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CBD Oil Can Help With ADHD & Autism

Could this be the product parents have been searching for? HempWorx CBD Oil Review and testimonies about ADHD & Autism.

Autism is one of the fastest-growing developmental disorders, affecting 1 in 68 children in the United States, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Its debilitating symptoms include impaired communication and social skills, along with compulsive and repetitive behaviours. Autism typically emerges in infancy or early childhood.

ADHD and ADD involves, lack of attention, increased activity and difficulty controlling behaviour, among other things. 30-50% of children diagnosed with ADHD continue to have symptoms continuing into adulthood. Stimulant medication is often prescribed to children showing signs of ADHD.

For any parent with a child diagnosed with ADHD and Autism, it can be frustrating to find something that helps them deal with every day struggles. Every trip to the doctor seems to lead to another prescription, thus resulting in more nasty side effects like lack of appetite, inability to sleep and sometimes even the appearance of being ‘drugged’.

It can be very difficult for parents of kids with ADHD and autism, due to a lack of resources, support and the fact that there is no cure. Parents continue to search for a natural product that will help their child without having the bad side effects of prescription drugs.

Many parents have turned to CBD Oil because they have found it helps. CBD oil can be taken for a wide variety of health issues in kids, not just ADHD or autism.

Evan talks about how he feels after taking his CBD Oil

Evan is 11 years and old and very smart. He takes CBD Oil from HempWorx for his emotional well being.

We ship to the US, Canada and Australia as well as many countries worldwide!

HempWorx CBD Oil Testimonies from Children:

“My daughter was at one time diagnosed with nonverbal autism. I was told by 7 different doctors to institutionalize her and that I would never be able to care for her for her symptoms were too severe. She was very frustrated because of her inability to communicate, presenting unwanted behaviors that led to injury. She went from a 12 word vocabulary to not speaking over night and remained silent about 3 years. We tried many things and once we found the truth about what is needed for the brain to function properly her speech recovered quickly AND she had retained all we continued to teach her through her non speaking years. She had retained it all.

Today my daughter is much happier and laughs a lot, due to the fact that she can finally express herself. Today, my daughter is very social, very verbal and would rather be surrounded by and engaging with others.

Dr. Giovanni Martinez, a clinical psychologist from Puerto Rico, looking to eliminate the symptoms of autism decided to check out the therapeutic effects provided by CBD oil. He is pleased to say that this treatment is providing great results. “In one particular case, after treating an autistic child with hemp oil two times a day, for three weeks, the child went from non-verbal to speaking his first words and, later on, developing excellent language skills.” Just like my daughter.

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I love that Hempworx offers a full spectrum CBD (CBD, CBC, CBN, CBG) and in ThC free Hemp. It’s easy for my daughter to take and I love knowing that her ENTIRE Endocannabinoid System is being feed. We made other dietary changes designed to support the function of the brain, nervous system and muscles. This was a quick turn around for us as uit was with Dr. Martinez’s patient mentioned above. Two years after my daughter began speaking again she said to me; “mom, do you remember when I would talk to you and dad and you all could not hear me?” UGH…I cried. We got our girl back and you too can get you child back.”

“Last night was make or break for my son. He has ADHD and normally does not like to be in situations involving people for an extended period of time. In fact, he NEVER does anything with friends because he says he doesn’t trust himself with his rage and anxiety outbursts. He’s been on Hempworx for 2weeks and in that time we’ve seen dramatic changes in his temperament and behavior overall.

Last night he was at a group sleepover, which for one he doesn’t get invited to and two, he doesn’t go cuz it usually ends in disaster. I was on pins and needles all night, but no call or text from him whatsoever. In fact his friend’s mom told me at one point in the night he was all giggly and having a great time. Long story short he ended up spending the night and stayed until late morning. When I picked him up he said he had an awesome time. My dream for him became reality, he’s finally able to live like a typical teenage boy. I cried. My son is forever changed because of Hempworx. Thank you for giving us our son back.”

