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Marijuana Legalization Workgroup for New Mexico

The legalization of Marijuana has been a controversial subject for years. Many states have legalized the use and possession of marijuana as well as limited sale and consumption. In New Mexico, lawmakers are proposing a workgroup to study possible legislation regarding marijuana legalization. The workgroup would be made up mostly of state officials and include […]

What is the Equity First Initiative? The Equity First Initiative is an organisation whose mission surrounds transformative justice and healing communities impacted by the War on Drugs. They advocate for equity, justice, and repair in the cannabis industry. Furthermore, they coordinate between organizations working on those issues across the U.S. They achieve their goal by […]

CBD for Drug-Resistant Epilepsy – Testimonial

The CBD story of Giusy I am suffering from drug-resistant epilepsy with absences, essential tremor (the cause is not yet defined!?) and paresthesia in my hands. (this is a consequence of epilepsy). I started with a lower percentage of CBD oil of Nordic Oil (since it was the first time I have ever used CBD) […]

CBD for PTSD, Anxiety & Depression – May’s testimonial

My name is May and I’m 41 years old. I’ve been sick all my life due to severe PTSD and fought hard to keep my head above water. I suffered from severe depression, anxiety, confusion, body pain, etc. on and off my entire life. I’ve tried just about everything, from various methods of therapy, antidepressants, […]

CBD for Skin Problems – Testimonials & Reviews

CBD For Skin Problems The anti-inflammatory properties of cannabidiol make CBD creams and pastes a promising option for people with skin problems. CBD for skin problems can therefore be very beneficial for skin diseases, such as eczema, dermatitis, psoriasis, and acne. We want to inform people about the positive properties of CBD. Nothing speaks louder […]

CBD and Women’s Health – Testimonials & Reviews

CBD For PMS – Tanja’s CBD Testimonial Currently, I take 15% CBD hemp oil. Since the birth of my daughter 3 years ago, I have been suffering from extreme mood swings with anxiety and panic attacks for 1 week before the beginning of my period. After consultation with my gynaecologist, I was prescribed monk’s pepper […]

CBD For Chronic Pain – Experiences of CBD Users

More and more people with different pain patterns try to alleviate their suffering with the natural hemp extract CBD – sometimes very successfully. This may be due to the anti-inflammatory, relaxing and neuroprotective properties of cannabidiol. CBD For Tennis Elbow – Antje’s CBD testimonial Like countless other people, I have suffered from tennis elbow (Lateral […]

CBD for Inflammation – Testimonials & Reviews

The anti-inflammatory effect of cannabidiol has now been thoroughly investigated. This property makes CBD products particularly valuable for patients suffering from a disease associated with inflammation. CBD for Crohn’s disease – Sandra’s CBD Testimonial Seven years ago, I was diagnosed with Crohn’s disease. After severe relapses, I had to take cortisone drugs and additionally I […]

The active substance cannabidiol is said to have neuroprotective properties. CBD is therefore often used for epilepsy, tremor and Alzheimer’s disease. It reduces damage to the brain and nervous system and promotes the formation of new neurons. CBD for vision impairment due to multiple sclerosis Sabine’s testimonials My last relapse with MS suddenly resulted in […]

CBD for Pets – Testimonials & Reviews From Pet Owners

CBD For Epilepsy In Dogs A Review By Karin & Emma the Pug Due to the epilepsy of our pug Emma, I came across Nordic Oil on the Internet. Since Emma also has several herniated discs and a cyst on her brain stem, she now gets 2 x daily 5 drops of 500mg CBD oil. […]

CBD for Relaxation – Testimonials & Reviews

CBD for Nightmares – Miriam’s CBD Testimonial In 2018 I heard about CBD for the first time, but at the time I lived in New Zealand, where pure CBD oil is illegal. I wanted to try it and when I was back in Germany in 2019, I ordered the 500mg CBD oil right away. Since the […]

CBD for Dementia Renate and Fritz’s CBD Review My husband Fritz (83) was diagnosed with dementia at the beginning of 2017. This was a horrific diagnosis for him, and also for us as a family. The problem: There is no medicine that stops dementia or even better – one that cures it. That was the next […]

Many of the properties associated with CBD have an impact on mental health. These include mental and physical relaxation, neuroprotective and anti-inflammatory effects. Therefore cannabidiol is used in anxiety patients and people suffering from depression or PTSD. CBD for panic attacks – Nadine’s CBD testimonial I’ve been suffering from an anxiety disorder for almost four […]

The Power of CBD over Porphyria – Lina’s Success Story

Here is the story of Lina*, a 54-year-old woman from Denmark, whose life has been transformed by CBD. Lina is suffering from multiple conditions, many of which have been improved by the intake of CBD. She volunteered to tell us her story and provided pictures, showing her drastic condition change. “I have been given medication […]

Success Stories

Starting out on this journey we hoped to be able to spread the positive nature of CBD and the benefits of CBD oil. We are happy to provide a selection of reviews from our customers below. The full updated album of customer testimonials can be found at our CBD Legends Facebook Page

Kate Butterfield

I’ve just ordered 3x 30% as I’m really pleased to say CBD Legends oil has changed my life. I’m really grateful to Scott Hider too for developing a fabulous business model that works for his customers through rewarding affiliates. Such a fab idea, helping people to get well, saving customers money and in turn helping more people to get well. Amazing!

