cbd oil for bruxism reddit

CBD has been life changing. You HAVE to try it

Ive had tmj for 9 years. My jaw popped all through the day. I tried everything, even arthroscopy, and was on hydrocodone for a while. I had horrible migraines, I couldn't chew anything at all. it just wasn't worth the severe pain. I was absolutely miserable.

Last year I tried cbd oil for my severe anxiety which it helps for also. But it ended up helping my tmj so Ive been taking 150mg under my tongue and I couldn't be happier. I ate a freakin double cheeseburger the other day. You guys, TRY IT. It relaxes my facial muscles completely and honestly has been a lifesaver. I recommend cbd oil, in a tincture to literally everyone.. its so crazy not many people use it or know about it. I can finally eat everything again I literally couldnt be happier, I was always so sad eating mashed potatoes and pasta everyday.

Why do I seem like the only person who gains nothing from cbd oil? I spend money on different types and nothing. I get more from my anxiety meds and they are $5 a month.

Bruxism (teeth grinding) and cannabis

I have severe bruxism, so I grind my teeth every night while I'm sleeping and also on and off during the day. I was wondering if CBD or THC could help with that, so while researching I came across this study.

In it, they found that the topical application of a cream containing CBD oil significantly reduced muscular tension in the jaws. Does anyone have more information about this subject? Are there more studies about it? Can you share your personal experience if you also have bruxism?

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I've been using a mouth guard while sleeping for a couple of years and, while it does spare my teeth from the constant grinding, it doesn't alleviate my symptoms and I often feel a lot of pain in my jaws and temples.

I also smoked cannabis quite often in the last year or so, but practically haven't smoked in the last 3 months. The problem is that, since the symptoms occur while I'm sleeping, I can't evaluate how they've changed during this time. Even when I'm awake, I usually clench my jaws without realizing and can't say for sure if it has been happening more or if it's just my perception. I've been feeling like it's been getting a bit worse the last few months, but I can't tell if it is true or not and don't want to fall into a bias. Does anyone have similar experiences to share?