sizes to accommodate as many people as possible. Information regarding the amount of CBD must be listed on the label.

Proper Pricing

When promoting our best-quality CBD products, we prefer to include a wide range of pricing available to suit all budgets. The price of the product will have a direct correlation to the size, volume, serving size, and potency, as well as other possibly added ingredients.

Methods of CBD Extract Procedures

To produce CBD isolate, it requires the extraction of hemp oil from the plant itself.

We prefer to only recommend products that are created using clean, safe extraction methods. There are three common extraction methods when it comes to CBD extraction process.

Solvent extraction utilizes butane, propane, ethanol, isopropyl, or alcohol to get extracted oil from the plant. It is the cheapest and quickest method of extraction. Isolate made by this extraction process is the most dangerous method of extraction.

Should you choose to take CBD oil made by this method, exercise caution. It can cause digestive system issues and exposure to other compounds you may not want in your body.

The olive oil method of extraction was the first method to be utilized for extracting pure CBD from the plant. It is a clean and cost-effective method of extraction that heats the raw plant material to a temperature that activates the plant. The main issue with this method is that the olive oil that is now activated with CBD must be kept in a dark and cool area to keep it fresh, which may be an issue with CBD producers.

The most common way to produce CBD isolate is the CO2 method which is the most expensive method due to the cost of the equipment. This extraction method produces a potent, safe, and chlorophyll-free product.

How Much CBD Isolate Should I Use?

An ideal dosage of CBD isolate is highly user-dependent. It is all about every person’s state of health, physical characteristics like height and weight, as well as whatever health condition they are trying to treat, if any. The recommended dosage also depends on the method of consumption and the time of day at which it is intended for use.

Because CBD affects everyone differently, it’s best to start with a very small quantity and work your way up to a minimum effective dosage over the course of at least a few days. A good starting point is 5mg.

Depending on the use and delivery method, dosages can range from 5mg to over 150 mg per serving. It’s a good idea to do some research and see what medical professionals recommend for every specific condition and case. The most common dosages for non-serious medical conditions fall between 10mg and 50mg.

Keep in mind that CBD is what is known as a bi-phasic active compound. That means that over a certain dosage its effects can actually diminish or even produce unwanted effects.

Furthermore, some delivery methods have higher bioavailability and faster onset time of action than others. For example, vaping offers high bioavailability and fast onset time, while edibles offer slow onset time and lower bioavailability; more CBD and more time will be needed to produce the same effect.

It’s always best to discuss dosage with a qualified medical professional.