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Possibly touchy subject? CBD oil.

I am the father of a 5 year old boy who has moderate autism. He is currently attending 35 hours a week of ABA therapy which has helped tremendously with his verbal communication, play skills, and socialization. But he still really struggles with denied access to preferred items, or activities. In his melt downs to whatever situation it may be, he has because aggressive, particularly to his twin brother and 8 month old brother. My wife and I do our best to intervien, but obviously can't keep our eyes on him every second of the day. We are considering CBD oil to see if it would help his, and the families quality of life. I fear that if we consult a doctor about this they may try to steer us towards a prescribed medication. I don't want my son to be sedated, I want him to be the happiest version of himself as he can. We live in Michigan, so Cannabis is now legal, but I don't really know where to turn for laws, brands, milligrams, and doses. And what the laws are for children. Trying to do this the right way and be informed as we can before trying it. Anyone here had any luck with this? Or know where I can turn for answers? Any information would be greatly appreciated.

I have a few things.

At least in my state CBD oil is completely unregulated and OTC as long it doesn't have THC in it, so you may not need a prescription.

For my autism, CBD has helped but I found it expensive. For me it was particularly expensive as I naturally have a higher tolerance for many drugs so it took more to make a difference.

If a doctor tries to push drugs onto your kid just remember that you're the parent and you have full authority over medical decisions until the child is 18 (usually).

One thing you may want to look into is seeing if medicinal substances are worth the possible damages. Let me explain, allot of people are hesitant with prescriptions for their kids because they'll alter brain development, but many parents forget that substances like hemp products can also alter development just as severely.

Lastly, give yourself time to make the decision. Rushing into medical decisions is something that many people regret.

CBD and Children – Our 11-year-old's Journey with CBD Oil

I just wanted to share with anyone who was interested in CBD for their child.

We are in Canada, where it is illegal to give a child CBD oil, so my son has a prescription for medical marijuana from his psychiatrist.

My son is 11. He has an anxiety disorder, sensory processing disorder, ADHD and PDA Autism (an anxiety based autism – Pathalogical Demand Avoidance much like ODD) which has caused some extremely bad behaviours. Earlier this year my husband and I were looking at doing a voluntary care agreement with the ministry of children because we were scared of our son. He was out of control and the behaviours ranged from defiance, destruction of property, and daily screaming tantrums to threatening to kill himself and everyone in the house. We had to lock up the knives and the behavioural consultant we were given by the ministry reported both myself and my husband were showing signs of PTSD related to the stress caused by our son's terrifying behaviours.

We started him on medications over a year ago, for anxiety, for ADHD, and they worked somewhat, and the daily tantrums and threats faded into twice weekly, but after 4 trips in a month to the ER because we'd had to call the police on him, my husband and I were at the end of our rope. I had heard about medical marijuana for adults, but not for kids, so for weeks I researched and learned all I could about CBD oil as a treatment for behaviour issues in children.

At the beginning of July we started a 1:20 THC/CBD oil. Within 4 days we saw a calmer child. Unsure if we were really seeing results or if our desperation was seeing it for us, we continued, upping the dose slowly over the weeks. We started at 2 drops per day and made our way to 10, upping the dose by 2 drops a week. We didn't have a single screaming tantrum. Turning his PS4 game off to go to bed no longer resulted in stomping and throwing things, and being told to turn out the light and go to bed did not start 45 minutes of kicking the walls as hard as he could.

3-weeks ago I called the company we order from to discuss dosages and they suggested a 5:20 TCH/CBD oil. As it was a new strength I started at 5 drops a day and moved slowly upwards. Last week I upped his dose from 10 drops to 20 drops per day and within 3 days we saw drastic changes. Incredible, drastic changes.

My son started engaging with us. He makes jokes, he laughs with us, he plays beautifully with his sister. When I say no to something, he says 'ok'. When we look at the toy section of the Walmart when we do our grocery shopping, he doesn't beg for a $100 Lego and then sob for an hour when I say no. He's started making his own breakfast (he could not hold the butter knife before to spread his jam on the toast) and lunches. He is thoughtful, kind, and silly. He spends time with us instead of hiding in his room. He wants to try new foods. He engages with others, other adults, other kids.

Since starting CBD oil we haven't had a single tantrum. He had 2 crying episodes the first week of using the oil but instead of howling in his room for an hour, he came out within 5 minutes and tried to offer a suggestion as to how he could get around his frustration. Last week we went to a summer theme park in a nearby city and the next morning my son asked me "Mum, how did you enjoy the park?" – My son has never asked anyone how they've liked something, never.

CBD oil has saved our family. It has saved our son. He is happy, and we are absolutely amazed at the positive effects it has had on him, and I say with absolutely no hyperbole that CBD oil has been a miracle for us. Within 2 months we went from thinking we'd have to put our son into care, to laughing at his jokes while he explains Harry Potter spells to his 5-year-old sister and makes her a wand out of Lego pieces so she can pretend to be a wizard with him.

I'm sorry for the essay. I wanted to share our story in the hopes that someone may see it and feel hope instead of the hopelessness that we felt before we discovered CBD oil. If anyone has any questions they are welcome to PM me or ask here. Thanks for reading.