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That’s Natural CBD for Anxiety, Stress, Nail-Biting, Etc. 🙂

Well, 2020 has been a rough year, but that doesn’t mean that we can’t find joy and find ways to establish peace in our lives.

Anxiety and stress can cause a whole cascade of health issues – plus you just don’t feel good. Feeling good (or better) is what That’s Natural is all about!

We can’t solve the world’s problems, but we can provide our customers with the purest, rawest form of CBD and CBDa oils – that are truly natural and exactly what you body is seeking for its Endocannabinoid System (ECS). Calming down your ECS can help with anxiety and immunity – two very important things for long-term health and wellness!

Our That’s Natural CBD Gummies and CBD Oil Drops are our two most popular products for anxiety and stress (also sleep which is closely related) and we hope you will give them a try today!

Have you thought about trying CBD but are you worried about the type of product you may end up with? Have you tried a CBD product without feeling any positive difference, or did it actually make you feel unwell?

Most CBD products are “white-labeling” their products from companies with unknown origins and traceability. They simply “slap a label” on the product and sell it to people. They don’t know where their hemp was grown, they don’t know how it was processed, they don’t know what level of care was put into it – they don’t even know if there is really CBD in it.

In addition to that, most CBD products are using CBD isolate – which is less expensive and far ‘easier’ to work with. This allows companies to put more CBD into a product (but more is definitely not equal to BETTER – as a matter of fact, over-doing it on plant-based medicines can actually shut OFF the systems you are trying to activate). The chances of having residual solvents (many of them neurotoxins) in a CBD isolate product is very high.

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At That’s Natural, you will see, feel, and experience the difference with our premium products. We ONLY use true, raw, full-spectrum oil (nothing is taken out and nothing is added back in – it is NATURAL) and this helps our customers experience the Entourage Effect. Our products are safe and effective because we keep them natural – we know our farmers and we know exactly how our oil was extracted – using ONLY Supercritical CO2 Extraction and NEVER using solvents. Try a premium and trusted product today!

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Using Hemp Oil vs CBD Oil for Helping with Anxiety

Many people know what feeling anxious is like. From nail biting, to a rapid heartbeat, and even elevated blood pressure levels. Some people actually get angry and irritable really easily when their adrenaline is going through their body in higher amounts than usual. Some people choose to find a super drug called CBD oil when it comes to their anxiety problems (check out Cannabisradar’s anxiety list) , while some people simply get hemp oil and consider using it instead (the whole plant oil). We’ll put them against each other in an epic battle of anxiety killers since both have been proven to work, but somewhat in different ways.

How CBD Oil Works

Researchers at the NanocraftCBD Blog have found that cannabidiol (CBD) actually acts by attaching itself to the cannibinoid receptors in our bodies, very similar to THC and other cannabinoids. However, there is no actual associated “high” with CBD, it does help to change the way the brain acts to send anxiety signals. Moreover, the use of cbd for dogs and cats is quite common to treat the anxiety and stress-related issues.

Not only does it affect the changes in blood flow that are primarily linked inside your brain to anxiety creators, but it also helps to increase the brain’s serotonin uptake. Scientists have found that in rats, the feeling of panic has been decreased by using CBD and the cannabidiol itself acts on the receptors in the brain that cause that. Besides this, if you are looking for the best CBD oil on the market then cbd oil uk can be a good consideration.

What are Benefits of CBD?

CBD has been used since it hit the market for not only treating anxiety attacks, social disorders, and help to increase the feeling of calmness and mental clarity, but also used for blocking pain receptors, which can also cause stress and anxiety in the lives of those who experience chronic pain, epileptic seizures, and other disorders. Researchers are continuing to study the way that CBD is able to treat anxiety disorders, because while it is somewhat unclear on what exactly it does to achieve this affect, every single user that has been taking CBD knows that it works.

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What About Hemp Oil?

When you’re talking about cannabinoids, you generally hear of “hemp oil” other than just CBD. What this CBD is made of is the entire plant, rather than just the cannibidiol. It may contain some traces of THC, but it’s actually such a low amount if there are traces, that it’s nearly not existent. However, there are numerous other cannabinoids that are at play here. CBD is just one of the many cannabinoids in Hemp wholesale product, and this full spectrum oil is considered to help make the cannabinoids work together to create the placebo effect, which heightens the benefits that you can get from the numerous cannabinoids.


So, is Hemp oil better? Well, unfortunately, the more of other cannabinoids there are, the less you’re actually going to get of pure CBD. For those suffering from seizures and other ailments, while they’ll both work about the same for anxiety, you will generally want pure CBD because it can be consumed safely in higher doses. Not only that, but if you take enough THC, there is a small change it can show up on false positives on drug tests. That is, unless you use a product like the ones offered by Nanocraft CBD. They have full spectrum oils with virtually no THC in them, and they have the lab test results to prove it.