cbd oil for hypertension

Can CBD oil lower blood pressure?

Our heart works around the clock with an impressive performance. Every day it pumps about 100,000 strokes approximately 10,000 liters of blood through our blood vessels. Good thing, because without this hard work we could not do anything.

Hypertension: The heart in turbo mode

If our heart contracts, the blood is pumped under pressure into the blood vessels and supplies the organs with nutrients and oxygen. The heart then relaxes briefly to get ready for the next pumping process. A certain pressure remains but persist in the vascular system. So there are two types of pressure and exactly this results in blood pressure: 120 over 80 is normal when the blood pressure of 90 or higher, speaks at 140 to high blood pressure or hypertension.

Although it is normal that the blood pressure at the age rises slightly, a hypertension not just developed that way. Usually arises hypertension by interaction of heredity, age, gender and various diet and lifestyle. Among the culprits are unhealthy diet, obesity, high alcohol consumption, lack of exercise and stress.

When the blood at full speed rushes through the blood vessels that load the vessel walls and can go to inflammation and injury increases deposited lime and fats. Thus, the blood vessels are becoming narrower and less elastic, while the organs are poorly supplied with nutrients and oxygen. Possible consequences include atherosclerosis, stroke or heart attack.

Diagnostics hypertension: What now

At extremely high blood pressure are used in traditional medicine called beta blockers used: drugs that ensure that the heart as quickly as possible to downshift one gear. Since high blood pressure is favored by an unhealthy lifestyle, but you do not always have equal access to the chemical cocktail. Holistic measures such as weight loss, healthy diet, less alcohol, exercise and relaxation are recommended.

How can CBD oil affect blood pressure

found code that CBD has a widening effect on blood vessels. This could be, among others, to the anti-inflammatory properties of CBD. A larger vessel diameter, the blood can flow better and – hooray – the blood pressure drops. Another study showed that CBD hypertension lowered in affected subjects. In the same study it was found that CBD oil so influenced the blood pressure of the participants that it increased under stress less.

CBD and the causes of high blood pressure

We know that both stress and obesity can promote high blood pressure. This means that CBD hypertension can not cut only by the dilation of blood vessels, but also through the effect of CBD on its causes.

Checklist: CBD high blood pressure

  • blood pressure describes the pressure with which the heart pumps blood through the blood vessels.
  • In hypertension, the blood pressure is 140 to 90 or higher.
  • Hypertension is favored, among other things, unhealthy diets, obesity and stress.
  • With its widening effect on blood vessels CBD oil can lower blood pressure and a positive influence on the causes of high blood pressure such as anxiety, stress and obesity.

How should I dose CBD oil so CBD hypertension can lower?

A single perfect dosage does not exist, because each body reacts differently to CBD. Therefore, it is important that you find out your perfect dose. Our guide at the right CBD dosage helps you.

Is there if I am taking side effects CBD high blood pressure?

Although CBD generally considered safe, has been CBD side effects such reported among others fatigue, insomnia, loss of appetite, diarrhea or dizziness. If you capture already antihypertensive drugs, be especially careful. In this case you should stop taking sure to first with a doctor denied.

Medical cannabis can be useful in reducing high blood pressure, says new study

The findings of a new study by researchers from Ben-Gurion University of the Negev (BGU) and its affiliated Soroka University Medical Center, suggests that medical cannabis may help in reducing blood pressure in older adults.

The study, published in the ‘European Journal of Internal Medicine’, is the first of its kind to focus on the effect of cannabis on blood pressure, heart rate, and metabolic parameters in adults 60 and above with hypertension.

“Older adults are the fastest-growing group of medical cannabis users, yet evidence on cardiovascular safety for this population is scarce,” said Dr Ran Abuhasira of the BGU Faculty of Health Sciences, one of Israel’s leading medical faculties, and the BGU-Soroka Cannabis Clinical Research Institute.

“This study is part of our ongoing effort to provide clinical research on the actual physiological effects of cannabis over time,” added Dr Abuhasira.

Patients were evaluated using 24-hour ambulatory blood pressure monitoring, ECG, blood tests, and body measurements — both before and three months after initiating cannabis therapy.

In the study, researchers found a significant reduction in 24-hour systolic and diastolic blood pressure values, with the lowest point occurring three hours after ingesting cannabis either orally via oil extracts or by smoking. Patients showed reductions in blood pressure in both daytime and nighttime, with more significant changes at night.

The BGU researchers theorised that the relief from pain, the indication for prescription cannabis in most patients, may also have contributed to a reduction in blood pressure.

“Cannabis research is in its early stages and BGU is at the forefront of evaluating clinical use based on scientific studies,” said Doug Seserman, chief executive officer of American Associates, Ben-Gurion University of the Negev.

“This new study is one of several that has been published recently by BGU on the medicinal benefits of cannabis,” concluded Seserman.

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