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If you have a pet, you plan to do whatever you can to keep them healthy and happy. While regular visits to the veterinarian are important, there are a few essential dog health and wellness products that you might keep in mind to help you look after your dog’s wellness between visits. Have a look at some of the top dog health and wellness products below!

Ear Care for Dogs: When it pertains to caring for your dog’s ears, there are a number of debris and pathogens that could make their home in your dog’s ears. Some of the most typical examples include: wax build-up, grass, dust, microbes, and ear mites. There are ear sprays as well as cleaners that can be helpful for both eliminating wax as well as eliminating germs. This can go a long way towards avoiding an ear condition.

Oral Care for Dogs: Caring for your pup’s mouth is important too. Dental care in dogs is often neglected; nonetheless, this has a huge effect on your dog’s quality of life. Several infections and diseases that dogs develop begin in the mouth. The bright side is that there are plenty of choices when it pertains to taking care of your dog’s mouth. These include things like dog dental sprays, dog dental chews, dog toothpaste, and dog tooth brushes. Our informative crew can help you find the choice that works best for your dog.

Eye Care for Dogs: Similar to humans, dogs are prone to developing problems with their eyes too. Some of the most common signs that something is wrong with your dog’s eyes include things like pus or fluid draining from the eyes, the eyes looking red, your dog is frequently scratching his or her eyes, and/or your dog seems to be bumping into things. While a veterinarian can help you take care of your dog’s eyes, there are also products that you can make use of from home. These include things like dog eye wipes and dog eye drops.

Depend on us to help you with your dog’s health. It is important to look after your dog’s health and wellness. If you are looking for the best dog health products in Shaker Heights, OH, then reach out to Woof Gang Bakery & Grooming Van Aken. We are here to help you with all of your dog’s health needs! Call us today at (216) 716-8004 or see us at 20075 Chagrin Blvd.

Best CBD products for dogs

Unlike THC compounds in hemp, cannabidiol (CBD) is not psychoactive.

How to choose the best CBD for dogs

In recent years, many people have been turning to cannabidiol for its health and wellness benefits, like treating anxiety and inflammation. The relaxing cannabis compound has become a popular therapy for dogs as well. It’s available in several forms that make it easy to administer to your furry friend, from CBD oil to CBD-infused treats.

But is it safe and effective for dogs?

With this trend, it can be hard to find reliable information about the benefits and risks of using CBD to treat your canine, but the following provides a comprehensive look at the best CBD products for dogs.

What is CBD?

CBD, or cannabidiol, is a phytocannabinoid found in the leaves and flowers of the cannabis plant. As opposed to tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), CBD is the non-psychoactive compound found in cannabis, so it isn’t responsible for the high that you get from using most cannabis products. Rather, it appears to have a range of health and wellness benefits that doctors and scientists are still studying and discovering.

Research into the health benefits of CBD is still in its early stages, partly because of the legal status of cannabis in America. Although marijuana is still currently illegal at the federal level, CBD products are legal in 47 states and can be purchased without a prescription at many stores and online.

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What is CBD used for in dogs?


CBD has become a popular remedy for dogs with chronic anxiety or aggression. These behaviors are usually a result of fear, separation anxiety, pain, discomfort or aging. While there is no definitive research on CBD for anxious or aggressive dogs, the compound’s treatment of pain and discomfort can relieve tension from your canine. Many pet owners have positive reviews for using CBD to calm their dogs, but there’s still medical research to be done for a definitive answer.

Arthritis and pain relief

CBD shares metabolic pathways with anti-inflammatory drugs, and CBD seems to treat acute and chronic inflammation in many cases. Osteoarthritis is common among canines, with approximately 25% of dogs in the United States diagnosed with a form of the condition. One study suggests that dogs with similar inflammatory problems may benefit from CBD as a treatment for mild pain.


A 2019 study found that epileptic dogs given CBD in addition to seizure medication had significantly fewer seizures than those that received seizure medication and a placebo. More research is currently being done to further evaluate CBD’s effectiveness as a replacement or substitute for traditional seizure medications, but the signs for treating dogs with epilepsy are promising.


For all the research that’s been conducted about using CBD as a therapeutic for some cancers in humans, very little is known about any use for treating cancer in dogs. However, CBD has shown positive results in treating chemotherapy-related nausea in humans, and its benefits on the digestive system may also apply to canines.