Jason Bailey

I have been taking the cbd legends oil for a couple of weeks now have noticed neck and knee joint issues ie pain have gone. Brilliant service and very quick delivery time have known Scott Hider for many years great guy would recommend this product ??

Narva Davidson

Ordered and arrived next day. First day taste was not great as never had it before, but Scott advised to have a drink ready. One week on and I’m used to the taste. I feel calmer, less thoughts racing and just better in myself. Highly recommend, Scott is trustworthy and has researched his source.

Holly Anne Wood

My oil came this week. So far, I really have felt a little calmer and tonight’s the first night before bed that I’ll take it. I suffer from really bad anxieties and today I’ve been super calm, with only difference I have made to my usual day-to-day is the oil. Really interesting and I’m glad its a natural option!

DJ Clifty

Just a real quick bit of feedback. Ordered yesterday with Scot and it arrived by lunch time the next day! Now I’ve been using CBD a while and saw Scott’s launch just as I was moving up to a 20% strength and his price is by far the best online. Not that I’m one to shop on price though, first impressions. Really good bottle that when you close tight, it feels closed. The other bottles I’ve had up to now, you can’t do them up like they’re being stopped by the rubber lip of the dropper. The fluid actually fills the bottle, last two I’ve had, one from the high street and one online, there’s a noticeable lower amount of oil. The taste.. from what I’ve had previously, this by far is the least gag inducing – it’s never going to be pleasant but if the taste has ever been a concern, this isn’t bad at all. 10% was totally doing it for me and may well go back down to it as it’s a bit more wallet friendly but thought I’d try going up a strength. Cheers Scott!

Carl Ford

I’ve been using CBD oil for a week. I was suffering from poor quality sleep. Generally my sleep quality was 50-55% before taking the oil but the quality immediately and significantly increased to 70% plus with the highest being 88%. Nothing else changed with my diet, health or routine other than taking the oil. I now feel rested after sleep and more alert.

Susan Ashcroft

I have been waiting a couple of weeks to give my update. I have suffered from anxiety, arthritis and spondylitis of the neck for a few years now, the latter causing up to over 50 episodes of pins & needles in my shoudlers and down my arms. Thanks to this oil the symptoms have been reduced. Thank you for introducing this to me Scott. Thanks so much!

Louisa Seager

I’ve been taking the 10% for 2 weeks. My anxiety and panic attacks are pretty much cleared up. My sleeping is still not great but I’m going to up to 20% next time. The fact I can shop and go about my daily chores is amazing. Also found it helps suppress your appetite so I’m not munching out on biscuits and crap. Winning.

Michele Natalie Lincoln

My partner has combat PTSD, chronic depressive episodes and anxiety. He has been trying to seek help for months and been put on many different medications that would help but only temporarily. The final straw was in January when we hit yet another brick wall. I decided to buy him the 20% CBD oil last week. Since he has been on it he has been sleeping peacefully through the night. HE is also enjoying time spent with the family and is slightly more relaxed and he is no longer in as much pain as he was. Our relationship is also improving and we are getting back to our normal sarcastic take the mick out of each other couple. I honestly can’t thank you enough. I really believe this CBD oil is an absolute God send. Thank you so much you have no idea how much I appreciate it!

Lee Archer

Just wanted to give everyone an update and a quick review of the CBD oil I’ve been using for a couple of weeks (I’m on the 10% version). Firstly my anxiety is at 0! Sleeping like a baby and I dont have the feeling of dread for no reason anymore which is a miracle in 14 days, as I used to wake up every morning feeling anxious and that would carry on at random times throughout the day! Totally gone! Also Scott gave me a little tip about putting it on the skin as I had a couple of spots! Put one drop on my finger and applied directly to the area. Next day the spot was gone. This stuff is amazing! Customer for life in me! My only concern is why the government have not made this available and legal until now! Makes you wonder if they want people to be fit and well!

Peter James Hider

This post is not biased. I am Scott’s Dad and have tried lower 4% strength CBD oil in the past to try and help with my Transverse Myelitis (symptoms similar to MS). Now trying 20% and finding I am getting some electrical feeling in my calves. I take 1 drop morning and night and have found I sleep more deeply as well. My wife who has always had trouble sleeping and finds it difficult to switch off is taking just one drop at bedtime and reports better sleep and relaxation. We have now been taking for 2 weeks and waited till now to report our findings, will report again soon and would be interested in others findings especially those with TM or MS for me to compare with. Good luck everyone!

