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Taking CBD For Stress Relief

Unfortunately, stress is an unavoidable part of modern life; we live in a world where the demands of the workplace seem constant and our minds are overstimulated by emails, calls, and meeting requests.

Sustained stress can produce extremely negative physical and psychological outcomes, from heartburn and headaches, to insomnia and chronic depression. In particular, it can lead to severe emotional exhaustion that hinders key aspects of your professional and personal relationships. Stress causes the mind to feel overwhelmed, it shatters self-esteem, and it can push you further away from your loved ones.

Recently, with rising discussions around stress, there have been various coping strategies developed that seek to mitigate its harmful symptoms. From setting a healthy exercise routine, to regularly connecting with friends, medical professionals have emphasized the importance of a stable and healthy lifestyle in combating stress. However, a more novel and effective way of dealing with stress is emerging in the form of CBD oil.

CBD stands for cannabidiol; and CBD Oil is a particular oil derived from the cannabis plant alongside various other cannabinoids. However, unlike other cannabinoids such as THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol), CBD is not a psychoactive compound that produces mind-altering effects on its users. Resultantly, there are an array of CBD health benefits to be experienced without any risk of impairing cognitive ability.

CBD has therefore been recognised as an incredibly useful supplement in helping mitigate stress, as it provides a safe form of relief alongside a variety of therapeutic benefits too.

CBD For Underlying Symptoms Of Stress

High blood pressure is a proven physiological side effect of sustained stress, as your body releases hormones such as adrenaline in order to combat unsettling feelings. There have been several studies conducted which suggest that small doses of CBD can lower blood pressure and improve the overall health of your cardiovascular system.

For example, it has been suggested that CBD can lead to vaso-relaxation which naturally reduces blood pressure. Furthermore, it is the calming effect of CBD that then leads to the cardiovascular system to respond accordingly; a lowered heart rate and dilated vessels reduces this pressure.

Taking CBD For Headaches

An ever-growing corpus of research has demonstrated that CBD can aid the treatment of migraines that are a direct by-product of stress. There are a variety of different headaches experienced during bouts of heightened stress and anxiety. Below is a brief explanation of how CBD successfully reduces each of these specific symptoms of stress.

CBD For Tension Headaches

Tension headaches are cerebral pains that are the direct result of stress, and are usually characterised by a dull, consistent pain located at either the back of your head or your forehead.

The CBD oil works by interacting with the CB1 and CB2 receptors within your body; these chemical processes can help to calm your nervous system and reduce the pain felt by sufferers. Whilst also mediating how the brain’s nervous system interprets the pain of the headache, CBD has also been suggested to prevent tension headaches at source too.

CBD For Cluster Headaches

Cluster headaches are more severe and concentrated pains that occur in one particular region of the head, usually around an eye socket or near the temple. These intense pains are usually experienced by men in their late-30s or above, and they occur in bouts lasting weeks or months at a time.

It has been suggested that the frequent use of CBD oil can reduce the frequency and severity of these cluster headaches. What’s more, the cannabidiol performs its soothing function without the same side effects associated with regular painkiller use.

CBD For Migraines

Migraines are categorised as mild to severe headaches that occur in a pulsating fashion and are also accompanied by nausea and feeling sick. Alongside this, the sufferer may also experience a significant sensitivity to light and sound.

CBD oil is useful for easing the nausea associated with migraines, and also can remedy the intensity of pains experienced. Alongside this, research has linked CBD oil with being able to reduce inflammation and possess convulsive effects.

Improving Quality Of Sleep With CBD

Whilst there Is little direct evidence that displays a direct correlation between CBD and improved energy and focus, there is copious research that suggests cannabidiol’s ability to positively affect other determinants of energy levels.

CBD oil is a useful sleep aid in the way that it helps relieve anxiety and destresses an overactive mind. Some research suggests that the usage of CBD oil alters the serotonin signals within the body, and by potentially assists in creating more of the neurotransmitter. It is argued that those with higher levels of serotonin are less likely to suffer from anxiety, and thus will benefit from more regular and healthy sleep patterns.

