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I suffer from depression, would CBD help?

I was browsing Reddit when I saw a comment from someone claiming that they're depressed and have anxiety. They mentioned CBD helped immensely with their anxiety. However, I haven't really seen anyone comment about it helping with their depression. Granted, anxiety is a part of depression so I'm sure CBD helps either way. To be honest though, the anxiety is the least of my problems. I'm not really concerned with lessening my anxiety.. more so with lessening my depression and lack of feeling joy. When I say I have depression I don't mean it in the normal sense. I'm highly functional and almost no one has a clue that I have mental problems. I can shrug away the anxiety and act normal if needed. What really affects me is how I feel when I'm by myself. I don't find joy in anything, even things that used to be my passion. Do you guys think CBD might help curb that?

I'm taking it for PTSD/Major Depression/Anxiety and it has definitely helped me. A month ago I was contemplating suicide and since I started CBD Oil those thoughts have diminished and I feel more relaxed and even a bit on the happy side. I've had PTSD/depression/Anxiety for nearly 30 years and have had only temporary success with drugs and electrical shock treatment (ECT). CBD in my opinion has worked best so far. Onward and Upward.

This is sort of a tangent but can you tell me about your experience with ECT, especially the side effects? I’ve pretty much hit the end of the road with traditional meds – with the next major episode it’s going to be ECT, TMS or ketamine.

CBD has literally been life changing for me. I suffer from severe depression and anxiety (fear of leaving the house alone and near constant suicidal urges) and CBD has given me way more improvement than I ever thought i would see. My issues have been heavily medication resistant and with at least 9 different medications taken daily plus a few more as needed ones, on a scale of 1 to 10 with 1 being going to kill myself and 10 being happy I was only getting to a 2. Now I typically range between 4-7. Sometimes I still have really low days but this really has made such a huge difference for me.

Edit: In specific regard to your issue of not finding joy in things anymore, I am an artist. Art is my passion. Before CBD it had been years since I picked up a brush. It just didn't do anything for me anymore. Might as well have been counting pennies. Same with playing videogames. That literally kept me sane and from killing myself as a kid, it was my only joy in life and only coping mechanism and depression took it away from me. I am now painting again on a fairly regular basis an while I haven't seen huge improvements in the joy I get from videogames I do manage to have fun for a few hours before I lose interest.

Experiences with CBD and depression?

Hi guys. I've been a long-term sufferer of depression, for about 5 years or so now. I won't get too detailed about it but let's just say my depression started to surface after I started smoking weed. I'm not saying that weed is the cause of my depression but I won't know for sure whether or not it's coincidence or if it actually had a factor in bringing my depression up to the surface. If you check my post history, I've made a post about quitting weed because I've been smoking daily for about 2 months and almost 3. Now, weed doesn't hit me anywhere like how it used to, nor does it really seem to help my "depression". Hell, I think I just do it just because. It's become a routine, and with how boring life has been for me (depression makes you not wanna do shit), it's just a way for me to pass time.

I decided that it wasn't helping at all, though. It's just making me feel even more lethargic than before. not wanting to hang out with friends when high because I'd rather be alone. I just feel weird and out of it when I'm high, so interacting with other people just feel so awkward. my emotions just feel like they're even more gone, just when I thought that wasn't possible because of how little emotions I feel like I have.

Anyways, I've stumbled across CBD and while it may have been something that crossed my mind before (CBD/THC), I've never paid much attention to it.

I just wanted to hear anybody's experiences with CBD and depression or any mental illnesses and whether or not it has benefited you in any ways. Either way, I should probably give it a try. Can't really hurt seeing as how the past 2 and a half months I've smoked more than I have in the past few years. And no, this is not me trying to find another way to get high. If I wanted to get high, I still have quite some weed left to smoke. So yeah, I don't expect CBD to get me high. but if it helps my depression in any way then I guess you can say that's a high on its own 🙂