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[Discussion] dog seizures and CBD oil help

My 3.5 yo husky has severe epilepsy. He is on 3 different meds 3 times a day. Unfortunately, he just started cluster seizures again even with a raised dose of phenobarbital. He also eats a prescription food for epilepsy.

Our vet is testing for a few different disorders including a brain tumor. In the meantime, she is recommending CBD oil. Does anyone have any experience? How long until you noticed a difference? We got a high quality oil with no thc in it.

Right now, he is on phenobarbital, potassium Bromide, and clonazepam.

Any help/advice is appreciated. Thank you!

I knew a husky with borderline uncontrollable epilepsy. Capsules by Canna-pet salvaged his quality of life when his body could no longer handle the super high doses of the medicine he was taking. He had liver damage from the phenobarbital and pancreatitis from the pheno + KBr but none of the others did much for him. CBD was the last thing to try and or made a huge distance for him. It didn't stop the seizures but it reduced them enough that he could actually live a little.

My epileptic dog takes the same product but not for the epilepsy. The most recent seizure he had was 16mo after the one before with the CBD +KBr.

Dog is having seizures. Will cbd help?

I know thats what people use for epilepsy. He must be an epileptic because this is the fourth time hes done it. Vet said not to do anything for it unless he starts to have them frequently. They appear to be getting worse though. I figured cbd would be cheap and effective.

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Did you ask the vet about CBD? I'd probably go with what the vet recommends.

My 9 year old golden doodle starting having seizures about 5 years ago. For the longest time they would be every 2-3 months sometimes more and varying in length and severity. I’ve given him 2-3 drops of cbd oil (I order the pet formulation from bluebird botanicals – a very good and reputable company) and since then (about the last 4 years) it had greatly reduced the frequency and severity of his seizures to about once every 6 months. If he’s acting like he’s about to have one or during one I’ll give him half a dropper full into his mouth and it does seem to bring him out of it quicker.

(Prescription) Medication options aren’t the best, the side effects are terrible, the drugs are expensive, and HAVE to be given on schedule or else it may worsen or cause new symptoms. I’d say to give it a try, it’s not going to hurt your dog. Your vet sounds probably has an opposing viewpoint on cannabis and if you can successfully treat your dogs seizures yourself then it means money out of their pocket. I’m sorry you and your dog are going through this, it’s the worst feeling in the world I know. I hope that cbd oil can bring some relief to you both.