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CBD as a Dog Hair Loss Remedy

Any abnormally small amount of fur, whether it’s thinner than it should be or has bald patches in it, is dog hair loss. It makes the dog look pitiful, and worse, the cause of it can be frustrating and life-threatening for your pet. Always look into any dog hair loss. In this post, we’ll discuss the potential causes of dog hair loss and how CBD is one of the best dog hair loss home remedies.

Causes of Dog Hair Loss


Several kinds of parasites can cause hair loss in dogs.

An allergic reaction to fleas can cause dog hair loss, because the dog weakens the hair with excessive scratching and biting or because the fleas cause skin conditions and infections that make hair fall out. The hair loss will likely be accompanied by excessive itching, crusty skin, and weeping or bleeding areas, particularly around the tail and legs where fleas like to congregate.

Lice could also cause excessive biting and scratching that could lead to hair loss, and sores made from biting and scratching could lead to hair loss or get infected.


Allergies to pollen, mold, chemicals, ingredients in food, and more can cause, among other symptoms, dog hair loss.

Some allergies are temporary, causing sneezing, watery eyes, and maybe even biting, licking, and hair loss, but they will right themselves quickly as the allergen goes away and may not require any treatment unless the dog is particularly being tormented.

Chronic allergies, or atopic dermatitis, torment the pet without much noticeable relief and get worse over time. The dog will have suffered so much excessive biting and licking and potential skin conditions that it has hair loss, skin lesions, inflamed skin, infections, and a possible foul odor in affected areas. With chronic allergies, the allergen is usually something that is always present, like dust mites, and the dog’s immune system probably has a more pronounced reaction to allergens. Atopic dermatitis will require routine and life-long treatment to manage.

Skin Infections

Skin infections, bacterial or fungal, can cause dog hair loss as the area becomes inhospitable to hair. Redness, inflammation, and a foul odor will usually be present. This may come from a wound that got infected, a complication from a skin condition, or fungal infections from chronic stress or a weakened immune system. Short term treatment may be required for acute infections such as from a wound. Long term, routine treatments may be required for the others and the cause of the infection should be found.

Pressure Sores

Pressure sores come from excessive abrasion or pressure, enough to reduce blood flow to a part of the dog’s body or to cause calluses. This can come from walking or laying on hard surfaces or from being sick and laying down too much. Pressure sores are more likely to affect the elbows but will occur anywhere the cause occurs. Heavier dogs are more likely to develop pressure sores than smaller dogs because they have more weight to create more pressure.

Symptoms include hair loss, wrinkling and/or darkening of the skin in a given spot, fluid over a given spot, an abscess or wound, bleeding, licking, or an inability to use the affected limb.

Treatment will include addressing the pressure sore as needed, with antibiotics or draining any fluid, and preventing the situation that caused the pressure sore, such as giving the dog a softer place to lay or moving them more frequently.

A diet lacking in protein, Omega 3, Omega 6, antioxidants, copper, zinc, and B vitamins can lead to dog hair loss, diminished coat, and dull coat. There should be a wide variety of other symptoms depending on the missing nutrient. Unlike most other reasons for dog hair loss, skin damage may not be present. Such nutritional deficiencies usually come from a homemade diet, poor quality purchased pet food or special diets such as ones to avoid food allergies that have been improperly managed.


Stress can cause dog hair loss in two ways.

The most direct and common way stress causes hair loss is because the poor pet nervously licks or bites at themselves so excessively that they weaken or pull out their fur. The skin can also become infected under the bitten and licked site and cause the fur to fall out. If you don’t already know it because you’ve seen them and probably tried to get them to stop biting and licking, you can tell this is the cause of their hair loss because the hair isn’t missing in places they can’t reach.

Dogs can also have Cushing’s disease, which is caused by chronic, excessively high cortisol levels from medications, tumors, or stress. Symptoms of Cushing’s disease in dogs include hair loss, a rounded abdomen, increased appetite, increased thirst, increased urination, and muscle wasting.

Treatment will include reducing stress, and stopping medication or treating the tumor.


Your dog’s thyroid produces a hormone known as thyroxin that impacts many bodily functions, including hair growth. If your dog has an underactive thyroid, known as Hypothyroidism, they can experience hair loss.

Hair loss will usually occur predominantly on the back and will be accompanied by other symptoms of illness.

