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How Can CBD Help
Night Shift Workers

Having a job has many benefits. For one thing, earning a paycheck. Working puts a roof over people’s heads and food on the table. Perhaps it helps with supporting a family member or funding someone’s education.

Earning money isn’t the only benefit of having a job, though. It also gives some significant mental (and even physical) health benefits. It gives a sense of purpose, keeps the mind active, and provides challenges that can help people grow. If working with other people, it promotes collaboration and fosters connections. Working people are more likely to feel happier and more fulfilled, especially when they enjoy what they do.

Of course, every job can also cause stress from time to time, no matter how amazing it is. For night-shift workers, that stress tends to be more prevalent. Working nights can mess up the body clock, which can take a toll mentally and physically. It doesn’t have to be that way.

It is possible to work overnight shifts while maintaining health and wellness. Adding CBD to your routine can help.

Does Working Night Shifts Affect Your Health?

Night-shift workers often have a higher risk of adverse health effects. One of the most significant is poor sleep. The human body follows a circadian rhythm, responding to daylight and darkness. Light tells us we’re supposed to be awake, while darkness indicates that it’s time to sleep. Going against that natural rhythm makes it hard to get quality sleep, which can affect the quality of life.

Poor Sleep Quality and Mental Health

A lack of sleep can leave many people feeling tired and irritable in the short term. Night-shift workers also face long-term disruptions in their regular sleep-wake patterns, which can eventually take an even more significant toll. They have a higher risk of developing anxiety, depression, and mood disorders. Not to mention, working overnight can also put them out of regular communication with friends and family. That can affect mental health , too.

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Physical Health Effects

Several studies have shown that night-shift workers are at a higher risk for developing several significant health issues (1), including:

  • Diabetes
  • Obesity
  • Heart disease
  • Ulcers
  • Cancer

Working at night also reduces exposure to natural sunlight, which means the body isn’t producing as much vitamin D. Sufficient vitamin D is vital for bone, muscle, heart, and immune health.

Workplace Productivity and Safety

Without proper sleep, productivity can suffer. Night-shift workers may find they are slower to react or have a hard time concentrating. That can affect overall work quality and place them at greater risk for workplace accidents.

How CBD Can Help Night-Shift Workers

One of the first options people consider is sleep medication for night-shift workers. But, while they might help with sleep, they often come with some unpleasant side effects, like grogginess, dizziness, headaches, appetite changes, and strange dreams. They’re also generally meant for short-term use, and prolonged use can lead to dependency.

CBD may be a better option to get the best sleep for night-shift workers. It can improve sleep, restore balance, and boost overall wellness. Products like oil or gummies for night-shift workers provide easy and accurate dosing of CBD and other valuable cannabinoids. While they contain trace amounts of THC (0.3% or less), these hemp-derived products won’t lead to a high. They also don’t cause dependency.

Research is ongoing, but it looks positive for CBD. While it may help anyone looking for some extra help, the best CBD oil for sleep may be one of the best sleep products for night-shift workers.

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Reduce Stress and Fall Asleep More Easily

Falling asleep is challenging enough for a night-shift worker. If there’s any additional stress, it can feel almost impossible to fall asleep. Research suggests that CBD may help reduce stress and fall asleep (2) more quickly. It may also help improve overall sleep quality. Muscle MX’s Relax CBD drops contain a combination of CBD, CBN, and Ashwagandha to help soothe the mind, making it easier to fall asleep.

Enhance Focus

While CBD can help with sleep (which can promote better mental focus), it may also help while trying to work. Along with reducing anxiety, the cannabinoid may help improve blood flow to the part of the brain responsible for processing memories (3). It may also help promote the growth of new neurons in the brain.

These benefits can help improve focus and concentration, helping the user stay on task and get more done. Muscle MX’s Energy CBD gummies provide an extra boost with green coffee caffeine, l-theanine, Ginkgo Biloba, and B-12.

Promote Overall Wellness

CBD may help support overall wellness by restoring the body’s internal balance. Both CBD drops and gummies are easy to add to a daily routine , too.

There are even options with additional ingredients for better health. The combination of CBD, zinc, elderberry, and B-vitamins in the Muscle MX Immune CBD drops assists with immune function, helping the body work better and stay healthier overall.

CBD or THC for better sleep

Aloha Nightshifters, I've been workinga midnight to 8am shift for about 2 years with a couple of 12-hour OT shifts sprinkled in.

I have had some good times and bad times with getting "good quality" sleep. I've been taking melatonin (10mg) and a Rite Aid sleep-aid daily just to get sleepy. But even when I fall asleep the sleep doesn't always feel good the next "morning".

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So, I came across some CBD oil and have started vaping it. I gotta say that I feel like my sleep is deeper and less disturbed. I don't have bouncing off the wall energy, but I don't feel as sluggish during my shift.

So my question: is this placebo or psychosomatic? Have any of you guys used cbd or thc for better quality sleep?

Thanks for reading

TL;DR: started CBD 2 weeks ago. I think it's working, but maybe it's a placebo effect. Has cbd or thc worked for you??

Cannabis, Cannabinoids, and Sleep: a Review of the Literature

Purpose of review: The current review aims to summarize the state of research on cannabis and sleep up to 2014 and to review in detail the literature on cannabis and specific sleep disorders from 2014 to the time of publication.

Recent findings: Preliminary research into cannabis and insomnia suggests that cannabidiol (CBD) may have therapeutic potential for the treatment of insomnia. Delta-9 tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) may decrease sleep latency but could impair sleep quality long-term. Novel studies investigating cannabinoids and obstructive sleep apnea suggest that synthetic cannabinoids such as nabilone and dronabinol may have short-term benefit for sleep apnea due to their modulatory effects on serotonin-mediated apneas. CBD may hold promise for REM sleep behavior disorder and excessive daytime sleepiness, while nabilone may reduce nightmares associated with PTSD and may improve sleep among patients with chronic pain. Research on cannabis and sleep is in its infancy and has yielded mixed results. Additional controlled and longitudinal research is critical to advance our understanding of research and clinical implications.

Keywords: Cannabinoids; Cannabis; Insomnia; Sleep; Sleep apnea.