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DogDream CBD and the Benefits of CBD Oil For Dogs

Hi there, and welcome to this brief presentation about CBD oil for dogs. This video is brought to you by dogdreamcbd.com.

CBD oil for dogs

This article will cover a few important issues that all dog lovers should know about when it comes to CBD. We’ll be chatting about:

  • The endocannabinoid system
  • Proven and potential benefits of CBD oil
  • Choosing the right CBD oil
  • Safety
  • Dosage

The endocannabinoid system:

So firstly, let’s talk about the endocannabinoid system.

You and your dog have something in common: you both have an endocannabinoid system. This system affects your brain, skin, heart, eyes, stomach – and even your mood. Similarly, your dog’s endocannabinoid system affects their whole body, too.

Cannabinoids are found in cannabis and plants related to cannabis, like hemp. Our bodies make their own cannabinoids, too! As the name implies, cannabinoids affect your endocannabinoid system. This is why cannabis has such a wide range of effects on the body.

This is true for humans, but also for all other mammals – including dogs.

One of the cannabinoids that is particularly prevalent in cannabis is cannabidiol, also known as CBD:

  • The endocannabinoid system is found in humans and dogs
  • It affects many parts of your body and its functions – including your brain, skin, heart, eyes, stomach – and even your mood
  • The endocannabinoid system is affected by cannabinoids, which are found in cannabis plants and hemp plants
  • This is why cannabis has a wide range of effects on your body
  • One of these cannabinoids is cannabidiol, known as CBD

Possible benefits of CBD oil for dogs

Recent studies have shown that CBD is particularly beneficial for dogs. How so? Well, it reduces anxiety, seizures, pain, and inflammation in dogs, and it can also improve skin conditions. This is according to a few recent papers.

CBD might have even more benefits for dogs. In humans, it’s shown to treat depression, appetite loss, glaucoma, sleeplessness, and more. Now, because humans and dogs seem to be affected by CBD in similar ways, many scientists are trying to figure out if dogs can also benefit from CBD in the above-mentioned ways. As we speak, more research is being conducted on the benefits of CBD for dogs. In time, science will show us the full potential of CBD.

Benefits of CBD oil for dogs:

  • Anxiety
  • Seizures
  • Pain and inflammation
  • Skin conditions

Other potential benefits of CBD oil for dogs:

  • Depression
  • Appetite loss
  • Glaucoma
  • Sleeplessness

Choosing the right CBD oil for your dog

When it comes to giving your dog CBD, there are a few things you should know about choosing the best CBD products.

Firstly, always make sure you’re giving your dog quality CBD oil. Now, there are many companies out there that sell CBD oil for dogs, but only some sell quality products. They should have papers that verify that their products have been tested. It’s also always a good idea to check out online reviews to help you figure out if a company delivers on their promises!

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The best CBD oil for dogs is ‘full-spectrum CBD oil’. This is better than something called ‘CBD isolate’. Full-spectrum CBD oil contains trace amounts of other beneficial cannabinoids, which work to boost the effect of CBD oil. Most veterinarians recommend full-spectrum CBD oil for dogs, rather than CBD isolate.

Oh – and remember that CBD oil and hemp oil isn’t exactly the same thing. If a product says it’s hemp oil but doesn’t mention CBD, you won’t get all the benefits of CBD. The packaging should state exactly how many milligrams of CBD there is in the bottle. You’ll find that the price will be higher depending on how much CBD is in the bottle.

You can also find high-quality dog treats or capsules that contain CBD. They should also state how many milligrams of CBD there is in one treat or one capsule.

  • Quality is important! Ask if their products have been tested
  • Full spectrum CBD oil is better than CBD isolate
  • Contains more beneficial cannabinoids
  • This means it works better
  • Recommended by most veterinarians
  • Hemp oil is NOT the same as CBD oil, although some CBD oils might come from hemp
  • Look for the word ‘CBD’ on the bottle
  • It should say how much CBD is in the bottle in milligrams
  • CBD treats and capsules

Not sure what is the best product for your dog ailments? Take your quick quiz.

Is CBD oil safe for my dog?

Great question. In short, yes.

Numerous studies and research papers have shown that CBD is safe for dogs. The only real side-effect is drowsiness – so your dog might get a little sleepy.

And while we’re on this topic, CBD can’t get your dog high. While other cannabinoids, such as THC, are intoxicating, CBD is not.

Of course, cannabis itself isn’t safe for dogs. So, while you can give your dog CBD oil and treats, keep them away from cannabis plants.

And yes, CBD oil that is derived from hemp is legal pretty much everywhere. CBD is found in both hemp and cannabis, and while cannabis isn’t legal everywhere, hemp is. So, hemp-derived CBD oil is perfectly legal for both you and your dog to enjoy!

  • Yes!
  • This has been proven by research.
  • Side effects include sleepiness.
  • It can’t get your dog high as it’s not intoxicating.
  • Cannabis itself, however, isn’t safe for dogs.
  • Hemp CBD oil is legal.

Giving your dog the right dosage

Now we’ll discuss dosage.

