cbd oil for small animals

CBD Oil for Small Animals 3% – 10ml

Here is the perfect CBD oil to relieve your small pets of their ailments naturally. With its medicinal benefits, this CBD oil for small pets allows them to be less stressed, less anxious and access a happier daily life.

This CBD oil for small animals is easy to use, fast acting and suitable for all types of small animals such as rabbits, rodents and other mammals.

This oil is 100% natural, pesticide free and ideally suited for small animals. The small animal CBD oil bottle contains 10 ml of oil and is concentrated at 3% CBD, a sufficient level recommended by animal health experts.

With its full spectrum formulation, this small animal CBD oil offers all the benefits of the elements that make up hemp. This CBD oil does not contain THC. Therefore, it meets the European legal regulations for CBD products.

This oil guarantees consumption without any side effects or addictive effects.

The natural benefits of CBD for Small Animals

CBD oil for small animals is known for its ability to decrease inflammation and chronic pain in our adorable little mammals.

Use CBD oil totreat your small pets’ pain as:

  • relieve them and help them if they have seizures and epilepsy.
  • help them if they have problems with inflammation in the gut, problems urinating, and arthritis.

Overall, CBD for small animals improves their daily well-being. They are happier, more playful and regain their innocence!

How much CBD to give your pet

The dosage of CBD is going to depend on the weight of your small pet. This 3% oil contains 1.75 mg of CBD per drop. Multiply the pet’s weight by 0.75 to find the ideal daily mg dosage for your pet, then divide that number by 1.75 to find out how many drops that is.

Example: Your pet is 10 pounds.

3 x 0.75 = 2.25 mg (ideal daily dosage for your pet)

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2.25 รท 1.75 = 1.3 = So between 1 and 2 drops of 3% CBD per day

Each animal reacts differently, so it is recommended to start with small doses and increase if their reaction is not sufficient!

Pet CBD Oil – 300 mg Tincture for Pets

-300MG Tincture
-1oz Bottle
-100% Organic Hemp
-Full Spectrum to include all cannabinoids
-All batches are lab tested for purity & potency
-Made in the USA
-10MG of CBD per dropper
-Less than 0.3% THC
–See Suggested Dosage

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Looking for Pet CBD Oil to treat your pet? CBD Tinctures come in a variety of dosages. Consequently, Canis Synergy 300 mg tincture is the ideal dosage. It’s perfect for smaller sized animals. Our CBD Oil for Pets is the ideal therapy for animals suffering from a wide variety ailments.

Why Pet CBD Oil?

Many forward thinking pet owners realize the potential that CBD Oil has. Over the last 10 years CBD therapy has been increasing in popularity. As a result more pet owners have been using it as treatment for their animals mobility, attitude and appetite. For instance, the 300 mg Tincture is perfect for smaller sized animals. If you are considering administeristering CBD tinctures to your pet, please read suggested dosages. Find out if the 300 MG Tincture is the right sized dosage for your animal.

Pet CBD Oil for Dogs & Cats

If you considering administering Pet CBD to your dog or cat, be aware that CBD oils for dogs and cats come in a variety of dosages. The 300 mg CBD Oil is ideal dosage for smaller animals. Pet owners use it to provide stress relief in smaller sized pets. Consequently, if your animal is larger than 20-30 pounds, you may want to consider a higher dosage such as our 600 mg tincture or our 1200 mg tincture which is ideal for larger sized dogs

All Natural CBD Remedy for Pets

10 reviews for Pet CBD Oil – 300 mg Tincture for Pets

Steve – June 17, 2020

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As far as other Pet CBD meds go, we have tried several. This was the only product that had any impact at all on relieving my dogs pain. Highly recommend this for post surgery treatment.

Diego Rivera – June 27, 2020

Our cat is around 16 years old with alot of different ailments. Blind in one eye and arthritic. We had it on pain meds for around 6 months and all our cat did was sleep. This medication really needs to be prescribed instead of pain meds. We switched to your CBD oil and what a dramatic improvement. It’s like night and day. Natural is the way to go.

Marianne – July 18, 2020

We have an adopted stray with some serious anxiety issues. This is the perfect CBD oil for smaller dogs. We tried a higher dosage of another brand and it was like knock out drops. This dosage was ideal. Takes care of alot of her stress and anxiety without making her sleepy.

Karen – September 9, 2020

We researched CBD oil for cats and this was the first site that popped up. Messaged them on FB and they gave me a complete education on how the meds would impact our pet. Definitely helped put our minds at ease since we have no experience with CBD. Noticed a big improvement in our cats appetite. She is moving around much easier since we started her on Canis Synergy.

Avery Jenkins – September 17, 2020

Just started our dachshund Frank on it. Super relieved that it’s working. Just wanted to tell anyone thinking about purchasing a CBD Oil for their pet… you definitely have to give this product a try. Our dog was lethargic and had zero energy after his surgery. We were desperate to find a medicine that would help relieve his pain and increase his appetite. Canis Synergy is the best product on the market. Would highly recommend you try it if your dog is suffering or in pain.

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Luther Jensen – October 4, 2020

I have my bichon frise on it right now. Just ordered more. Very happy with the results. Glad everything we read was true.

Sam Guthrie – October 11, 2020

Was very happy with the results. My friend Adam is another customer of yours. He gave me a bottle as a present for treating our terrier that recently had cancer surgery. It’s incredible what this product does. I was skeptical at first but you never know until you give something a try.

Holly – November 15, 2020

So glad I found this product for my tripod senior dog! I started with 300 and have worked up to 600. If I forget to put some in his food, I can tell by his back legs shaking. Within minutes of giving him a dose, the shaking stops. It’s definitely helping ease the pain of arthritis and it seemed to help him wean off pain meds and perk up faster after his leg amputation surgery.

Paula Norton – November 16, 2020

What a difference since we started using your product. Our fur baby Molly has been using your CBD Oil for a few months and it’s like we have our old girl back. So grateful for this product. It’s had such a great impact on her quality of life.

Canis Synergy – November 16, 2020

Very happy to hear that Paula. Thank you so much for your repeat business.

Dieter – December 2, 2020

Very good product for the money. Have noticed some improvements in our dogs behavior. Think we need to go up a level. It’s expensive though. Don’t you guys ever offer coupons?

Canis Synergy – December 4, 2020

Dieter, thank you for using our product. We sent you a coupon code just now you can use on your next order. Hope this helps.