cbd oil for social anxiety reddit

Thoughts on CBD oil?

Recently been using CBD oil in my water throughout my day, and I've noticed a big increase in confidence and how sociable I am. Maybe it's just a placebo, but I've also noticed these positive side effects before equating it to the CBD oil (originally thought it was due to vaping or exposure or something).

Curious if anyone else has had similar experiences. Also wondering if CBD oil has a diminishing anxiolytic effect to where the anxiety actually becomes worse overtime without it (such as the case with stimulants or alcohol). And do you build a tolerance to it overtime?

CBD never worked for me so after years of meds and counseling I stopped everything and tried CBD again and it has drastically improved my moods and focus.

CBD oil for SA.

I have been using CBD oil for a few weeks now, and have noticed some difference. The problem is I have to take a crap ton, and CBD oil is quite expensive. Has anyone tried this themselves?

I noticed I had to use increasing amounts. tolerance built up fast

For me it doesn't really make me feel anything, but I am noticeably more calm. As in less scattered thoughts and judgements.
The main issue is the price. But yeah, worth looking into, everyone is affected different. You can find it at most health food stores, but most of that is crap, I would order online.

. or from a pot shop if your in a legal state.

I get drug tested often. Does cbd show up on drug tests?

Some cbd has small traces of thc in it so it’s possible. But not all cbd products do. Maybe you could get a doctors note?

I’ve tried cbd oil but I’ve only taken it at night. It’s been helping me sleep but I’ve been worried to take it during the day when I actually need it. I’ve been taking 10-15 mg. How much do you take?

Also what brand are you currently using? I tried Green Mountain and it’s pretty affordable

I have tried many different "brands"/strains. Each one is a little different, some I will be noticeably more sleepy, which kinda does nothing for me.
Charlotte's Web, Endoca, for a while I was ordering directly from this guy in Canada. But I think you can't really go wrong with a straight extract without additives.