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A case study by medical herbalist, Joseph Nolan

Things in clinic come in cycles. Recently, Molluscum Contagiosum has been in the headlines, with children from five to eleven coming to see me and my pediatric herbalist colleague Clare in recent weeks complaining of the dreaded ‘Water Warts’.


Molluscum is a virus that affects the skin, causing small wart-like lumps, often with a characteristic dimple on top. It is much more common in children, and only very rarely affects the same person twice. It can last from a few weeks to several years, with the average being 6-18 months, and eventually resolves without treatment. Whilst some children only have a few lumps, others can have a lot of them and they may be extremely itchy. The most common areas are the armpits and upper chest, midriff, legs, and groin, although most patients have just one of these areas affected at any one time. It can be a very unpleasant, and unsightly, condition.

Case History – David

David is a pretty typical case. Age 7 and, essentially, healthy with no digestive problems, asthma, sleep difficulties or other conditions common in children, he nevertheless sometimes has mild eczema flares which have been getting more frequent and severe since he was a toddler. His mother also reports that he often gets colds, but they do not linger. He has no known allergies, no history of serious illness, no relevant family history, and is an active happy child. Except for the itchy warty bumps on his chest, arm, and creeping down his flank, he appeared to be in good health although some of the bumps were very itchy indeed and there were scabby scratches under his arm. He had been diagnosed with molluscum some two months before, and his mother had sought treatment for it because of the spread and the itching.

I gave David a pretty typical mix, with mineral-rich Horsetail to support the structure of his skin; Cleavers to improve lymphatic cleansing; Echinacea to boost his immune system; Reishi mushroom to support and improve his immune system; and Thuja as an anti-viral. Topically, I gave him a lotion with Chickweed cream for the itch; anti-viral Thuja tincture; cooling and soothing Witch Hazel water; and anti-inflammatory Lavender and Peppermint essential oils to cool and disinfect.

While it can take up to 12 weeks for much to happen with the herbs, David was lucky and by his follow-up appointment the itching had gone, the spreading had stopped, and the older lesions were resolving. By his second follow up the bumps had disappeared, leaving no scars, and he needed no additional appointments.

Support Strategy & Herbs

Cutaneous viruses like Molluscum, warts, and verrucas, all have a common MO: they wall themselves off from the immune system and multiply off the radar. Their secret to survival is to avoid detection by the immune system. So, in treatment, the main strategy is to give immunity a little bit of a boost so it notices the invader, add in some anti-infective herbs to weaken the infection, and then, when the patient’s immune system notices, it can clear up the problem quickly and cleanly, never to return.

Viral infections generally need herbs that are anti-viral and, for treating this type of skin infection, Thuja is the big name. In children especially, lymphatic function is very important because it is the lymph which carries the majority of the body’s immune cells and removes metabolic wastes, as well as the wastes from fighting infection. So I always use a lymphatic when treating Molluscum. I have noticed that children who contract the condition, especially those who get a bad case, tend not to have tip-top immune systems. They catch a lot of bugs at nursery or school and may have eczema or other atopic conditions that can increase their susceptibility to infection. The slightly lowered immunity gives an invader like Molluscum, for whom survival depends on not being noticed, the perfect opportunity to set up camp. So, in addition to anti-virals and lymphatics, I usually include something to boost immunity and give the kids a little nudge. Immune helper herbs I use include Reishi Mushroom, Elderberry, and Siberian Ginseng, selected depending on the child and other conditions or predispositions she or he may have.


Whilst David was fortunate and the initial prescription worked for him, and quickly, sometimes the blend can need a little tweaking. For example, Rebecca, who is prone to raised glands and has had a couple of bouts of tonsillitis, needed more lymphatics; a little extra immune support for Jamie, who had pneumonia as a baby; Ruby, with very dry skin and bad eczema, needed a more complex regimen, with supplements and dietary changes in addition to herbs. It can take up to twelve weeks for the condition to budge, but when it does it goes quickly, knowing it’s beaten. While I do not like seeing people suffer, I like treating Molluscum – it’s satisfying to see something which can make a person so very miserable just disappear and leave no trace. There aren’t many things like that in life, so I’m always happy when I see a person with Molluscum come through the clinic door.

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To make an appointment with either Joseph Nolan or Clare McQuade from our children’s herbal team please call 0131 225 5542.