CBD has shown promise in treating irritable bowel disease (IBD) in humans, and some pet owners report successfully treating mild stomach and bowel irritation in dogs. There is still not enough scientific research into treating digestive problems in dogs with CBD, but it may reduce digestive inflammation and increase appetite.

Skin irritation

Because of its anti-inflammatory properties, some pet owners use CBD oil topically to treat mild allergies, irritation and itchy skin for their dogs. Additionally, the apparent calming properties of CBD oil may prevent excessive scratching of problem areas.

Is CBD safe for dogs?

Overall, CBD appears to be as safe for dogs as it is for humans. Research is still underway into the full effects of CBD on dogs, but if you think your dog may benefit from CBD use, consult your veterinarian first. They may be able to better assess your pup’s condition and give you recommendations on frequency and dosage.

How much CBD should I give my dog?

There are several factors to consider when determining the right CBD dosage for your dog. At least one pharmacokinetics study shows that 2 milligrams of CBD twice daily can help increase comfort and activity in dogs with inflammation issues, but larger dogs require a higher dosage proportionate to their weight. It’s recommended that CBD is introduced in a small dose and gradually increased depending on apparent results.

If you have any questions, consult a veterinarian for some unofficial advice. No matter what, never give your dog any cannabis product that contains more than .3% THC. Full-spectrum CBD products may contain up to that amount, which is not enough to get your dog high but is enough to produce therapeutic results.

What is a certificate of analysis or COA?

For CBD products, a certificate of analysis is a document from an accredited third-party lab listing the concentrations and varieties of cannabinoids present. Because CBD is not regulated by the FDA, a COA is the only way to assure the quality and safety of these products.

Typically, a COA lists the percentage of CBD, THC and other cannabinoids that are present in a product, as well as ensuring it’s free of pesticides, heavy metals, pathogens and other harmful ingredients. Most companies provide their COA either in-store, on the product or online.

Top CBD products for dogs

Best CBD oils for dogs

This full-spectrum CBD oil is organic, free of harmful additives and flavored with the company’s vegan cornbread flavoring. Customer reviews are high, with many reporting less anxiety, better sleep and positive pain relief, especially for senior dogs.

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Sold by Cornbread

With a higher concentration of CBD than standard oils, this medium-strength CBD oil is made from organic hemp. This is specially formulated for large dogs between 40-100 pounds and is full-spectrum.

Sold by DiamondCBD

This CBD oil is a great product for your average healthy dog between 10-40 pounds. Like other MediPets products, this oil is made from organic hemp and is free from additives, preservatives and THC.

Sold by DiamondCBD

For small dogs up to 10 pounds, this CBD oil is stronger than the basic oil, making it a good choice for a dog that’s getting up there in human years but isn’t quite senior.

Sold by DiamondCBD

The folks at Plant People produce CBD products aimed at humans, but the company promotes its CBD oils as safe and recommended for canines. With any CBD oil, you should consult an online dosage chart or your veterinarian.

Sold by Plant People

Best CBD treats for dogs

These treats are medium strength (5.5 milligrams of full-spectrum CBD per treat) and flavored with real beef. They’re a great option to consider for small and medium dogs with a little too much anxiety.

Sold by DiamondCBD

If you have a dog of any size, these jerky sticks are sure to be a hit. Flavored with real salmon and made from all-natural, hemp-derived CBD cultivated on non-GMO farms, these can be broken up into smaller pieces for little dogs or given wholly to larger canines.

Sold by DiamondCBD

Natural human-grade ingredients and organic hemp make up these soft treats that are perfect for nervous or achy dogs. In addition to CBD, they include L-theanine and tryptophan, two compounds known for their calming properties.

Sold by Honest Paws

Is your dog a breakfast fanatic like you? These are a sweet and salty treat with enough CBD to help dogs of all sizes and ages. Intended to calm anxious canines, these pack just the right amount of CBD for most pups.

Sold by Diamond CBD

Each treat in this pack contains 10 milligrams of full-spectrum CBD, making them suitable for large, medium or small dogs with joint and muscle pain. They’re highly rated by customers, with some claiming better mobility and less anxiety in their canine.

Sold by Diamond CBD

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Cbd oil for dogs in ohio

The hot topic in pet-owning circles these days is the efficacy of CBD in treating dogs with chronic pain, neurologic symptoms or anxiety. It should be noted that we are here to dispense information only gathered from research only, not patient specific CBD recommendations or dosing suggestions. With that said, here is the science and some legalities behind this burning issue.

Why can’t my Veterinarian dispense, prescribe or recommend dosing for my pet?