Moreover, the use of CBD balm to relieve muscle and joint pain soothes inflamed areas of the body which causes discomfort; by helping to reduce the pain, CBD thus assists in creating the right conditions for a good night’s sleep.

Recommended CBD Products & Dosage For Stress

The CBD dosage for stress is specific to each person; factors such as height, weight, age, and severity of the condition experienced means that an individual’s requirements vary. For example, if you were taking our 1000mg CBD Oil and wanted to try a stronger dose, you could double the recommended dose to get a similar strength to the 2000mg CBD Oil.

CBD topicals can act to relax and soothe headaches at a more gradual pace. The required dosage for the effective use of CBD nootropics, such as the UNWIND OIL, is around 0.2-0.4ml of the pipette to start. A few drops should be taken between 30 – 60 minutes before bedtime.

As time goes by, and the body becomes used to the introduction of CBD, we suggest that the dosage could again be adjusted in accordance to your needs. The time it takes for CBD to become effective is again dependent on the individual: a rough estimate however is that it takes between 30 (CBD oil) and 120 (CBD capsules) minutes for any effects to be experienced.

The Best CBD Gifts for Lowering Stress

It’s common knowledge that the holidays are stressful. Sometimes the best gift you can give someone (or yourself) is the gift of relaxation. In search of stress relief gifts that will bring instant relaxation and calm? We got you.

Anxiety and depression tend to spike around the holidays and, well, the struggle is real. Traveling, navigating Covid-19 restrictions, and the pressures of shopping and hosting can start to add up. So, if you’re not sure what to give your family and friends, why not give the power of CBD a try?

CBD for Alleviating Anxiety and Stress

Too much stress can wreak havoc on the body, from tension headaches to insomnia, and of course, anxiety. Thankfully, CBD has demonstrated powerful healing when it comes to combating stress and anxiety disorders.

Evidence from pre-clinical and clinical trials has further supported the anti-anxiety effects of CBD, as well as its ability to reduce the physiological response to stress. Across the US, stress is catapulting at an alarming rate—so much so that almost half of us (48%) are feeling more stressed than we did a year ago, and it’s having an impact on our health. For generalized anxiety disorder (GAD), the National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA) says that CBD has been shown to reduce stress in animals such as rats. Study subjects were observed as having lower behavioral signs of anxiety. Their physiological symptoms of anxiety, such as increased heart rate, also improved.

Being subjected to stress on a daily basis can threaten your social life, mental and physical health. CBD oil is being used as a natural way to reduce the daily stress that is keeping you from living your best life. So, whether you’re shopping for a loved one or yourself this holiday season, keep reading to learn the best CBD gifts for infusing some much-needed calm into the holiday season…

Best CBD for Stress

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Hemp is ‘the next big thing’ in pain management as growth and research expand in Kentucky

To some it seems taboo. But a nationally renowned pain doctor says a four-letter word can ease aches and anxiety without the risk of addiction: H-E-M-P.

“It’s gonna be the next big thing,” said Dr. James Patrick Murphy, a former president of the Greater Louisville Medical Society who treats patients in Kentucky and Indiana.

Hemp won’t alleviate acute pain, Murphy said, but it can lessen more moderate pain — allowing some patients to reduce or stop taking addictive pain pills that fuel the heroin and opioid epidemic.

With Louisville losing an average of one person a day to drug overdoses, doctors and patients are scrambling to find safer ways to treat pain.

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration hasn’t approved hemp products for use as medicine, and clinical trials on cannabinoids or CBD oil — extracted from the hemp flower — are pending. But Murphy and other doctors see the oil as a promising option, and many people who are trying it for themselves say it works.

“People are coming in using this stuff,” Murphy said. “We have to learn about it.”

CBD oil has been credited with significantly reducing the severity of violent and potentially deadly epileptic seizures — especially in children. And hemp seeds are considered a “superfood,” rich in omegas and protein.

Yet the hemp plant is often confused and dismissed as a forbidden relative of marijuana.