“My 4 and a half year old daughter is on the autism spectrum. She wanted nothing to do with the dropper that came with my bottle so I cleaned and used a medicine dropper that she’s used to. When I have been able to get her to cooperate, I’ve given her 3 drops twice a day. On those days she is so much calmer, no tantrums, no hand flapping, no pacing and sleeping better. I’m trying to get her used to it being a daily routine but I’m sure you know how difficult that can be sometimes.”

“My wife and I began taking HempWorx CBD oil 2 weeks ago. We started our Grandson on it also, I will give you a little of the history on are grandson. He was diagnosed with severe ADHD about 6 years ago which was causing learning disabilities. He has been on 2 different meds and both has been maxed out for his weight as he is 11 yrs. old now, we were starting to run out of options. I started my research about a year ago for several loved ones with severe issues and HempWorx was my best option.

Now here we are today, he is taking 7 drops twice a day, he was on 20 mg of ADHD meds a day and now we are down to 5 mg a day and I believe we will have him completely off the meds by weeks end. He is a new kid, this is amazing what it has done for him and the whole family. He also is taking the Brain Bears now, also.

My wife and I are seeing Results also, no more chronic back pain, no knee pain when walking, and I sleep wonderful every night. She has stopped having hot flashes, was 20-30 a day down to 0 now and she is also having some of the best sleep she has had in years. If you don’t give this product a try, you will never no how healthy you could be. No THC and legal in all 50 states.”

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We ship to the US, Canada and Australia as well as many countries worldwide!

HempWorx Oil for Kids:

Daily struggles of being an autism mom

'Medical cannabis saved our son's life,' SA family says

One year later, medical refugee family talks about life in Colorado

Diagnosed with autism and epilepsy at a young age, Vincent Zuniga was not doing well in San Antonio.

A YEAR AGO: SA 'medical refugees' relocate for legalized medical marijuana for son

His mother, Michelle Walker, says that doctors had him on numerous medications at very high doses.

The family soon realized the only option left to give Vincent a better quality of life was to move to Colorado to get access to medical cannabis.

Life is now different for almost 10-year-old Vincent.

We found out he was seizure-free," Michelle Walker said.

A recent test done by doctors this month showed that Vincent is now seizure-free.

Not only that, but Vincent can now control his outbursts and can communicate with his parents.

"He's using words that he never used," Walker said. "He knew them internally, but had never been able to express."

While medical cannabis has greatly improved his symptoms, it won't cure his epilepsy or completely relieve challenges posed by autism.

CBD Helps Autistic Child Speak – CBD Oil Autism

After 9 years of silence, autistic boy’s first words shock medical doctors

Parents believe CBD cured their son’s autism

The case for CBD as a highly effective antiepileptic treatment is well-known.

The dramatic improvements seen in Charlotte Figi, an epileptic child diagnosed with a rare and intractable form of epilepsy called Dravet syndrome, is probably the world’s most well-known example of CBD’s effectiveness against epilepsy.

At five years old, Charlotte was having 300 seizures a week. After treatment with CBD oil, her attacks went from 300 a week to only 1 a week. Today, she is now ten years old and living her life to the fullest – a beacon of hope for epileptic children everywhere.

Her groundbreaking story has inspired a monumental shift in attitudes towards CBD. For the first time, parents of severely epileptic children have hope for a viable treatment and are moving their families into states with CBD friendly laws. Politicians are beginning to recognize that CBD is a non-psychoactive and non-addictive alternative medicine for treating epilepsy and they’re pushing for legislation that could eventually legalize the drug. And the limits on research into cannabidiol are beginning to be lifted as CBD’s long list of potential health benefits continues to expand.

In just a short few years, CBD has gained a cult following as a highly effective (but not yet scientifically proven) treatment for epilepsy.

But can it be a miracle treatment for other disorders as well?

Abiel Gomez Santiago and his wife Gladys Santiago from Puerto Rico certainly think so.