Katy Butterfield

I’m feeling fabulous this morning after one day on my 30% CBD Oil and I slept well. Plus, my PMT symptoms seem to have subsided even though I should be at my very worst. Not sure if this is a placebo affect? But, I don’t think so. My body and head just feel slightly more at ease and I’m more comfortable with myself today. I have to admit I still took a sleep gel as not sleeping is one of my biggest fears. (ridiculous but, no sleep is a real trigger for me). Anyhow, so far so good. I’m looking forward to tonight when I’m going to see what hjappens without the sleep gel. Wish me luck!

Barbara Mckirdy

I thought I would leave a message here to let you know how pleased I am with the 20% oil. It has not been a week yet but already my headaches have stopped and my anxiety is much better. I have agoraphobia and since my youngest started work full time I’ve been forced to go outside because I need to walk the dogs. It’s been a battle every morning since January, some days were so bad I was having panic attacks but since I started the oil I’ve been taking it all in my stride. Would just like to thank Scott for the great product and Leo for tagging me in a post which led to me purchasing. Cheers xx

Daniel Green

Hey Scott, many thanks for the delivery of my oil on Monday. After just a few days I’m now getting more sleep.. at last. Legend.

Julie Ponting

I bought some of the 20% CBD oil for my mum, Jenny. I saw Jenny yesterday and she said it has helped a lot, especially with the pain in her leg, although she hasn’t reduced any of her subscribed pain medication yet, she is still worried to do that at the moment. She also seemed calmer and happier, but my folks have just moved house. We also had a good discussion about legalisation of cannabis, which was a new one for us!

Paul Jones

Have tried other oils and must say this is the best I’ve tried so far. Good customer service and quality product. Anxiety has gone and back pain not as bad.

Matthew Ruddle

Just played my first game of rugby since November, thanks to CBD – shoulder is ok, even the rest of me isn’t the normal beaten up broken man – tomorrow will tell but CBD made it happen. UPDATE: I’ve just completed my 5th gym session in 7 days, after walking about 5 miles yesterday on dodgy terrain. Feeling good and I put that down to CBD oil – no it’s not the golden bullet for fitness but I’ve had 5 operations on my knee (2 full ligament reconstructions) and my shoulder has been agony for the last couple of years thanks to rugby, it has even stopped me from playing this season. However – after all this exercise my knee would be painful and like a balloon – it isn’t. It feels fine. My shoulder, whilst still some pain at night has about 30% more range of movement and generally the stabbing pain is now a full ache at times (if I even notice it). So far so good. Cheers Scott

Piia Laakso

I just wanted to share my story: I had been suffering from sudden tiredness, undiagnosed muscular and nerve related pain. I was unable to walk or stand up for more than a few minutes. It’s been a long journey here but I am now almost fully recovered, thanks to mindfulness exercises, some herbal remedies and definitely CBD. I’m so grateful to Scott Hider for starting his CBD business and introducing me to this amazing product which I think everyone should be on! I can only say, it has been a lifeline to me in the past 6 months physically and also mentally. It’s given me huge pain relief, calm mind and I’m feeling balanced and generally so much better in my body than I ever did. The benefits weren’t instant for me, I started with 10% oil and I am now taking 20% 6 drops a day, this feels exactly right for me. I don’t post anything on social media very often but this is something I felt was really worth sharing. If you are like me, who didn’t know anything really about CBD oil, Scott’s website is great and has a lot of information about the product I find

Tracy Emmerson Fielding

I purchased the 20% CBD oil just a few weeks ago and already I can say I haven’t had a migraine in over two weeks for the first time in years and my anxiety/heart palpitations have stopped completely. I am also using this for depression and think I am starting to see a slight improvement there too! I couldn’t be happier with the results so far and would highly recommend anyone suffering from any of the above to try it. Also the service you receive is fantastic! Delivery was 24 hours after ordering! Thank you!

Nikki Simmons

Another CBD Legends success story. I have neuropathic pain due to spinal cord injury. I used to take Gabapentin every day. Since using CBD 10% I’m completely off Gabapentin. Today I had a particularly bad case of Sciatic pain so took my usual morning dose of a couple of drops of CBD and it dulled it a little so after an hour I took a couple more drops, the pain has now gone. Gabapentin never did this!

Pablo G

Been on 10% 1 week now and yesterday I woke up with bad anxiety. I took my normal morning dose and within 30 minutes the anxiety had gone! Amazing product. UPDATE: After 2 weeks my depression had completely gone. My general mood has improved and my anxiety in the morning has almost gone. Highly recommended!

Vicky Bunt

I’ve made a number of repeat orders from Scott and his customer service is exceptional. The products are top quality and I have found them life changing. I suffer with tinnitus – it is awful and has had a major impact on my mental health. Over time I’ve learned to manage it but the CBD really takes the edge off the anxiety and frustration. I cannot recommend it enough for helping with these symptoms. Wish I’d been able to access it years ago. Thanks Scott you really have made a difference to my wellbeing.

Amish Bakrania

Great quality product, helped my chronic Colitis improve by an incredible amount. Would highly recommend this. Fast delivery and no b*s! Remarkable results!