Jen C., age 38, mother of five

My family and I are finishing our second week with CBD oil from Green Leaf Origins and the results have been astounding! I purchased the oil to help with three specific ailments: constipation, recurring skin rash, and insomnia. At the close of these two weeks, I will attest to the fact that constipation and stomach irritability have become nonexistent. The person in my home battling this issue has been able to relax on the toilet and have effortless bowel movements each day. In the past, bowel movements were sparse once every one or two weeks. Stools were hard and painful to pass, thus resulting in bleeding and discomfort. The issue has disappeared since we started using the CBD oil.

Another person in my home deals with chronic molluscum contagiosum. Since she began the CBD oil, I have seen her sores fade, the itching stop, and there is no presence of new sores. Not only have I administered the oil orally, I have also rubbed a small amount on particularly bothersome spots. It works like magic!
Finally, several people in our household deal with insomnia and/or difficulty staying asleep once asleep. Since we began using Green Leaf Origins CBD oil, the issue has DISAPPEARED. Each family member has been falling asleep and staying asleep through the night. There have been no instances of night waking or racing thoughts at bedtime. Each person is waking up better rested, more refreshed, and more energetic throughout the day. The CBD oil has been a godsend and I will continue to use it for myself and my family as long as we continue to see such positive results!

Cbd oil for molluscum contagiosum

*This article was first published in 2013. It has been re-published as it is one of the most-read articles on this website*

What is Molluscum Contagiosum?

As the name suggests Molluscum Contagiosum is a highly contagious viral skin infection, commonly known as water warts.

Molluscum Contagiosum occurs most frequently in children and is spread from person to person by touching the affected skin or a surface with the virus on it. So if someone in the family is affected, keep their towels, washcloths, toys and clothing separate to avoid spreading it amongst the others in the household.

We’ve experienced this frustrating infection with one of our children in the past.

Scratching the spots/papules can release the virus increasing its spread, both to others and to other areas of the skin not yet affected. Try and discourage those affected from doing this, although this is easier said than done.

As the virus prefers warm and moist conditions, it is possible Molluscum Contagiosum could be spread by sharing swimming pools, baths or saunas, however this remains unproven. It is more likely that the virus is spread by sharing towels and swimsuits rather than through water.

What does Molluscum contagiosum look like?

Usually, the only symptom of Molluscum Contagiosum is several small, raised, firm bumps (papules) on the skin. These are not generally painful, but can be itchy, red, swollen or slightly sore.

As mentioned, one of the common names for Molluscum Contagiosum is ‘water-warts’, which is a good way of describing its appearance. It also looks somewhat like small raised blisters with dome-like papules of between 2mm and 6mm in diameter, which have a shiny or lustrous surface and are often grouped together.

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The spots often have a depressed or wrinkled (umbilicated) centre. The affected skin is often of normal colour, but sometimes can appear slightly red or lighter, particularly on darker skins.

In contrast with classical warts, Molluscum contagiosum is not usually found on the palms of hands or soles of feet. A yellowy-whitish mass can be squeezed out of the centre (however, this is not advised as this substance contains the virus, is highly infectious, and can rapidly increase the spread of the spots).

Where does Molluscum contagiosum affect?

The papules are usually distributed over the face, trunk, limbs and armpits in children.

According to our GP this is very common in children and many will be affected by it. I had done quite a lot of research about it and was convinced that was what it was on one of my son’s legs but it was good to have the GP confirm it.

The spots were concentrated on the backs of the knees, bar the odd spot on his torso and one randomly near his eyebrow.

How can it be treated?

My research had led me to Mollu Dab and I ordered some of this directly. I managed, (after 6 telephone calls) to get one prescription for this from the GP but this was hard work. They are very reluctant to prescribe this at all. When I had a look on a couple of forums this had been the standard experience of many parents across the UK. GPs will often just say it will clear on its own in 12-18 months.

After using the Mollu Dab for about two months we seemed to be getting somewhere and the spots began to pop on their own. This however, was probably the worse stage of all as they were incredibly painful.

Do not use the Mollu Dab on broken skin! The sensation is a burning one and your child will not thank you.

After the spots had got to this stage we stopped the Mollu Dab and purchased some Dead Sea Salts. We then made baths up every night with the salts in and he bathed in them for around 20 minutes.