Kalel The Fighter

After 9 years of silence, their autistic son, Kalel Santiago, made headlines when he spoke his first words after being treated with CBD.

In his young life, Kalel Santiago has faced more adversity than most people ever will in their lifetime.

10 months after he was born, Kalel was diagnosed with a rare form of cancer called neuroblastoma. Neuroblastoma is a cancer of specialized nerve cells called neural crest cells. These cells are involved in the development of the nervous system and other tissues.

After spending more than two years undergoing surgery, chemotherapy, and radiation treatments, the young man finally beat the disease and was declared cancer-free.

Unfortunately, after winning the battle with cancer he was later diagnosed with severe, non-verbal autism.

According to his father, “While he was in the hospital, we noticed he didn’t speak at all and had some behavior that wasn’t right, like hand flapping, and walking on his toes… But we waited until he was 3 and cancer-free to look at his behavior.”

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His parents tried a number of different treatments and therapies and eventually found a unique surf-therapy school near their home that helped people with cognitive or physical disabilities and those with learning difficulties.

But although the surf-therapy was effective, the real breakthrough came when the Santiagos attended a fundraising event for the program and discovered that CBD rich hemp oil was being used to ease symptoms of epilepsy and autism.

Wasting no time, the Santiagos took home a sample of CBD spray that was produced by by Hemp Health in California and gave their son twice daily doses. The results were nothing short of miraculous.

Kalel Santiago, after being silent for 9 whole years, began talking after just two days.

“Like his parents, I am also in shock… the story of Kalel is groundbreaking,” said Dr. Giovanni Martinez, their clinical psychologist in Puerto Rico. “He was a full non-verbal patient. He only made sounds. The only change in his treatments was the use of CBD.”

Desperate parents turning to CBD

Although these cases have inspired parents of epileptic and autistic children, the success of Kalel Santiago and Charlotte Figi are still only anecdotal evidence and don’t represent proof of CBD’s healing properties. Research into CBD is still in its infancy so until there is better and more rigorous testing, the medical community will continue to warn parents about the dangers of trying experimental drug treatments on their children.

Thankfully that is beginning to change as Israeli doctors recently received approval to use CBD to treat autism in a first-of-its-kind study. Head of research, Dr. Adi Eran, is in the process of obtaining permits from the Health Ministry for the study, which will involve 120 autistic individuals, male and female, aged 4 to 30, who are defined as low to medium functioning.

The results of this impending study could provide the evidence to back what CBD’s advocates have been claiming all along. But desperate parents of epileptic and autistic children aren’t waiting around for the results – they’re taking action now.

Because it is non-psychoactive and has no worrisome side effects, and because it is less harmful than the drugs that doctors routinely prescribe, parents are increasingly willing to give it shot – especially when they feel that their children’s medication isn’t working or is causing adverse reactions.

ADHD and CBD Oil

Children and ADHD. keep an open mind and try something safe without side-effects. Below is a testimony from a very happy mom! And there are a lot of kids getting help this way! Keep in mind you get a 60-day return period, so you have time to properly try out the product!

“Its time I share my testimony on my child with ADD/ADHD. Prior to starting the oil she was having way to many ‘anger’ outbursts, she didn’t sleep longer then 5 hrs at night and slept-walked a ton, she couldn’t sit still for story time, or dinner. She had an attention span of maybe 10 seconds. She was always running around, never stopped to just play with toys, always needed to be touching everything. Grocery store was the scariest experience-she would take off in a heartbeat and scream so loud if she had to walk with me. I bought the 500mg bottle (full spectrum HempWorx CBD Oil) and boy let me just say-AMAZING results! She now sleeps all night long and wants to cuddle, do story time and play dinosaurs with her little brother. She sits in a shopping cart with no fuss, you can truly see in her eyes that she’s calmer. She is happier and this mom right here is so incredibly thankful for this oil. I was once a skeptic-now I have a desire to share her story and help others.

From a Facebook CBD oil testimonies page. names have been removed for privacy issues, but the story is real and true!

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