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5 Proven Ways How CBD Oil Helps You Get Glowing Skin

CBD is the new wonder supplement in the health and wellness industry. It has gained a lot of popularity due to its immune-boosting, anti-inflammatory, and nootropic effects. Whether it be sleeping issues, anxiety problems, or treating your dog with CBD infused products, CBD can help to provide a natural solution to these issues for some.

CBD or Cannabidiol originates from the cannabis plant. After securing CBD from the cannabis plant, manufacturers mix it with a carrier oil like avocado oil to make CBD oil which can be used in anti-aging and beauty regimens.. After discovering multiple applications in the health industry, CBD oil is creating quite a buzz in the skincare industry.

The beauty industry is launching CBD infused skin care products like toners, eye creams, and serums. CBD oil has the potential of treating skin issues like acne, age spots, as well as reducing puffiness, redness, dryness, pigmentation, and wrinkles.

CBD oil is rich in vitamins A, C, and E, you can consume CBD oil orally to utilize its skin-boosting benefits as well as using it topically with a carrier oil. Here are some of the five easiest ways of using CBD oil for glowing skin.

1. Helps Fight Acne

Our skin has tiny hair follicles called pores. When these pores clog with oil and dirt, they give birth to pimples. When there is a repeated occurrence of pimples on the skin, it may be a sign of acne issues.

Acne is a prevalent skin problem among people of all age groups and can happen to both genders. It can irritate the skin and can be very painful for some while being just an unsightly bother to others. Mostly acne issues occur due to hormonal imbalance, puberty, stress, certain medications, and excessive oil secretion. Oil secretion is good for moisturizing the skin, but excessive oil secretion attracts pollutants that clog pores and lead to acne.

As per studies, CBD oil can help to reduce the occurrence of acne by altering the oil discharge by the body. CBD’s anti-inflammatory attributes prevent excessive production of sebum from the sebocytes. CBD can also help to inhibit the stimulation of cytokines, which can also trigger acne.

Studies have revealed that CBD derived from cannabis Sativa strains holds antibacterial properties, which can potentially help to prevent any breakouts. Thus, using CBD oil as part of the anti-acne skincare routine can show remarkable results for some.

2. Ideal For Sensitive skin

Sensitive skin is not a skin disease, but it is a symptom of another ailment like genetic conditions, eczema, and allergies. People who have sensitive skin are often vulnerable to harsh ingredients and show redness as the first symptom. They are prone to rashes, and doctors advise them to do a patch test in a small area before using a new product on the entire face.

Frequent washing of sensitive skin can lead to itchiness and taut skin. Switching to CBD oil-infused products can be a relief for those with sensitive skin issues. Cannabidiol may have skin-soothing and normalizing properties that may help in diminishing the signs of sensitivity like irritation, itching, and redness.

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CBD oil has some calming effects on the skin that can also help to fight environmental stressors. One way of using CBD products is by applying CBD topicals like CBD cream. Otherwise, one can also use CBD oil by mixing it with their go-to moisturizer. Either way, remember to do a patch test on a small area before applying it to the entire face.

3. Anti-aging Properties

Aging is a natural and inevitable process of growing up. Wrinkles are among some of the first signs of aging. These crease lines can occur on the forehead, outer corner of the eyes, smile lines, and drooping cheeks.

These early signs of aging can occur due to lack of hydration, exposure to UV rays, and an unhealthy lifestyle. One cannot completely avoid developing signs of aging but one may be able to delay the early signs of aging.

Studies show that Cannabinoids might have anti-aging qualities that may help in the regeneration of skin that diminishes the fine lines and furrows. Regular application of CBD oil may help to prevent our skin from experiencing free radical damage.

CBD products like CBD eye cream can help in delaying the occurrence of crow’s feet and reduce the puffiness under the eyes. The presence of CBD oil in the anti-aging creams is beneficial in diminishing the appearance of dull skin while bringing back the appearance of more youthful looking skin.

4. Relaxing the mind and body

Beauty is on the inside as well as on the outside. Just applying high-end beauty products alone won’t make your skin glow. Maintaining a healthy mind and body also plays a crucial role in boosting your skin quality.

According to a recent Huffington Post article, increased stress can deteriorate your skin through skin inflammation, dryness, and acne. Similarly, lack of sleep can affect the self-repair of skin cells, skin hydration, and loss of proper skin texture.

Including CBD oil in your diet can help to boost your sleep and alleviate stress, thus, helping the rejuvenation process. Studies show that CBD can help reduce stress and/or anxiety to improve sleep. Taking CBD oil sublingually or through vaping showed remarkable results in patients of anxiety.

CBD activates the serotonin receptors in the brain that relax the mind and acts to counter excess stress hormones (cortisol) released in the body. CBD oil has also been shown to help improve the sleep latency in insomniacs, for example, they were able to fall asleep quicker, and CBD also helped to improve their deep sleep cycle, which is essential for skin repair. Thus, taking CBD oil orally 30 minutes before sleep can help to promote a night of sound sleep and healthy repair of skin cells. As a result, you can obtain glowing skin.