“Cheers” actor Woody Harrelson grabbed national attention in June 1996 by planting four hemp seeds in Eastern Kentucky on a Lee County farm. His arrest was a stunt to highlight the difference between pot and hemp.

Both are the same plant species, Cannabis sativa. And they have the same pointy leafs and pungent scent. But hemp has a breadth of uses and a negligible amount of the mind-altering ingredient THC.

“Cars can run on hemp oil,” the actor wrote in a letter published in Courier Journal after his arrest. “Environmentally friendly detergents, plastics, paints, varnishes, cosmetics and textiles are already being made from it” in Europe.

Still, U.S. lawmakers would take nearly two decades longer to embrace it.

A federal law many dub the “2014 Farm Bill” cleared a path for its comeback.

Brian Furnish, an eighth-generation tobacco farmer, was among the first in decades to legally plant hemp seeds in Kentucky soil. He grows and promotes hemp as an executive with Ananda Hemp, one of the commonwealth’s largest growers.

Furnish is not only a grower, he’s a consumer. He says a few drops of CBD oil ease his neck and back pain due to old football injuries and heavy lifting of feed sacks and other strenuous chores.

Now, he doesn’t work the farm without it.

‘I feel great’

Murphy is among the doctors who first learned about the potential benefits of hemp from their patients.

Curious, he did some research, reading about CBD oil and even testing it on himself for four days. Although he didn’t need it for pain, he verified it didn’t give him a buzz or any negative side effects.

He decided to recommend it to 200 patients.

About 90 percent of the 175 who tried CBD oil spray or pills reported benefits, such as fewer migraines and tension headaches and more tolerable leg and back pain and arthritis, he said. Others had more restful sleep and less anxiety.

But it’s not for everyone.

Murphy doesn’t recommend it to patients who are taking blood thinners or who have heart conditions.

And a small number of his patients opted to stop taking hemp after becoming dizzy. Others didn’t notice any relief from migraines or enough relief from severe pain.

Those who opted not to try hemp included an elderly patient whose husband wouldn’t let her try anything related to marijuana.

Dr. Bruce Nicholson, a Pennsylvania pain expert, also recommends hemp to many of his patients.

Dozens have reduced or stopped taking opioids, he said. Patients reported less trembling from neuropathy and relief from achy muscles. The doctor personally uses hemp several times a week, rubbing a cream on his achy joints.

“In the medical profession, we knew nothing about it,” said Nicholson, who began reading up on it about three years ago.

Nicholson estimates that as many as 80 percent of his patients suffering from chronic pain also face anxiety or depression. He said hemp can help that too.

“Now I recommend it every day to my patients,” he said.

Lisa Whitaker, 50, one of Murphy’s patients on disability for migraines and herniated discs, said CBD oil didn’t ease her severe headaches but did help her back pain.

It took four to six weeks before she noticed significant relief.

“This has been a lifesaver,” Whitaker said.

Southern Indiana resident Valerie Reed, 36, said she began a daily regimen of the oil about a year ago after being diagnosed with multiple sclerosis. She didn’t want to take the narcotic her doctor prescribed because of a host of potentially “scary” side effects.

Within months, she said: “The tremors, shaking, that’s gone.”

Severe headaches on her right side also eased and she could bear hip pain from walking.

Reed said she told her neurologist and her general practitioner she was using the hemp product daily. “Both were OK with it.”

“As long as I take it, I feel great,” she said.

Riley Cote, a Canadian native known as a bruiser on the ice during his tenure with the National Hockey League, said hemp eases his arthritis and inflammation and helps him relax and fall into a deeper sleep. He has become a hemp activist, starting the Hemp Heals Foundation and encouraging former Philadelphia Flyer teammates and other athletes to use the oil instead of opioids, sleeping pills and muscle relaxers.

Cote came to Kentucky recently to tour Ananda Hemp’s farm in Harrison County, northeast of Lexington. The company imported hemp seeds from Australia and has expanded its crops to cover 500 acres in Kentucky with plans to keep growing.

“It’s just gonna get bigger and better,” the retired hockey star said of the hemp industry. “We’ve barely scratched the surface.”