It’s essential that you ensure you have the right dosage of CBD oil for your dog. Most CBD oil merchants have a dosage chart on their website. You can also check out our website, dogdreamcbd.com, for a dosage chart.

If in doubt, ask a holistic veterinarian. If you’ve been prescribed CBD by a veterinarian, they should tell you how much CBD to give your dog each day. They might prescribe the dosage in droplets or in milligrams.

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Generally, you want to start with a small dosage and gradually increase it if necessary.

Remember that the amount of CBD per droplet depends on the concentration of CBD in the liquid. This amount changes per brand and per product. Let’s say you have a 30ml bottle of oil, and it contains 1500 milligrams of CBD. One milliliter of oil will contain 50 milligrams of CBD because 1500 divided by 30 = 50. So if you want to give your dog 25mg of CBD when he gets anxious, use half a milliliter of tincture.

CBD can be incredibly useful for dog owners all over the world, as it truly has wonderful benefits for our furry friends.

If in doubt, talk to a veterinarian. there are plenty of great CBD products for your pets – you just need to know where to find them. Check out the DogDreamCBD quick quiz to find the best CBD products for your dog.

Benefits and Risks of CBD Oil for Dogs

There is a growing popularity for CBD Oil in humans, and its increasing trend has led to individuals thinking about its essentiality in pets like dogs. Some of the benefits seen in dogs after taking the CBD oil products include reduced seizures and anxiety. Although this research is not complete, many products have been launched for these pets, including treats, tablets, chews, and liquid products. Vets have recommended some of these products. Let’s check its benefits and also the risks involved with these products:

Benefits of CBD Products for Dogs

With continuing research, some of these benefits have not yet been confirmed. However, sources and use have revealed the below benefits of CBD Oil to the dogs:

1. Reduces Seizures

In ancient studies, CBD was used to reduce seizures caused by electric shocks and drugs in animals such as mice. In clinical trials done, CBD oil has been seen to reduce seizures in dogs compared to other medications. These results were effective when their blood pressures were maximum, meaning studies are still being conducted to check what’s happening when this blood pressure is normal. Since it has worked on humans, especially those who do not get healed by anti-seizure drugs, we can hopefully say it can work on dogs. There are also studies to prove this. You can consult honestpaws.com/cbd-oil-for-dogs/ for the required CBD oil dose for your dog to ensure they get the maximum benefit. Each dog, according to size and type, needs a different composition of this product.

2. Reduces Pain and Inflammation

Dogs with painful conditions such as back pain, cancer, and ailments such as arthritis are always given CBD oil to alleviate this pain and inflammation. How does it work? CBD oil works by limiting the production of inflammatory substances and increases the growth of anti-inflammatory ones. Studies also conducted on different types of dogs suffering from arthritis also proved that it worked to relieve the pain. Most dogs showed improved mobility after taking CBD Oil. Although there is no concrete outcome, studies done on mice and rats suggest that CBD oil decreases inflammatory pain. It also helps to relieve nerve pain, swelling, and bone pain caused by cancer.

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3. Controls Anxiety

What causes anxiety in dogs? There are three leading anxiety causes: fear, separation, confinement in moving places, and aging. Studies have not been conducted into dogs yet, but CBD oil consumption has brought up good progress against anxiety. Trials on human beings and other animals have proven reduced anxiety, which can work on dogs too.

4. Boosts Heart Health

Although studies are in progress, aesthetic dogs have proven that CBD oil reduces high blood pressure, enabling them to have a healthy heartbeat rate . Studies also were done on animals, and human beings have shown changes in high blood pressure for stressed individuals. However, none has been confirmed in normal conditions. CBD oil lacks the fatty acids, which makes it an ideal ingredient for relieving stress and high blood pressure in dogs.

5. Reduces Nausea

For individuals rearing dogs, CBD oil is highly recommended for those dogs that lack appetite caused by diseases and drugs. It is known for reducing nausea and also increases appetite. CBD oil is also known to reduce vomiting, and studies are underway to come up with concrete evidence on this.

CBD Oil Side Effects and Risks

There is no official dose for the CBD Oil products in dogs. This situation means an increase or a decrease in dose might cause some side effects which are yet to be proven. Ensure you consult your vet or administer the right dosage to avoid the occurrence of these side effects. There are no adverse effects of CBD oil to the dogs other than increased drowsiness. Studies are also underway to check on the below claims, which have been highlighted by some vets and dog owners. However, to avoid these side effects, experts recommend using the right dosage for all the CBD oil products. The side effects which can appear are listed below:

  • Digestive problems, e.g., diarrhea, vomiting, constipation, and also lack of appetite
  • Thirstiness which causes dry mouth
  • Some notable changes in high blood pressure and increased heart rate
  • Increase in anxiety

After you have concluded with your vet to administer CBD oil to your dog, ensure you get the right products with the recommended composition since there is an influx of these products into the markets. Ensure this oil is meant precisely for the dogs, and no other harmful substance has been added. To get the best product, ensure it is produced or approved by animal welfare.