cbd oil for ivdd

Cbd oil for ivdd

Helping owners during recovery & healing

Whether you are treating your hound conservatively or surgically, it can be quite confronting when faced with a dog that now depends on you for their every need, particularly when they are confined to a crate/pen for extended periods of time.

This list of aids has been compiled from the recommendations of owners who are members of DISA’s IVDD Support Group who have been through the IVDD journey. We trust you find this helpful.


Wiggleless Back Brace

Available for purchase on DISA Shop

When used as directed, the WiggleLess® dog back brace offers firm support, back stability and stress relief for your dog

L’il Back Bracer


  • Kongs filled with treats (non-fattening). Remember we are trying to keep our dog at a good weight to avoid stress on its back.
  • Enrichment treats such as LickiMats – available on DISA Shop LickiMat
  • Snuffle Mats
  • Healthy chews


It’s not uncommon for our IVDD hounds to suffer from severe anxiety during restricted rest, this is where herbal supplements may help or even stronger medication (as prescribed by the vet or specialist) may be needed to prevent them from doing more harm than good. Here are a few suggestions which may help –


Adaptil Diffuser. A synthetic analogue of canine appeasing pheromone, which has a comforting and reassuring effect on dogs

Canine Tranquil Formula
Thunderstorms, fireworks, car trips, visits to the vet, seeing visitors and being separated from their owners and loved ones are all uncomfortable situations for dogs. Every dog has an individual personality and therefore deals with these events differently

CBD Oil (Cannabidiol)
A growing number of pet owners are using products containing cannabidiol or CBD to keep their pets calm and pain-free

To soothe and calm anxious hounds

Makes treats and food last longer and prevents overfeeding
Helps clean dog’s tongue by removing food particles and bacteria
Freshens breath over time with regular use and improves overall oral and dental health
Keeps your pet entertained and helps them relax

paw Complete Calm
Tasty kangaroo based chews that contain Tryptophan, B group vitamins and a blend of multivitamins and nutrients to support the general health and nervous function in dogs.

A complementary feed for cats and dogs that contains a natural product derived from casein, a protein in milk.

Tellington TTouch Wrap

If you have a dog who experiences anxiety (think storms/fireworks!), this “HALF WRAP” is a great DIY way in which you can help to calm your dog. And even better, this wrap can also be used for various other situations too … like CRATE REST! Yep, this simple method can help to keep your dog calm a nd relaxed.

To do this kind of wrap, all you need is a soft non-compression bandage. When you wrap it around your dog, the bandage does not need to be tight, it just needs to touch them gently. For further information check out the Tellington TTouch Australia Website


If all else fails have a chat with your Veterinary Professional who can suggest anti-anxiety medication options.


Past experience has shown dachshunds are great escape artists. Soft crates, and even baby pens, are no contest for a desperate sausage! Try and start off with a ‘trusty old’ metal crate with a roof. We recommend 36″ and these can be found online – simply Google – Dog crates 36″.

If your hound simply doesn’t play nicely with a Crate you can also consider a Child Play Pen. These also work well but beware if you have a jumper.

Recovery suites are another excellent concept – a pen with a crate inside!
A good solution when you have more than one hound after all our dachshunds are pack animals.

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Another helpful tip is to use a dolly underneath your crate for ease of moving room to room


Custom made exclusively for DISA by Pattern Maker Catherine Winter

Available for purchase on DISA Shop

Made from exclusive material imported from the UK that is used for moving and handling patients in hospital as it’s tough and is scuff resistant, though it is not designed for outdoor use.

Includes an additional harness for those dachshunds that prefer the security of the harness. The zip runs from tail to neck, making it easy to dress your dog and there is elastic at the waist. The elastic does not need to be tight, it is there simply for flexibility.



A good orthopaedic type mattress for crate/pen. Should not be too soft or too high.

A water bowl for crate (attached to side) which is raised high enough so that your dog does not need to bend down to it. NB: Ensure it’s one that clamps on to the crate with screws.

