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Man 'cancer free' after 'cannabis oil helped him beat 12 brain tumours'

Chemo is the equivalent to setting the house on fire to kill a cockroach in hopes you won't burn down the entire house before the cockroach is dead.

Articles like this are dangerous. Don’t stop your chemo and start smoking weed to cure your cancer.

Agreed! People are crazy stupid. They read that the refined husk of an avocado seed can help cure cancer so all they interpret is "avocados cure cancer".

This shit needs to stop. Wellness bloggers have been reverting people's health for years. Look at this dumb bitch. https://time.com/4960515/australia-belle-gibson-fined-lying-cancer/ . Should be a prison sentence imo.

She probably got people killed for telling them they should rub honey on their thighs, or whatever stupid "home remedies" she suggested.

Hemp CBD oil cures cancer and depression and anxiety and makes your blood work normal!

So I’m not sure about CBD’s effects on cancer, but I do know that it has immensely helped my anxiety. So there is some slight truth to this.

I don’t use an MLM brand of CBD oil, but I am a huge advocate for its use. Would be interested to see if there’s any link to benefits for cancer patients! I know it helps those who suffer from seizures.

Are you using CBD derived from hemp or cannabis?

My therapist recommended I try it for my severe anxiety. It's really helped in keeping me level, and I find that my triggers don't set off panic attacks as often anymore. It's been nice.

r/CBD is available if anyone is curious about finding what might work for them. The MLM stuff is literal garbage, but there's a wealth of information available to anyone willing to do their homework.

It’s helping me, too.

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I utilize CBD oil for anxiety and depression (absolutely will stop a panic attack for me).

Curing cancer? Such BS and will give people the wrong idea about CBD.

Yeah, I have have a friend with stage 3 breast cancer who was taking CBD (and other alternative treatments) instead of chemo. It hasn’t helped and she finally decided on a mastectomy, but she lost over a year of treatment time. Really sad.

There is a lot to be said for true, safely derived CBD from marijuana, if it’s been recommended to you by a doctor. However, it’s not going to “cure” any cancer, it just won’t and making claims like that is dangerous. Even if by some miracle, this person was an outlier, it would still be dangerous to tout it as a cure for others to buy from you. It can help relieve secondary symptoms from either treatment or illness like inflammation, nausea, headaches, pain. I’ve tried real high CBD flower and it was fairly effective for inflammation/pain from injury. But I don’t go around recommending it to strangers based on my personal experience. Bottom line it’s not a cure and as far as I’m aware, you can get incredibly ill from poorly produced hemp CBD. If you are going to use CBD, or any medical marijuana products, it’s probably best to get a doctor’s recommendation and go to a real brick and mortar medical shop (if available). You can get pure product from an actual chemically tested and approved source with knowledgeable workers.

Study: CBD From Marijuana Plus Chemotherapy Tripled Cancer Survival Rates In Mice (Forbes)

My wife was on a very high dosage of CBD oils while stage 4 breast cancer. $5000 later it didn’t do shit and she died from cancer anyways.

Thank you for having the strength to share that not all end results are favourable.

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I’m convinced it’s what got me through my chemoradiation. Opioids didn’t do anything for me at all. Plus, being high most of the time helped me cope. My views have totally changed on marijuana.

CBD actually doesn't get you high. THC does. I'm pro pot in general, but this study doesn't relate to it.

Opioids kept me constipated and zombiefied. Itlpd some with the pain but not enough.

Be careful not to put too much weight into animal studies.

This shows the need to study further, and potential for human treatments down the road. I think that's what the researchers are saying, as well. Most human treatments are tested on animals first.

I took CBD during brain cancer. along with chemo and anything else I could get my hands on.

I didn't use high doses because, honestly, who the fuck knows if anything is going to work.

I have cancer. I am using CBD. I have been using CBD for a few years and recently got the word on cancer. My mass is massive, 9x5x6cm on the left thyroid. I suffer from some other issues, NASH is one of them. So I use CBD to treat the issues that come on from joint pain and to aide in regeneration.

When people use words like cure and such it is a wide ranging word and not all cancers are equal. it may help with some cancers. It is known to have a regeneration properties. It can lep organs that have the ability to regenerate or heal. Brain trauma, CTE/PTSD/TBI, liver disease and it has a natural anti-inflammatory properties. It is not a stand alone solution but it can aide in recovery of some issues.

Signed a Big CBD fan.

I got my medical marijuana card before I was diagnosed with a stage 4 sarcoma. I didn’t use marijuana during the first two rounds of chemo and there was no shrinkage in the cancer. Since then I’ve been using marijuana to help with side effects and I have seen shrinkage in every single scan. I can’t claim that the weed helped with the shrinkage but damn it made it much easier to tolerate.

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That’s really great news that the cancer is shrinking, whatever the cause 🙂

Great news for mice!!

There are thousands of types of cancers and hundreds of chemo regimens. Saying a medication improved survival rates for "cancer" is a meaningless statement. What cancer? What stages? What grades? What chemo? What adjuvant therapies?

I'm all for patients using weed or CBD to help with treatment anxiety, nausea, appetite issues, pain, etc. But let's stop pretending it's some sort of miracle cure-all.

Changed to the forbes article, I had a 2ndary source before, please read the data even if you are against anything from hemp or cannabis, it's a miracle for my autism. Nothing else in decades has worked until CBD. This is the real deal. People bred the CBD out of recreational cannabis, I use hemp now and make my own oil, not cannabis. It removes the high. Cannabis and hemp were much more similar 100 years ago before the CBD was bred out and THC bred from 8% to 25%. Hemp contains the answer to all this (cannabis also but cannabis has been outbred just like English bulldogs are, thc is often needed for specific pain though) Also mix the CBD with sunflower lecithin and a healthy fat (cocount or mct oil) = smart coffee for autism. I'm seeing a lot of lives being changed over CBD in my own town alone so it can't just be here.