5. Prevents Sunburns

Sunscreen helps to protect our skin from the harmful UV rays. Everyone needs to protect the skin from pigmentation, dark spots, uneven skin tone, and skin cancer. Mixing a drop of CBD oil with your go-to sunscreen can enhance sun protection. You can apply CBD infused sunscreen with up to SPF 50 for preventing sunburn.

Studies suggest that CBD’s anti-inflammatory characteristics play a vital role in improving sun protection and reducing the occurrence of sunburns. Using CBD oil, along with sunscreen, helps to protect the essential proteins like keratin that are responsible for smooth and supple skin.

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For all the above reasons and many more CBD oil can be very beneficial in helping to enhance skin texture by naturally protecting skin from aging, acne, UV rays, stress, and skin dryness. Apart from the different ways of using CBD oil that we mentioned above, one can also use CBD oil in the form of lip balm, hair care, and bath bombs for a spa-like experience at home.

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7 Ways to glow your skin by using CBD oil

Cannabis and its products have been in use for time immemorial. The reason behind its sustainability over time is due to its ability to bring about a positive impact on health. Come the decade of the 1940s, a team of scientists discovered the presence of a compound called CBD in cannabis plants. There are two popularly known strains of cannabis: indica and sativa. While indica is richer in THC, sativa is known to contain more of CBD than THC.

Being one of the most beneficial and effective of the 113 cannabinoids in cannabis, CBD has become a popular name amongst the health enthusiasts. Thus, this led to the invention of CBD oil. Not only is CBD oil good for the body internally, but it can also help keep the skin in top form externally. Let us read on to discuss ways as to how CBD oil can bring about an eternal glow in your skin.

For anti-aging

With the busy schedules, we lead in life, the skincare regime can take a backseat. Besides, factors that have adverse effects on the skin include the unclean environment, dehydration, and a diet consisting mainly of processed foods. CBD oil can control the visible signs of aging. According to a study, it can be a boon for the health of the skin if put into judicious use. Since it consists of antioxidants, CBD oil facilitates the removal of harmful toxins from the body. These are the very toxins that become the cause for the onset of acne, pimples, and breakouts.

Some of the ways to apply CBD oil on your skin is through the medium of CBD anti-aging cream and serums. They can help tackle issues like skin dullness, ruddy skin tone, wrinkles, and fine lines.

For sensitive skin

The levels of skin sensitivity differ according to the person. Sometimes, it might be so severe that skin might end up contracting redness in the blink of an eye, due to harmful bacteria or exposure to sunlight. In other cases, the skin might become coarse and dry, losing its sheen in the process. To address these problems, CBD oil can be of great help due to its soothing properties. It can calm the skin and diminish the issues related to skin sensitivity. Even for those whose skin is keeping well, CBD oil can enhance the liveliness of the skin and make it look better.

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For acne

Acne is a common affair among teenagers. However, in some cases, it may go on to occur in the later parts of life too. Hormonal imbalance, harmful bacteria in the environment, and an unhealthy diet are some of the factors that can exacerbate the problem. To find a solution to the issue of acne naturally, CBD oil can provide great help. Owing to its anti-inflammatory properties, it can do away with the redness and breakouts gradually. You can either apply it directly on the skin through creams and serums or begin with its intake to realize its wonderful benefits.

The application of CBD oil also helps reduce the production of sebum in the skin. Hence, rightful use of it on the skin can prove to be a boon for you.

Anti-oxidant properties

The presence of free radicals in our body can be harmful both internally and externally. A study suggests that consuming CBD oil helps get a good dosage of antioxidants. These, in turn, enable the body to get rid of life-threatening pathogens and carcinogens. Thus, it can also help prevent the onset of several diseases and promote a healthy body overall.

CBD oil also enables the body to produce cannabinoids. These help the body further in avoiding skin inflammation and even help cure joint problems.

Rich in Vitamins

CBD oil contains Vitamin D and E, which can prove to be vital for nourishing all types of skin. The reason behind these vitamins being good for the skin is that they enhance the elasticity of the skin. Besides these, omega-3 fatty acids and omega-6 fatty acids are also imperative for attaining healthy skin. CBD oil is a rich source of these and can thus facilitate you in tackling rough skin and ailments like dermatitis. There are a lot of other foods you can get these vitamins and fatty acids from. However, CBD oil can be your one-stop product for getting back that glow of the skin that has been amiss in your life.

Rejuvenation of skin cells

Every human body has its own endocannabinoid system, which is capable of creating its own cannabinoids. However, some bodies have this system that does not function well. Having an endocannabinoid system is essential as it facilitates the well-being of the basal cells. These cells constitute the inner layer of the epidermis and require timely replenishment in order to remain healthy. Thus, it is imperative that the old cells give way to the new cells for the skin to remain in their best form.

For those whose system is showing signs of degradation and even for those with a healthy endocannabinoid system, CBD oil can give a boost to the quest for skin rejuvenation. It has the ability to react with the receptors in the body and produce natural cannabinoids, which enhances the glow of the skin manifold.