charlotte’s web cbd oil for dogs review

An Honest Review of Charlotte’s Web CBD For Dogs

CBD – It’s been all the rage lately. I’ve seen it pop up all over the internet and even in shops near me in Texas.

The promises seem too good to be true. A cashier at a CBD store literally told me that it can “cure everything”. If it can cure everything, for sure SIGN ME UP!

While I have attempted to try CBD, this post isn’t about me. The benefits for humans sound great, but what about dogs? Will it work for my boxer, Roxy?

Luckily, when I was in the midst of considering this, Charlotte’s Web actually reached out to me to consider trying their products. Perfect timing

They sent me 3 different products and I’ve taken a little over a month to check them out before I wrote this review. I personally hate when someone just says “I used it once and here’s my thoughts”. Like, that’s an initial impressions post, not a review.

Anyways, as a complete novice to CBD, I asked them what I should try for Roxy. I explained that she’s 9 and gave them a few of her symptoms. They came back with some recommendations tailored for her which was really helpful.

The products we tried:

Calming Chews For Dogs

These were our favorite product from the bunch, and here’s why.

Roxy gets scared of loud noises. Especially when it’s a thunderstorm. When the thunder rolls, Roxy freaks out.

She pants heavily. She’s restless. She hides in the bathroom. I’ve spent many nights just sitting there with her to help calm her down.

Shortly after we received the chews, there was a storm. To be honest, I completely forgot about them for the first hour or so of the storm, and Roxy was not having a good night.

Then I remembered about the calming chews and grabbed them from the pantry. At first, she didn’t want them. They smell good, so I assumed it’s because she was too freaked out to try to eat.

Poor girl was shivering and here I am forcing a chew into her mouth. After she atet, she swallowed the second one out of my hand. Must have tasted pretty good!

I’m not sure how long until it kicked in, but I noticed that she was in the living room with me and not panting heavily. She also wasn’t shivering. It was really nice to see her not so anxious.

We haven’t had another storm since then, so I was worried that I couldn’t really say it worked after just once.

However, the other day, the winds were howling at my apartment. Our building is in a little corridor and when it’s windy, the sound is pretty loud – Roxy hates it.

She was pushed up against me shivering very hard. So I went and grabbed her chews.

The same thing as the first time. She didn’t want anything to do with them and I had to force her to eat the first chew. Then she happily took the second one from my hand.

Just like the first time, Roxy’s demeanor changed. She wasn’t freaking out. It was great.

The chews say that you should take them daily. I just don’t think she needs them daily for the calming effect. However, I really like them for when she needs it and I’ve been telling my friends about the chews.

Dog CBD Oil

Being new to CBD, I wasn’t really sure what to do here. The directions seemed to make sense but I still don’t think I did it correctly.

Like with the chews, the CBD oil had directions on the side based on weight. From what I could tell, she needed 4 pumps of the oil.

So once a day, I would pump 4 times into her food and mix it all up. She didn’t seem to mind eating it with her food.

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Roxy is 9 and a large dog. Her back legs seem to be giving up on her. Going up the stairs is a chore, jumping on the bed is nearly out of the question, and I have to help pick her up to get into the car.

Full disclosure: before we did the CBD oil, we were using some joint chews for this. They seemed to be doing really well. She would jump into the bed. I could even take her outside and she’d run a little.

To test the oil, I took her off the chews. Sadly, she was back to having trouble going up the stairs and jumping onto the bed.

While it could have definitely been my fault in doing it incorrectly, I am going back to the other joint chews for Roxy.

I saw on their site that the have hip and joint chews. Since the other chews worked, I plan to grab some of those after my current chews run out.

Canine Hemp Skin Balm

Years ago, Roxy started to lose some of her hair on the side. It’s kind of in the shape of a heart and it’s little cute, but also sad that she lost her hair. Recently, she started to lose some on the other side as well.

Therefore when I saw the balm for hair and skin, I immediately thought maybe this might help. Why? I’m not sure. Naively hopeful I guess?

I mean, I’ve heard of topical CBD that can help with pain and other stuff. So maybe it could be save the bald spot.

My boyfriend has a beard and uses beard balm. So we applied this balm like we would with his. Scrape a little with the thumb and then rub it into the desired area.

After some time, I was hoping to see a noticeable change – again, naive me. When I didn’t, I messaged Charlotte’s Web and they said it wasn’t for hair loss. They did suggest I use it for her paws instead.

So I spent some time rubbing them on her paws and they seem to be not as rough as usual. I’m going to keep applying and check in on them from time to time.


I didn’t really know what to expect when it came to this review. I haven’t really had much experience with CDB. But I love my Roxy and wanted to try it out.

I definitely recommend the chews as those have been very helpful. I plan to try them on our next road trip too, to see if that helps her with the drive.

Can’t really say the same for the oil, but honestly I really don’t know if I did that correctly. I’m sticking with joint specific chews because I know that has worked for her. If I try the joint chews from Charlotte’s Web, I’ll update my post.

As for the balm, her feet do seem less rough and that’s nice. Not sure if there’s really much more benefit there? Their site mentions it’s for sensitive skin and I don’t really know what that is when it comes to do. I assume my vet would have mentioned something by now if she had sensitive skin. If you have a good suggestion for the balm, can you let me know in the comments?

Disclosure: I was provided these products in return for my honest review. I will also receive a small commission if you purchase after clicking my link. I’m not a vet or anything, just a loving dog mom trying to help others. If you’re not sure if CBD is right for your dog, I would recommend having a conversation with your vet. Get their opinion before you try something new

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Charlotte’s Web Hemp Review: CBD Oil and Chews for Your Dog

I’m a relative newcomer to the world of veterinary hemp or CBD products. We weren’t versed on it in veterinary school and I work in a clinic that leans more towards the traditional side. However, I also happen to have an “old lady” dog and a one-year old that wants nothing more than to frenzy bark at the delivery trucks all day. So, I figured why not give some of these products a try.

