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Ready to start using CBD oil for my back pain, but have many questions

These posts probably happen daily, but I've read the FAQ and wiki and still have questions. I apologize in advance. I'll try to make this as short and as organized as possible. Thank you for reading.

Background: Healthy 29 year old male looking to use CBD oil as a substitute for NSAIDs (ibuprofen) to help with inflammation. I bulged 2 discs in my lower back 3 years ago and I'm still dealing with it to this day. Ibuprofen helps me sleep, which helps me recover from my strengthening program. I think this is a healthier alternative as I hate taking any medications.

Questions: Best bang for the buck? I'm willing to shell out for the higher quality stuff from the vetted companies, but what is the most economical way of using CBD oil, orally or vaping?

If vaping is the way to go, I currently own a PAX 3 vaporizer for dry herb, would I be able to use this vape for CBD as well? If so, would I just use the isolate form?

I haven't really found exact dosage amounts. Should I just start off with a small amount and work my way up as needed?

Hey fellow vaporent, piping up with a suggestion. NSAIDS are horrible for you, as I'm guessing you've discovered.
Have you tried taking turmeric? You can make or buy turmeric and black pepper capsules that are more effective than NSAIDS. Google it, it's been studied. Really has helped several family members and friends. That and high cbd is a powerfully effective combo.

Hey there! I've actually been using this turmeric supplement, but I've been taking the minimum dose. I'm going to up it to the max dose (3 tablets daily), and combine it with a CBD product. sounds like a good idea.

CBD is definitely worth a shot. I have a friend with a herniated L4 and L5 and he was poppin 2-3 hydrocodones a day for pain along with epidurals every 3 months. After 2 days on our CBD he stopped pills and hasn't had one since. He's going on a month now and uses about 1mL a day.

Same here. Using CBD for bad back, pinched nerve, sciatic nerve pain and drop foot due to L4/L5. I have chronic back pain for years now and gone through big jars of Naproxen and/or Ibuprofen for daily pain management. Just started trying CBD stuff and what works for me is a CBD topical rub and CBD oil (sublingual) combo. Daily stretches helps a lot too for a more permanent relief.

For the tincture, I currently tried Lazarus Natural's High potency drops and Green Mountain CBD capsules (crushed under tongue) and both work good. The Lazarus drops seems to be more economical (this is your best bang for the back) and has the advantage of changing dosage for testing but the capsules are a lot more convenient. Also tried the Lazarus capsules and it somehow gave me a headache and dry mouth. Im looking to try BlueBird next.

As for the Topical, its still being decided but so far the one that I got immediate relief was Alcohol based tincture rub. It is home made by a friend of mine and Im guessing based on some popular recipes out there. Immediate meaning in less than 10 seconds, yes I know I still can't believe how the heck its doing that. Coming in second is a mix of the Lazarus high potency tincture with some body lotion to make it easier to spread. I dont have the exact ratios but you can start with 1 ML cbd oil to about 4 to 5 ml lotion. This works ok but not as immediate as the alcohol based. Ive tried the Receptra Naturals topical but I did not find any effect on the pain, maybe if I try it long enough it would. I think if its a bit more softer it would be absorbed by the skin better.

Also, I noticed if I just do the Topical on the lower back and take 2 naproxens the pain goes to about 1 of 10 and lasts longer that without the CBD topical. Hopefully I can find the right combo to completely stay away from NSAIDs. Still searching at this point.

CBD for back pain?

Hi all. I suffer from chronic back pain and am competing in a pinball tournament in June that I cannot get smoked up for (due to wanting to be competitive and also, cause I can't smoke up at the hotel). Anyway, standing at a table for a couple hours is gonna probably be a problem for me. So, my question. Does CBD work for back pain well (and quickly) and if so, what would be the most effective of either tinctures, edibles, pills or salves? I need something that will work like Ben Gay on steroids, not something that will take 6 hours to help. Thanks for any suggestions.

If your doctor recommended opioids then we are probably in the same boat, and I think I can give you some helpful advice.

I recieved my medical marijuana card a couple years ago because I herniated my L4, L5, and L6 spinal discs. My primary care just kept pushing opioids and gabapentin, which is kind of like a muscle relaxer, and I was not comfortable with this. Doctors might be awesome and really smart, but they're also given incentives to sway patients towards these kinds of medications.

Anyways, I use a high percentage indica to help me fall asleep at night and will use weed recreationally sometimes. During the day, if I am having a difficult time managing my back pain, I take cbd tablets or use cbd oils. It is purely for pain relief and you do not experience any psychoactive effects.

I would recommend getting a medical card if you don't already have one. Most private practices will approve you for chronic back pain and medical dispensary staff should be able to help you with choosing the right cbd products for you.

Thank you! I have had my med card for years, just never tried anything strong in CBD before. But it sounds like we have very similar situations. Do you prefer a cream or pill form? Would you recommend anything from an RMD in or around Boston?

Im getting pissed of this docs get kickbacks bullshit, unless their under contract speaking for the company they dont get kickbacks, in fact every bit of money spent on a doc is recorded federally and is public record so if they do get paid by whoever you can look that up https://www.cms.gov/openpayments/ , pharmaceutical companies cant even give out free pens to docs anymore(theyd have to record the value of the pen and it costs time and money to file the reports). The only one making commission off sales is drug reps. The treatment options your doc can select for you are based off your insurance will pay for and generally your insurance will only pay for pills which is a lot cheaper than physical therapy or surgery.

Tl;DR Stop blaming doctors for your insurance company only covering pain meds.

Edit: And before someone brings up lunches, heres what happens at a normal drug rep lunch. They tell us any new indications (ie this medication is now approved by tufts to treat hives in addition to asthma), any changes in required prior authorizations (harvard pilgrim requires them to trial x drug before they will pay for y drug), and will let us know if any insurance companies have decided to cover it at a better level (BCBS now covers this at tier 1 across most commercial plans and tier 2 off managed medicare). Then we spend the next 45 minutes bitching about politics. The stupid reps spend the whole time talking about how amazing the company they work for is and I spend the whole lunch derailing their conversation between mouthfulls of whatever their shoving down my food hole.
Source: Im a nurse in a specialist office.