Where’s the proof?

It’s easy to find someone who claims using hemp oil with CBD helped them feel better or sleep better.

But doctors, scientists and others — including the FDA — are eager for clinical proof.

Some promising research came out in May.

An article published in the May 25 issue of the New England Journal of Medicine, reported the results of an extensive clinical trial led by Dr. Orrin Devinsky and colleagues. It found that CBD hemp oil lessened the frequency of violent and dangerous seizures in children and young adults with Dravet syndrome, a complex childhood epilepsy disorder with a high rate of death.

Barry Lambert, an investor in Ananda Hemp’s parent company, Ecofibre, who grew up on a dairy farm in the Australia Bush, wrote a testimonial on how CBD oil saved his granddaughter’s life from debilitating seizures that “tore away at her brain and body every 15 seconds.”

Research on other potential health benefits is underway across the nation.

Kentucky is leading the way with 17 studies at seven universities: the University of Louisville, University of Kentucky, Sullivan University, Western Kentucky, Murray State, Morehead and Kentucky State, said Brent Burchett, head of the state Department of Agriculture’s division of value-added plant production.

University of Louisville’s research includes evaluating hemp as a fuel source.

The University of Kentucky is examining the best growing conditions of hemp and plans to study the oil in mice for two years. If they find negative side effects, it could lead the FDA to pull projects from shelves, said Joe Chappell, a professor of drug design and discovery.

If they don’t find problems, he said it could help clear the way for its mainstream use.

“There’s a lot of anecdotal information, of course. There can be some relief from pain and inflammation,” he said.

Chappell hopes to lead testing to answer these questions: “Who is it safe for? For what duration? At what doses?”

It’s too soon to know the full scope of how much money the leafy crop can bring farmers, processors and businesses — or how many ways it can benefit pain sufferers.

‘Questions and curiosity’

Consider it the new era of hemp.

Furnish describes his farming family as “very old style, conservative people” initially leery of hemp.

But after deciphering fact from fiction surrounding the controversial crop, he has taken a leadership role in the hemp movement.

“Hemp will keep another eight generations of farmers working the land,” he said.

Individual states can now pass laws allowing industrial hemp to be grown under a pilot program. The state was among the first to give the go-ahead in 2014, but farmers and processors must gain approval from the Kentucky Department of Agriculture.

Seventy-four of the state’s 120 counties are growing and/or processing the diverse plant, according to the agriculture department’s most current figures. That includes Jefferson County, which has 10 growers or processors.

Hemp has been used in more than 25,000 products, from foods, supplements, textiles, paper to building materials, bath products and cosmetics, according to a March report by the Congressional Research Service. It’s even a fiberglass alternative for cars and planes.

Hemp sales in the United States are at nearly $600 million annually, according to the report.

“I don’t know of another crop that has that many uses — well more than corn, soy or cotton,” said Duane Sinning, manager of Colorado’s industrial hemp program.

“The interest is higher” today in growing hemp and using its products, he said. “I think it’ll continue to grow.”

Many predict the variety of hemp products and use across the state and nation will continue to increase if studies back up the many anecdotal claims of health benefits.

That could push Congress to ease or remove federal restrictions.

Kentucky Agriculture Commissioner Ryan Quarles said he’s working with lawmakers to remove hemp from the list of controlled substances.

“We owe it to farmers to explore all aspects of industrial hemp,” he said, “just like soybeans in the 1960s when they were an experimental crop.”

Wellness experts at Rainbow Blossom Kentuckiana markets are doing their part to promote hemp products. They co-hosted “hemp week” in June, fielding questions from customers.

Summer Auerbach, the natural food stores’ second-generation owner, said “people are coming in with a lot of questions and curiosity” about hemp.

She’s a customer herself, rubbing a hemp salve on her shoulders, neck and jaw before bed. She said the CBD oil in the balm lessens tightness and aches from temporomandibular joint disorder, or TMJ, and she awakens with fewer headaches.

“It’s exciting to see so much of the innovation of hemp in Kentucky,” she said. “We’re not even close to seeing what it can do.”