Treatment will involve addressing the thyroid problem by giving them hormones, and they will have to take it the rest of their lives.

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Pet Medicine

Your dog’s medications, whether oral, injected, or topical might can cause hair loss. Steroids are likely to cause dog hair loss as it shrinks hair follicles. Topical flea medications can damage hair. Pets may also lose hair around injection sites.

You can distinguish this cause of dog hair loss from others because it has nothing to do with biting or licking and because topical and injected medications will likely only affect the immediate area.

Dog Yeast Infections

Dogs with high stress or a weakened immune system may be susceptible to an abnormal growth of Malassezia yeast on their bodies. It is always present, but it usually causes dogs no problem. When out of control, Malassezia causes flaky, greasy spots on the dog’s skin that lead to hair loss. The area may smell. It is worse in humid climates and times of the year when it is hotter and more humid and will be located on the skin as well as in the ears and mucous-y areas.

Poor Circulation

Any condition that can cause poor circulation could lead to dog hair loss as the hair needs blood to grow. This includes heart defects, weak hearts, low blood pressure, and anemia.

The pet should have other symptoms of heart problems or poor circulation and will not

How CBD Oil Makes A Great Dog Hair Loss Remedy

First, let’s discuss what CBD oil is. CBD stands for cannabidiol, which does sound like cannabis because it is found in the family of plants that marijuana is included in. There are two types of CBD oil, ones made from marijuana, because it does have a tiny bit of cannabidiol in it, and ones made from hemp. This post will discuss the ones made from hemp, as they are 100% legal and do not contain THC, which causes the “high” associated with marijuana.

CBD oil is important for health. Human and dog bodies contain an endocannabinoid system that makes its own cannabinoids. These cannabinoids impact a wide variety of bodily functions as there are receptors in our brains, digestive systems, and many vital organs. This system must always work in harmony for our bodies to be and feel healthy, but it often doesn’t. External

CBD oil helps with dog hair loss in many ways

It can alleviate many of the conditions that cause hair loss. If the dog is itching from flea, mites, or an allergy, it can reduce the itching and calm the skin. If they have an infection causing inflammation, it reduces inflammation. It reduces stress and boosts the immune system.

It also helps with associated symptoms of many of the causes of hair loss like pain and digestive issues such as nausea, diarrhea, and loss of appetite.

If your dog has a food allergy, has been unable to eat, or has a vitamin deficiency, full-spectrum CBD oil provides both Omega 3 and Omega 6 fatty acids, protein, antioxidants, vitamin A, B vitamins, vitamin E, iron, magnesium, and zinc. CBD also adds

CBD Oil is a Safe, Natural Dog Hair Loss Remedy

People choose CBD oil as an alternative or supplemental treatment for many pet ailments, and vets approve CBD! Depending on the condition to be treated, CBD has been shown to be a viable, safe, and natural alternative for pain, stress, and even cancer. It can also take up the slack left by medications that either can’t cover every symptom or cause bad side effects. For instance, many pain medications can’t do anything about inflammation. CBD has been shown do that. Also, many medications cause nausea, lack of appetite, or lack of energy and CBD can help reduce these side effects. So, if your dog’s medication is doing its job but the side effects bother it or there are still symptoms left unaddressed, CBD oil can come to the rescue in conjunction with the traditional medication.

CBD itself has virtually no side effects. If the dog is given a large enough dose, they may experience changes in appetite, diarrhea, or sedation. That’s a far smaller and less

What is the best Hemp Oil for Dog Shedding?

I have been keeping dogs for the past several years and I know exactly how frustrate it is when the hair they shed all over the house and your stuffs. You have to frequently brush them, vacuum and sweep your rooms and clothes. However, this is not my biggest worry, my concern is when my dogs begin to shed abnormally and I can see bald patches along their body.

It can be signs for some potential severe diseases. I am very confused whenever this situation happens. Luckily, there are some best hemp oils for dog shedding available out there can help treating canine hair loss. This is because CBD oil provides many medicinal and beneficial properties that can improve dog health, including prevent the causes of hair loss such as skin allergies, infections, inflammation.

You also can try other treatments like prescription, hemp oil is a more natural way with no effects. It can even aid in the development of a shiny and smooth coat for dogs. Regular using hemp oil also help promote the dog overall wellness as well.

