cbd oil for dogs with idiopathic epilepsy

Essential Ways CBD Oil for Dogs and Cats Can Help .

Pet owners take the care of their cats and dogs seriously. To them, they’re not just pets, but they’re added members of their family. The onset of so many pet wellness products today only goes to show that there is, in fact, a strong market for these. Accordingly, as new trends in the health and wellness industry emerge, the care for these animals hasn’t fallen far behind.

One of the most popular health and wellness trends in the market today is CBD oil. Pet parents panic too, when their beloved animals get sick. Often, the tendency is to use over-the-counter medication. But, if there are other, more natural alternatives, why not go for these options instead?

For the many benefits CBD oil can bring for cats and dogs, there’s no reason you shouldn’t give it a try too. Some of the many ways that CBD oil can help your cats and dogs are the following:

1 It Can Help Manage Epileptic Seizures

Seizures are also quite common in dogs. Cats can suffer from it too, but it’s more frequent and rampant with dogs. This is generally caused by idiopathic epilepsy.

As you may have known by now, CBD oil is successful in treating and managing epilepsy in human beings. This is one of the very first positive benefits that was discovered by research. With dogs, it shows promising effects too. For the pet owners that have made that switch to this natural alternative, this is the relief that they’ve long been waiting for their dogs that have been in a desperate situation.

2 It’s a Natural Pain Relief

Hemp oil CBD is very effective in working as a natural pain relief medicine. This comes from its anti-inflammatory properties. Because inflammation from the inside is treated and cured, it doesn’t progress to pain as felt on the outside.

This pain-relieving power of CBD oil comes from how it interacts with the receptors in your cats’ and dogs’ body that’s responsible for pain. Incidentally, this is also the receptor that helps to reduce the body’s secretion of chemicals which are responsible for inflammation.

The great thing about using CBD oil for treating pain in your pets is that there are many ways to administer it. If you have any difficulty with giving oral pain medication pills to your pets, you have other options that are less difficult. These would include:

– Tinctures, which you can drop on the tongue of your pets
– Massage and beauty oils, which you can massage on the affected area
– Treats that you can mix with the food of your pets or give in replacement of their usual dog and cat treats

3 It Can Treat Arthritis

Arthritis is also prevalent in both cats and dogs. If it’s painful for human beings and can cause so much discomfort, the same feeling also holds for these animals.

The added challenge that you’re set to experience, however, has to do with the very fact that animals can’t explicitly express whatever pain or difficulty it is that they’re feeling. However, you can be sure that the sensation is likened to that of tremendous pain.

CBD oil is found to be very positive in treating arthritis in animals because of its pain relief properties. However, to ensure that your dog receives optimal results from using CBD oil in dogs for this purpose, you must always stay within the recommended dose limits. This is something that you’re going to have to check with your veterinarian.

4 It Aids in Healing Appetite Disorders

Appetite disorders in cats and dogs are evident when you see them eating lesser (or more) than usual. You may have also been regularly told that your fur baby is under or overweight whenever you visit your vet. Because this is an eating problem, you may want to take it easy on the chemical medications, as over-dependency on these medications, in the long run, may only lead to severe consequences that could’ve otherwise been avoided.

CBD treats and CBD-infused food is the best way for you to make their food diet more manageable for your pets. This is especially true when you’re used to feeding your pets with store-bought dog and cat food. Now, you can incorporate that added dose of something healthier and more natural into their diet.


CBD oil has been very effective in bringing along benefits so far, for human beings. Because of this, much ado has been placed in using CBD oil for cats and dogs, too. This is a very welcomed new recourse for pet owners, who would always be fuzzy once their beloved pets get sick. If you haven’t given CBD oil a try yet, these should be more than enough to convince you that it’s worth trying. You’re missing out on promising health and wellness benefits for your beloved four-legged members of the family.

Can CBD Help My Dog’s Seizures?

Hemp CBD is swiftly becoming a go-to option for managing anxiety, pain, and in some cases, seizures in pets. For dogs, the CBD often comes in bite-sized morsels replicating an average, everyday dog treat. The familiarity with treats can help a dog ingest the supplement without incident or unease.

At Emisha, we get many questions regarding the uses for our animal wellness treats. One of the ways our treats help pets is by delivering an effective and consistent dose of hemp CBD in each treat. Throughout this blog, we’ll dig deeper into the how and why CBD could help your pet.