Towels & Baby Wipes (fragrance free & sensitive skin)


If your hound is suffering incontinence belly band wraps for boys or baby diapers (with a hole cut out for the tail) for girls are lifesavers!

Check out Undercover by DISA Belly Band Wraps for Boys


The light stimulates blood flow and deep tissue to help heal the traumatised areas. It also keeps the back muscles soft to prevent tightness and spasms that can cause pain.

There are a number of infrared lights on the market. Search Pet Shops – reptile lights Reptile One/Exo Terra Infrared globe. The infrared light globe that is being used by some owners is a REPTILE ONE HEAT LAMP INFRARED MEDI LAMP 50W E27 SCREW FIT. It can be purchased here.

Use a household lampstand for the globe and sit over your dog’s bed – about 40cm above.
NOTE the globes come in a number of different wattages 50W/100W/150W (heat strength). Be careful of overheating and place your lamp sufficiently high enough for comfort and safety. The globes can get hot!

By the way, infrared light therapy was discovered in 1800 by William Herschel. He tested filters for the sun so he could observe sunspots. When using a red filter he found there was a lot of heat produced and the rest is history!


When hounds are paralysed or drag when mobile they can scuff and cause injury to their lower limbs etc. These products have found to be useful in healing injuries.

Aloe Vera Gel – Thursday Plantation

Medical Manuka honey

Dermoscent Bio Balm WEBSITE

Colloidal Silver USES & INFORMATION


Dog pee pads are essential during the recovery period. Simply lay them underneath and also in their crate/pen/stroller to catch any unexpected “surprises”


When the pain has eased and your dog needs to get moving or “If you don’t use it you lose it”

Physiotherapy and alternative therapies play an important role in a dog’s recovery. DISA urges all owners to seek the advice of an animal physiotherapist, they will guide and provide you with a range of exercises including lots of homework. Working on your dog doesn’t need to be difficult, it can actually be beneficial and very rewarding for both of you.

Here are some items that will help –

Electric toothbrush (used for massaging feet, legs and other parts of the body (as per professional advice) to stimulate nerve endings

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Yoga mats can be used in several ways – standing your dog up on a mat while doing stretching and massage prevents slipping, rolled up and slipped underneath your dog’s stomach holds them up for balance and when your dog becomes more mobile. Yoga mats lined up in a row are great for proprioception exercises. eg. stepping over items like broom handles, garden hose etc.

Life jacket for swimming, great for strengthening the core. We recommend Ezydog Floatation Device

Dog boots, Pawz dog boots or baby socks (encourages your dog to start feeling their feet and place them correctly.

Pawz Dog Boots are available for purchase on DISA Shop

Human hands and fingers – great for a gentle massage, tickling and stimulation

Click here REHAB 101 for lots more information!


Ramps are recommended wherever possible to protect backs, particularly after an IVDD episode.

Dashie Dog Ramps are a generous sponsor of DISA and their ramps have been given the sniff of approval by our little IVDD hounds.
Members of DISA’s Support Group who subscribe to our newsletter “The Back Story”, are entitled to discounts when placing orders via Daschie Dog Ramps.
The link to subscribe is located on the Support Group.


Dog strollers are fast becoming the number one “must have” for IVDD hounds. They offer owners an excellent way to “crate rest” while being close to you and the family and are back savers!

Depending on your needs strollers come in at a variety of price points. If it’s only for house and garden use you can opt for a lower price point (hard wheels/no suspension) BUT if you are heading out to pound the pavements you will require one with adequate suspension to prevent further injury to your dog.

Here are a number of links to get you started on your search. Alternatively Google “dog strollers” for other options.


