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Pot For Pets: Florida Manufacturer Produces Dog Treats With CBD

Although these all-natural pet products contain CBD and hemp, they won't turn your Irish setter into a pothead.

CLEARWATER, FL – Cast aside those preconceived notions of Fido humming Bob Marley songs, flashing peace paws at passers by and begging for munchies.

Although these all-natural pet products contain CBD and hemp, they won’t turn your Irish setter into a pothead.

Instead, the Clearwater-based company, UUNETWorldBrands, is using the same cannabis products that have been beneficial in relieving arthritis, multiple sclerosis and cancer symptoms in people to make health supplements and treats for pets.

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Michael Scott, president of UUNETWorldBrands, said his company has created hundreds of products containing CBD, hemp seeds and hemp oil that are being used to treat pets around the world.

“We now have 2,000 formulas for pet products with hemp or CBD that are being used to treat a variety of pet ailments,” said Scott. “It’s becoming more and more popular. Our customers are literally all over the world.”

Find out what's happening in Clearwater with free, real-time updates from Patch.

Scott started his global manufacturing company seven years ago while dating a veterinarian.

A longtime proponent of natural foods, Scott said he began creating pet products using fresh, vitamin-loaded foods available at local farmer’s markets without any preservatives, artificial flavorings or dyes.

As word spread, Scott was contacted by a veterinary group in the Midwest that was interested in having him create a private-label, all-natural pet product containing cannabis.

Business has been booming ever since, said Scott.

Scott manufactures made-to-order proprietary products for other companies to sell under their own labels including supplements, liquids that can be mixed with dog and cat foods, dog jerky and pet treats.

The products are sold in stores and online around the world.

“Everything we make is organic and natural,” he said. “No chemicals, preservatives or artificial colors.”

Products containing CBD or hemp oil have become one of the company’s biggest sellers, he said.

“It’s not just a trend,” he said. “People are becoming more aware of the medical benefit of hemp and CBD oils. And now they’re hoping their pets can benefit too.”

He said the company is now in the process of making a custom product to be used on horses as well.

Although they are not regulated by the federal Food and Drug Administration like products for human consumption, all of Scott’s products contain legal amounts of CBD and hemp with none of the THC contained in illegal marijuana.

“Our CBDs have no THC in them, so there’s no psycho actives,” he said.

In fact, he uses them on his own pet.

“Our CBD oil is extracted from imported industrial hemp and we use the co2 extraction process to maintain purity and consistency,” he said. “Private-label CBD and wholesale CBD meets the letter of the laws in the U.S.A. and is nonaddictive.”

He added that the private-label CBD products are developed in conjunction with a compound pharmacist to guarantee their safety and purity.

Many of the products are available through Amazon and are packaged under a variety of names including Dinkels, CBD Edibles and King Canine.

Image via Clearwater Police,UUNETWorldBrands

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