We followed this up with applying loads of Sudocrem. You really can’t use enough of the salts or the cream so apply liberally!

After about three weeks of this the spots had dried up and disappeared. We are all very thankful for this and pleased to see the back of them.

There is some scarring left which is can be distressing at first, although my son was never bothered by this. I applied hemp oil everyday for around six months to try and reduce this and gradually the marks began to fade. These have now completely gone.

Have you had any experience with this? Let us know how you managed it. One of my readers has let me know that when she took her children off dairy products the spots went away, so this is also worth a go if you are struggling to get rid. There are now other treatments available as well, with more and more products coming onto the market to tackle this.

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I've not heard of this one. Doesn't sound very nice. My son has a wart on the back of his wrist, but I think it's a normal one.

I hadn't either but apparently really common – it just takes so long to go and can look quite nasty.

Moludab worked for us, however I used it morning and night plus I covered my child’s spots with either bandages or plasters to help stop the spread. All in all from using Moludab to the last spots disappearing was about 5/6 weeks. My youngest had them for 5 months b4 I started treatment and they showed mo sign of shifting. My eldest then caught them which is when I sought treatment. If the solution stings a bit then you know it’s working. Def worth the hassle but you must keep up with the daily treatment. I did bath my boys but didn’t use salts or cream but I can def see how this would help.

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So glad it worked for you. The treatment is intense isn’t it, but we got there in the end.

can I ask, did you have the spots covered all the time? Thanks x

I've never heard of this before! Such a great informative post for others!! Thanks for linking up with us on the #bigfatlinky

Thanks for reading. I wouldn't wish it on anyone but we are at the end now so hoping these tips might help others.

Hiya, my daughter has this and we’ve just started with Molludab. However I feel when I’m dabbing them that nothing is going on as I can’t see any wetness if you get me? Any advice please?

I’m so sorry, I’ve just seen that my response to you never posted. Victoria below makes a good point about removing the funnel at the top of the bottle.

MC has arrived in our house! My son (4) has about 10 small spots on the back of his leg in being extra vigilant I think my daughter (6)has the beginnings of about 10 on her face and one small one on the back of her leg. I’m so worried that they’ll both get them bad on their faces.

I ordered molludab from Boots and have been using it for a couple of weeks on my son and have just started it on the one on my daughters leg. It doesn’t really seen to be doing much at the moment. New ones seem to still be emerging. Although I was expecting it to work after a few days…

It takes a while – that was our experience anyway Felt like forever. Once they started to pop I applied loads of Sudocrem which heeled them and also prevented scaring – good luck!

Yes carefully remove the funnel from the top of the bottle. It’s then much easier to get a drop on the dispenser wand.

I have stumbled across your page and I find what you say very interesting. My son 9, got this darn thing in 2018 and it took ages to disappear. However, I took him off dairy for another reason and actually didn’t notice that they all disappeared.

My 5 year-old daughter currently has it (2020) and I have done the same. It appears to be rapidly making the spots die. If you can I highly recommend reducing or taking away all dairy products.

Just my experience as a mom of 2 sufferers.

Thank you for sharing that Pamela – that is really interesting. When I next update the article I will include that. Thanks again!

This page has been a godsend!! My son (3) has had them for nearly 2 years.they keep spreading over hes body i keep getting told they will go but only seem to be getting bigger and more sore aswell as spreading rapidly. The advise is amazing on this page considering all i have got from my dr is “they will go, cant do nothing about them” THANK YOU.

Oh Rae, I totally understand your frustration. Do let me know how you get on – good luck x

My little girl (6) has had them for over a year now. The last few weeks the spots have become very angry looking and pus filled, almost as if they’re about to pop! The doctors advice is the same as everyone else’s on here! I will definitely invest in some bath salts and mollu dab! Thank you for the great post.
Btw – we’re all vegan so no dairy for us, just thought I’d mention that.

Good luck Lisa – the salts really helped us to dry them out x

My daughter has had them for a couple of months but I never new what they was, until a few days ago. I am so worried they are going to spread to her face as she is already worried about them on her legs and arms. We have just brought some moulludab so I am hoping this will work as we’re in the uk and can’t seem to get it any where.

I am going to try the bath salts and sudocream. Has anyone else got any suggestions?

We have used bacon fat on our son’s molluscum. It reduces the size in hours and it’s gone (without pain) in a day or two.