cbd oil for dogs and security clearance

What are the implications of purchasing CBD oil for pet use only?

I live in Arizona. I have a DoD and have the potential to be submitted for a TS at pretty much any time. I just moved into a new house and my dog is having a really tough time transitioning. I’m considering CBD oil to help combat his separation anxiety.

I’ve never used any derivative of marijuana or hemp myself and I’ve steered clear of anything that could potentially pose a problem so my knowledge on the subject is pretty limited.

I’m looking for resources on the legality of this and/or anything to look out for if I go down this route.

Looks to me like you could make a strong case for not reporting it, as long as you made sure to buy it from a manufacturer who definitely certainly 100% manufactured it according to the law in the most recent farm bill. Note also that the SF-86 doesn't mention CBD itself, the exact wording of one of the "check-here" options is

THC (Such as marijuana, weed, pot, hashish, etc.)

but of course there's always the option to check "Other" and explain more, so that's not a solid argument.

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I am a recovering alcoholic. Even though I have been sober for the past 5 years and actively seek treatment, my alcoholism will automatically disqualify me from obtaining a security clearance.


Paying your bills on time is a very important factor in obtaining your security clearance.

Downloading Files

People share games, download music and post files online all the time. It’s no big deal to share content in this way.

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Konrad stole a pair of Nikes at the mall that would have cost him $200 to buy. He won’t be charged with felony theft, so he does not need to be worried about hurting his chances of getting hired.

The Legality of Marijuana

Medical marijuana for pets is legal in my state. My dog has a hip problem for which the vet has prescribed CBD oil. Giving the CBD oil to my dog wouldn’t be a problem for my security clearance.

Student Loan Debt

Having student loan debt automatically disqualifies you from obtaining a security clearance.

Security Clearance Levels

The difference between the three levels of security clearance relates to the degree of security risk to the country.

Photos on Social Media

I haven’t posted any inappropriate pictures on my social media, but my friend has a picture of us smoking weed at a party years ago. I don’t need to include this in my security clearance application since it isn’t something I posted.

Phone Bills and Your Credit Score

Making a late payment on your cell phone bill can damage your credit rating.


Jamie deals drugs to make cash to help pay his mom’s rent. Though Rae knows that Jamie deals, she doesn’t know that he is carrying drugs today. If Rae lets Jamie drive her car and they are pulled over, Rae is liable even though she is unaware of the drugs in the car.

Juvenile Records

If you get arrested for DUI as a juvenile, it won’t show up on an adult record later.

Employment History

The SF86 asks about each job I have had for the past 10 years. I should report all of my full-time employment, but don’t need to mention part-time jobs, including my job as a summer camp counselor.

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