Epilepsy in Dogs and CBD

Dogs are so much more than pets. They’re friends, companions, and family. When our dogs get sick, it’s heartbreaking to watch and be left feeling helpless to ease their suffering. When your pet suffers a seizure, it can feel as if there’s little that can be done in the moment to help. A recent study examined the use of hemp CBD for dogs with idiopathic seizure disorders.

The June edition of JAVMA, (Journal of the American Veterinary Medical Association) published a study assessing the effectiveness of CBD oil on seizures in dogs suffering from epilepsy. During the study, pets that were given 1.1 mg/lb of CBD oil saw a significant decrease in seizures. Better still, pets included in the study endured no negative side effects following the study. This is exciting news for dog lovers searching for a safe and effective way to relieve symptoms of epilepsy.

Emisha’s Journey with CBD and Seizures

At Emisha, we have a personal journey with CBD and seizures. As a company, Emisha chose to begin developing holistic treatments when our own dog, Zeus began suffering seizures at age 10. Many doctors, neurologists and ER visits later, we did not have answers as to what caused the sudden illness and a clear plan to treat it. Through education and research into current clinical trials, we were able to determine hemp CBD was an intervention to naturally help.

Choosing CBD was a safe way to drastically reduce the seizures Zeus experienced. He continues on a low dose of CBD as a daily wellness product to maintain an active and seizure-free life.

Hemp CBD vs. Marijuana

Although the world is changing in how it views hemp-based products, there can be some stigma attached to marijuana in many parts of the world. Marijuana which is used globally and produces a mellow high, has many nicknames and is often referred to as THC, weed, pot and Mary Jane to name a few. A key difference between marijuana and CBD is that CBD does not produce the sensation of being high. This makes CBD an ideal option to deliver medicinal benefits without the intoxicating high.

Affordable Treatment for Seizures

While it’s important to consider your vet’s recommendations for treatment, CBD products offer relief without breaking the bank. Many vets will suggest using them in tandem with other medications. Always be sure to ask your pet’s doctor whether CBD is right for them before starting treatment.

Emisha’s CBD Wellness Products

Emisha’s snacks are made with your pet’s health in mind. We use organically grown hemp and synergistic ingredients like flaxseed oil to ensure the treats your pet eats are helping in more ways than one. A bacon-cured flavor, your dog will love sinking their teeth into each bite. Great taste, texture, and the perfect balance of CBD to treat make our snacks a great choice for big and small dogs. Each treat has 2 mg of CBD pre-dosed, providing effective and consistent dosing as seen in the JAVMA article.

CBD oil and Canine Epilepsy

Yes, I’m opening a proverbial can of worms today! As a neurologist, vets often ask me if CBD can be used as an anti-epileptic drug (AED). As a practicing veterinarian in Wisconsin I say I cannot recommend or prescribe CBD containing products.

As a neurologist, I add the following…

In June 2019 a study was published that attempted to answer the question:
What effect does CBD oil have on seizure control?”1
According to the authors:

CBD is metabolized through the cytochrome system in the liver in humans, and probably dogs. The ALP increased in all dogs receiving CBD oil in that study. What is the clinical significance? Unknown, currently.

There was no difference in seizure response between the CBD group or the placebo group (Response = dogs that had a 50% or greater reduction in seizures during the 12-week observation period.) Do we need a different dose? Different formulation? Or did it simply not work for this group of dogs?

Drugs that are metabolized through the liver (e.g. phenobarbital, zonisamide) may be affected by CBD. This means that the adverse clinical effects could be more pronounced in dogs concurrently receiving these drugs.

What adverse clinical effects does CBD have? We don’t know yet. Several dogs in the CBD group developed ataxia, however they were concurrently on other anti-epileptic drugs. Was the ataxia due to CBD, or because of increased serum concentrations of concurrent AED?

So, although my response to clients remains that I don’t recommend it. My reasoning includes all of the reasons listed above in addition to the recommendations by the government officials in Wisconsin.

What if a client wants to give it anyway? As a veterinarian, I would thoroughly document the discussion, and then recommend monitoring at least liver values (ideally the entire biochemistry panel) every 4-6 months while the pet receives the product. It may be that CBD is the magical seizure potion we are searching for to help our drug-resistant seizure patients. However, history would tell us that the newest “catch all” tonic is typically not as universally perfect as we wish it to be. Be educated, be careful, and be observant when we walk into this yet uncharted territory of CBD oil and seizures.

1. McGrath S. et al Randomized blinded controlled clinical trial to assess the effect of oral cannabidiol administration in addition to conventional antiepileptic treatment on seizure frequency in dogs with intractable idiopathic epilepsy. JAVMA 2019; 254(11): 1301-1308.

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