Custom embroidered patches/badges perfect to use on strollers when out and about with your IVDD hound. 200 x 100mm

Available for purchase on DISA Shop



It’s not uncommon for Dachshunds to become very weak or paralysed following an IVDD episode. Some may not be able to move their legs at all and others may be able to move their hind legs but unable to take proper steps (drunk walking). Without any assistance, these dogs either fall or drag their hind legs along the ground when trying to walk. It’s not advisable to let your dog drag itself along. Firstly, dragging can injure the skin where it scrapes along the ground. Secondly, your dog will find it very hard to walk properly again once it’s got into the habit of dragging itself along. A good way to learn to walk is to be given some physical support while attempting to walk. By doing this you are keeping your dog out of harm’s way and also re-training the action of walking. PS: don’t forget sure you pop your dog on a lead as well to control your hound’s enthusiasm!

Support Sling by DISA
Available for purchase on DISA Shop

Gingerlead Support Sling
Available for purchase on DISA Shop

Slings can come in all forms, many owners “construct” their own or simply use a dressing gown cord, other use pantyhose/tights and even the old-style green shopping bag works a treat!

Stem cells therapy for Intervertebral Disk Disease

Dogs love to play, jump, and generally have fun, especially with their owners or members of the family. But all this excitement can be truncated abruptly if your canine friend has Intervertebral Disc Disease (IVDD).

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IVDD in Dogs: What is it?
IVDD (Intervertebral Disc Disease) is a genetic condition that occurs when the discs between the bony segments of the spinal column harden and become brittle. When this happens, the discs will bulge or flatten instead of cushioning the vertebrae.

The discs can rupture and leak out their hardened content into the area that surrounds the spinal cord. These will mount a lot of pressure on the spinal cord, squeezing nerves in the region, thereby causing untold pain, loss of bladder and bowel control, etc.

IVDD in dogs can be incredibly debilitating and must be treated as soon as possible. Most dogs develop Intervertebral Disc Disease slowly over time, and it becomes apparent when a sudden injury tears a spinal disc open. This can even cause instant loss of function of your dog’s hind legs.

Symptoms of Intervertebral Disc Disease
Symptoms of IVDD in dogs usually start with mild pain and can develop to something as devastating as complete paralysis.

When your dog starts holding his head up stiffly or arches his back, they could be signs that your pooch needs Intervertebral Disc Disease dog treatment.

Other symptoms include:
Muscle spasms of the neck or back
Reduced activity
Sensitive to movement touch
Loss of bladder and bowel control
Pain and weakness
Sudden paralysis of the hind legs
Trouble going up or down the stairs
Criss-crossed legs

Traditional Treatment of IVDD
The severity of the disease primarily determines the type of conventional treatment to be meted out. If the health condition is at an early stage, your vet may recommend that you limit your canine friend’s activity.

The vet might also give you anti-inflammatory agents or pain medications to slow the progression of the ailment.

However, these repairs may take up to two months to fully develop, and your pooch remains vulnerable to additional damage. One wrong or miscalculated jump and your dog’s spinal cord may rupture, thereby leading to instant paralysis.

Stem Cell Therapy for Dogs with IVDD
Stem cells are capable of regenerating the cartilage that the discs are made of. They can draw adequate moisture right back inside the disc.

The discs, therefore, look like new ones such that pet owners will not need to be on the lookout for signs that the disease has returned.

Stem cell therapy is an innovative – and regenerative – medical treatment that draws on the natural healing power of the body. It uses this power to trigger the healing process at injured or damaged areas of the body without the need for invasive surgery.

All a vet needs to do when it comes to stem cell therapy for IVDD in dogs is to inject a few millions of stem cells directly into the injured or inflamed area.

The massive collaboration of millions of stem cells hastens and enhances the entire healing process. The pain starts decreasing while future complications from IVDD are prevented.

The majority of pet owners these days find it easier to recognize symptoms of say, arthritis, etc. over IVDD. However, if you are a keen observer, you should be able to detect the onset of the debilitating disease.

So, instead of risking the life – or mobility of your pooch – with traditional treatment or invasive surgery, stem cell therapy for dogs with IVDD remains the best option to go for.

The holistic veterinarian at VET & VET HOSPITAL ANIMAL – Málaga – Marbella