My dogs tested out the Hip & Joint chews, the Hemp Extract Liquid, and the Calming chews; which for these two of my dogs was exactly what was needed. How did Charlotte’s Web Hemp Extract stand up to these tough critics? Let’s find out.

What we like:
Great natural alternative for pets

In This Article

What We Like

  • The chicken flavor made these chews irresistible
  • Convenient serving sizes
  • A more natural alternative
  • Has a Subscribe and Save system for easy ordering (and 10% off every order)

What We Don’t Like

  • Doesn’t have FDA approval for use in dogs because the FDA does not currently oversee CBD regulations
  • Excessive packaging
  • Contains possible allergens like brewers yeast and chicken flavoring

How Much Does it Cost?

For the Hip & Joint Chews: They come in a package of 60 chews for $19.99, or roughly $0.33 per chew. The recommended serving varies based on weight. For my dog at 50 lbs, the serving is up to two chews per day or $0.66. Dogs under 10 lbs would get ½ chew per day and dogs over 100 could have up to 8 chews per day.

For the Hemp Extract Liquid: It comes in a 1 oz (30 ml) bottle for $59.99 or $1.99 per ml. Four pumps (now droppers) from the bottle yields about 1 ml. Serving size recommendations range from 1 pump for under 25 pounds to 4 pumps for 75 and over. My dog ran in the middle at 1-2 pumps per day or around $1.00 per serving.

The Hemp Infused Balm runs $24.99 for 1.5 oz and would last depending on the size of area you’re using it on.

Chews for Senior Dogs runs 30 chews for $19.99 or 60 chews for $34.99.

About Charlotte’s Web Hemp Products

Hemp is a plant, related to marijuana, that grows normally in nature. The main difference between hemp and marijuana is the amount of THC, the psychoactive compound sought after in marijuana, that is present. Hemp has a much lower level of THC (legally required to be under 0.3%), yet still contains high levels of phytocannabinoids that can calm the mind, reduce everyday stresses, and help aid sleep. Charlotte’s Web Hemp utilizes the benefits of phytocannabinoids without causing the euphoria that marijuana does.

Charlotte’ Web products are formulated to “ease hip and joint stiffness in adult dogs caused by routine exercise and activity.” The Hip & Joint chews contain not only the phytocannabinoids but also glucosamine, chondroitin, and turmeric to increase joint health.

The Calming Chews are meant to “calm and relax adult dogs, easing the stress of travel, separation, change of routine and whatever else may cause pet stress.” In this product the phytocannabinoids are combined with other calmers like valerian root, chamomile and passion flower extract.

The Senior Dog Chews utilized the natural antioxidants of vitamin E and elderberry, along with DHA to support cognitive function in your dog’s golden years.

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And the balm is a topical way of utilizing phytocannibinoids to improve skin health for those pups with sensitive skin.

How it Works

If you’re new to the world of hemp, try using Charlotte’s Web product finder and take the quiz to help narrow down the product that you hope will benefit your best friend. While this tool is based on the human products, it may help you narrow down the dog product that you’re looking for. Many of the products on Charlotte’s Web are formulated for humans, so be sure to only utilize those meant for dogs on your pup as products meant for humans may contain ingredients that are unsafe.

My Experience With Charlotte’s Web Hemp Products

As I said before, I had two very specific issues that I was hoping to help in my two dogs. I looked to the Hip & Joint Chews to help my elderly girl and the Calming Chews to take the young one down a notch or two.

The products arrived very well packaged. They were wrapped in bubble wrap to keep them from getting squished, a huge benefit, but maybe a little unnecessary since they were shipped in a cardboard box as well. Not a deal breaker for sure, but something that some of us might want to know.

My dogs like the taste of these products right away. There was no coaxing or trickery needed. They just gulped them down. The Hemp Extract Liquid I easily put on their food and it didn’t matter whether I used the chicken flavored or the unflavored, I never had a problem.

Now, as to the effectiveness, it’s going to take more than a few phytocannibinoids to calm my young dog down. However, as a veterinarian I have recommended various calming supplements to dog parents that aren’t quite willing to take the unnatural road and have come back with mixed results. What supplements have worked wonders for some pups haven’t phased others. So, even though my dog didn’t experience much calming, that’s not to say that others wouldn’t.

My older dog, on the other hand, did seem to benefit. I did notice a bit of an increase in her activity, which is a win in my book. In the case of joint support, it may take several weeks for the benefits to be noticeable.

Final Thoughts on Charlotte’s Web Hemp Products

Supplements, including hemp and other popular ones like glucosamine, aren’t regulated by the FDA. This means that dosages, efficacy and safety haven’t been as thoroughly researched as pharmaceuticals that are approved. This doesn’t mean that supplements can’t be effective and safe, it just means you should talk to your veterinarian about them before you give them to your pup.

I have also read that hemp and CBD products can cause drowsiness. While my dogs weren’t affected by this, it may be a possibility, especially at the higher end of the serving sizes . So, if you’re hoping to get your pup moving freely again, you may experience the opposite effect.

If you have a dog that needs help with their movement or one that needs a little calming touch and you’re not ready to seek out unnatural alternatives just yet, Charlotte’s Web hemp products might be of help.

Dr. Chyrle Bonk earned her Doctor of Veterinary Medicine from Oregon State University. Chyrle has been practicing veterinary medicine since 2010. She currently works as a mixed animal veterinarian and rancher in a rural town in Idaho. When not practicing, ranching, or writing, she spends her free time with her husband and two little boys somewhere in the Idaho wilderness.