Your Veterinarian holds a license that is highly regulated from an organization called the Drug Enforcement Agency. The DEA still views cannabis as an illegal substance on the Federal level. Your Veterinarian may hold opinions and views about the science behind the use of cannabis in veterinary medicine; but is not legally allowed to dispense the substance.

Changes to the Law in Ohio:

In July of 2019, the following update was provided by the Ohio Board of Pharmacy“Recent changes to Ohio law (SB 57) removed hemp and hemp products containing no more than three-tenths of a percent THC from the state’s definition of marijuana. Hemp products, including hemp derived CBD (cannabidiol), can now be sold outside of a licensed medical marijuana dispensary.

SB 57 also established a Hemp Cultivation and Processing Program. The Ohio Department of Agriculture is charged with the licensure of hemp cultivators and processors.“

Why would I want to get my dog high?

First of all, your dog should not be getting high from CBD. The chemical THC is responsible for that “high” feeling. Marijuana with high levels of THC can be highly toxic to pets, you should never, ever allow your pets to access any type of marijuana.

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Here is a simple breakdown of the science behind CBD (or cannabinoids) and why they may work to alleviate symptoms in our dogs.

Our dogs have receptors in their bodies that receive molecules and react in certain ways. These receptors (the CB1 and CB2 receptors) identify and accept certain chemicals which then help their cells to respond in certain ways… such as relaxing muscles, or deactivating nerves. Dogs have prexisiting endocannabinoids (naturally occurring) within their bodies that may have been “turned off” for some reason (age, trauma, illness). By introducing cannabinoids to our pet’s system in the right way, it is hypothesized that we can help our pet’s bodies switch those endocannabinoids back on. (Reference: vetgirlontherun.com)

The Marijuana or Cannabis Sativa plant contains hundreds of chemicals, including 109 chemicals that fit into the cannabinoid category. The combination and concentration of chemicals will react within the canine body in different ways. The chemical content of any crop can be influenced by several factors; including, species of plant, soil, growing conditions, drought, etc.

These are the chemicals, when used in the correct combination that may provide symptom relief in some pets. (reference: vetgirlontherun.com)

The FDA is primarily concerned with products that use isolated cannabinoids vs. full-spectrum (when you remove one chemical from the group and introduce it into the body it may not respond the same as it would if it arrived with its cohorts). Products with high levels of isolated THC, for instance, can be highly toxic to pets, and can actually turn off the endocannabinoids. For this reason, we encourage you to check FDA’s website to make sure the product you are buying is not on their “hot list”. https://www.fda.gov/inspections-compliance-enforcement-and-criminal-investigations/compliance-actions-and-activities/warning-letters

Everybody’s doing it…

You may have heard from a friend, or read a blog, or seen an Amazon ad pop up on your phone about how your dog can benefit from CBD oil or Hemp chews. Studies are being conducted as you read this to provide more insight into these theories. However; we encourage you to approach this issue with caution. Due to high demand in the cannabis industry, quality control can be lacking. We encourage you to request that certificate of analysis for not only dosing information, but also because it will provide information on the presence of fungicides and pesticides.

Because the active, beneficial chemicals reside on the outside of the plant it is impossible to wash the produce in order to remove any added chemicals. There are growers that rush their production by manipulating the growth cycle with these toxic chemicals in order to meet the growing demand will end up harming their customers instead of helping through the introduction of known carcinogens.

How can a (full-spectrum, organic and FDA approved) CBD product help your pet?

Many pet owners wish to use CBD oil as a replacement for other pain killers because of a perceived decrease in side effects of CBD over NSAID type pain relievers. In human studies, CBD has been shown to reduce arthritis pain, as well treat neurologic symptoms. By extrapolation, dogs may benefit because dogs have CB1 and CB2 receptors throughout their Central Nervous System. CBD could also be very effective for acute pain, easing post-operative pain which contributes to healing.

Studies have shown that canine endocannabinoids trigger relaxation responses during times of stress. Sometimes the stress is greater than their endocannabinoids can handle and we lose a screen door during fireworks, or have an extra (trembling) body under the covers during a thunderstorm. Anecdotal evidence has shown that some dog parents have been able to reduce these symptoms with Hemp Chews or CBD oils.

There is also some anecdotal evidence about the efficacy of CBD oil in the treatment of seizures and epilepsy disorders. Again, as the demand grows, so will the empirical evidence. Please check back with us for more information on this hot new area of research as more studies are published and the knowledge base on CBD products grows!