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Top 7 Hemp Oils for Dog Shedding 2021

#1 Perfect Paws Hemp Salmon oil for pet –Skin and coat blend

This CBD oil has the formula that made specifically for support the dog coat. Abnormal amounts of shedding can be very dangerous for the dog and contains potential risks for the dog health. This CBD oil comes with potent serving of CBD – 250mg or 1000mg. It will help reduce shedding and irritation for the dog due to the essential Omega-3 fatty acids.

Perfect Paws Salmon CBD Oil contains Salmon Oil in the ingredients, what the dogs would love. Aside from healthy coat benefit, it also encourages calm and relaxation, relive anxiety and stress, support overall health and wellness of the dogs. One more thing I love about this product is that I can notice Its effect pretty fast. I usually serve of this hemp oil 20-30 minutes before take my dog to visit vet, and it just takes a few minutes to help my dog feel relief and remain calm. However, if you want to reduce shedding as well as long-lasting improvements, it requires regular use. Perfect Paws Hemp claim that they only use the high quality ingredients and all their products are less than 0.3%.


If you are looking for the stop dog shedding method that is natural with no side effects to do at home, then you should consider PawElite CBD oil for dog. This CBD oil is well known for its benefit of relieve stress, frustration, help dogs calm and focus. However, thanks to phytocannabinoids and terpenes, it also has been found to have medical benefits of hair loss, itchy and shedding of dogs.

PawsElite also use coconut derived MCT oil as carrier oil, which support the dog’s digestion and easy digestible and administered. They use the hemp plants that are grown in Oregon, there is no any additives or preservatives is added. The CBD oil is completely natural, contains only human grade ingrediens.

#3 Doonan Feed Company Canine Hemp Oil Dog Supplement Joints Coat

I provided this product for my dog who has problems with hair loss and I have seen the good result. This is why I would like to recommend it for any skin problem of the dogs. This hemp oil is a great source of nutrients, protein, minerals and vitamins that dogs need to be well. It improves coat and skin health and also relieves joints paint.

Doonan Feed Company use hemp seeds grown in Australia. Thanks to high Omega-6 fatty acid content in the formula, it helps your dog’s skin easier to permeable to the oil and help prevent skin disorders. It also has ability for fight inflammation, relieve skin problems, protective coat due to the Gamma Linolenic Acid (GLA) in hemp oil.

With this CBD oil, you are ensuring that your dog get all the necessary amino acids that him cannot take from most commercial feed. Doonan Feed Company hemp oil is 100% natural, chemical free, and rich in nutrients. The dose recommend is ½ tsp a day for each 10kg dog.

#4 Innovet full spectrum golden hemp oil

You minghnot know that inflammation is the reason of many health condition includes excess shedding. This is why I suggest this Innovet hemp oil as it help fight inflammation related to allergies and provide additional nutrients for the dogs. The oil reduces the amount of hair that your dog shed avoid hair loss.

This is because hempseed oil has anti-inflammatory omega fatty acid properties. It extract hemp by CO2 clean method, made in the USA with USDA certified organic. It also contains phytocannabinoids, terpenes, and flavonoids.

#5 Ultra oil skin & coat supplement with hemp seed oil

Ultra oil has the perfect formula to provide healthy fats with the right ratio for optimum absorption. This is the ideal combination of essential nutrients that the dog need for a stable life. When adding oils to your pet’s diet, it’s important to pay attention to the ratio of Omegas 3, 6, and 9, and to have all three in the diet.

Apart from hemp seed oil, this is also added with Omega-3, Omega-6, and Omega-9 from Grape seed oil, hemp seed oil, flax seed oil, and fish oils. Dog frequently have nutritional deficit in essential fatty acid. These nutrients function as a natural antioxidant. These Omega-3 and Omega-6 Fatty Acids are believed to promote skin and coat hygiene, such as dandruff or psoriasis. By promoting cell membrane structure, Omega Fatty Acids will benefits skin and coat of the dogs.

It is 100% safe for dog at all breeds, Non-GMO, gluten-free. After 3-4 weeks using this CBD oil, my dog’s coat become shiny and softer, itching and shedding is also stopped.

#6 Blue Moon Hemp TruBlu Bacon – CBD Dog Tincture 250mg

There are cannabinoid receptors in skin and hair of dogs that means serving CBD to your pet can help encourage the endocannabinoid system regulate skin and hair follicles health, and even the function of hair growth and shedding. If the shedding of your dog cause by inflammation of the skin, you can apply TruBlu Bacon topically in skin area as this CBD oil can help reduce inflammation of the skin.

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The main ingredients of this CBD oil are cold-pressed virgin hemp seed oil, CBD, natural flavour of bacon, which will delight your furry friend. What make TruBlu Bacon hemp oik outstanding is the Nano-Technology and high speed emulsion methods to produce micro-encapsulation of the CBD molecules, which makes it more effective, easier to be absorbed and better bio-availability. The drawback of this CBD oil is that it has relatively high potency, I wish Blue Moon offered a lower potency of CBD as these oils may be too strong for smaller dogs.

#7 PointPet Hempolin Coconut

This oil is the combination of extra virgin cold pressed hemp oil with coconut oil. PointPet Hempoiln Coconut has the formula that made specially to promote the wellbeing of pet’s coat. This hemp seed oil and coconut oils will protect the dogs skin to be healthier protect their skin during occasional or seasonal allergies.

This is the rich source of EPA and DHA Omega-3 fatty acids potency, it will reduce inflammation and hair loss and smoothes the coat for the dogs. Not only food for coat, it also relieves athletes pain, joint paint and support dog’s mobility due to GLA in hemp seeds. The oil improves the brain function, keep the mind sharp, boosts dog’s immune system and energy levels. PoinPet’s products re 100% organic, non-gluten, preservative-free, non-GMO.

What are the reason of Dog shedding?

Although it is easy to see if your dog is losing an abnormal amount of hair due to blank spots in the dog’s body or if you notice loose hair areas, determine the exact reason can be more complex. The following are the most common causes of shedding in dogs:

Allergies is the most popular cause. Some foods that you serve your dog such as beef, soy, Fish, dairy, as well as pollen grains and fleas, cause allergic reactions in dogs. There are also some environmental causes such as dust mites and pollen that can cause allergies. Saliva of fleas is also the reason of flea allergies, which irritates the skin of the dog. Shampoo brands can cause allergies in dogs as well. Although most allergies on dog’s skin is not severe, it also important to keep an eye on allergies’ sign, such as a loss of appetite, headache, and vomiting.

Infections are a common occurrence. Bald spots on dog’s body can be caused by bacterial, fungal, viral, or yeast infections. If you noticed hair loss around the area such as eyes and mouth, it is common due to parasites and pests.

If there is any object that lodged in your dog’s skin, such as glass and thorns, they will cause hair loss; dog tend to lick and claw at it until the object is taken out, and it can lead to hair loss.

Bites or stings from insects: These bites cause a lot of itching, and dogs will paw and rub at the spot until his fur is lose. Bites and stings can also cause rashes and lead to hair loss as well.

Cushing disease is a form of endocrine disorder, it is also known as Hyperadrenocoritism and a result in excessive hair loss. This is also known as Cushing syndrome. It occurs when the cortisol receptor is exposed to dog body tissues for an extended period of time.

Sores caused by pressure: If the elbows of the dogs and other joints come into contact with hard surfaces, these sores form also known as bed sores. The excessive rubbing causes hair loss and bleeds on the scalp. This is more common in dogs over the age of eight.

Genetics may play a role factor in hair loss, especially in some breed of dogs. For example, hair loss is most common in dog breeds such as Grey Hounds, Whippets, and the American Hairless Terrier.

Remedies you can try at home

There are many treatments that you can homemade with the advice of your vet that can help your pet with shedding, if fleas are not the cause. You should begin by feeding your dog a more natural diet, as the foods they eat are also one of the reason that cause allergies. There are some natural brands food available that you can try or homemade recipe food for dogs like fried chicken, potatoes, and vegetables.

Lemon juice also can be used to cure hair loss as it has antibacterial effects. Create a quart of warm water with a slice of lemon, let it rest for a few minutes, and then strain the water. This mixture should be added to your dog’s infected areas to help reduce hair loss and relieve pain and itching.

Flaxseed oil is the common natural ingredients that often be found in hemp oil product for loss hair. You should add flaxseed into your dog’s diet or add flaxseed oils into the dog’s food recipe. This is because flaxseed has a high content of Omega 3 fatty acids, which can help dogs with hair loss. Another oil with the same properties is olive oil; massage the hair loss spot with olive oil.